Kiffin talking trade


Lane Kiffin was floating the possibility Thursday of a trading the No. 4 overall pick, which could mean any number of things.

Perhaps the Raiders are seeking more and better offers to what they already have for the right to select what could be Arkansas running back Darren McFadden.

Maybe it was to disguise the fact that the Raiders will actually take McFadden themselves.

Or possibly Kiffin was just killing time, promoting the intrigue that goes with the last few days before a draft.

In a welcomed departure from recent years, the Raiders coach met with the media provide an update on club business and discuss the draft. The Raiders even trotted out two of their offseason acquisitions, cornerback DeAngelo Hall and left tackle Kwame Harris, for Q&A sessions.

(I’ll post something on those interviews later)

Kiffin started talking trade as part of opening statement.

“With the upcoming draft, obviously with the fourth pick overall, a number of great players will be sitting there for us to take,” Kiffin said. “More than ever, not in Raider fashion, we may trade back. It hasn’t happened before but it is something we’re seriously looking at. And that stems from the lack of picks and not having a fifth, a third or a second, it’s something we’re really looking at and having conversations about because of the lack of picks.”

Kiffin said there have been “a number of calls, and a few serious conversations” about trading the pick.

The trade partner would most likely be a team that covets McFadden, a player also happens to be the player most mock drafts have as the Raiders choice.

“There are going to be guys there that people are valuing, McFadden especially because he’s so unique and so dynamic, there are a number of teams that want him, and some teams right behind us, maybe not one pick behind us, but two picks behind us, that really want him,” Kiffin said. “When you’re going back there’s got to be something they really want to come up. That’s usually a quarterback or just a phenomenal touchdown maker.”

The team right behind the Raiders is the Chiefs, who already have Larry Johnson in the backfield and could be looking at quarterback Matt Ryan of Boston College, an offensive lineman such as Brendan Albert or a defensive tackle such as Sedrick Ellis. Two spots back are New York Jets, who would love to have McFadden drop to the No. 6 spot, but have the Raiders as a gatekeeper in their way.

After picking at No. 6, New York has a choice early in the second round (No. 36 overall), two picks in the fourth (Nos. 102 and 113) and picks in the sixth (171) and seventh (211).

The Dallas Cowboys, who have two first round picks (Nos. 22 and 28) have also been mentioned as a trade partner. Dallas also has a pick in every round from 2 through 7 (Nos. 61, 92, 126, 163, 167 and 235).

The Raiders have never had fewer than six picks in an NFL draft. When asked if he would be surprised if Oakland had just five draftees in its 2008 draft class, Kiffin said, “Yeah, I think I would. I think I would be surprised because that’s a long time to sit in the room without doing anything.”

Other topics addressed by Kiffin Thursday included:

–Assessing offensive line prospects for a zone blocking system.

“I think if you saw our board on offensive linemen you’d be shocked because it wouldn’t go anywhere near any of the mock drafts or any of the people that you see where you go,” Kiffin said. “We’d have people at the top of our offensive line board that you’d think are fourth or fifth round picks. It’s a different way to eveluate people.”

Albert, the Virginia Tech lineman who has been a climber on draft boards of late as a projected tackle, would be a guard in a zone blocking system, Kiffin said.

— A commitment to Tommy Kelly as the three-technique.

“We re-signed Tommy to play the three technique, so that’s where Tommy is going to be playing,” Kiffin said. “He’s moved around a lot here in the past. He’s played nose, he’s played three, he’s played open side end, closed side end.

That’s not going to happen any more. He’s here to be our three technique and dominate in there. I just imagine that’s going to help him so much, because he gets to focus on one thing instead of playing four different spots.”

Kiffin said LSU tackle Glenn Dorsey, who most figure will be gone by the time the Raiders pick to either St. Louis or Atlanta, is probably better suited to a three-technique but is capable of playing the nose.

— The appeal of Virginia end Chris Long, son of Howie Long.

“I think you see a phenomenal effort player, first of all – nonstop, relentless, a guy who’s played a number of spots,” Kiffin said. “He’s actually played in a 3-technique, he’s played in a 3-4 where he’s head-up and he’s bumped outside, and he’s stood up as a backer inside. So there’s no scenario you need to look at that you don’t have on film, of what he can do, and what he brings to the table. He’s so strong at the point of attack, and would be a guy that I think would help us tremendously in the run game.”

— The versatility of Ohio State rush end Vernon Gholston.

“He definitely can play in a 4-3 system. He’s perfect for a 3-4 system outside, probably, but he can definitely play in a 4-3,” Kiffin said.

— The 2007 slump of nose tackle Terdell Sands.

“Last offseason he went through a lot of tough things. Lost a number of very close people in his family, and as you look back, that affected him,” Kiffin said. “I know he’d be the first to tell you, he didn’t go through the offseason the way he should have, and he let that affect his football instead of dealing with it otherwise, and did not have a productive offseason, and ended up having to play catch up the whole time.

“Training camp isn’t the time here to catch up and to get in shape. Training camp, come in shape, and we’ll improve you and get you better. Instead, he came in to get in shape in training camp and never caught up.”

— The absence of defensive end Derrick Burgess from the offseason program.

Derrick has not been in here (in the offseason) since he’s been here,” Kiffin said.“You like everybody here. You want 100 percent, but there are some guys that you feel more comfortable not being here because you know how they work, you know what they do.

“One of the best stories about Derrick is he plays in the Pro Bowl a couple of years ago, and the people at Ole Miss are telling me, it’s two days after the Pro Bowl and he’s up there working out two days after the Pro Bowl. So, that’s what you got there. So, if there’s anybody you don’t worry about being in shape and working out, Derrick’s one of them.”

— The offseason of JaMarcus Russell.
“He’s having a phenominal offseason. He came back 10, 11 days before we even started,” Kiffin said. “So he was with our coaches and with our strength staff before everybody else got back here five weeks ago and he hasn’t missed a thing since. Most the guys are really here three, four hours a day. He’s here about five-and-a-half, six hours a day.

“He’s here first thing in the morning, he has position meetings in the morning, he goes in and lifts and he goes in and runs. He comes in and changes and goes back out and throws with the guys. By far he’s in the best shape since I’ve seen him, even if you go back to his pro day at college. So I know he’s real excited about the upcoming season as well.”

The status of running back LaMont Jordan.

“LaMont does have a very high contract, and a big number coming into this,” Kiffin said. “So we have to look at what happens in the draft, look at what else is going on and make a decision.”

— Health updates.

Kiffin said Kelly should be ready to go 100 percent by training camp. Free agent wide receiver Javon Walker (knee) should be good to go at the first minicamp following the draft, and safety Jarrod Cooper “is nearly 100 percent) following ACL surgery.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Huff24

    Bob Marley – I won in ways that money couldn’t afford. =)

  • Huff24

    I hope that made sense.

  • Thec

    No huff it didnt make sense cause you did not include the stats!!!

  • Ice Assassin

    Huff24, well hopefully if that is the case the Jets can trade up with the Falcons to take McFadden and we will be free to take C.Long. Who can possible be a nightmare for all are Rivals. If so I hope he will be as good as his dad or better although that will be tough.

  • saintkaufman

    Come on Huff, copy and paste!!

  • RaiderDell


    BBB has been posting for a trade of Burgess the last couple of days.

    Just does not like him, because he is not in Alameda right now and was promised a raise by then player personel Mike Lombardi, and was upset of events when the promise fell through.

    Burgess earns $2 million a year and over the last three years has 35 QB sacks, Allen the same time span has 34.

    The Chiefs just traded Jared Allen to the Minn for draft picks and the Vikings just signed him to a contract for $31 million dollars guaranteed.

    Burgess will be 30 in August, Allen wil be turning 27.

    Burgess is a workout warrior, and Allen is just one alcohol drink from being banned from the NFL.

    I agree, let’s keep our only pro bowl defender, and deal with his contract in a appropriate time.

    Some will say his play declined, Most gm’s wish they had someone who can get to the QB 8-16 in a year.

    Some people just don’t understand value, just blinded by hearsay.

  • Huff24

    SaintKaufman – If the Defense gets run all over in the 1st 4 games, I think we will see the defense lose its confidence right away. We need to establish our place as the dominant force. If people want to stop our run game, JR will make them pay with his arm. All we need to do is focus on stopping the run in a division with QB’s like Rivers, Cutler and Croyle. OOoOoOo…I’m SO scared!

  • If I´m KC, I´m selecting Ryan.

    Do they really trust Brodie Croyle to go head to head against Rivers, Cutler and JaMarcus for the next decade?.

    Ryan becomes their best QB the minute they draft him and since they have just given up any hope for competing next year, they (Peterson and Edwards) might as well buy a little more time with a “franchise” QB.

  • Thec

    C. Long = Cool
    DMAC = Cool
    Ellis Cool
    Trade down = Cool

    Whatever we do will be awesome.

  • Huff24

    Thec – LOL. You’re probably right.

  • Thec

    Las Vegas sports consultants rate QB’s

    1. Brohm
    2. Woodson
    3. Ryan

  • Richardson and CLong would be our starters and Edwards or a draft pick like Bruce Davis or Jeremy Geathers could be our replacement for Chris Clemons. Burgess is unhappy with his contract, and in a season where Al Davis gave Tommy Kelly 50 mil, he didn’t fork over a single dime to his ‘best’ lineman. Doesn’t bode well for Derrick

  • Huff24

    Ice – The beauty of it is that if we get Long and the Jets McFadden, we will see both in Oakland on Sunday, October 19th. We will then find out whether stopping the run with Long or running the ball with McFadden will be the difference. I think Long will hit McFadden and make him fumble, only to see DeAngelo Hall pick it up and run it back for a TD as he is so known for doing.

  • Thec

    Sign burgess,and namdi. We are looking at not having a cap so sign them all, go get bolden, and johnson.

  • Dell

    The way I recall, Burgess has collected 10.5 million over 3 years, he signed a 17.5 deal which means he´s got 7 million coming between next season and 2009. I´m guessing it´s 3.5 per?…well, it´s 7 million regardless of how it´s spread out over the next 2 years.

  • Thec

    Takeo Spikes!!!

  • Huff24

    RaiderDell – You’re right. Burgess is the man and deserves his pay day and I hope he stays healthy so we can give it to him but AD proved that you don’t have to be healthy to pay a guy alot of money ala Tommy Kelly. Wasn’t Kelly here before Burgess?

  • Dell,
    I actually like Burgess, we share the same first name, but the fact that he plays on the strong side, and isn’t a run stuffer irks me a little. But mostly I just see Burgess as our best value for trading, rather than keeping. IF we get Chris Long, I think the signs are pointing to them trading Burgess for a second rounder. aint nothing personal, its just that Burgess can help build the future of this team more as trade bait.

  • Ice Assassin

    Huff24 That sounds like a plan I don’t think McFadden will the all-pro RB like alot of people think he will. He will not have all the hugh holes he had in college.

  • Thec

    We cant really put a lot of faith into what happended last season with the injuries we had to the D-Line. The recent comments about sands is very interesting. Also the team obviously knows something we dont about kelly. We need to get burgess his money.

  • Huff24

    BART – What do you think of moving Long to the Strong Side and Burgess to the Weak Side instead?

  • Huff24

    Or…how about the versatility of switching them back and forth?

  • Yep, Kelly has been here since 04 as an UFA. He´s earned a combined 2.5 million over the last 4 years.

  • When Al Davis signed Burgess he paid more than market value for him, but turned out to be better than everybody but Al Davis expected and so instead of making a bad deal, it turns out Mr. Davis made a good deal. So now that he has got a good player under contract for less that market value, after paying more than market value for him to begin with, he should just ripp up his contract and pay him more.

  • Huff24

    Thec – Remember that AD waited for Kelly to become a Free Agent before giving him another contract. The same can be said for Burgess as well.

  • Thec

    Pay the man!!!

  • RaiderDell


    The salary for Burgess is still a lot less than we would pay for a replacement by today’s NFL prices for DE’S.

    Even if you are correct, Burgess is a bargain, and Davis never renegotiates a contract signed by a player, see Chester McGlockton.

    When his contract is over and Burgess is still productive he will receive his dollars.

    Were trying to stablize our DL, not replacing are only pro bowler with untested rookies or players we picked up on waivers, who didn’t make a impact on their last team( Edwards)

    Draft a DE or DT but keep Burgess, and Kiffin was quoted today in Jerry’s blog entry stating he has the confidence Burgess will be ready when camp starts.

    Burgess will not be traded.

  • thats the problem Huff, Burgess claims that he is much more comfortable on the left side, and doesn’t want to play on the right. Why do you think we got him so cheap from the iggles, he is a one dimensional pass rusher, and even then only against right tackle, and he is coming off an injury prone season, in which he missed training camp, and he is planning on staying out of training camp again this year. Why are some people on here so obsessed with paying this guy millions of dollars? Al Davis made Burgess’ career, and it was nice while it lasted, but the time is now to build for the future.

  • Thec

    If we do get Long hope we keep burgess.
    Long/Burgess > merriman/philips.

  • Huff24

    Bob Marley – Do you think the Raiders told Warren Sapp that they would let him go if he didn’t retire? I say that because I think the Raiders had to entice Kelly to stay if they guarenteed him as the starter and paid him the money freed up by Sapp. Keeping Sapp would have been impossible to pay Kelly at a higher rate as well with Sapp playing his position. It sounds like the team timed it well and Sapp was willing to go quietly and with dignity.

  • saintkaufman

    Now that’s the deal! Move ’em all over the line. Be creative with the line and the blitz packages. One thing we all agree on, our D was plain as could be last year. Mano a mano. Change it up, freak ’em out. Blow snot on the ball and punch in the balls in the scrub. Get back to being nasty. If we could do this teams are going to dread playing us again.

    They get to the offense and we give them a full helping of O’Neal, Fargas and Bush!

    Shit, even our kickers can beat up their special teams guys! Let’s get back to being The Raiders!!!

  • Huff24

    Hey…Burgess got paid big as a free agent while other guys on the team did not so you can say that Burgess already had his moment and if he stays consistent, he will be rewarded.

  • Thec

    Yes, we invented smashmouth. Lets get backto smashing heads on D. Thats whats up

  • Dell,
    Bad-mouthing Burgess to the media would be idiotic of Kiffin, ala Marvin Lewis/Chad Johnson, he bragged about his great work ethic, but didn’t say anything about working on a contract for him. It sounds to me like pumping up his trade value.

  • RaiderDell


    I was wondering the same regarding your post#326.

    Burgess plays the strong side or LDE, because he is left handed, he is comfortable there and his quickness is better with his footing and hand placement.

    Burgess just feels more comfortable with his hand down on the left side of the D.

    Burgess, in Philly played the LDE exclusively also.

  • Thec

    I want Johnson and Bolden.

  • So now that Al Davis has paid Kelly more than market value, if Kelly is great for the next two years and by that time is underpaid according to then market value, should Al Davis rip up his contract and give him a new one?

  • Huff24

    BART – Burgess is only 30. He isn’t past his prime. Also, how many LDE’s get to the QB the way Burgess does? I call that a luxery. If you’re not happy with paying Burgess millions, you should be PISSED for paying Tommy Kelly because he’s got nothing on Burgess in terms of production.

  • saintkaufman

    Boldin would be a great Raider. The guy runs like someone stole his lunch money.

    Ain’t gonna happen, but he would be awesome in S&B!

  • linds….daraiderrukas

    post 270…..

    dang your the only one who can see…
    i’ll take our defense right now and it will be ‘ very
    competitive. we need a left tackle !!!
    ryan cady boise state rated after jake long, yet played
    in a zone blocking scheme…. hmmmm
    excellent pass protector…hmmmm
    sounds right to me . they say the chiefs are gonna take him at #5 …hmmmm
    we have to protect the franchise #2…whats really going on ?

  • Dell

    For the record, I´m against trading Burgess and have argued about it in the past, I think we have a bargain for the next 2 seasons, I was merely pointing out Burgess´s contract numbers.

  • Huff24

    SaintKaufman – What would be great is if the Pro Bowl uniforms were Raider’s uniforms. Then we’d get to see all the Pro Bowl players we’ve ever wanted in a Raider uniform. 😉

  • Huff24

    We could get them to like the uniform and be enticed to join us. Bwahahaha.

  • Huff24

    What scares me is…If Kwame Harris was a poor pass blocker on the right side…what does moving him to the left side do for us? Tom Cable sees more than I can obviously.

  • Huff,
    once again, Burgess’ production is directly related to the fact that he plays against the slower right tackles. He is only 30, but he is very injury prone which has a tendency to shorten careers. If we don’t draft Chris Long or Vernon Gholston, then this is a moot point, I am saying that if we use a first rounder on DE, then Burgess might make great trade bait for that 2nd rounder that Kiffin keeps talking about. He would also stall the development of whichever DE we pick up, especially Long, who Kiff described as being a great asset against the run…

  • Huff24–I think Sapp just wanted to retire and maybe take a year off before pursuing other interests, with his personality, it won´t be long before he´s on screen. If he wanted to keep playing I´m sure we would have let him go and he could still give a contender a 3rd down pass rusher from the inside, if he wanted it.

    I just think it was the best decision for both sides and they knew it.

  • saintkaufman

    Ha!! Good one Huff.

    Man, the whole league has gone image conscience for dollars the past decade. The Pats, The Colts….screw that!

    I chose The Raiders because when I was a kid they were the ones always getting in fights, always had some crazy story about some hotel where they did some crazy crap, always had blood on their jerseys, etc.

    If Mr Davis goes out, he should go out with that team. Not Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

    Let’s win one for the old man, but let’s do it as ugly as possible and piss off as many people as we can along the way. That’s The Raider way brothers!!!

  • RaiderDell


    So Burgess has never attended a off season workout program since we signed him, according to Kiffin, and why should he talk about a contract, Burgess is signed for two more years, until Burgess starts playing games like advocating missing training camp or disrupting the team with new contract demands, it a non issue.

    Burgess has proven to us as fans he will play and play hard, and his injury last year had a effect on his play, just as Sands family issues removed his focus and disrupted his performance also.

    Players aren’t machines, they are human and have issues, we only see when they don’t play well on the field without knowing about their injury severity or other issues that may cause their bad play.

  • Huff24

    BART – “Burgess’ production is directly related to the fact that he plays against the slower right tackles.”

    Dude. Burgess did everything without a legitimate RDE on the other side to take the pressure off of him. What makes you think that EVERY Right Tackle is slow? Is playing the RT position automatically make you a college player, playing in a big mans game? These guys are NFL caliber Right Tackles and alot of guys that play LT, who can’t cut it at LT in the NFL, are moved to RT, giving the position alot more talent. Think Lincoln Kennedy. Was he a scrub?

    Burgess had to face off on the side that allows the QB to see him so he didn’t have the blind side advantage. He also got double teamed by the RT and the TE because there was no consistent pressure from the RDE. Everything he did, he did with great ability and is the lone reason this team had any kind of pass rush at all.

  • Thec

    Burgess is a machine…. a sack machine.