Titans sign Carr to offer sheet


The Tennessean is reporting that restricted free agent defensive back/return specialist Chris Carr has signed an offer sheet with the Tennessee Titans.

The Raiders have a week to decide whether to match the offer and retain Carr. Should they decline to match, Carr, who joined the Raiders as an undrafted free agent, would bring no compensation.

During a free agent visit to Buffalo, Carr expressed a desire for a fresh start. Given the recent additions of DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson into the secondary, the Raiders could grant his wish and find another return specialist.

Carr is Oakland’s all-time leader in kickoff returns (201) and yards (4,841), although he never scored a touchdown on special teams. In 2006, Carr had the Raiders’ biggest defensive play of the season, a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown off Ben Roethlisberger that helped put away an upset win against the Steelers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Bush never ran at the combine.

  • Raiderwoj

    I know, sarcasm

  • And a trade down is not entirely impossible. It depends on whos there but the Jets and NE may want to trade up for Gholston. You never know. Cincy may want to trade up for McFadden and maybe just maybe Jerry Jones is lying. I’m not gettin’ my hopes up for a trade down – just sayin’.

  • Amended:

    1. CLong
    2. Gholston/Dorsey/Ellis
    3. JLong/RClady
    4. Sue the NFL for forcing us to take McFadden

  • stretch

    we should trade jamarcus to Atlanta for there picks we gave em. then draft ryan….

  • stretch

    hahaha!!!just kidding all. im feeling a little sarcastic today.sorry……..

  • saintkaufman

    It seems the only argument for RB is the lack of a “homerun” hitter.
    If Chris Johnson or Jamaal Charles were 2 inches taller and took direct snaps up the middle of huge holes would we be taking them at #4??
    By the way, your beloved highlight videos repeatedly show McFadden being tackled high by DB’s and being run down from behind.
    CJohnson will NEVER get run down, so why not take him at #4?? Because we should’nt draft ANY RB at #4.
    We all know the trenches is where we need help. And this draft is set up perfect for us to get a quality prospect on either side.

  • armond

    its funny how bush is more proven than DMAC but it will be two years before bush gets in a game. all the haters keep bringing up his skinny legs as if the has stopped growing. dont you thinkt he get a little bigger with pro weight training and conditioning?.look at those old marcus allen highlights and youll see he had skinny legs too.also darren is good reciever unlike fargas and more versatile. i dont have problem getting long or dorsey if available or even trading down depending on how much we get back. id be satisfied with extra picks and drafting desean jackson because he impacts the whole team from offense and special teams. why do so many of you haters get personal when some people want a player u dont like? we heard this crap all offseason last year with jamarcus.bush hasnt played in 2 years yet all you haters just know hes better than mcfadden. what kind of logic is that terrapin? fargas is one dimensional and hsa just 1 year of quality play.what did that get him? a 7 year 50 milllion dollar contract? no just 2 years 6 mil. is that what feature backs get these days? the argument should only be about defense vs the offense at #4 and most

  • armond

    most DMAC fans understand getting long or dorsey but if theyre gone which may be then who do you get. im not high on gholston or ellis as some so id say darren or trade down.


    Saintkaufman – CJohnson didn’t play in the SEC. I think he played at Community College.

  • saintkaufman

    Good for him.
    Apparently playing in the SEC allows you to create giant running lanes. Cool!





  • drray

    maximum flexibility at 23
    maximum speed at 27
    maximum strength at 31

    these are averages for male atheletes in the 1990’s

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Jerry Porter, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way to Florida.

  • saintkaufman

    Look, McFadden looks like a great talent. He has awesome speed for his size. But there are 1/2 dozen or so other RB’s that look great as well. We don’t NEED another RB so bad that we’re willing to give the #4 overall pick on one. The pool is just too deep at that position.

    I’m stunned that he is being considered by some as the best prospect in 20years!! I feel bad for the guy. If the defense plays the lanes he is going to take a beating every Sunday because from everything I’ve seen he does not create plays at the line when the play breaks down. If the hole is there, he’s gone. But the same can be said about several others.

    Hopefully he can stay out of trouble and stop fumbling the damn ball.

    Justin, Michael, Dom, Lamont and Ech have all of my support!

    Go Raiders

  • Doc

    raiders need to make a trade with the vikings:

    Raiders send:
    -Andrew Walter
    -Michael Bush
    -5th round pick

    And get Bryant McKinnie from the Vikings.

    The Raiders should also get fieldturf at the coliseum

    Sign Chris Leak to compete to be a backup QB.

    Make a trade for Troy Smith to also be a backup.

    The raiders need to more black QBs on the roster, instead of slow pocket passers like otis, walter, Josh “DUI” Booty, etc., etc.

    Also Lane Kiffin better not bring in any more usc players, or players with a usc connection, mike williams was a bust, cric mcfoy was useless, booty’s brother is garbage, and john david booty wont be a star qb in the nfl,

  • PDX Raider

    609-Armond is right on.
    610-UC Chad played CC then went to Oregon state a short time

  • PDX Raider

    Anyone else see on the Raider sight that we signed Gbaja-Biamila from the Pack. Is this a joke(i hope not) Bspn doesen’t even list him as a free-agent.

  • saintkaufman


    Thats Kabeer. We got Akbar.

    Know where Camas is?

  • Ryan

    AGB not KGB

  • kirk

    I have changed my mind over time about our first round pick. At first I was all for McFadden, but we have Bush so we don’t really need him. Then I was all for a D lineman, but the more I think about it, I think we need Jake Long to be Jamarcus’ bodyguard for the next ten years. I’m for Jake Long if he is available.

    Dakota, post #572 is some funny chit!

  • PDX Raider

    Saint-Camas, WA. across the river from my place. Oregon side much nicer but Camas is at least not Vancouver Wa. Portland rocks but, I have to fly to see Raiders.
    Sorry it’s AGB not KGB.
    Went and read #572 , that is funny shit.

    Al! please trade down as I saw Bush play in college and think people are under rating him.

  • PDX Raider

    chit or shite i meant


    8 Rushing TD’s in 2007 by Raider RB’s.

    We are sooooo set at the RB position. Jordan will be released, Fargas has heart but can’t stay healthy, Rhodes is in the last year of his contract, M Bush got his leg snapped in 2 pieces and hasn’t been hit in over 2 years.

    C Long and Dorsey are both gone by #4.
    We would have a 50/50 shot at Jake Long or Gholston as one of them would go by #3.

    So all you DMAC haters who do we pick?

  • saintkaufman

    Sitting there right now.
    For those not in the NW, it rained and snowed at the same time yesterday!

  • Die Hard Raider from L.A.

    DMAC is not good enough to be selected #4. He is not elusive, and can’t break a tackle. He’s just fast, and that is not that important (just look at Tomlinson; he can’t outrun anybody, but he is oh so slippery!). If the Raiders want to take a RB at #4, they should take Mendenhall, if anyone.

    The Raiders should stick with the RBs they have and take one of those defensive lineman in this order: Gholston, Long, Ellis, or Dorsey. What they most need is a consistent pass rush, and Burgess and Edwards are not the answer.

  • Just an observation regarding Kalimba Edwards. Being a cerebral sort his intelligent inclanations may have rubbed Rod Marinelli, Lions HC the wrong way.

    Edwards probably maintained a he knew his effectivity (or lack thereof) while playing with an injury.

    Marinelli probably felt he could not count on Edwards and considered last year’s knee injury the last straw. Thus the benching.

    Edwards’ truncated playing time (knee, sports hernia and another knee) due to injuries probably contributed directly to his inconsistency.

    Also; regarding Paul McQuistan as a LOT; one thing to realize success as a ROT. Quite another to translate that success to LOT. ROT’s mainly face “base” ends, many whom weigh in around 285-295 lbs.

    LOT’s line up against more speed oriented DE’s. The techniques employed by the respective OT’s differ a bit. While playing LOT in college one would never believe Lincoln Kennedy would have been effective as a pro @ that position.

    Oh, yes, Dakota. Rhonda Shear is alive & well. Didn’t know she is 54 though. But, to appear on TV in 1991, well, that was some time ago. . . anyway, the two most definitive sites regarding her are rhondashear.com & rhondashear.net. Great “YouTube” filmclips from the “Up All Night Era.”



  • Noshadowking

    Just did some reasearch on the Linebacker we picked up that someone was saying they thought was from Green Bay. Actually from what I read its his brother who played for the San Diego Chargers and not who you were thinking it was

  • Tommy Trojan

    akbar is not truelly a LB, he’s a hybrid DE/LB, no he is not KGB(his brother) who is a very good pass rusher, he is actually lttle more than camp fodder and had previously filled that role for us roughly two or three years ago as a DE, don’t remember exactly when, but the point is it’s nothing to get excited about and probably not even worth mentioning, which is why not even rotoworld or nfl.com(who usually report even the most insignificant signings) are reporting it

  • Has anyone else noticed the change in Jerry’s posts?

    This blog is titled : Inside the Oakland Raiders – a look inside the world of the highly classified Oakland Raiders-


    When I originally started reading this blog, Jerry would always let us know when things were brewing with the Raiders. Some things came to fruition and others didn’t. But if something was in the wind, Jerry would give us the scoop. He would often throw in his opinion and other tidbits about the players that you could not find any where else. I was instantly addicted.

    Times have changed. What happend to the inside look?

    Jerry is presently giving us the bare minimum and only after the fact.

    I don’t blame Jerry. He is simply giving his audience what they’ve asked for.

    I think it all stems from the combine when Jerry dutifuly sought out Kiffin to get the story we all were interested in. Jerry reported what he got (which wasn’t much) and let us have an INSIDE taste of what was swirling around the combine in regards to the Raiders coaching situation.

    Some of you questioned Jerry’s ethics, and motivations.
    Jerry did not appreciate it. I cant say I blame him.

    Why do you think he bothered? Don’t you think it would be easier for Jerry just to get drunk with the rest of the hacks and simply phone it in. Instead, Jerry was loyal to his readers and he took a stab at the story and reported his fruitless attempt.

    So what did he get for his dedication? So called people on this blog accusing Mr. Mc Donald of “making up stories” because Kiffin gave him the high hat.
    Absurd.Not suprisingly. Jerry’s posts became less ans less frequent with far less insight and random details.

    I believe the final straw came when some people here complained when Jerry brought up the risk involved in the Hall aquisition.

    So to all the ingrates that ruined this blog- thanks. Now I have to watch BSPN to get the latest on my beloved Raiders.

    And to Jerry- I don’t blame you at all. Let them eat cake.

    Go Raiders.

    I don’t blame Jerry.

  • Jhill

    Watch Al trip everyone up and take Jake Long at #4.

    That would be hilarious for this board.

    Dmac lovers and Dline lovers both loose.

  • Kirk

    Jhill, I want Al to take Jake Long.

    Left offensive tackle is the second most important position on offense.

  • Doc

    any chance we can get in on the pacman jones trade talks.
    Pacman would be a decent nickelback/kick/punt returner/special teams tackler, this kid has talent, and al loves kids with speed and gamebreaking skills, plus Oakland isnt a big time city where you can “MAKE IT RAIN” its pretty laid back, pacman could fit in nice, and if he needs support we could hook him up with Stephen Jackson of the warriors to mentor him, look how good Jax has been since he came to Oakland, baron davis and jax could mentor pac and hookup good advice to avoid drama.

  • Mad Road Dog

    The Longs’ will be gone by the 4th pick so lets hope we trade down or that Dorsey is still available so he can make Sands a newer version of Run Run Jones.

  • Raider Joseph

    Chris Johnson in the second.

  • Just Win Baby

    Was Carr the one who was busted for roids or was that Cooper? Either way, we won’t miss him. The fact that he has so many return yards and no TDs says a lot. He isn’t that great. Besides, the reason he has so many return yards is because our defense let the opposition score so many TDs that he returned tha ball twice as much as any returner in the league.

  • Just Win Baby

    Jerry’s Kid – If a little criticism is going to offend Jerry’s fragile sensitivities, then he’s in the wrong business. I think he can handle it and what you write is more of an insult to him than any criticism I have seen on this blog so far.

  • darkknight01

    I would rather have Clady then Long. Clady fits the ZBS perfectly.

  • darkknight01


    do you know how many yards he put up in 3 years in arguably the toughest conference in college football the SEC? He has to break tackles somewhere in there don’t ya think?

  • OG

    Good article on raiders and Darren Mcfadden