Titans sign Carr to offer sheet


The Tennessean is reporting that restricted free agent defensive back/return specialist Chris Carr has signed an offer sheet with the Tennessee Titans.

The Raiders have a week to decide whether to match the offer and retain Carr. Should they decline to match, Carr, who joined the Raiders as an undrafted free agent, would bring no compensation.

During a free agent visit to Buffalo, Carr expressed a desire for a fresh start. Given the recent additions of DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson into the secondary, the Raiders could grant his wish and find another return specialist.

Carr is Oakland’s all-time leader in kickoff returns (201) and yards (4,841), although he never scored a touchdown on special teams. In 2006, Carr had the Raiders’ biggest defensive play of the season, a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown off Ben Roethlisberger that helped put away an upset win against the Steelers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Thats like quoting Peter King ..everyone knows he’s a moron. Or at the very least doesn’t do all his research all the time.

  • Blackholepriest

    You like DMC I don’t, it’s a matter of opinion, he’s too skinny to carry the ball at that level 25 times a game and I don’t agree with paying a 3rd down back 20 mill gauranteed but maybe you do. I think it’s stupid.

  • RB may not seem like a position of need right now, but things can get complicated in a hurry, not to knock our guys, but the reality of our backfield is this:

    RB (1): 28 yr. old vet, going into his 6th season, career numbers of 2025 yards and 6 TD´s, has been injury prone since college.

    RB (2): 29 yr. old vet, going into his 7th season, career numbers of 2576 yrds and 20 TD´s, one strike away from a 1 year suspension.

    RB (3): Talented 24 yr. old who has not played football the past 2 seasons.

    If all 3 remain healthy and able to contribute on the field, great. But you guys have to admit that´s a big if.

    The blocking scheme helps a lot, but skills are needed to get the most out of it.

  • ice assassin

    I would not give up on Justin Fargas He Has not had that much of a O-line in the passed few years. With the O-line we have had any running would have trouble getting out of the back feild. Fargas could be a great running back he had over one thousand yards and didn’t start in five games or more in 2007. Fargas missed being the top by 456Yrds on 93 less carry’s. With a 4.5 yrd Avg compared to the 4.7 Avg by LT. Fargas’s 48yrd long to LT 49yrd long. If Fargas had the same number of att. that LT had with his avg. he would have been at lest second in rushing yards.

  • Blackholepriest

    He was already considered in the top ten B4 the combine s I’m sorry but I’ll have to disagree again. Also DMC is ALL potential with his skinny legs.

    But somehow you DMC freaks assume the NFL will just let him run wild and it aint going happen

  • Blackholepriest

    And we don’t need another skinny runner who isn’t PROVEN in the NFL.

  • DSM Raider

    BHP: What you aren’t understanding is my point with DMac.

    OK, I agree DMac in a man blocking scheme has a very high chance for a bust unless it’s an already kick ass line.

    I also agree we don’t necessarily need a RB with our 1st pick and would love to draft a DE like Chris Long, but know he won’t be available.

    However, if we have to choose between Gholston, Dorsey, or Ellis, my choice is DMac.

    Why, because with his speed and cut back ability he will shine in the zone unlike a regular back like Fargas. When Fargas gets a big crease and only gets 15, think DMac getting 50 +.

    Dorsey or Ellis aren’t going to provide any more solid play than Turdell Sands will this year and neither will replace Kelly or Warren full-time.

    We need players on this team and it’s not about this year. It’s about filling the team out completely.

    In ’09 we aren’t going to get an opportunity to draft a player like DMac.

    Consider this the last year we will be drafting so low for years.

    Take DMac while we have the opportunity.

  • Blackholepriest

    BOB there als other HB’s in this draft that I like better than that boney HB you guy’s pinning over. Great ones at that 225 lbs, 235 lbs, and 200 lbers with great speed and moves we don’t have to have DMC we could draft another back that just might be better.

    But you DMC freaks are all blind to that fact.

    Evrybody else looks at all possibilities except the DMC freaks.

  • DSM Raider

    BHP: With some of your comments, I assume you are in your fourties. If you are at least in your thirties you’ll remember Robert Smith of Ohio State who played for the Viqueens?

    Didn’t they say he ran too-upright, had legs like a WR, etc.?

    Do you remember how he did in Minnesota?

    I believe he was pretty sweet.

    DMac knows how to run the ball, he knows how to use his speed to separate from everyone, and he can catch the ball.

    He may have skinny legs, but as long as those skinny legs get us several TD’s you’ll be quite happy.

  • Hey BHP….one question

    If McFadden, in your opinion, was all that….would you have a problem with him being the pick or do you just feel we should not take a RB there?.

  • Midwest fan

    I agree with Marley, we do have some IF’s at RB, and I do agree with drafting DMC. All I’m saying is we should use the #4 to get him and use the other picks to draft areas of need.

    I am VERY excited for the draft just to see what might happen. Actually having a party to celebrate. I don’t see how we can loose. We have a good core going into the year and the draft can only help. I agree with the win now philosophy but why not win now and setup for the future. (IE draft D vs RB who can help in the 1st year.)

    Curious to see if there’s any substance to the CJ trade rumors. That would be awesome! I think it would be smart trading some of next years picks considering this is a deep class talent wise and the fact that we won’t be drafting in the top 10 next year.


  • Blackholepriest

    I understand your point infact I overstand your point.

    I don’t like that kid as a #4 overall……….period

    Justin Fargas as a full time starter would get 1500 yards, but based on yur assessment as if you can see into the future he wont last. Well neither will that boney HB you love.

    Plus the fact that I happen to be a huge fan of big physical HB’s like MB.

  • kevn

    I’m still curious about Fabian Washington’s fate. I wonder what we can get for him. I know the Browns are looking for a corner.

  • DSM Raider

    Does anyone in here believe Matt Leinart’s extraordinary numbers at USC were because of his great skills and WR’s?

    Leinart was great because he had relatively no pressure, USC utilized the zone blocking scheme, had two very capable backs, solid FB, TE, and WR’s who were able to get free because the D was SCARED of Reggie.

    DMac can strike FEAR purely with his speed. When the Saints properly utilized Reggie, their offense was awesome. When they forced him to be the primary ball carrier they sucked.

    If we do draft DMac then you’ll know Kiffin has his USC style offense in set with Russell, DMac/Bush, Griffith/O’Neal, Miller, the zone line, and Walker/Carter/Curry.

    Wow, I can see a lot of firepower.

  • Blackholepriest

    BOB if DMC were a great back and I mean a dominant back I would draft him in a heart beat.

    But IMO he is just an overhyped speed back. I’ll tell you someting else in terms of an evey down back I would take Fargas over him simply because he’s proven and runs extremely hard. DMC is all flash and fast, I don’t believe that he would holdup to the pounding yu take at that position. He’s tooo damn easy to bring down. That’s why his little highlight reel you NEVER see him take on defenders and win. He’s just running against the wind.

    Baby that is not the NFL……I’m sorry they will hand that kid his hat and coat and send him packing.

  • DSM Raider

    BHP: What you aren’t seeing is I’m also a fan of the big bruising back. However, you combine a big bruising back like Bush with a fast back with hands like DMac, then you have a big time rushing offense.

    In the 4th quarter O’Neal can be whalloping the D with Bush getting most of the carries. DMac comes in and breaks the camels back with a 60 yard TD.

    I want the #1 rushing attack in not only yards, but avg yards per carry and TD’s as well.

    This type of rushing attack will provide Russell with all the time necessary to make his throws.

    DMac can provide Russell a cushion like Big Ben had with the Steelers.

  • Blackholepriest

    yeah yeah yeah DMC willscare defenses all over the league he’s soo great and talented no one will be able to catch him and we’ll win a SB next year because of this skinny kid, and no one else is capable of that JUST DMC……………what a freakin’ joke!

  • ice assassin

    Fargas only started 7 game by the NFL.com stats if he had started all the games he would have been the top two. With an Offense line he could have been number one. Fargas also had 23 rec. for 188yrds with an 8.2 yrd avg. Fargas will be even better with the passing game as an alternet option. Every body know we where going to run last year but this year we could also pass for that frist down and on third and long the run is hard to get.

  • Blackholepriest

    BOB t more accurately answer your question if MB is what I think he is and what the Raiders think he is we just don’t need another featur back because we have a great one. Unless of course we’re talking Bo Jackson.
    and that skinny kid aint even a Bo Jackson dream.

  • DSM Raider

    BHP: If Hester hand DMac’s hands then he would be a Pro Bowl receiver right now even if he dropped it half the time he touches it.

    The SEC speed is faster than any other conference. It’s the closest thing you can get to NFL speed if not the being the same. Doubt me? I can’t count how many times I’ve heard NFL players from the SEC say the speed wasn’t a big deal when transitioning.

    You give DMac a few yards of space and he’ll make you pay for it. He can find the open spots in the field and use his speed.

    Robert Smith was a skinny kid too. I bet you thought he was going to suck too?

    I like your analysis of Michal Bush. You combine DMac with a healthy Michael Bush and you have an extremely talented rushing attack.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)


    I know you didn’t ask me, but I would like to respond to your question.

    I think McFadden is a good back. I think he could be a special player (or a bust).

    I just don’t feel that is the fastest way to get better.

    A pass rush and improved ability to stop the run will give this team 3 to 4 more victories right away. Getting off the field on 3rd down will also be a big help.

    I just don’t think moving from 6th in rushing to 3rd in rushing ( which is only 5 yards per game higher) will automatically give us more wins.

    Raiders were 6th in the league in Rushing.

    31st in the NFL in Passing.

    How would drafting a RB help improve these numbers?

  • DSM Raider

    BHP: Then who do we pick? The only player in the draft I feel is guaranteed of doing anything is Chris Long.

  • Blackholepriest

    DSM puhleeeese brotha stop with the what yu aren’t seeeinng. I see very well if we could get DMC with the 18th pick yeah I’m with it, but at #4 I’m not simple as that he’s just not that good.

    And we already have a dominating rushing attack to compliment Russell. Our running game is the very least of my worries THAT”S WHAT I SEE!!!

    To HELL WITH DMC at #4 IMO I don’t like himm.

    You love him and his speed and I’m telling you that you can get speed very easy, but you don’t see that.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    Giants were 4th in rushing, 21st in passing.

    They have a ring because they had a Defense.

    The Raiders are not far from matching those numbers as an offense WITHOUT McFadden.

    However, they need D-LINE help in the worst way.

  • K-Rock

    No problem, good to hear from everyone.

    To answer you post, IMO a pass rush and improved ability to stop the run won´t come from 1 single DL availabe with the 4th pick.

    And I think you are looking at our running game in a very simplistic manner, here are our ranking in the 3 running categories

    2086 yards (6th)
    4.1 YPA (league average)
    8 TD´s (25th)

    As you can see, there is room improvement there and the added dimension of a weapon like McFadden can provide could be very valuable.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)


    How do you know anyone in the draft is a guarantee?

    How do you know McFadden is more of a guarantee then Gholsten, Dorsey, or Ellis?

    Because the media said so?

  • DSM Raider

    When I think of great drafting teams throughout the years who have been successful for the most part all have one thing in common, they draft best player available, not NEED.

    We aren’t on a one year fix, it’s a 3 year fix with Kiffin on board.

    Kiffin will take the best available players and after 3 drafts everyone will see how great teams are made.

    In ’07 we took Russell as that was a no-brainer even with AP. We traded down for Miller in the 2nd as we knew he was a need but also the best available player.
    DMac will be taken because he’ll be the best available player.

    Next year the D draft is going to be even more loaded than it is this year. Offense is going to be suspect, but I’m sure there’ll be some juniors who make it enticing.

    Take him while you can.

  • RaiderDell

    Trade down only if Long is gone and draft McFadden who will be available as far down as seventh pick.

  • Blackholepriest

    Listen there are 2-3 players worthy of a top 5 pick. You may not agree but Sedrick Ellis will be a very good pro and maybe great, he could easily start for us next year and play very well. Dorsey I would love to have, C Long in our defense would be straight crazy. We have a unigue chance to biuld a dominant defense for a long time and I say we MUST DO IT.

    If we do we will reach the SB in the next 2 years, and that my friend gets me hot and bothered not some skinny HB………….I want to win ……….period.

    I hate when our defense is anything but good and I want it to be great……NOW

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    You’re right. One single player will not make the difference.

    However, one really good player added to an already improved unit will make a difference.

    Adding 6-8 sacks from the Defensive End opposite Burgess would cause huge disruptions in schemes against the Raiders.

    Who would you double?

    By the way. Last time Raiders ran a 3-4 they had A.G-B (name is too hard to spell)

    Guys think we might be returning to a 3-4 with Dorsey in the middle?

  • DSM Raider

    K-Rock- Each year there’s one or two players the media says is a guarantee, however after watching a few of Chris Long’s games and the tenacity and solid technique he shows when tackling makes him seem like he’s the most developed player coming out and most technically sound therefore a guarantee.

    As for the other players it’s more about potential.

    DMac is clearly about potential, IMO his potential is going to be awesome if used properly.

    Gholston is another player I like, but with the addition of Edwards and already having Burgess, Kelly, and Richardson he’s not upgrading the unit in terms of rush D. If we had someone other than Millard than I would be all for it.

    Dorsey/Ellis- Neither will overtake Sands/Warren/Kelly on the depth chart this season

  • K-Rock…and all

    Don´t get me wrong, there are a few if´s in my position:

    If I was 100% certain that Bush is healthy and the real deal like BHP is, I would forget McFadden.

    If I was 100% certain that Dorsey´s stress fracture will not become a nagging thing with all the wear and tear, I would probably be inclined to get him.

    Also, my preference is for C. Long as I´ve said all along and between Gholston and McFadden it would be a toss up, I´d love to have either. I´m calling for McFadden over Jake Long or Sedrick Ellis only.

    My whole argument about McFadden is because I think some folks are selling him short and overrating our RB´s a little. We could use him.

  • ice assassin

    Even if the running game improves with out a passing game we will be one demention and unable to get to the end zone. We need to protect the QB long enuff to get the first down when we need it. The D-line can be good but our players need to step up and do what they get pay for. I seen Terdell Sands stand up and knock the ball out of the QB’s hand with out ever getting passed the line of scrimmage. He could be a great player if he just applys himself.

  • DSM Raider

    What I really want? I would love a trade down for additonal picks and then drafting for need with that first pick.

    However, if we have the chance to draft DMac and pass it up and he becomes awesome, are you really go to be happy we didn’t go that route?

  • Blackholepriest

    Why because you like him? Kiffin knows what he wants we don’t unless you’ve talked to him about this why do yuu believe you can read his and Big Al’s mind?

    HYPE, HYPE, HYPE…….we’ll see in a very short time. what they really think

  • ice assassin

    Know matter who is in the back field with out a good line we will still have trouble getting yards. We need to focuse on the O-line. If we don’t drade up to get C. Long. We should look at J. Long as a LT for years to come. D-Mac would be good but not needed RB’s do not make a team and football is a team sport.

  • Jhill

    So you’re saying that C Long, Ellis, and Dorsey are the 2-3 players worth taking with a top 5 pick in this draft?

    Or did you mean to say 2-3 defensive players worth taking in the top 5.

  • DSM Raider

    IF DMac were like AP in terms of running style would you still pass him up because of Fargs/Bush? Just curious.

    When was the last time a DT was drafted top 5 and performed up to expectations his rookie year? Hasn’t happened since Sean Gilbert and Cortez Kennedy in the early ’90’s.

    I’m looking for the playmakers whether they are on offense or D.

    If we had a solid DE who could stop the run consistently, then I’d be all for Gholston who’ll be double digit sack man.

  • Blackholepriest

    Dude I wish the kid the best hopfully he’s everthing you think he is. I couldn’t care less I want the defense to be everything I think it could be, I’m not the least worried about what DMC might turn out to be that’s his affair.

    We have one of the most dominant HB’s we’ve ever had in MB and a damn good change of pace back. Man if MB is the real deal they can have DMC whatever he turns out to be.

    You just don’t understand what we have achance to do because you’re seeing stars with this kids speed.
    But I’ve seen great runners tons of them and they’ve never won SB’s unless they were on great teams.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    I love it. So many different philosophies!

    RB, DE, DT, or OL?

    Everyone has a different dirrection. Fun for discussion, but sad when you think of how many holes the Raiders have to fill. 🙁

    Too bad we don’t only have one weakness.

  • rellik30

    NFL.COM said we could trade with NY and still at 7th… how bout that? Plus we could get another round cause of the trade…

  • DSM Raider

    ice assassin- Before you say the line needs significant upgrades, make sure to look back at Atlanta’s and Denver’s previous O lines and the type of lineman used in addition to whether the players were drafted or not.

    Cable is going to put together a bunch of what we would call ragtags and turn them into a rock solid zone blocking line.

    Seriously, look at Denver’s O line throughout the past 15 years.

    The draft is going to be used for lower round line prospects and other areas of need.

  • rellik30

    K-Rock– I believe e no longer have a weakness… those spots have been upgraded to average this year… we still dont have elite.. aside from our courners…

  • DSM Raider

    BHP: Now you are really going over the ledge with your latest post:

    “We have one of the most dominant HB’s we’ve ever had in MB and a damn good change of pace back”

    I guess you probably thought Drew Henson had all the tools to be a successful QB after not playing for a few seasons either. “Ah, it’s just rust.”

    Until Michael Bush plays a full season, don’t ever try to compare him to the most dominant backs we’ve ever had.

    I hate saying this because I hope Michael Bush will be awesome, but if you check out some of his criticism about being a system back and comparing him to Lionel Gates & Eric Shelton might be a fair assumption.

    It’s all about potential with Michael Bush. He hasn’t played in two years, and hasn’t practiced for a full season since 2005.

    If we pass on DMac and Bush doesn’t turn out OK then it’ll be a stupid decision.

  • DSM, I really appreciate your posts. I think you’re one of the people in here who get it. You ask what would you rather have an explosive O and average D or Top 5 D and average O. I’d take the top 5 D. With a top 5 D you should be IN EVERY GAME. That’s one thing about our defense last year is I think they were better than they looked statistically. JMHO.
    You guys, Mike Bush is a game breaker no doubt. His first play his senior season went for over 40 yards and a TD. His First Play!!!! Believe me, in the NFL DB’s are NOT gonna want to take this guy on coming down the field with a head of steam. He goes like 240. He’s a big back with speed!!
    Lastly, I don’t really want to compare our offense to last year. ALMOST ALL THE SKILL AND MARQUEE PLAYERS ARE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT!!!! Think about it, both QB’s, #1WR, LT, Starting RB (Jordan) are all going to be upgraded!!!! + as I’ve said here a billion times, we have a potential GREAT RB that hasn’t gotten off the exercise bike yet.
    But I want you guys to tell me one playoff calibre team out there that throws scrubs out there on the dline and excels. Tell me one team. One.

  • ice assassin

    DSM Raider I truly hope the line is able to be as good as we all hope they can be with the young talent we have. I would truly hope for a DE that could allow Burgess to get back to his former play like he did when he first came to the Raiders. I am not saying are O-line is not good but our passing game has been lacking in the past 5 years. With only a running game we will have trouble going all the way.

  • DSM Raider

    My whole point is drafting DMac isn’t about just this year, but 3 years from now as well.

    IMO DMac will provide more impact to his position then Gholston, Ellis, or Dorsey will.

    Next year say we go 8-8 or 9-7 and end up with a top 15 pick we can then draft a DT or DE to fill a need.

    We know we aren’t going to trade down.

    IF we trade down with Dallas for picks then I’d love to see DT Pat Sims and DE Lawrence Jackson drafted.

    I want the highest quality player available and will take best player over need any day of the week.

  • DSM Raider

    Regardless of all our players, we are still a very young team and need a year of winning just to get us feeling good again.

    Last year was nice just to be in games in the 4th. I’ve never been so embarassed in my life in ’06 when the line would give up 3 sacks in a row or the QB would fumble, throw an int, or throw the ball 5 yards past the WR.

    I know we need D, but we need O as well.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    I know this sounds naive but I’m least worried about the O-line. This is one area on the team that we should have confidence in based on coaching alone. We are not Dallas and do not require hogs. Cable knows what he’s doing and if we don’t draft an OL it should make as all feel good about not doing so. In Cable we trust.

  • “For all of owner Al Davis’ faults, he is willing to spend money to field a contender. The problem is the Raiders are nowhere near being one.

    Again, one-year turnarounds are common in the NFL but while the jury is still out on head coach Lane Kiffin, the Raiders have no chance to contend for a Super Bowl crown, let alone win one until Davis actually decides to stick with a good head coach for more than two seasons.”