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Jon Becker
Online sports editor


Jon Becker

  • DSM Raider

    BHP- It’s so funny to hear you are starting to like “that skinny kid” now and my “delirious” thoughts of how DMac could be used in this offense in comparison to Reggie Bush.

    Not only that, how DMac could combine with Michael Bush to create a very strong offense and top rushing attack in the league in not only yards per game, but TDs, and most important yards per carry.

  • What’s funnier:


    Someone getting scared


    someone slipping and falling?

  • DSM Raider

    If the moderator is working right now and reading these posts, Alameda Insider is rather offensive and should be banned.

  • Mistabrown

    BHP, I agree with almost 100% of #186 except Pietrus. His BBALL IQ is -100 he cant handle the ball he isnt a good passer his shooting % sucks.

  • Kirk

    Just days after photos surfaced of Matt Leinart drinking and hot tubbing with co-eds at Arizona State University, yet another scandal has surfaced.

    In the pictures (which were not available at time of publication due to a bidding war), Leinart is stepping out of a limousine on his way to the Carl Hayden High School Senior Prom in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Sketchy reports from inside the prom claimed that Leinart found the punch to be inadequate, the band to be lame and demanded a recount when he was not crowned Prom King.

    It would seem that the young NFL quarterback, who has links and seeds spread all across the country, has been having the time of his life impressing younger women as young as 18 (he swears they were 18, anyways).

    I knew there was a reason I wanted to be an NFL quarterback.

  • Um,..if the moderator is working right now and reading these posts,…please email a tissue to DSM,…and a Kotex.

  • Island Pirate

    Do you think Kelly and Sands can handle the middle of the d-line, Jerry?

  • We need run stoppers on our D line. That’s the problem with Al Davis and his idiot followers. They think it’s all about stopping the pass, like teams aren’t going to run the ball on us. Like other teams are ran by maniacal blowhards like Al, who are still laboring at making a 1960s philosophy work, and will just play right into our hands and throw the ball when we’re playing for it. No, see, other NFL teams have this little thing where they like to take what the defense gives them. They’re quirky that way. And because of that quirk, they can just mark off the Raiders as a guaranteed win because they know we can’t stop the run.

    Don’t bother responding. I’ve had enough of the sheer nonsense that pollutes this place, and I will not join in.


  • LOL…I love this guy.

  • Dakota

    Look at BHP, first he admitted he now wants McFadden and now he is talking NBA on the Raiders’ blog.

  • DSM Raider


    This is why the site needs registration, so idiots like Alamenda Insider can’t post this bs.

    Your moderator won’t have to work nearly as hard and will get nice solid posts about sports.

  • DSM complains about AI being offensive, then follows by saying that the girl accusing Kobe of rape likely wanted it, but then realized he was “too big”. Nothing offensive, there. If your mother heard you say that, she’d grab a gun and put you down, like a dog.

    Don’t bother responding. Goodnight.

  • Blackholepriest

    Mista like I said he’s underdeveloped. Not saying he would be great just better more sure of himself and his talent. Peitris has some talent but it’s been largely underutilized. Monta developed inspite of Nelson because he is an awesome talent the others are just good players aside from B Wright and maybe Bellinelli. I think he has a great baskeball IQ.

    DSM and ther rest of you guy’s that think I’m some kind of convert on DMC, I”M NOT I just got humbled is all. I feel the same way about him as far as a talent goes. I’m just telling you what they feel. I was wrong about their interest in him. That’s all. I would never draft him that high, maybe after 10

    But if he is used in matchup style and returns kicks, maybe 5-10 times in a HB role yeah he could be very effective, it’ the same thing I invisioned for C Johnson but I never thought about DMC that way until now. I was always casting him as a fulltime HB and he’s not.

  • DSM Raider

    Dakota- By the way I was originally Jeremy on this site. Then other’s started posting with name and took it to crazy levels.

    I then got upset and posted back towards whom I found out later was an imposter for Kool Kell who kept saying he was gay.

    This led to my banishment and after figuring out a way to get back in, I changed my name to DSM Raider and have been good in my blogs since and avoid the trolls.

    But, isn’t funny to see BHP talk about “that skinny kid” in a good way?

    Man I can’t wait to see DMac & Bush lined up together.

  • Dakota

    AND ONE!

  • Ever consider that maybe she pressed charges because he was too small, and that the only reason she wanted a black guy was to see if, you know, “it” was true?

    Just some food for thought, Laker fan.

    Goodnight. Don’t bother responding.

  • Blackholepriest

    Dakota control yourself I DON”T WANT DMC, let’s go a little easy on the enthusiasm. If I had my say there is no way we draft him at #4…………period

  • Dakota

    DSM, I never would have guessed that. There was a Jeremy that I got into a spat with…let’s just hope it was your troll, lol.

  • They’re never going to ban anyone from this site. And all you have to do is reset your modem if you do get banned, and remember to post under different names…at least that’s what I heard.


  • Dakota

    Just admit your love for McDadden.

  • Dakota

    Make BOTH FTs!

  • DSM Raider

    Dakota- You didn’t get into a spat with me, in fact I don’t think we’ve really argued since we are Raiders, Lakers, and DMac fans.

    There was a period of middle of January until middle February where I didn’t post.

    I even went to Jamaica and posted from a computer there and it was quickly taken off of the site.

  • Artie Giagintino is the NFL’s William Hung. If he got fired today, he’d be working at Taco Bell.

    “Let me tell you why the 7 layer burrito is a better deal the than the burrito supreme…sir…, and believe me, I know…”.

    I can just hear him now. Speed it up, Artie. I’m on my lunch.

    Don’t bother responding.

  • Dakota

    Are you hitting on me DSM? My wife is sitting here wondering WTF is up…

  • Madden,..he got canned over 2 months ago…how did that get by ya bud?

  • Artie Giagantino is the reason I watched so many pre season games on mute. Thank god they yanked him. It’s the only thing Al’s done right since hiring Kiffin.

    That’s it. Goodnight. You guys have fun waiting for a train that will never show up, called “The Raiders win their 8th game”. I can’t watch you guys do it to yourselves, any longer. I’m leaving.

  • I love this Laker team.

  • Madden,..Im more interested in the tailgating then the wins and losses.

  • I will bet you a million dollar’s he’ll be back.

    Don’t bother responding.

  • DoeDoe

    Kobe’s a B!tch

  • I didn’t know Artie was fired. Thank you god. One less Al Davis shill. Maybe there is hope for Kiffin’s status? Artie being thrown through the door head first certainly has Kiff’s signature on it.

    Don’t bother responding. Goodnight.

  • DSM Raider

    If the wife of Dakota is looking at this, realize the whole time we blog on this we’ve mentioned DMac and people have ridiculed us for months saying among things:

    “he’s too skinny”
    “his calfs are too small”
    “when he gets hit in the legs he falls down”
    “your love for the guy is insane”
    “now you’ve gone over the ledge with your description of DMac being like Reggie in Kiffin’s offense”

    etc. etc. etc.

  • Dakota

    she is proud if us.

  • Dakota

    of us…sorry

  • DSM Raider

    Now people like Terrapin aka Turtle and BHP admit since Kiffin spoke to the media about DMac being utilized like Reggie in this offense, that there’s validity to picking him #4.

    Remember, he doesn’t need to touch the ball all the time to make an impact. As long as he touches the ball 20 times a game his impact will be big enough.

    When Reggie was used right in Payton’s offense the whole offense was amazing.

    DMac might not put up the huge HOF numbers people like Tommy Trojan and other have mentioned, but when he lines up with MB in the same backfield and goes in motion, the whole D is going to be confused and have to worry about what DMac is doing.

    I love D and want C Long, but if he’s not there we take the next best player provided he’s available in DMac.

    I can see Kiffin’s imprint all over this offense. Just in the one year Kiffin has been away from USC you can tell a huge difference in USC’s offense.

    Look out guys, if we get DMac you are going to see a big time offense.

    And if it’s true that he must get us to the playoffs to keep his job, then if DMac is available then you damn well we will pick him.

    Anyway, enough of my lovest.

    I’m outta here.

  • Dakota

    Lakers bailed out the Warriors once again.

  • Blackholepriest

    No I never drank with Artie I was only around him at the facility or practice somewhere professional, but that didn’t stop him.

  • I remember when Kobe needed to be bailed out.

  • Dakota

    night all..I am downloading the movie Evil Dead from netflix…heard it was a classic.

  • Lee

    If Artie got fired Why is he still listed on the Raider Web Page. Now I know the Web Page is not great as far as keeping up but Artie is still listed as being employed in Public/Community Relations along with Mike Taylor.

  • Chris in NY

    I was posting about the possibility of the Raiders going after Rivers yesterday and I just read that the team’s defensive staff loved him at the Senior Bowl. Interesting. I don’t know if he’s a better player or a better fit than Gholston or the two tackles, but if the Raiders like him better than the d-linemen who are available at No. 4 they should pick him. I know everyone has Rivers going around No. 10 to the Bengals or Saints, but if the Raiders think he’s going to be great they should pick him and screw the criticism about “reaching” on a pick.

  • For the 90th time, bye hat, er maddenraider, er MoRon. And no, I normally am hoisting a series of world championship rings from a variety of different teams I have been involved with over the years. If I was supporting an organization that I knew for certain was headed for the dumper I would throw myself in front of a train. Or get out. Since for some weird reason you won’t get out, maybe you should take the other suggestion.

  • Tommy Trojan

    you can find good lineman just about anywhere in the draft in any draft, but you can only find a player like mcfadden at the top of the draft, and only in certain drafts(how many years between LT and AP were drafted? and between LT and barry? and between barry and OJ?), but we don’t plan on being at the top of the draft next year, or any time soon, so let’s take the superstar, all-world offensive player while we have the chance, our O and D lines are adequate, they’re not good enough to win us any games on their own but not bad enough to lose us any games on their own, and we have pretty good WRs and what we believe will be an all-world QB, we have the best secondary i the NFL and one of the best LB cores, there will no be another mcfadden for who knows how long, but i can guarrantee that we can solidify either our O or our D line with our first next year, and we do have four picks available after #4, so we should take mcfadden while we can…

  • Tommy Trojan

    a decent DL with great players behind them suddenly becomes a very good DL, and an adequate OL in it’s second year under cable with several key new additions and better skill position players suddenly becomes a good OL, factor in the additions we have made to each line, they’re not blockbusters but they’re solid signings, factor in that burges and kelly will be healthy next year and thathall is a drastic improvement over washington and that wilson is one of the best run defenders of all NFL S’s, and that he is also a general playmaker, , factor in that russell will have a year of practice and study and an entire offseason to prepare and that better recievers will be open sooner and the OL will need to block less, but they’re already better, this team looks like a playoff team, not a legit title contender but a lock to be in the wildcard discussion next year…how many holes do we really have, we have a QB, we are good at RB, we are two deep with very good FBs, we have a good TE, we have decent WRs, he have two good Gs, we have two capable starters at C, we have two decent starters at RT, we have a need at LT although we appear to have decent players contending for the job, we have an elite DE and a good DT, we have multiple options at the other DT spot and several capable of starting but it is arguably our greatest need, or you could argue that a bookend is our greatest need although we have a decent run option and a decent pass rush option in rotational roles, we are set with two pro bowl LBs and two adequate starters at LB, our secondary is great from top to bottom, a great coverage S a great run defense/hart hitter/playmaker, and we have two elite cover corners, one who also a playmaker, so for all the cynics and pessimists…we have 3(DT, DE, LT) real needs and our OLB and and WR spots arguably could use some improvement, but all of our needs already have what are rotational options/arguably adequate starters/quality depth, this team is capable of winning, regardless of who we draft, if Russell is half of what we drafted him to be this season then we will make the playoffs…

  • Rivers, while quite good, is still pretty light at maybe 230. To have your defensive linemen shoved in your face, and have to tackle 220 lb backs with a head of steam at 230, probably would make our run d worse not better. JMHO.

  • Tommy Trojan

    dsm, if mcfadden is successful in the “reggie bush”(marshall falk) role long-term(as long-term as RBs are…although they last longer without 30+carries/game) then he will be a HOFer, and McFadden is no a bush clone nor is he an AP clone, he is a combination of boh, he has the running ability to take the ball 20+ imes/game and put up 100-150+yds and also has the ability to be split out wide or in the slot and run reverses, and posts, and slants, and streaks, and be generally successful as a WR, he is the best of both worlds, and he will consistenly put up 2,000 all prupose yrd seasons, and that would make him a HOFer, possibly a first ballot…

  • Tommy Trojan

    rivers is actually 243

  • Tommy, I want to thank you here for a lot of reasons. lst off, I really enjoy your posts, I enjoy your passion, and I certainly enjoy that you are no nonsense when it comes to taking out the trash around here!!
    Personally, my hesitancy with Dmac is such: and no one at this point can say anything with certainty. If any of us could, we’d be sitting with either Parcells or Polian, AJ Smith or Pioli. We CANNOT BLOW THIS PICK. CANNOT. IMPOSSIBLE. Effing this pick, will set the franchise back 5 years. It just can’t happen.
    I’m OK with the Oline and I’ll tell ya why. The offensive linemen will set to One QB fairly easily. Switching QB’s screws with the oline. Different cadences and styles, and pocket presence really hurts the offensive linemen. Having Russell in there should help the Oline right there. Just having one guy at QB, will help solidify the line.

    Now as to the Dline: “a decent DL with great players behind them suddenly becomes a very good DL,” while I might agree with that, operative word being “might”, what happens when you have a weak Dline?? A Dline that is in the bottom of the league in sacks, bottom in the league in QB pressures and bottom in run defense?? A weak Dline is going to bring EVERY OTHER UNIT DOWN! We’ve spent soooo much $$$$ why not finish the job and bring in a guy who is going to solidify the Defense???
    Now, if we were a 10-6 team or even an 8-8 team, I would probably agree with you and say, hell, go for it, draft the potential super star, and hope we go to the stratosphere. But the college game is a different game than the pro game. And we draft this guy #4, and he does not pan out for whatever reason, we’d be seriously effed. JMHO.

  • Tommy Trojan

    i like long, and gholston, and ellis, and even rivers and clady(albeit not at the #4 spot), and i would be happy if we drafted any of them, because they would all be a cherry on top of a potential playoff team and would fill a need, but so would mcfadden, he would fill the need of the freakish playmaker and he would have more of an impact than any player we could potentially draft, he would fill the “bush role” while bush could fill the “white roll”, mcfadden could take 10-20 hand offs and rack up 60-120yds rushing and catch 5-10 passes for 30-100yds, overall getting 20-30 touches and racking up atleast 100-150(if not 200+)yrds/game, while bush could take the other 15-20 carries and rack up 80-150yds rushing, and he’s also a pretty decent reciever as well, that duo pluss russell at QB would give us one of the most feared offenses in the league…

  • I haven’t focused on Keith Rivers or his weight. I’ve seen his weight listed anywhere from 225 to 241. I thought 230 would be a good middle ground, especially playing 10 weeks into the season.