Titans sign Carr to offer sheet


The Tennessean is reporting that restricted free agent defensive back/return specialist Chris Carr has signed an offer sheet with the Tennessee Titans.

The Raiders have a week to decide whether to match the offer and retain Carr. Should they decline to match, Carr, who joined the Raiders as an undrafted free agent, would bring no compensation.

During a free agent visit to Buffalo, Carr expressed a desire for a fresh start. Given the recent additions of DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson into the secondary, the Raiders could grant his wish and find another return specialist.

Carr is Oakland’s all-time leader in kickoff returns (201) and yards (4,841), although he never scored a touchdown on special teams. In 2006, Carr had the Raiders’ biggest defensive play of the season, a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown off Ben Roethlisberger that helped put away an upset win against the Steelers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    We could draft McFadden, just like the Bengals drafted Ki-Jana Carter #1 in 1995.

    They passed on a DT named Warren Sapp who fell all the way to 12th.

    We all know how that worked out.

  • DSM Raider

    The 3 year plan is what’s going on here.

    First year, purge and implement a system.

    Second year, purge some more and compliment the system with the right players via the draft, FA, and trades.

    Third year, purge any holdovers and plug holes in the draft and FA and/or trades.

    In our first year we doubled our win total from the previous year.

    In the second year we should double the win total as well.

    In the 3rd year the makeover should be complete and the team should have the experience and depth to go far into the playoffs.

    One-year turnaround, whatever. It’s about continued improvement.

    If Kiffin builds a top notch offense and the D still underperforms then Al will have no choice but to fire Ryan.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    It’s going to be interesting to see what Kiffin has to say after the owner’s meetings. He was interviewed last year at this same time and became a media darling. He’s suffered some NFL experience as a member of the Raiders and the body language should be telling as to his future. He’s certainly not going to shed light on the happenings within Alameda but his demeanor should speak volumes. I hope he looks excited and involved. We really do need Kiffin to stick around. He made large strides last year in fielding a competitive team with little controversy.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    When the Raiders get one worth sticking with for more than 2 seasons I am sure Al will keep him around.

    Stop posting hack columns by hack reporters with little real knowledge of the Raiders. These guys get their news from ESPN and then report it like its the gospel truth.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    If we double the win total from 4 to 8, then neither coach is going anywhere. Chances are we will win more games based on talent alone and the coaches will catch a breather as a result.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    I bet some hack said that the Giants would never win the Super Bowl with Tom Coughlin as coach too.

  • RaiderDell


    At least he has hope for our Kings, that’s pretty sound logoc that things may turn around soon.

  • DSM Raider

    K-Rock- Philly also took an athlete, DE Mike Mamula 7th instead of Sapp. That’s another draft where teams bypassed talent over need and failed with bad draft picks.

    Carter was hurt and should’ve never been drafted into a bad offensive line. That was Cincinatti too who has one of the worst first round draft pick bust history’s in all of the NFL.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    I am sure there is some hack out there that thinks the Patriots never cheated as well.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    Mike Mamula had his career ended by injuries. That does not count. He only played 5 years.

  • K-Rock…..501

    Come one, that´s an easy game to play, we could also draft Ellis-Dorsey just like The Browns selected Gerard Warren at #3, while passing on Tomlinson who went 5th.

    Neither case makes sense, every year and every player is different.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    News Flash…Even if Dorsey/Ellis were to be the next Sapp (in his prime), it’s still not going to put points on the board. Even when Tampa’s defense was great they still needed to score points. Our running game is good but it’s not putting points on the board. Sure, we do a great job in T.O.P but that’s useless when you can’t grab a lead prior to controlling the clock.

  • Come on, I meant.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    Plus, Mamula didn’t have the stats in college that Dorsey, Ellis, or Gholsten.

    He was a Combine star who was unknown in college.

  • DSM Raider

    Assassin- For the money invested in the D unless it’s top 5 or scores a lot because of int’s, even if we win 8 games I doubt it’ll make Al happy.

    Al’s given Ryan several years to make his team. I could care less what scheme we use this year provided our D plays better and stops the run.

    I’m sure Al understands Kiffin’s displeasure with Ryan and has given Ryan an extra year and more players to do his thing.

    If Ryan still can’t cut the cheese, Al can’t lay the axe on Kiffin unless the O isn’t performing to a higher level either.

    I believe Kiffin would be given one more year and a new DC.

    That’s my opinion though and obviously I’m just an idiot on this blog who wishes he was GM.

  • RaiderDell


    I know your not an idiot, your the reason I haven’t left the computer to watch a movie with my son, (he’s watching shoot em up)so I can read your takes or thoughts on the Raiders.

  • DSM Raider

    K-Rock- How can you excuse Mike Mamula for injuries but call Carter a big time bust?

    Carter injured his knee before he even played a down for the Bengals.

  • DSM Raider

    Before he played a regular season down for the Bengals.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    I know it is an easy game to play. Just saying that passing on D-lineman for the homerun hitter doesn’t always work out.

    I am sure many good players have been missed. My point was just because a good back is there, doesn’t mean you pass on a good D-lineman.

    How many Super Bowls does Tomlinson have?

  • Heading out, nice talking to you all, I´m sure things are gonna work out for the best come draft day. No point in going crazy about it, we shall find out soon enough.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    He still played 10 years.

  • K-Rock…519

    Not a one and hopefully that’s how it´s gonna stay!.


  • DSM Raider

    Yes, but the injury took away his speed, the most important thing for an NFL back.

    Two tenths of a second can mean a huge difference to a back who is used to running faster.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    LOL. We’re all in that same boat (wishing to be GM’s). As to your point re: Ryan, I think Davis likes him and wants him to succeed. If we win 8 games it’s going to be hard for Kiffin to convince Davis that Ryan needs to go. Chances are we would win 8 games due to increased turnovers thus resulting in more points thus resulting in more wins. I think Davis would justify that as a combined effort and keep both coaches. Now, if we double our wins and it comes as a result of JR overachieving and guys like J.Walker and M.Bush turn out to be great surprises, then Kiffin will have his wish. The truth is, the DLine will be better with a stronger secondary, and the offense will be better with the same guy at QB. So in that scenario, Davis will take his 8 wins and increase expectations to the following year. In which case the coaching decisions will be made at that time.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    Man, now I know how the Russell haters felt last year. 😀

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    Hey, if McFadden is drafted, I hope he lights up the world.

    I would be happy if he were as good as Kaufman.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    If we draft DMAC and he pulls a QB slide on a kick return then I will be the first to come in here and eat crow. My guess is he wouldn’t thus he and Carter can not be compared to each other. When Carter slid on that play it was obvious he wasn’t meant for the league.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    Good news K-Rock, DMAC has more ability than Kaufman and will be able to give you that big play ability like Nap did, and then some. Kaufman was exciting because we knew he had the ability to score if he could just get passed the line of scrimmage. Take someone like DMAC; if he take a toss he will be an immediate threat as soon as the ball hits his hands. A couple of these plays early in the season would open up the entire offense for the rest of the season because teams would have to respect DMAC when he’s on the field. I compare DMAC to Reggie Bush. When Bush is on the field he is given a lot of attention regardless of where he’s lined up. I don’t think any DL in this draft presents that kind of threat.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    Stepping out for a few mintues guys.

  • DSM Raider

    In ’07 I really wanted Russell and so many people on this blog wanted Brady Quinn or Calvin Johnson. Everyone constantly talked about how Russell was a big, fat, dumb, money man who would sit on his millions.

    “Oh he can throw the ball 80 yards sitting on his butt.”

    During the season these same haters were all mad at Kiffin for not playing him, meanwhile Kiffin knew when the TEAM would be ready for Russell.

    Once he had a bad game everyone came out of the woodwork to call him a bad pick. Then he plays SD and has a great comeback game and everyone retreats and is back on the bandwagon.

    Since ’06 I’ve been on the DMac bandwagon and hope to see you all on the ‘wagon as well once we draft DMac.

  • I will reiterate one of my posts from yesterday. In the running game it is true that a zone blocking scheme does not require the utmost in “elite” talent. But, when it mattered most, in their first SB triumph, the LOT for the hated Donks was none other than Gary Zimmerman; the same guy that will be inducted in this year’s HOF class.

    That is what the passing game requires. No amount of “scheming” or coaching will allow an inferior pass blocking LOT to match up against the best NFL speed rushers.

    So when it comes to protecting the (in DRuss’ case, ample)QB’s backside there is no substitute for an “elite” talent. Or are y’all forgetting last year’s season finale against the ‘bolts? A third string OLB just runs around Sims (twice) and nearly decapitates our future? Can’t take that risk again.

    Therefore an attempt to trade down may net the Raiders a shot @ a LOT (Ryan Clady played/thrived in the zone blocking scheme @ Boise State. Seemed to do well against Oklahoma his sophmore year, so I believe he will become “big Sunday game’ ready in a quick hurry) or Chris Williams of Vanderbilt, another guy well suited for the ZBS.Red Bryant of Texas A & M (whom the Raiders are allegdly high on), Frank Okam of Texas (if he buys into his own “hype” and somehow gets down to325) or up & comer Dre’ Moore of Maryland (like Kentwan balmer of North Carolina scares the scouts because his production was limited to his last as a collegian) could become the ‘5″ technique to compliment Tommie Kelly. By the way, he won’t be playing RDE @ all in 2008. Lets put that one to rest right here & now.

    There are plenty of alternatives to DMac @ RB. However, my favorite, Matt Forte of Tulane has been skyrocketing up the pre-draft charts. Rumor has it (by NFL Network) has created such a stir that he may now go as high as late in the first round. has been compared to Joseph Addai from indy. Damn! Could all be the proverbial smokescreen mill @ work, though.

    Y’all want other names? Jamaal Charles of Texs. However, I don’t consider RB to be a great “need” position; this year. Next year would serve as a more appropriate year to address an upgrade.

    Keep an eye on Jason Jones, DE candidate from Eastern Michigan. Played DT in college and tests out of orbit. A year under his belt & look out. If selected by the Raiders the recent acquisitions could affort time to develop.

    My fav WR, Jerome Simpson of Coastal Carolina jumped 41 ” @ his pro day. At 6’1 and in excess of 200 lbs and following sub 4.5 40’s @ the combine, complete with a reputation of fearlessness over the middle could really come in handy.

    Remember; this is a relatively young team that is rebuilding. If they continue to develop, play together and with a high rate of intensity good things could happen. Breaking the bank on a #4 pick that doesn’t even tough the ball 20 times a game is not in their best interest. To answer their multitude of needs this year is. DRuss won’t realize his true potential for a couple of years. He probably will be up & down this year. But next year? If JLH and another young receiver (Simpson, Eddie Royal, Mark Bradford, Lavelle Hawkins or Marcus Monk) could be incorporated, well, I for one will be more confident.

    That #4 pick could command three solid picks in return. That is what is needed. Not speed that cannot, @ present, be properly incorporated. Better to improve across the board and keep ’em guessing instead of @ one place that can be easily prepared for. Just ask Adrian Peterson. But that’s just one man’s opinion.


    antispy3, lamenting the fate of the Warriors game

  • DSM Raider

    Nite all.

    Just remember, this is all in fun and I’m my own GM in this blog. All my decisions IMO are best and I love to hear others debate why I’m a moron or there points are funny, etc.

    IMO, we are two players away from a dominant offense and two players away from a dominant defense.

    If we could land a stud WR and RB our offense would be set for years. If we could land a stud DT and DE, our D could be set for years.

    IMO, next year is our draft for more D as it’s going to be plentiful. Next year’s draft for RB’s is slim pickings.

  • drray

    given that C long is our first choice– he will be gone so….
    initially i thought we should go after a DT, than Gholston, but i just spent the afternoon talking with a group of guys from florida who are hard core football fans- not sports fans in general but only football- Southern high school and college football- these guys know their stuff- and I couldnt believe it when they all basically said DMac is the best PLAYER not only running back, they have seen in a decade…. I mean they said SUPERSTAR… that hes still growing…and still getting faster…and the guy just lights up his teamates with his enthousism and charisma…that he has the same personality as brett favre….that he believes he is going all teh way on every play…I guess the reason why the blog is so polarized is that part of the country really does feel you cant miss with McFadden..while the rest of us have just seen clips….after hearing all of that…. now Im worried we are going to miss out on the next greaest thing…….DMac has the greatest upside as far as the next ten years is concerned, and although it doesnt make sense on a year to year basis- for the sake of teh franchise, we cant go wromg with either c long or Dmac

  • Kirk

    I would pick Jake Long if he is available. After the quarterback, the left offensive tackle is the most important position on the field.

  • Blackholepriest

    they know who they want and it really doesn’t matter what we think. Our opinions are just for sake of arguement. But if you know how greatteams are biult you always 100% of the time go for defense first Oline not much later but if you feel your Oline is serviceable you must make sure your defense is championship calibre now if they feel it’s ready then I have n prblem with a HB.

    But I don’t care who’s talking if they think DMC is better than AP I’m sorry I wholeheartedly disagree.

  • Blackholepriest

    Also I’ve never mentioned this before but there is something about Mr. Davis that only those that are very close to him or who have worked for him in the personnel dept. know that makes me believe that it’s very slim that he really like DMC as much as the press keeps professing he does. DMC has the speed he covets but he has a fatal flaw that Mr. Davis hates something coaching can’t change. And that’s what makes me so adamant as to my belief that I don’t think he’s nearly as crazy about DMC as one might think.


    Get over it. DMAC is the choice and after he busts off a couple of 70 yarders you will see the light.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    Sorry Drray, All SEC fans think their athletes are head and shoulders above the rest of the country. Getting an objective opinion from these guys is like getting the truth from a politician.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    What is the flaw?

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    BHP left me hangin with that one.

  • Blackholepriest

    I know you think this for arguments sake but I happen to disagree with Mr. Davis when it comes to this but he’s believed this his entire career. And it’s kept him from drafting some pretty talented players. It has to do with his biuld that’s all I’ll say.

    If Mr Davis drafts DMC at all I’ll be very surprised. That’s not to say it’s impossible

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    LOL! Oh yeah, I forgot Davis was a thigh man.

  • Silver Blood … Black Veins

    I think it might be a real bad decision to stay at the #4 pick in this draft, the more I look at it. For instance, if you take a look at the tackles that are available later on, a lot of probably have more potential then Ellis or Dorsey. Pat Sims from Auburn rates high as do the guys from Florida State. I also think there are some very talented running backs, wide receivers and O-linemen as well. The Raiders really need to address the O-Line now in my opinion. Yeah, they need another DT as well, but lets be honest, the O-Line is really thin.

    There is one bizarre idea I had, and I’m sure most people would think it was quasi-insane, but I think it’s possible to put McQuistan over at Left Tackle. I have to admit I was impressed with the job he did at Right Tackle when he was given the assignment at the beginning of the week. Some of the games last year, they had him at RT only during the middle of the week so he fared poorly. He’s got pretty quick feet. He’s pretty strong, and he actually was a Left Tackle at Utah, so it’s his natural position. Now that he’s had some time to get acclimated to the N.F.L., he might not be such a bad choice come training camp.

  • bishop916

    Didn’t Fargas have the same sugery rod implant as MBush?

  • Native

    NO ONE WANTS THE TOP 4-5 (1st round )DRAFT PICKS…
    YOUR mortgaging the farm and the wife for someone who really comes with no guarantees! Ryan Leaf anyone ?
    The Raiders should claim they spied on the Chiefs and broncos and forfeit the first round pick lol!

  • Dakota

    That John Adams mini-series on HBO is pretty good.

  • Dakota

    Day of the Dead is a very under-rated movie.

  • Dakota

    Never drink coffee at 10 pm.

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  • Dakota

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