Allen’s exit a plus


Less than a week after receiving one of the most favorable schedules in the NFL, the Raiders received even more good news Wednesday when defensive end Jared Allen was traded out of the division to the Minnesota Vikings.

That means when the Raiders visit Arrowhead Stadium in Week 2, Allen won’t be on hand to terrorize the Raiders as he has in virtually every game except last season’s game in Kansas City.

That game, in which Barry Sims effectively controlled Allen, was the exception rather than the rule.

At present, Kwame Harris is penciled in as the Raiders left tackle. Harris was considered a poor pass blocker but a solid run blocker with the 49ers. The hope is the zone blocking system employed by the Raiders will enable Harris to reach the potential which made him a first-round draft pick out of Stanford.

Allen has six sacks in eight career games against Oakland and has applied near constant pressure.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Mad Road Dog

    And if we draft DMc then here is a little advise via
    Bo Jackson:

    If my mother put on a helmet and shoulder pads and a uniform that wasn’t the same as the one I was wearing, I’d run over her if she was in my way. And I love my mother.

  • Wow, that Mike Lombardi guy is pretty astute, we should hire him to be our general manager.

  • Lombardi can slurp my CR^+&*k. He stabbed the Raiders in the back now the fat midget is outta the loop & thinks he knows what Al will do.

  • TW

    No, Lombardi did not say that´s what Davis would do, it was not a prediction, he said that´s what HE would do. That´s how you have to look at it.

  • holyroller

    how long was lombarfski our GM and how long???

  • Mad Road Dog

    Sac Raider…interesting insight.

  • holyroller

    03 or something??

  • Lombardi was never our GM, he was in charge of the personnel department for 8 years, up until last season.

  • I read that Lombardi crap and really thats what it is. He flip-flopped big time from his previous mock having us taking Gholston.

    He says our team was the slowest last campaign. Duh. But he completely ignores the additions at wideout where the big yardage comes from not the RB position which would beyond outta this world if it averaged 5ypc. Walker, Carter, JLH – year 2 …all would make this team faster and gain bigger yardage. RB is not the position to “stretch the field”

  • holyroller

    and bruce allen before him same ?

  • holyroller

    who was the GM then marley

  • Terrapin, again…this was not his mock draft and it was not a prediction, it´s what he would do. Take it for what it´s worth.

  • Lombardi is letting the media, whom he works for now, permeate his objectivity and clarity (if he ever had any). Now he’s on the McFadden bandwagon just like all these other media airheads. Peer pressure is a btch.

  • Holyroller..261, are you serious?. You know who the GM was and still is. Lombardi worked for Bruce Allen who was close to a GM but not quite, you know who made the decisions back then and who makes the decisions right now.

  • Hey, as anyone else heard that Kiffin is giving a press conference at noon today? That should be interesting if true.

  • Marley – I know thats not his mock draft but still he says he would pick Darren McFadden. That doesn’t change anything. His logic for the pick is seriously flawed. Thats what I’m pointing out.

    You don’t pick a RB to stretch the field. If a RB can stretch the field then than RB is bad ass man …really bad ass. But McFadden is no Bo Jackson.

  • Terrapin,
    I really like the idea of taking Dre Moore in the 3rd(trade) or if we are lucky the 4th. As a Terp fan, you think he would be a good pick up? I watched him play Oregon State live in the Emerald Bowl here in SF, and he was impressive although they completely avoided him for the whole game.

  • And even Bo Jackson would be hard pressed to increase the number of plays over 20 yards!

    “The Raiders may have been the slowest offensive team in football last year. They finished 29th in the NFL in plays over 20 yards. They have no one on their offensive team that their opponents would worry about defending. ”

    You don’t pick RB for this. You pick QB/WR.

  • holyroller

    as long as we get some o line help 4 JAM then i dont care who they take at #4

  • holyroller

    it was all a joke meaning it dosent matter what lombarfski says its always in Mr. davis hands

  • Quagmire’d

    Chris Long is the pick if available, if not Lombardi is right I have a feeling.

  • Mad Road Dog

    How can you have such a great name and be such a loser. Although there is some truth to what Lombardi said, the Raiders were a slow team but the trenches have to be rebuilt to playoff calibre soon. After all the goal has to be the Superbowl and can you see the likes of Harris, Gallery and Green holding off the Giants “D” line.

    If Kiffin and Co. draft DMc with the intention of utilizing his talents other than just using him as a cloud of dust and hit the hole then things will take a favorable turn. Use him as a RB that screens allot, as a wide WR at times and certainly as a QB when we get close to the end zone. I would love to see DMc throw a TD to Bush against the Bolts. For that matter the option to throw the ball every time he sweeps makes him that more dangerous.


    Mcfumble sucks give me anyone else in the draft

  • PFT is reporting the Rams have Dorsey #1 on their board and the only other option is a possible trade with NO who want Dorsey as well.
    That would make me 2-for-2. Now if the Falcons take Ryan we can get C Long!

  • BBB – Moore is an athletic beast for his size. You can’t hold down his bull rush. He has unworldly potential. My boy believes he will eventually be one of the best – not the best but almost.

    The problem with Moore is his rawness. He’s definitely not polished and started football later than others. I think it was like his junior year in high school (I could be wrong).

    I don’t think he’ll last that long though cuase of his potential to dominate the game. Maybe he goes mid to late 2nd …high 3rd at worst, but he will go early.

  • BART

    Yeah, according to Jason Jones Kiffin will hold his pre-draft conference at noon today. First time meeting the local media since december, should be fun.

  • Thec

    If I am atl I pass on ryan pickup flaco, brohm, woodson in the second IMHO.


    Woodson is not getting the credit he deserves. I am a UK fan and have lived in KY all my life. Woodson is a great quarterback with an extremly strong arm. I agree that would be a great pick in the second round.

  • CorpRaiderNYC

    Anyone know if it’s possible to watch the Kiff presser later today via the net? If so, which site?

  • During the Senior Bowl Dre Moore was putting everyone on skates. They couldn’t hold him back. But you need the right coaching to help him reach his potential and he must be dedicated to perfecting the craft and not relying on the physical. If so, you’ve got a beast and a dominant fixture on the defense for years.

  • Thec

    Las Vegas sports consultants has woodson rated second behind brohm. ryan is rated 3 I think.

  • I gotta side with your boy Terrapin.
    I had no rooting interest in the Emerald Bowl when I went so I was mostly watching Moore, and he was dominating that line. I found out later that the guy he was mostly up against was Roy Scheuning, who is one of the highest rated gaurds in this draft.

    Moore doesn’t look human, because all of his limbs are so extremely thick, and yet he is not fat at all. I think he would fit well on our line because he can both hold the point of attack, and penetrate.

  • hey Guys!

  • Mjalllo testing, 1, 2 ,3, 4?

  • Terp,
    yeah, sadly if we draft him he would probably have two different d-line coaches in two years which will stunt his development. I still think he is our best bet for a realistic D-tackle acquistion after the first round.

  • Mad Road Dog

    OK…if C. Long is not there then trade down to get a LT and Moore in the late 2nd, or Laws.

  • Dre Moore’s numbers:

    Year – GP – TKL – TFL – Sack
    2003 – DNP – – –
    2004 – 8 – 12 – 1.5 – 1.0
    2005 – 10 – 18 – 0.0 – 0.0
    2006 – 13 – 47 – 7.5 – 3.5
    2007 – 13 – 63 – 8.5 – 6.0

    Those 2007 stats are huge imo for a RAW DT/NT. I mean 8.5 tackles for a loss and 6 sacks for a NT …that’s really damn good, freakin’ exceptional for a RAW NT. (It would not be unreasonable to question his competition level)

  • SI.com projects Dre Moore to go early second round. He may be out of reach for us unfortunately. They actually have him graded above Balmer, but behind Dorsey/Ellis of course.

  • He had decent games against Rutgers, West Virginia, Boston College, that is pretty legit competition.

    I think he will be drafted after Dorsey, Ellis, Laws, Sims and Red Bryant, and could possibly fall to the end of the 2nd or early 3rd. I just hope Fabian or Burgess or Stu/Jordan has enough trade value to get us back into the 2nd.

  • KoolKell

    Will the Falcons take Ryan??????

  • The Dude


  • ChargersChoke

    Reports on ESPN state the Rams are going to pick Dorsey or Chris Long , if they pick Dorsey Atlanta would be stupid to pick another 1st round DE this year so it looks like we have a good shot of drafting Howie’s kid!

  • Ok, Jerry McDonald´s pick is Gholston and Steve Corkran´s pick is McFadden.

    Says Corkran today on cnnsi.com´s beat writers mock draft:

    Oakland Raiders select Darren McFadden.

    “Raiders managing general partner Al Davis bucks conventional wisdom by drafting the best player available and not the best player at the position of greatest need. Davis, as usual, just can’t get past the speed and wow factors.

    Adding McFadden gives the Raiders, perhaps, the most-talented player from this year’s draft class.

    However, it also gives coach Lane Kiffin a crowded backfield and, therefore, a major problem to resolve. McFadden joins a backfield that includes Justin Fargas, Dominic Rhodes, LaMont Jordan and Michael Bush — the team’s fourth-round pick last season. Something has to give.

    The Raiders just became a more exciting team, though not necessarily a better one.”

    This after the beat writer from STL went Long and ATL´s Dorsey.

  • The Dude

    When do u guys think Washington will be traded or serious chat about us trading for draft picks will begin. If we trade Washington for a 3rd then its very unlikely that we will pick up a player as good as him.

    I wanna draft Long but McFadden will be coming to Oakland. Im no complaining.

  • KoolKell

    Domonic Rhodes might attract some attention for a trade. The Raiders have plenty of trade bait for a 3rd or 4th rounder

  • KoolKell

    The only tradition the Raiders have been able to maintain is keeping good corners.

  • Did you guys see that article on PFT about Jack Tatum’s nephew. Bobby Tatum, 22 y.o. 5′-11″ 200 lbs, 4.33 40 yard dash. He is available in this draft, would be an UDFA, we have got to get him. Bobby Tatum and Chris Long together would be unbelievable.

  • Thec

    Who is going to be the return guy. Rhodes is cheap and has good hands. I say we keep him to run back Punts, and Kicks. He also serves as an insurance policy against DMAC or MBUSH getting hurt. J fargass is A@@out.

  • Adding McFadden gives the Raiders, perhaps, the most-talented player from this year’s draft class.
    The Raiders just became a more exciting team, though not necessarily a better one.”

    I think that’s what makes the rest of us nonMcFaddy Raiders cringe.

  • KoolKell

    I don’t think you would need a Rhodes, Fargas, Dmac & M Bush