Allen’s exit a plus


Less than a week after receiving one of the most favorable schedules in the NFL, the Raiders received even more good news Wednesday when defensive end Jared Allen was traded out of the division to the Minnesota Vikings.

That means when the Raiders visit Arrowhead Stadium in Week 2, Allen won’t be on hand to terrorize the Raiders as he has in virtually every game except last season’s game in Kansas City.

That game, in which Barry Sims effectively controlled Allen, was the exception rather than the rule.

At present, Kwame Harris is penciled in as the Raiders left tackle. Harris was considered a poor pass blocker but a solid run blocker with the 49ers. The hope is the zone blocking system employed by the Raiders will enable Harris to reach the potential which made him a first-round draft pick out of Stanford.

Allen has six sacks in eight career games against Oakland and has applied near constant pressure.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • den her side sutter da max

  • Thec

    I doubt we let hall return kicks. Rhodes would be a nice candidate for this as he wont see the field next year and makes for a great insurance policy. trade Fargass as he is A@@out.

  • SilverNBlack

    If the Rams don’t take Dorsey, look for them to take Chris Long and then Atlanta to take Dorsey. If that happens, the Raiders may be able to swing a deal with the Jets for McFadden.

    Ellis to the Raiders at the Jets former #6 spot, plus a 2nd or 3rd round pick in this year’s draft from the Jets for McFadden would get the Raiders a D-lineman they need to stuff the run and an additional high-round pick they need for a wideout.

  • Thec

    Trade jordan for a udfa in other words cut him. Trade Fargass A$$out. We have 2 FB’s do we nee them both?

  • Quagmire’d

    like the idea dark, but i would hate to see long go to the queefs to replace allen

  • Quagmire’d

    no way the raiders trade fargas…that guy has been loyal from the start and maybe to a fault.

  • M

    Afternoon Nation,

    been out in the wilderness for a couple of weeks. Only two more days (I hope) to read about Arkansas RB’s on this site.

    Keep Rhodes. No prob.

  • Thec

    silver and black I like the idea of getting more picks. I wish we would do that. I also like ellis. Per the bench press number he is stronger than dorsey. I dont like the Ghos.

  • KoolKell

    Jets-Raiders deal sounds good.

  • lorte side!

  • Raider Buck

    Yeah where the heck is the press conference? We can shoulda coulda woulda all day ( and have ) I need some meat to go with all the fluff.

  • Thec

    Loyalty does not translate to SB wins. I like fargas for 2 reasons:

    1. He is a member of the NATION.
    2. He played for USC.

    Its not personal its business. I would trade him in less than a heart beat.

  • Raider Buck

    Thec they aren’t aren’t going to trade him, they just re signed him! the deal would have to be pretty sweet for a so-so RB. I like him to, and think he should stay, he’s finally earned it!

  • Quagmire’d

    AD is all about loyalty. If it wasn’t about loyalty then why did they re-sign him?

  • Draft McFad & he’ll return kicks…oh yeah….that’s right…..all of his 23 fumbles in college were from kick/punt returns. At least that’s what proMcFaddy supporters would have us believe.

  • Lincoln Kennedy

    I like Jason Jones, but I think he’s on mushrooms. Would’nt we have heard about this Kiffin PC from Jerry if it were actually happening?

  • SilverNBlack

    Not a fan of Gholston either, Thec, he looks like another product of the combine. If Long and Dorsey are gone at #4, the Raiders could move back a couple spots and still get Ellis.

    McFadden could be a stud in the NFL, but with Bush, Fargas and Rhodes, it’s a position Kiffin has already said is pretty-well set on a team that desperately needs to STOP the run. The Jets are said to be high on McFadden, so hopefully the Raiders can make that deal happen.

  • Thec

    If Fragas is “sos-so” as you put it then why do we keep him? Why do we need “so-so”. I say get what we can for him, cause if bnush is 100%, and they annouce us taking MAC then fargass is A$$out. Fargas will hardle see the field.

  • Quagmire’d

    Hey Thec, I bet you weren’t talking out your neck when he was racking up 100-yard games last year.

  • Dakota

    For additional info on the press conference;


    Draft Mcfadden!

  • Thec

    RaiderTW Says:
    April 24th, 2008 at 12:50 pm
    Draft McFad & he’ll return kicks…oh yeah….that’s right…..all of his 23 fumbles in college were from kick/punt returns. At least that’s what proMcFaddy supporters would have us believe.

    Who said DMAC would run back kicks?

    TW you should be getting ready to order my authentic. Long is going to the lambs we are drafting DMAC. I require a XXXL. Leave enough room for my yokes.

  • Raider Buck

    I don’t prtend to know the mind of Davis, but it’s bad business to trade some one you just signed. The money never works out.

    And it may be he never sees the field again in a Raider jersey, but he deserves one more year after the last one.*

    *disclaimer – My opinion and 3 bucks will get you a cup of coffee.

  • Scottish Raider

    That was a fake address Troll get off our blog

    Check this one out; http://49ers.com/pressbox/news_detail.php?PRKey=4158&section=PR%20News

  • Thec

    Quagmire’d Says:
    April 24th, 2008 at 12:54 pm
    Hey Thec, I bet you weren’t talking out your neck when he was racking up 100-yard games last year.


    what are you his agent? read my post genie, i like fargass. We will have 2 too many backs once we draft DMAC. the NFL rosters are 53.

  • Raider Buck

    Yeah Scottish, isn’t Dakota gone until tomorrow?

  • TrevJo

    At the #2 spot, every site I have looked at has said that the Rams need help at defensive end more than anything. I fully expect them to take Chris Long.

    At #3, that leaves the Falcons deciding between DT and QB. With tons of picks in early round 2, look for Atlanta to bet that they can get a QB later, and take Glenn Dorsey.

    At #4, the Raiders will be deciding between Ellis, Gholston, and McFadden. The latter two are the kind of freak athletes Mr. Davis loves. I believe Jerry is right when it comes to Davis’ practicality re: need positions. Plus, the quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard, so we take Vernon Gholston.

    At #5, the Chiefs are dismayed to not have JLong, CLong, or Gholston available. With overwhelming need at offensive line, I think they will take the best OL left, G/T Branden Albert.

    At #6, the Jets ignore the hype-driven suggestions to take Ryan or McFadden. Mangini takes a page out of Belichick’s book by getting himself a studly athletic DT to put as a 3-4 DE, grabbing Sedrick Ellis.

    At #7, the Pats would have preferred Ellis or Gholston. With OLB being much less of a need than MLB, they can’t pull the trigger on Rivers. They happily strike a deal with Jerry Jones and send to the Cowboys Darren McFadden.

    At #8, the Ravens are feeling lucky. Personally I am not on the Ryan bandwagon, nevertheless, Baltimore wastes no time drafting Matt Ryan here.

    At #9, Cincinnati was hoping for Ellis. Instead, they screw over the Saints by taking Keith Rivers.

    At #10, New Orleans needs a ton of defensive help, and isn’t crazy about the defensive talent that fell to them. But corner is one of their bigger needs, so they take the best one, Leodis McKelvin.

  • Dakota has gone out into the Badlands to hunt…with his .45

  • Good Projection Trevjo

  • Raider Buck

    and a .45 is quicker than 409, Dakota cleaned house for the very last time – It’s a song from long ago

  • watch New England come out of this draft with a ton of picks

  • I don’t think there even was a press conference

  • La Milicia Negra

    Mjallo testing?

  • La Milicia Negra

    have you guys heard the news about fabian?

  • La Milicia Negra

    woaw it works!

  • Thec, pleeeeese, the Jets are trading up with the Rams for McFaddy hahahahaha

  • Thec

    In your dreams TW, remember XXXL

  • Thec

    TW, On saturday you will be sweating bullets. C. Long will be the first pick beacuse the fins allready signed J. Long. You would have lost the bet at the begining of the draft. then you will be hoping and praying that we dont take DMAC. LOL cant wait til Sat.

  • Haven’t you heard? The Jets are talking with the Rams about taking their pick for McF.

  • Thec

    TW, I heard the same rumors you have heard. Rams want D and they will take C. Long.

  • Mad Road Dog

    If it is good enough for TT then here is more of my campaign for a better “O” line.

    The following is an exerpt from bay Area columnist Monte Poole article before J. Long was signed by the Fins:

    Raiders Top 5 Needs
    TIME IS NOT on their side. And, after racking up a $250-million offseason shopping bill, neither is money.
    With five years of futility, an agitated fan base, an aging owner and at least $31 million invested in their franchise quarterback, the Raiders have never been so in need of getting it right. Of positioning themselves to regain lost dignity, as well as the respect they once took for granted.
    Their offseason free-agent grab opened the door to recovery, but this weekend’s draft is their chance to go through it.
    After making JaMarcus Russell the first overall pick last year, then financially committing to the quarterback, the priority should be using the fourth overall pick to get him help.
    And, no, not Darren McFadden. He’s a wonderful running back, may have a great NFL career, and his name is linked to Oakland in a billion mock drafts.
    But he’s not what Russell and the Raiders need.
    They need a better offensive line, most importantly a franchise left tackle.
    Having seen enough of Robert Gallery to realize he is not the signature left tackle they hoped he’d be, Oakland would be negligent if they don’t look for one onSaturday.
    Why? Because the Raiders won’t go any farther than Russell can take them.
    That’s what John Madden, America’s Uncle Football, said on his radio show a while back. Madden has never been more right, and Al Davis knows it. The size of Russell’s paycheck suggests, if not confirms, as much.
    Al may have forgotten more football than most of us will ever know, but he surely remembers the importance of a superb offensive line, which along with a trustworthy secondary, form the essence of a quality team.
    Early evaluation of the draft influenced the Raiders to address their defensive backfield needs in free agency, which led them to sign promising safety Gibril Wilson and talented cornerback DeAngelo Hall.
    The offensive line was saved for the draft, because it has plenty of solid candidates. Indeed, the decisions made this weekend could provide the tickets to Oakland’s turnaround.
    Doesn’t mean the Raiders will get it right. They haven’t drafted especially well lately, and teams often whiff on linemen, as the Raiders did in 2004. When drafting Gallery and center Jake Grove in 2004, the Raiders thought their line was set for the next decade.
    Truth be told, Oakland has not drafted an outstanding lineman since second-rounder Barret Robbins — in 1995.
    Yet logic dictates they try again. Getting it right can lead to a dramatic improvement in an offense that over the past two seasons has scored the fewest touchdowns in the NFL. Embarrassing.
    Franchise left tackles have a way of ending up in playoffs. Think Baltimore’s Jonathan Ogden, Seattle’s Walter Jones, St. Louis’ Orlando Pace and Dallas’ Flozell Adams. Remember Tarik Glenn in Indy, Gary Zimmerman in Denver, Erik Williams in Dallas.
    Once upon a time, Oakland drafted a man named Art Shell.
    So, yes, it can be done.
    There was no more dramatic turnaround in the NFL last season than that which occurred in Cleveland, where the Browns recovered from a 4-12 record in 2006 to finish 10-6, missing the playoffs by a blink. How did they do it? Mostly by fixing their offense.
    The biggest moves were drafting Joe Thomas, who as a rookie looked the part of the franchise left tackle, and finding quarterback Derek Anderson, who came off their bench in the opener and spent the rest of the season finding play-making receivers such as Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr.
    Cleveland, which scored 22 touchdowns in 2006, rang up 42 in’07.
    Well, the Raiders already have their quarterback, if they guide him properly, on and off the field.
    As for the left tackle, we’ve seen enough of Kwame Harris as a 49er to know it’s unwise to count on him, no matter the marvelous work of offensive line coach Tom Cable. And there is no sign whatsoever the Raiders believe Mario Henderson is their man.
    If Oakland holds onto the No.4 pick, it might have a chance at Michigan’s Jake Long, considered the top lineman in the draft. Though Miami has talked with Long’s agents, no decision in the NFL is final until it’s made.
    That said, Oakland might be better off trading down in the first round — perhaps allowing the Cowboys or Jets to pick McFadden — to add picks in later rounds.
    Moving down, the Raiders still could find quality tackles such as Boise State’s Ryan Clady, Vanderbilt’s Chris Williams or Virginia’s Duane Brown. Virginia’s Branden Albert, who played mostly guard, might be as good as anyone in the draft.
    Cable undoubtedly wants linemen because that’s how coaches are. Brown and Williams, both relatively quick, would seem to fit his profile.
    The final calls, however, will be made by Al. McFadden is the sexy pick but superfluous. Pass rusher Vernon Gholston has potential but doesn’t address the team’s most urgent need.
    Which is help for the offense. For JaMarcus. As Uncle Football says, the Raiders will only go as far as JaMarcus can take them.

    Sorry for the length.

  • Rams take Long
    Falcons take Dorsey

    Raiders must choose between McFadden, Gholston, Ellis

    Hopefully the phone rings…Draft picks calling!

  • HayesDaze#37

    Al already knows Baltimore and the NYJ are interested in moving up. Baltimore for Ryan, and NYJ for McFadden.

    Ellis is the man on the Raiders radar. Ellis will be the man in the middle for the Raiders for the next 5-10 years.

    With the pick/s we get when we TRADE DOWN, we’ll then snag a young WR to fill out the stable, and then look for another O-line project.

    Ellis is the pick.

  • RaiderMight

    Has anyone heard anything about the 12pm conference that Coach Kiffen was supposed to have?

  • How do we draft Ellis AND trade down?

  • think that conference was a hoax

  • Mad Road Dog

    Ok, but what do you suggest we do if nobody offers a trade?.

  • darkknight01


    if the queefs get long at #5…i would hate that also….but then the raiders can counter that pick and get draft his former teamate at Virginia OL Albert to play LT. Hey, C Long said it himself that practicing against Albert was difficult. ??? Or they can get Clady. Then with the jets 2nd roudner they can get the best DT or DE.

  • Thec

    If we dont get a trade we Draft DMAC

  • eazy e

    frank thomas back in oakland yeahhhh

  • HayesDaze#37 Says:
    Al already knows Baltimore and the NYJ are interested in moving up. Baltimore for Ryan, and NYJ for McFadden.

    Raiders take Chris Long & I get a jersey!!!