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Jon Becker
Online sports editor


Jon Becker

  • DoeDoe

    To early to be talkin badly about my Warriors – Even if the Lakers do get to the finals – They aint beating the Celtics and I can promise that

  • If we get McFadden…I think he will be like Reggie Bush. Show flashes of brilliance and then go through games where he doesn’t do chit. He will however draw defenses attention a la Reggie.

  • Celtics Suck!

  • They play all geked up once in awhile when they play the top West teams…then they coast for a week beating up chitty East teams. Put them in a 7 game series with the top 4 West teams and they are toast.

  • The following teams are better than the Celtics:


    Hornets are a year away.

  • Huff24

    Some of you got all happy when BHP changed his tone about McFadden but I don’t think some of you understood what he was saying. I think similiarly to BHP in the McFadden department. I don’t think McFadden is the right choice because I don’t believe we need him. On top of that, I don’t think he will be a great back. Now…can he be an additive to this offense with his athleticism? Absolutely. Do I expect him to be the main focal point in this offense? No.

    I believe McFadden can contribute and I believe Kiffin can find ways for McFadden to contribute in a role similiar to Bush in Payton’s offense. Does that make him a game changer? No. That makes him a role players. That might change some of our plays or give us an advantage against certain defenses but thats all. In all, we can still go 3 and out and watch our defense get run all over all the way to the endzone.

    Basically, I don’t want to draft McFadden but if we do, I am confident that he can contribute in a positive way because Kiffin knows how to use him. Does that make him the best pick? No…but its a pick that doesn’t hurt us, it just doesn’t fix our biggest need on the defensive line. I will accept whoever is drafted because I am positive.

  • Tommy Trojan

    looking at the schedule it appears dallas will get in and the GSW DEN game will decide the 8 spot, so nothing is final yet…

  • Well said Huff24. The O and D lines…need to be remade through solid drafting….it is not going to happen overnight…I trust Cable to fix the O-line…I am concerned with the D-line…I don’t think we have good coaching there.

  • Tommy Trojan

    mcafadden is similar to bush, but he is also an elite pure rusher

    McFadden is not a bush clone nor is he an AP clone, he is a combination of boh, he has the running ability to take the ball 20+ times/game and put up 100-150+yds and also has the ability to be split out wide or in the slot and run reverses, and posts, and slants, and streaks, and be generally successful as a WR, he is the best of both worlds, and he will consistenly put up 2,000 all prupose yrd seasons

  • DoeDoe

    Paul Pierce Ray Allen and Garnette – No chance for the lakers – no chance at all – I’d pick the Celtics in 5 games – maybe 6 if Koby’s B!tch a$$ crys to much

  • I really think it will be a 3 team race in the West.


    The East will be a cakewalk…but the East Finals will be sweet.

    Celtics and Pistons

    Celtics better hope the 3 Amigos stay healthy in that series.

  • Tommy Trojan

    more likely lakers in 4…maybe 5

  • DoeDoe

    Im out to the A’s game

    As Greg Papa would say…


  • Tommy Trojan

    huff, is response to 306 read 295

  • JB

    Huff24 #306

    You nailed it right on the head. The right pick should be Ellis, Dorsey or Gholston. Any one of the three mentioned will be big time player makers or stuffers in this instance.

  • blat

    I’m no Al Davis hater. I respect him, but that doesn’t mean that I think he is entirely in control of his wits. He’s older than dirt and people start losing it after a while. Keep in mind, he’s trying to be the general manager, chief negotiator, college scout, Free agent scout and defensive coordinator. Very few people can do that in their prime. Sadly, he’s not in his prime anymore and the results show for themselves. It’s hard to forgive last year’s draft. Given the glaring needs going into it, the number and position of their selections, they came away with precious little to show for it (even giving away selections for future drafts!!) and nothing to address their biggest needs. So it looks like we’re going into this season with Kwame Harris as our LT!!!! And some of you guys are talking about wins?! If they win this year it’ll be because Cable was able to cobble together something out of nothing. That’s what Al’s given him…a sack full of manure.

  • RaiderDogg

    The Lakers aren’t invincible guys. You’re setting yourself up to be very disappointed if you think that the Lakers would sweep the Celtics in the finals. Come on back into reality folks. Just make it past the Spurs and into the finals before you start talking sweeping anyone.

    Laker fans crack me up.

  • I am a Laker fan, but I was skeptical until recently. Have you seen this team play? They are legit my friend. Kobe is Kobe…no need to say anything else. Gasol is a perfect fit for the Triangle. He is unselfish, yet can put up huge #’s along the way. Odom is so dominant in the 3rd option role it is scary…his free throw shooting scares me though. Fisher is unselfish, but clutch with the outside shot, plus he does all the little things (Takes Charges, dives for loose balls, etc.) The bench can provide a spark when needed. Farmar, Sasha, Walton, Turiaf…

    And when when it comes down to it…

    who would you rather have coaching your team:

    Phil Jackson or Doc Rivers?

    enuff said

  • Tommy Trojan

    when bynum is healthy they will be damn near invincible

  • Tommy Trojan

    for a breakdown of the draft/team needs/next season read he exchange last night between myself and oakglenn(243-258)

  • Dogg…

    I said it is a 3 team race in the West.

    But the Celtics are a Mirage…

    Their coach sucks and they are way too thin after you take away the big 3.

    The Lakers scare me because they don’t always play solid Defense and they have atendency to go away from the offense and start taking too many outside shots.

  • Tommy Trojan,

    I think he is a year away from making this team damn near unbeatable. He is young and missed too much time. If he had stayed healthy all year, you would be right. Of course if he stayed healthy I don’t know if we would have gotten Gasol.

  • RaiderDogg

    All I’m saying is that you guys are waaaay ahead of yourselves. I don’t even see the Lakers getting past the Spurs. Sorry to inject a bit of reality in your win it all dream…

  • I personally think the Spurs are the team to beat as well. The Lakers need to get healthy….but they still have a punchers chance…again

    3 team race in the West


  • Sorry about the NBA talk…just scroll past it.

  • Tommy Trojan

    the lakers are the favorite and the spurs are contenders, bynum will be back in a few games and should need very little time to adjust, plus we can coast through dallas or denver or houston or golden state in the 1st and get situated, but that front line can not be beat b small ball or hybrids, the spurs and celtics are the only teams that can take a healthy lakers team to 6, and the leakers will be healthy come the 2nd round

  • RaiderDogg

    “the leakers will be healthy come the 2nd round”

    is the “leakers” comment some sort of Freudian slip? j/k

    You know the old saying “To be the best you have to BEAT the best.” Get past the Spurs and we’ll talk.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    Spurs are contenders? LOL…

    You mean the DEFENDING NBA CHAMPION SAN ANTONIO SPURS are now just an afterthought because the Lakers are doing something in the regular season?

    THIS Lakers team has proved nothing in the playoffs. They are yet to beat anyone in a series.

  • RaiderDogg

    RaiderDogg’s Top 10 Mock Draft Picks

    1. Dolphins – T Jake Long
    2. Rams – DT Glenn Dorsey
    3. Falcons – DT Sedrick Ellis
    4. Raiders – DE Chris Long
    5. Chiefs – DE Vernon Gholston
    6. Jets – RB Darren McFadden
    7. Patriots – CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    8. Ravens – QB Matt Ryan
    9. Bengals – WR Devin Thomas
    10. Saints – LB Keith Rivers

    So tell me what you guys think. I don’t care if you agree or disagree I just enjoy the feedback.

  • Vinny Testicles

    Hey Dogg, I think you just want so bad for C. long to fall to the Raiders..I just don’t see it happening though unfortunately. He would fill a need for all the teams picking before us.

  • K-Rock (Just Say No to DMAC)

    I think the Chiefs will take Matt Ryan if he is available.

    Someone in this top 4 will not be picking in their spot. I feel a trade coming…

  • Vinny Testicles

    agreed K-Rock, regarding the Quiefs.

  • Huff24

    It may be wishful thinking for the Raiders to get Chris Long but if thats who you want, you have to be glad that Jake Long, Vernon Gholston and Glenn Dorsey are in this draft to make it hard for these teams to pass them as well because the Dolphins could be swayed to take either Jake Long or Gholston while the Rams could be swayed to take Jake Long or Glenn Dorsey. The Falcons are the wild card behind this because they could throw the rest of the draft off by selecting McFadden or Chris Long.

    They signed Michael Turner as their RB so it would be a surprise if they drafted McFadden but its not out of this question if they feel he is the best player available. They didn’t re-sign Patrick Kerney and Long is similiar to him so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them draft him. The obvious need is QB so you would have to think they would take Matt Ryan or a QB overall but you just never know. The opportunity for the Raiders to get Chris Long is increased by the amount of weaknesses the Dolphins and Rams have.

    The Dolphins were terrible. They need just about EVERYTHING. The Rams went through the QB shuffle with every QB getting knocked out of the game because of their poor offensive line. If they want to protect their investments, they would be smart to draft Jake Long if available. I think Vernon Gholston fits more of what Parcells likes. This draft is going to be very intersting in the 1st round.

  • Al Pendejo

    I hear Art Smells Fat bouncing down the hall!

    If he returns, dont respond because he will not come down to our level.


  • Scottish Raider


    I agree, except I think Arthur Blank will insist the Falcons take Matt Ryan at No3 if they think he is the only franchise QB in the draft.

  • Huff24

    The rest of the draft could be pretty damn boring if the Raiders don’t trade anybody for picks. Good thing the Raiders pick early and we still won’t pick until 45 minutes later at the most. The draft takes forever but I love sitting through it. I must be nuts.

  • Scottish Raider

    Rotoworld say the Raiders are claiming they have a 2nd round pick on the table in exchange for Fabian Washington – which doesn’t make sense as they are also alleged to be talking to the Browns who don’t have any Day 1 picks!

    I think Washington will go – but probably for a high 3rd or a 3rd plus some Day 2 picks. His recent arrest probably spiked any chance of a 2nd rounder.

  • lefty 12

    give it up Huff.these Dm lovers are totally ruinning this site.if you don’t agree with them they try to drive you away and start to call people names,or tell you how ridiculous you are.the only opinions that count are theirs.guys that work in media depts think they’re so much more knowledgable than anyone else.one could also throw out arguements to counter their points and they just blow them off.all that being said-if we draft DM it will set us back at least 2(two) years.

  • Huff24

    The Falcons have the #3, #34, #37, #48, #68, #98 and #103.

    WOW. Thats 6 picks in the Top 100 with a 7th being just outside of it. Thats incredible and its for a team that really really needs it. If any team can build from a draft, this would be the team with all the tools to do so.

    Round 1, Pick 3 (3)
    Round 2, Pick 3 (34) (From Raiders)
    Round 2, Pick 6 (37)
    Round 2, Pick 17 (48) (From Texans)
    Round 3, Pick 5 (68)
    Round 3, Pick 35 (98) (Compensatory selection)
    Round 4, Pick 4 (103)
    Round 5, Pick 3 (138)
    Round 6, Pick 6 (172)
    Round 7, Pick 5 (212)
    Round 7, Pick 25 (232) (From Steelers)

  • lefty 12

    Huff-yea,but having them and using them wisely is two different things.

  • Huff24

    Whats funny is that Washington is a 1st round pick. Teams would probably give us a 2nd rounder but he gets one arrest and hes now only worth a 3rd?

    McFadden hasn’t even played in the NFL, is considered a Top 5 pick, has a bunch of problems outside of the NFL and his stock hasn’t dropped at all. This league is messed up.

  • Huff24

    Lefty 12 – You’re right but its alot of work to get yourself in that kind of draft position in the first place. Its creative.

  • lefty 12

    time for the A’s game-see ya!

  • Ib wonder why nobody is talking about McFadden’s bowl game? Last year it was JR’s great because of a bowl game and Quinn stank. McFadden nonexistent in his bowl appearance this year. He showed no ability to break tackles or move a pile. Give him a huge hole and he’s great.
    Comparing him to Reggie Bush? Bush is not worth the #2 pick so far. He looked good as a punt returner in his first season as a change of pace guy for Duece. In year two he proved the Saints wasted a #2 overall pick on a guy who can’t carry the load. Steaker replaced an injured Bush and proved it wasn’t the rest of the team. Bush is a change of pace guy.
    Do the Raiders need DMAC? No. Do they need D-line and O-line help? No doubt.
    For you delusional types who say, “Al doesn’t draft for need.” YOU’RE WRONG.
    JR was a need pick. He was not the best athelete. Ditto Huff, Gallery, Nhandi, and so on.
    The Raiders may draft MacFadden. They could be that dumb. I hope not. I’d like to see us actually win some games this year.

  • Huff24

    COW – Right on.

  • Huff24 –
    Atlanta is following the Jimmy Johnson Dallas model. Bring in tons of guys and play the odds that you’ll get some quality players.
    Smart by Parcells.

  • Huff24

    Whats funny is that nobody talks this much about Felix Jones when he is a carbon copy of McFadden. He does the same exact things.

  • linds….daraiderrukas

    ‘ F#@& ! the falcons !

  • Huff24

    Darren McFadden
    COTTON BOWL AT DALLAS TX Missouri L 38-7 21 105 5.0 19 1 0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0

    I don’t know that McFadden didn’t accomplish anything but they did lose 38-7 against MISSOURI. Some of you guys think McFadden can do EVERYTHING for a team. Well, he didn’t help the team win a Championship all by himself because it takes a team. It takes a defense.

    Felix Jones
    COTTON BOWL AT DALLAS TX Missouri L 38-7 10 45 4.5 23 0 3 65 21.7 41 0 0 0

  • If Parcells wants to run a 3-4 he could take Ghoulston #1. The Rams draft Jake Long or Dorsey #2.
    The Falcons draft either Ryan or maybe Jake Long because their D is better than their O. Don’t forget they let Dunn go so MacF is a possiblity.
    At #4 Chris Long could be there. If not, Dorsey or Ghoulston will be.