Titans sign Carr to offer sheet


The Tennessean is reporting that restricted free agent defensive back/return specialist Chris Carr has signed an offer sheet with the Tennessee Titans.

The Raiders have a week to decide whether to match the offer and retain Carr. Should they decline to match, Carr, who joined the Raiders as an undrafted free agent, would bring no compensation.

During a free agent visit to Buffalo, Carr expressed a desire for a fresh start. Given the recent additions of DeAngelo Hall and Gibril Wilson into the secondary, the Raiders could grant his wish and find another return specialist.

Carr is Oakland’s all-time leader in kickoff returns (201) and yards (4,841), although he never scored a touchdown on special teams. In 2006, Carr had the Raiders’ biggest defensive play of the season, a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown off Ben Roethlisberger that helped put away an upset win against the Steelers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Blackholepriest

    K-rock your close, but it’s a little lower than the thigh. It has to do with the a players base and launch ability. He feels it helps him in his explosivenees, balance, power and overall competitive strength.

    DMC has narrow calfs, or thin pins in scouts vernacular

    Yes Fargas had the same exact injury but he had his leg rebroken and another surgery. Micheal Bush was on the scout team for the Raiders last year he has been healthy nearly a year. I talked to him about the 4th game of the season and saw his leg he was fully healed and was healthy from training camp on.

    I feel RB is one position that I can evaluate the best among others but I feel I’m more adept at that position and seeing this kid play on film I can’t wait until training camp to see him practice in full pads. I see him as very similar to Tyrone Wheatley but more versatile. I used to love to see Wheatley when he was on his game, which was rare. He should’ve been much more productive. And I can’t wait to get another big back like him and Zack Crockett in our offense.

  • Dakota

    Can Michael Bush be the next Jerome Bettis?

  • Dakota

    We can always get McDadden some calf implants before the draft.

  • Dakota


    According to HBO, Denmark refused to give the USA a loan during the American revolution. WTF is up with that???

  • La Milicia Negra


    yeah i dunno, I think we we affraid of both the frnch and the english at that time… I honestly dont know…

    Just watched a program on Harley Davidson… have you been to that thing in sturgis, dakota

  • La Milicia Negra

    we were…

  • Blackholepriest

    You see defenses do fear speed, especially on the perimeter. But what does more damage to a defense is constant pounding physically overpowering them is what they really fear. When you can lineup and physically impose your will on them, they will quit. And when Gruden was here using Wheatley and Kaufman was devastating.

    So I’m very aware of what DSM is trying to convey. But my point is, it doesn’t have to be DMC quite frankly Fargas’s speed, power and relentless running style is more impressive to me.

  • Blackholepriest

    Gerome was a fat back, Bush is just big like I said more like Wheatley or Franco Harris.

  • Dakota

    a 4.33 40 yard dash…$250

    a 4.05 short-shuttle…$132

    a 6.90 three-cone drill…$27

    Calf implants and a vasectomy…priceless.

  • Dakota


    I went to college 18 miles from Sturgis, so yes, I have been there many times. As a matter of fact, my freshman year I had to share a rental home during rally week with some bikers from Denmark that shipped their bikes all the way from Denmark just to make the ride to Sturgis. Pretty crazy stuff. They were really nice people.

  • Dakota

    I foresee halfback passes with either Bush or McFadden next year. They both pass better than McClown.

  • Dakota

    Does Carol Davis have nice calves?

  • Dakota

    Whatever happened to USA Up All Night hosted by Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear? Now they have “paid programming” on…that sucks.

  • La Milicia Negra


    yeah there are some real HD fanatics here… 10 miles from where I lived as a child, there is a Custum cycle shop. He has been educated on the HD factories, and is really popular her in the north. In fact during the great rocker war of scandinavia, bandidos and HA, agreed there would be no attacks in this area, because the shop-owner had said he would crash the presidents bikes, which where at his shop…

  • Dakota

    I guess Cinemax gives a whole new meaning to “up all night”.

  • Dakota


    Isn’t it almost 10 am over there LMN? Shouldn’t you be in church?

  • Coach Elks

    Keep Chris Carr. He’s a true Raider

  • eazy e

    defense wins championships the giants proved that no matter how explosive new englands offense was.mcfadden would be a mistake especially with our depth at rb.gholston,c long,ellis,dorsey should be one of our picks.Our secondary is already the best on paper,keep working on the defense and offenses will fear our defense.

  • Dakota

    I am drinking wine to try and counteract the coffee…please pardon my typos.

  • Dakota

    Easy E,

    As long as Rob f@#king Ryan is DC, it will not matter how many 1st round picks and free agents we add to the defense, we will suck. Might as well draft McFadden so we do not allow Ryan to ruin another high draft pick.

    Al, please, FIRE RR!

  • Dakota

    Eazy, sorry about calling you Easy.

  • Dakota

    Sorry it took me so long to post again, but I took my dog outside to let her do her business and we fell under sniper fire.

  • La Milicia Negra


    yeah its 1035… I’m visiting my father, so no, I’m not going to church =) but if I did, it would be now

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    I remember seeing a documentary on Al Davis and the Raiders and Madden was talking about Davis checking out players thighs.

    Raiders should draft me at #4.

    I couldn’t do shat to help them win, but I would play for less money than most. 😀

  • M

    Good morning all and enjoy the day Nation.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    It is freakin storming where I live. 🙁

    Another spectacular day.

  • Dakota


  • Florida Pete

    good morning Raider Nation…

    just checking in…

    i don’t agree with everything big Al has done this off-season… (then again, he doesn’t need my approval)…

    but i do know that everything he has done is intended to make the Raiders the best team it can be…

    i am already stoked about the upcoming season…

    (of course, i am always stoked about every upcoming season…)

    that’s RAIDER NATION, baby…

    and don’t you forget it…

  • DoeDoe

    A Raiders revival
    Contra Costa Times
    Article Launched: 03/30/2008 03:01:59 AM PDT

    The future looks a lot brighter for the Raider Nation. It’s still early, but the great signings the Raiders have already made, ensure that this coming season will show a great improvement.
    In addition to JaMarcus Russell and Michael Bush, they’ve signed Tommy Kelly, Javon Walker, DeAngelo Hall, and Gibril Wilson. Al Davis is going to bring the Raiders back to being a top contender. He’s done it before, and these early signings of top players are just the beginning.

    Larry Robbins


    Thats the kind of article I like to wake up 2 in the morning

  • I hope the Raiders really are enamored with Red Byrant >> Draft ’em! So if they do the unthinkable and draft old skinny legs at some level I can live with it. But a better way of doing things would be DE (CL/VG) in the 1st and find some way to get Bryant later. That should do it for the Defense – then they should be close to if not set.

    DE: Burgess/JRich
    DT: Kelly/Warren
    NT: Bryant/Sands
    DE: CL or VG/Edwards

    (Is it me or does VG not look intense enough to spark the defense? I love intensity as displayed by a Dorsey, Ellis and CL. Watched VGs highlights and didn’t see the fire. I know they’re only highlights. But I think this defense needs that spark – that emotional leadership on the dline that gets everyone’s juices flowin’. I just didnt see that quality from VG.)

  • Lowdown in Beijing

    Bush or Run DMC???

    If both came out of college today…who would be your pick??

    Morever, if the Raiders could have Bush and a First Round pick to bolster any position on the team, who would you pick???

    Neither Bush nor Run DMC has PROVEN anything in the NFL yet. So why all the chest pounding for Run DMC but Bush is cast aside as a has-been???

    Bush gets kicked around becuase his knee surgery…and knee surgeries are light years ahead of what they once were when Tim Brown had his during his rookie year…but that didn’t stop 81.

    Bush is unproven, but spectacular in college.

    Run DMC is unproven, but spectacular in college.

    Why draft another spectacular but unproven player at RB???

    Why indeed. Becuase ya’ll are caught up in the hype. Nothing more than hype.

    If Bush would have broken 1000 yards last season instead of his leg, very few of you would be clammoring for drafting Run DMC.

    As it stands, Bush did nothing in the NFL last year.

    Funny, neither did Run DMC.

    Both are unproven…

    Difference is, one is a Raider and the other would be a redundant use of our #4 draft pick.

  • Lowdown – dont speak to the DMac fanatics about “redundancy” …that word rings hollow to them

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Bush had a broken leg and a rod inserted. Not a knee injury. Farga has the ACL sprain.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Bush had a broken leg and a rod inserted. Not a knee injury. Fargas has the ACL sprain.

  • Lowdown in Beijing


    Yeah..I remember the Super Bowl for all those broken running plays to the house…man those RBs really racked up the yards (sarcasm).

    Last RB to win a Super Bowl?? Terel Davis…sub 4.3 speed?? Nah. Strong and powerful like Bush.

    exlaraiderseasonticketholder “Doh!”

  • Lowdown in Beijing

    As for Run DMC going to the Chiefs…Big Deal. Bolster that damn D-Line and we can shut down Run DMC…the rest of the AFC West…and for that matter…any other friggin Johhny-No-Name that ran for more than 100 yards last year.

    Run DMC has speed….so did Nap Kaufman (yes different bodies)…but speed isn ‘t all that.

  • Raiderwoj

    Anybody have any links to DMAC highlights that show any ability to run through somebody or make guys miss with cuts. I may be looking at the wrong highligts but so far all I see is gaping hole up the middle and run by everybody and run wide then by everybody.
    I don’t get alot of time to search through all the videos so a little help would be nice.

  • Tommy Trojan

    a question for all of hose against mcfadden, what will you do WHEN we draft mcfadden?

  • DSM Raider

    Turtle: Obviously you don’t want DMac. C Long won’t be available.

    Who’s your pick?

    If you say Dorsey or Ellis and seriously think they’ll make an impact their rookie year you’re high on crack because rookie DT’s rarely make a significant impact their rookie years.

    Gholston? He’s all about potential and is currently not good against the run. Think Millard can teach him the nuances of his position?

    I just want to know what you want to do with the pick?

    If we could trade down with Dallas that would be my first & foremost option or another team.

  • Lowdown in Beijing

    Tommy Trojan…

    probably join you by pinning his poster to my wall.

    Run DMC does not the RAIDERS make.

    Oh, and then call for the public beheading of Rob Ryan along with the rest of you when our D-Line get run over next year.

  • Tommy – I don’t understand your question.

    What will we do?

    We’ll hope for the best.

    Just Win Baby.

  • So here’s the thing …I’ve read and I take this with a grain of salt that the Raiders would love to get Limas Sweed and Red Bryant. Not sure where they got this info from but it was written nonetheless. Again take it for what its worth.

    For conversations sake lets assume that its true. The Raiders would not pick Sweed at #4. He’ll likely go late mid-teens to somewhere in the 20s. Maybe in the 20s cause teams are gonna be iffy on that injured wrist. If such is the case the Raiders will look to trade down (maybe twice) in the 1st round. The extra picks should allow for Red Bryant later in the draft no problem.

    Other alternatives would be trades: Fabe/Routt, AW, etc for more picks to make it happen on draft day.

    Limas Sweed does sound nice even if its not true. In one year the WR corp could be improved leaps and bounds: Walker, Sweed, Carter, Curry, JLHs …you talk about at BIG WR corp! JRussell will be gitty for sure.

  • VoldemortSupporter

    I dont believe anybody said Bush is a has-been, but I dont see a problem with having a back like Bush and a back like McFadden on the same team. It would would be a lot like the saints running back tandem w/ McCallister and Bush, only we have better blocking schemes =)

  • DSM Raider

    Turtle: Do honestly believe we’ll trade down? It’s something I would really like, but know there’s a snowball’s chance in hell it’s going to happen.

    I’m thinking reality here. Who are we going to take? I can’t come up with anyone other than DMac unless someone trades up with Atlanta to snare him before we can.

    Who would you take at #4 if a trade down isn’t going to happen?

  • DSM Raider

    My biggest question about Bush is the fact it’s been two full seasons since he has last played.

    His injury shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but is it going to affect his speed?

    If it does, what kind of 40 is he going to run? The same 4.6 fourty at the combine our maybe a 4.5?

    If it’s still in the 4.6 range, then he’ll be a great battering ram but won’t be expected for big gains. He’ll move the chains.

  • DSM Raider

    Another question, and I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here:

    Several people consider DMac to be a system back. However, Bush was also a system back at Louisville. If you look at the two previous backs before him, Lionel Gates & Eric Shelton and look at their current careers and you’ll see neither did well.

    I have to be skeptical of Bush, but I believe we got a steal in the 4th. I just want to see him play.

  • Terrapin’s list (you want it you got it!)

    1. CLong
    2. Gholston/Dorsey/Ellis
    3. JLong
    4. sue the NFL for forcing us to take McFadden

    (re: Dorsey/Ellis …Not sure how they’ll work out ..it partially depends on the team’s plans for Kelly, who’s extremely versatile, and it partially depends on how well the team thinks they can hold up vs NFL O-linemen @ NT and/or DT. But if the team has confidence in them then they take priority no question about it.)

  • And you know Al will sue 🙂

  • Lowdown…Bush or McFadden you said…


    McFadden comes straight from dominating the toughest college competition (SEC), he did it all this at ages 18,19 and 20 which is his current age, he won´t turn 21 until a week before the season, he´s not done improving from a physical standpoint and a pro camp will only enhance his strength and speed.

    Bush, comes from 2 years of inactivity and has to be considered a question mark.

    If Bush is fine, they could form the best tandem in the league by 09.

  • Raiderwoj


    can you tell me where you got Bush’s combine 40 results?and also his other drill results?