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Jon Becker
Online sports editor


Jon Becker

  • Tommy the thing that I love about McFadden that you don’t hear anyone else say, is his knowledge of the offense. He’s a smart guy. He knows how to run an offense, he knows how to read keys, and not many backs coming out of college can say that. I’d be thrilled to have him. I just hope to God to becomes very, very good. If he was just good, it would probably be a waste unfortunately.

  • I’m probably Long, Ellis, gholston in that order and then Dmac. I’m sure Kiff would go Dmac 1, and then who cares. I’m being very, very conservative here which actually kinda goes against my nature.

  • Tommy Trojan

    respect your opinio oak, and appreciate the appreciation, but i don’t believe our DL is weak at all, factor in the injuries of kelly and burgess, our two best D-lineman, and that sapp selfishly lost weight in an effort to reach the magic triple digits, and thus hurting his already questionable run stopping ability, our DL was not even close to full stregth, it wasn’t even at half strength, and that’s why everyone’s evaluation of it doesn’t do it justice, when burgess is healthy he is one of the best in the league, and he is one of the most underrated run defenders around, he gets great penetration both vertically and laterally and disrupts alot of plays, and kelly is good at everything and close to great at some things, our DL the year before last was proficient at rushing the passer and when evealuating the yds/carry rather than the misleading yds/game, our DL was actually solid at stopping the run when all healthy, so our DL overall is decent, especially considering that we have added solid depth as well..decent, not weak, which is why i used the term decent, and not weak, in my afformentioned post…

  • Tommy Trojan

    i’m never coservative ever, which is probably why this is the perfect team for me and why i have salvaged some respect for al davis(that and the fact that he signs my paychecks…well actually he doesn’t but the logo on my paycheck is close enough)

    mcfadden knows the offense so well because he has been playing QB, RB(at times FB..which isn’t too far from TE or OL), and WR since pee wee, so he sees the offense from every perspective and can adapt, and that is a key to why he is so successful, again that and his freakish athleticsm and hard work…

  • Tommy Trojan

    and oak, i’m looking at the team right now, not what what they were during the season with banged up O and D lines, and a revolving door at QB..so right now i look at us as an 8-8 team(which we easily should have been last year, and now factoring in the improvements will be the worst case scenario next year), i see long, ellis, or gholston pushing that to 9-7 and mcfadden pushing that to 10-6

  • You bring up a really good point TT. And this isn’t a Raider position or any one here’s position, or any writers position, but when opponents come thru that tunnel I want them to crap themselves when the see our defensive line. The Dlinemen are kinda my guys, and I’ve been disappointed with the play of the unit going back years. Burgess I love. I don’t want to hear excuses and I don’t want to use injuries as a crutch. If that’s the case then Warren and Sands should come in and dominate. Now, Terdell lost his Mom last year, maybe that effected his play, you don’t know. Warren played well for the most part. You’re probably right that the unit is decent. So, my assessment is most likely a little unfair. I just want them to be Awe inspiringly brutal.

  • Tommy Trojan

    the word “excuse” is thrown around too liberally…when it’s legitimate it’s a REASON, or some people prefer EXPLANATION(but that doesn’t look as good in all caps…)

  • Tommy Trojan

    if the pats lost tom prady, or the whole left side of their line(hell, half of both lines if you want an accurate comparison) and they missed the playoffs would it be a “crutch” to blame those injuries…no, it would be the reason

  • Tommy Trojan

    that should say “brady”, but you know who i’m talking about, but you all hate him so you probably don’t care anyway…

  • TT…

    the word ‘liberally’ is thrown around wrongly too! =)

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    That makes 55 out of the franchises 60 yrs that they have at least made the playoffs.

  • Eyepatch

    Its funny, I asked a question: Now that its obvious Kiffin is in control of bringing in the players and all Al does is give his blessing and decide how much money to pay them, do you think that Kiffin, Ryan, and Davis finnaly agreed on the direction the offensive and defensive philosophy and game plans would be headed this season? Well he did not show my question or it was the moderator but here is exactly what I was talking about:http://www.nfl.com/news/story?id=09000d5d8078fb5d&template=with-video&confirm=true
    Bottom line is Kiffin has more control than most folks want to believe and Davis is holding him accountable for a 4-12 season.

  • Eyepatch
  • Florida Pete


    clearly you were afraid to answer my questions about Maria Sharapova…

    can you honestly discount the liklihood that she would draw triple coverage???

    and that her presence on the field would free up the other receivers???

    don’t you think this would help the offense as a whole???

    i’m not entirely sure that even on an obvious running play she wouldn’t be able to clear out the safeties…

    she could be a real force in my opinion…

    i am just disappointed that you refused to address this issue in yesterday’s live blog…

    loyally yours,
    Florida Pete

    p.s. please excuse my rant… i get a little passionate about Raiders football…

  • saintkaufman

    Not McFadden, Not McFadden, Not McFadden, Not McFadden….

  • “Teams that win over time it’s always the quarterback. Very rarely, unless you have a dominating defense, one of those defenses that’s the best over a five-year run type of thing, the quarterback has to play really well. It’s always going to go back to that quarterback’s play. As I said a year ago, hopefully we’ll be able to run the ball really well and be able to stop the run. And if you do those two things the quarterback play becomes a lot easier and you’re going to be in every game.”

    I hope Jamarcus is working his butt off.

  • saintkaufman

    As Russell goes, the Raiders go.

  • drray

    why is it we have to get all of the pieces this year?….i think we should start thinking over the next few years…if we get a dominant DT now-fine…if not we can pick one up next year…any of the top gus will add to the team..

  • drray

    im just glad kiffin answered the questions we were asking…I’m happy so far about the offseason..and I can tell you for a fact that at least the San Diego players are getting a little worried about us….kwame harris was pretty dominating at times in the running game…Sometimes I think that the professional atheletes are are much more respectful in general of each others abilities than the fans are of their own teams….very few of the players are discontents and lazy…the main problem is a lack of continuity in systems/teaching/philosophies and personality conflicts- not so much a lack of effort or attitude- the vast majority of players have to be focused to play at this level- laziness and immaturity are reserved as an option only for the truly gifted top 10% or less of players- the work like crazy just to keep up

  • drray

    …most of them work like crazy just to keep up

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    You hit it square. With the big money in the NFL, most players train year round. The days of using training camp to get in shape are over. If you’re not ready to shine, someone else will. Only a few malcontents don’t show up to mini-camp in shape.

  • blat

    Too bad consistency is important cause that’s exactly what this team hasn’t had for the last 10 years and won’t have until Al is gone. I just finished reading the entire Kiffin interview and it’s really clear that he’ll be gone as soon as there isn’t $4 mil still on the table. One thing will be amusing to watch, though: will we take a DT at #4. If Al again goes against need then Kiffin will be off the hook as far as our record goes. It’ll be clear that Al is solely responsible for this mess.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    I got a completely different impression of the interview. He is extended if the team improves, and if not exit stage left. Kiffin has been given by AD the players who are upgrades over what he inherited.

  • Florida Pete

    blat Says:
    April 5th, 2008 at 9:08 am
    Too bad consistency is important cause that’s exactly what this team hasn’t had for the last 10 years and won’t have until Al is gone. I just finished reading the entire Kiffin interview and it’s really clear that he’ll be gone as soon as there isn’t $4 mil still on the table. One thing will be amusing to watch, though: will we take a DT at #4. If Al again goes against need then Kiffin will be off the hook as far as our record goes. It’ll be clear that Al is solely responsible for this mess.


    will Al be solely responsible if the Raiders win???

  • blat

    Absolutely, though it will probably have more to do with Cable. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

  • Fritz

    That’s a double standard, Blat. When the Raiders lose, it’s because of the people Al hires; same thing applies when they win.

  • Midwest Fan

    sport- “And we’ll get better at figuring it out so we can get a quicker pace going.”

    Maybe get a court reporter to do jerry’s typing…
    That should speed things up a bit.

  • exactly Fritz. It’s ridiculous these Davis haters. They think Gruden did everything. OK, then why doesn’t he have a winning record in Tampon Bay???? He took over a world championship team???? You can’t take over a Championship team and win???? They must think Tampon Bays problems are probably Davis’ fault too.

  • Dakota

    Come Monday our draft selection will be set in stone.

  • Why is that Dakota?

  • Come Monday…it’ll be alright…

  • jh

    Dakota…Come on dude do not go chisel DRAFT MCFADDEN on the face of Mt Rushmore

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Right, Gruden took over Dungy’s team and got lucky that our center who calls all the blocking signals went off on a binge caused by a mental disorder. Gruden did not build the Bucs. We also had a moron as a Coach that did not change the play calls so TB knew what was coming. Then our QB gets racked and we have to reload. Yes, it took 5 yrs but that was not all AD’s fault. So many AD haters out there. I give him his due as a great coach and man. Remember that everyone still went to Sid Gilman for offensive ideas even though he was in his 80’s.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Where are the Warrior bloggers. That makes 55 out of the franchises 60 yrs that the Lakers have at least made the playoffs. they are going to miss again after giving you so much grief.

  • jh

    Exla…It took the Colts 17 years to replace Bert Jones…Good thing the Patriots planned on a 6th round QB to be the next great QB…So sometimes it is blind luck but AD did try and has tried again with drafting JR…MANY MANY experts thought Andrew Walter would develop into a great QB…Always a gamble regardless of how well you scout.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Funny how things work out. Jones goes to the Rams goes down and is a bust in L.A. Lasted 4 games before the neck injury.

  • Mistabrown

    Exla, dont be so sure with 6 or 7 games to go the W’s are out of it. We play Dallas again I think next weekend so they still have control of their fate if they win out.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    If they win out and get in, I’ll issue a retraction. Good luck, I wish no member of the Raider Nation ill.

  • Dakota

    The Warriors will make the playoffs.

  • Mistabrown

    Does anybody think Roger Goodell wont ban Chris Henry from the NFL ?

    He’s gone.

  • Mistabrown

    If the W’s dont make the playoffs Nelson will have to answer why he didnt use his bench throughout the year and his players are out of gas in April.

    Im pissed at Nellie because I think he had a strong bench to tap into which makes it more puzzling.

  • Dakota

    Anyone that loses their job to Avery Johnson is not worth hiring.

  • RaiderMight

    Adios Carr!

    “NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Cornerback and kick returner Chris Carr officially joined the Tennessee Titans when the Oakland Raiders declined to match Tennessee’s offer sheet.”


  • JB

    Kiffin has a double concern this upcoming year. He must win over the players and produce W’s in a significant enough number to convince all that we are on the way back – I think he will do this in spades. Secondly, he must build a coaching team that will stick with him and not take off to Jim Mora in WA. Winning with power and a bright future solves a lot of problems.

  • Tommy Trojan

    you can find good lineman just about anywhere in the draft in any draft, but you can only find a player like mcfadden at the top of the draft, and only in certain drafts(how many years between LT and AP were drafted? and between LT and barry? and between barry and OJ?), but we don’t plan on being at the top of the draft next year, or any time soon, so let’s take the superstar, all-world offensive player while we have the chance, our O and D lines are adequate, they’re not good enough to win us any games on their own but not bad enough to lose us any games on their own, and we have pretty good WRs and what we believe will be an all-world QB, we have the best secondary i the NFL and one of the best LB cores, there will no be another mcfadden for who knows how long, but i can guarrantee that we can solidify either our O or our D line with our first next year, and we do have four picks available after #4, so we should take mcfadden while we can…

    a decent DL with great players behind them suddenly becomes a very good DL, and an adequate OL in it’s second year under cable with several key new additions and better skill position players suddenly becomes a good OL, factor in the additions we have made to each line, they’re not blockbusters but they’re solid signings, factor in that burges and kelly will be healthy next year and thathall is a drastic improvement over washington and that wilson is one of the best run defenders of all NFL S’s, and that he is also a general playmaker, , factor in that russell will have a year of practice and study and an entire offseason to prepare and that better recievers will be open sooner and the OL will need to block less, but they’re already better, this team looks like a playoff team, not a legit title contender but a lock to be in the wildcard discussion next year…how many holes do we really have, we have a QB, we are good at RB, we are two deep with very good FBs, we have a good TE, we have decent WRs, he have two good Gs, we have two capable starters at C, we have two decent starters at RT, we have a need at LT although we appear to have decent players contending for the job, we have an elite DE and a good DT, we have multiple options at the other DT spot and several capable of starting but it is arguably our greatest need, or you could argue that a bookend is our greatest need although we have a decent run option and a decent pass rush option in rotational roles, we are set with two pro bowl LBs and two adequate starters at LB, our secondary is great from top to bottom, a great coverage S a great run defense/hart hitter/playmaker, and we have two elite cover corners, one who also a playmaker, so for all the cynics and pessimists…we have 3(DT, DE, LT) real needs and our OLB and and WR spots arguably could use some improvement, but all of our needs already have what are rotational options/arguably adequate starters/quality depth, this team is capable of winning, regardless of who we draft, if Russell is half of what we drafted him to be this season then we will make the playoffs…

  • RaiderDogg

    Dakota Says:
    April 5th, 2008 at 10:37 am
    “The Warriors will make the playoffs.”

    That’s what I’m talking about! Preach on Dakota. BTW did you check out your new shirt on ebay? Just in case you missed it:


    Nice W over the Mavs last night…

  • daaraiders

    Tommy Trojan- I agree with everything you said in your last post except I don’t have the optimism that you have regarding Darren McFadden. I don’t share your belief that he is an AP, LT or other premium Running Back. However, if we do draft McFadden, I sure hope you are right.

  • DoeDoe

    What It Doo Nation

  • Huff24

    The Warriors will make the playoffs? Who cares. They will get knocked out early. They might as well not waste their time, pack their bags and go home because its going to happen anyways. Why give the fans a false sense of security?

  • Tommy Trojan

    if you want a simplified evaluation of mcfaddne, he has the running ability of adrian peterson(w/o the durability concerns), the versatility of reggie bush, the blocking proficiency of joseph addai(or MJD if you prefer), and is at least as accurate a passer as mike vick(sadly maybe more accurate), andmcfadden knows the offense well because he has been playing QB, RB(at times FB..which isn’t too far from TE or OL), and WR since pee wee, so he sees the offense from every perspective and can adapt, and that is a key to why he is so successful, again that and his freakish athleticsm and hard work…he is just generally a freak, he is not just a RB but he is one of the best runners around, he is not just speed but he has underrated power, one of the best stiffarms in all of football and agility that is scary for a man of his size…he is a beast, and by far the best player in the draft, it’s ridiculous that he will be available at the #4 pick(because teams 1-3 have very good RBs…or think they do), and even more ridiculous that some people don’t want him