Allen’s exit a plus


Less than a week after receiving one of the most favorable schedules in the NFL, the Raiders received even more good news Wednesday when defensive end Jared Allen was traded out of the division to the Minnesota Vikings.

That means when the Raiders visit Arrowhead Stadium in Week 2, Allen won’t be on hand to terrorize the Raiders as he has in virtually every game except last season’s game in Kansas City.

That game, in which Barry Sims effectively controlled Allen, was the exception rather than the rule.

At present, Kwame Harris is penciled in as the Raiders left tackle. Harris was considered a poor pass blocker but a solid run blocker with the 49ers. The hope is the zone blocking system employed by the Raiders will enable Harris to reach the potential which made him a first-round draft pick out of Stanford.

Allen has six sacks in eight career games against Oakland and has applied near constant pressure.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Rams are taking Chris Long

  • Thec

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    1. Rams will take long
    2. atl will take dorsey
    3. NATION takes DMAC.

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  • HayesDaze#37

    Random — trade down 2-4 spots, get an extra pick or two, and grab Ellis.

    Just like Ellis is perfect for this defense, Clady would be perfect for the offense. If Ellis is gone, Clady can be had around the 10th pick.

    We could actually trade down more than once, and stay in the top-10 to grab the highest-rated players at positions we need.

    We need at least one more starting-quality WR, and that could be grabbed anywhere from late Round-1 to Round-3.

    We need players…we need picks.

  • Jets will gamble that we are not taking McFadden and let him fall to them at #6

  • RaiderMight

    I guess Jerry is in the middle of finishing up his article about the conference, because the mods just killed two of my posts about the article on another source. I will just commenting now.


    Big AL will draft C. Long, count on it. We will either move up or stay at #4 and draft C. Long. Ellis? LOL! Yet another complete USC joke. No-one wants Ellis that high. Ellis will most likely be one of the biggest “busts” of the draft, if he goes that high. Later rounds sure why not pick-up an Ellis, but at #4 overall, no-way. Ellis is younger, smaller version of a Dana Stubblefield type player.

  • Analyzer

    We draft Howie’s son in round 1 and Jack Tatum’s nephew in one of our late rounds.

  • April 24, 2008
    Trading places
    For all you conspiracy theorists out there, you’ll be glad to know Lane Kiffin wore a red (eerily close to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers colors) shirt at today’s press conference.

    That’s right, he’s clearly letting the world know he’ll join Jon Gruden and his father, Monte Kiffin, in Tampa by the end of the year.

    But onto more serious matters, like the 2008 NFL Draft.

    Kiffin discussed the very real possibility of the Raiders trading down because they only have five picks in the draft, none in the second or third rounds.

    When a trade might happen isn’t certain.

    “Something can happen any minute here. If that happens it’s more that we’re looking at it and saying there’s not someone there we just feel great about. Or the other way is if our guy is not there at that point we’ll go ahead and deal with that on Saturday, but we’ve got to wait until we’re on the clock to make sure our guy’s not there.”

    He added a late first and a late second wouldn’t be enough to make a deal. So a team in the middle of the first round that might really want Darren McFadden could be a partner (Chicago?)

    There will be more on that in tomorrow’s paper, since I still have to write a story. But here are some noteworthy things from Kiffin.

    *He reiterated defensive line is where the biggest need is. He believes Chris Long’s strength would be a boost against the run. He said Vernon Gholston might be a better fit in a 3-4, but he can definitely play defensive end in the 4-3.

    *For those that don’t know, Al Davis has the final say on draft picks.

    “He’s the owner. At the end, if there’s a disagreement on something, it’s going to be expressed why and the reason why I feel we should go a certain way. He owns the team, just like 31 other teams, in the end, that’s who’s going to have the final say.”

    *Kiffin talked about the need for a “dynamic” player a lot last season. That’s the word he used to describe McFadden more than once.

    *On drafting offensive linemen in the zone-blocking scheme:

    “I think if you saw our board on offensive linemen you’d be shocked because it wouldn’t go anywhere near any of the mock drafts or any of the people that you see where you go. We’d have people at the top of our offensive line board that you’d think are fourth or fifth round picks. It’s a different way to evaluate people. Some people can really play in this system really well.”

    *On JaMarcus Russell:

    “He came back 10, 11 days before we even started. So he was with our coaches and with our strength staff before everybody else got back here five weeks ago and he hasn’t missed a thing since. Most the guys are really here 3-4 hours a day. He’s here about 5 1/2, 6 hours a day. He’s here first thing in the morning, he has position meetings in the morning, he goes in and lifts and he goes in and runs. He comes in and changes and goes back out and throws with the guys. By far he’s in the best shape since I’ve seen him, even if you go back to his pro day at college. So I know he’s real excited about the upcoming season as well.”

    *Kiffin said the decision of whether to draft a defensive end or tackle also depends on what the team can expect from Terdell Sands. After emerging as run stuffer in 2006 and signing a four-year, $17 million deal, he tailed off noticeably in 2007.

    “Last offseason he went through a lot of tough things. Lost a number of very close people in his family, and as you look back, that affected him, and I know he’d be the first to tell you, he didn’t go through the offseason the way he should have, and he let that affect his football instead of dealing with it otherwise, and did not have a productive offseason, and ended up having to play catch up the whole time. Training camp isn’t the time here to catch up and to get in shape. Training camp, come in shape, and we’ll improve you and get you better. Instead, he came in to get in shape in training camp and never caught up.”

    Kiffin said Sands has been present a lot this offseason after not being around much at all last year.

    *Michael Bush is looking good at running back and just needs an opportunity.

    And finally, Kiffin on the running back the fans love to hate, LaMont Jordan, when asked if he expected him to be on the team this season.

    “I don’t know that. LaMont does have a very high contract, and a big number coming into this. So we have to look at what happens in the draft, look at what else is going on and make a decision.”

    Kwame Harris and DeAngelo Hall also spoke today and I’ll have more on them later. But I need to get to writing a story before my editor thinks I’m busy on Myspace, Facebook, or just watching YouTube highlights of Kobe Bryant.

    –Jason Jones

  • my post above is from today’s presser

  • Scottish Raider

    373. You are a fake. Stop stealing other peoples names.

    Have the courage and decency to post under your real name.

  • still cant stop the run

    Thanks BART Bridge Balla

  • Interesting comment about the O-line, looks like they might be grabbing a Left Tackle in the 4th round.

  • Mad Road Dog

    Bob Marley…If we cannot trade down, I will be happy with any of the top athletes on the board. But lets focus on the “O” line where it is reasonable to do so.

  • ekgraider

    jason jones has some quotes up for lanes press conference. im looking forward to seeing what Jerry brings in because jason did say he was withholding some stuff because he has to write it in the paper

  • Thec

    Balla, that was some excellent info Brethren!!!!
    I like the info about JRUSS the best.

  • Thec

    Balla what site?

  • No McFaddy for Thec & Dakota!!

  • RaiderMight

    Wow, Jerry and Jones have way diff styles of writting. Jerry tends to give a little more information vs just nuggets. Can’t wait to see what Jerry writes.

  • Thec

    TW, lol.

    Tw i would perfer we trade down and stockpile. MBUSH is the S#!t make zero mistake about it.

  • Thec

    And finally, Kiffin on the running back the fans love to hate, LaMont Jordan, when asked if he expected him to be on the team this season.

    I don’t know that. LaMont does have a very high contract, and a big number coming into this. So we have to look at what happens in the draft, look at what else is going on and make a decision.”

    Yeah like if when we take DMAC we package him up in a trade, or cut him.

  • Kirk

    It now looks like…
    1. Jake Long
    2. Dorsey(according to the St. Louis papers)
    3. Ryan
    4. Chris Long, Gholston, or McFadden

  • X

    The city of Oakland and the Oakland police department are bracing themselves for the possibility of the Raiders winning a 3rd straight game in 2008. They’re surveying space perimeters along International avenue and asking the federal government for more riot gear, in case the Raiders do reach a 3rd straight victory this coming season. Developing…

  • La Milicia Negra


    you figured it out! you get a gold star!

  • So, based on what Kiff just said let’s review:

    The Raiders are NOT going to trade down, as I discussed yesterday, e.g., the overall #4 to Dallas for #’s 22 and 28. As I said, would you trade a potential pro bowl player for a couple of servicable starters??? The answer is NO. Thank You Kiff.

    As I said yesterday there are deals on the table for a variety of different players. Until we know who is available when we are on the clock, it makes no difference what those deals are. We’re not going to trade our guys to have picks for players we don’t want.

    Defensive line is our biggest need. Thank God someone understands this!!!!!!!!! Notice how he said defensive LINE!!! In other words both end AND tackle!!!!!!!!!! As I have reiterated over and over here on this site, all the teams in the playoffs last year had multiple high draft choices on their dlines. We didn’t. Neither did KC. Those teams were in the playoffs. KC and us sucked ASS!!! Is there a connection??? People keep telling me we can find excellent defensive linemen in the 6th round. Yeah, 6’6″ 310 lb guys that run 4.8 forty’s just fall out the sky every three seconds. Sure.

    And I haven’t even gotten to Jam and Mike Bush yet…

  • How about our #1 rated LT in the 4th? That sounds real good to me.

  • X

    Some juicy nuggets today, but we have to remember; Kiffin’s not in charge.

  • Thus speaketh weblog enforcer X

  • Mr.Murder

    Breuce Davis Jr. has more sacks than Gholston over their careers.

    Gholston had one season where he got over half his sacks, produced barely any turnovers.

    Davis Jr. had 29 sacks in 28 games and forced many more fumbles.

  • RaiderKC

    Who has heard anything truely that Al wants C. Long? Rumor has it that ATL is going to trade with STL so they can get Dorsey (ATL run oriented off doesn’t need a high caliber QB to be effective) and STL will take C. Long to line up next to Carriker. Al gets McFadden and now we get some TD’s… Dallas is going to give us one of their 2nd round picks for Washington as an insurance policy for Jones. Then all can package multiple players for single picks, that’s how you get rid of Jordan and not have to cut him. Throw Routt and Jordan for one pick, etc. Al needs to get a better off on the field! Having Russell and McFadden and Bush on the field will put you NOCAL residents in the seats to make up for all the $$$ he spent in F/A. Besides, 06/01, Al can p/u another DT/DE in F/A…