Raiders take Buffalo DE


Trevor Scott, a converted tight end from perennial Mid-American conference doormat Buffalo, was selected in the sixth round, No. 169 overall, by the Raiders.

Scott, 6-foot-5, 258 pounds, had 19 sacks in two seasons. He was not invited to the NFL scouting combine, but ran a 4.54 40-yard dash at a pro day workout.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderNationFather

    any bio from this Chazz guy


    Chaz Schilens (WR)
    Height: 6’4″
    Weight: 225

  • Tommy Trojan

    dakota, my aztecs are doormats in the mountain west and have a very underutilized passing game, he’s not polished and has strength of competion questions but when you can get a guy this athletic, with GREAT hands in he 7th you’ve got a potential steal

  • Cole Ford

    Now is a good time to unload the Shwy Guy.

  • La Milicia Negra


    who? who do you think of?

  • Gforce21

    Ok, so, what are we going to do to shore up LB, O-line and D-line?

  • RaiderLen

    LMN…injury history and $$$$…plus best rated on the board

  • coinman

    great pick! another wr! hope he’s versatile enough to double as an ot if we need him!

  • drray

    where are the big fat guys???

  • VoldemortSupporter

    I think we get an A- for picking McFadden and an F- for everything that happened today…I disagree with everything today, we needed a diamond in the rough on the D-line, we chose a TE who sucked so bad at TE they put him at D-line, and thats the only attempt o fix the most obvious problem. IMO we FUB today!

  • La Milicia Negra

    man after round 7 you’ll see the raider explode hiring 5 O.linemen and 4 d-linemen and 4 LB’ers

  • drray

    TT was right on, i just wish we took one WR and added a DT or OL

  • K-Rock

    This late in the draft, you don’t draft needs.

    Just take the best guy on the board.

    Who could we have drafted in the 6th round that would be a starter on OL or DL?

  • Tommy Trojan

    the slowest guy we drafted runs 4.54…………we need to hit the lines hard with our UDFAs

  • R8R_ERN

    RaiderLen knew him, McCaffrey. He always burned us because of his height and strength.

  • RaiderLen


  • They Call Me Assassin

    Unbelievable talent still available. I hope Al uses his moxy to get some guys here. Good new is we have some locals that are probably Raider fans to begin with. Let’s get Spanos and Radovich in camp to compete.

  • drray

    i think grady jacksons coming back

  • Tommy Trojan

    A- or B+ overall

    anything lower is irrational cynicism…………..

  • Gforce21

    Even a big body like Hayden from Wisconsin woulda worked. To me, a sad second day.

  • La Milicia Negra

    well when regular season ended I asked for some weapos to Jammy, Like so many else here.

    Most wanted fast guys (barrian) that could stretch the field. I wanted Tall guys that could fight for the ball. not these 5-10, 5-11 guys, but 6-2 as minimum!

    I got that wish fulfilled, in plenty I might add =)

  • drray

    DMAC better be the best back in a decade

  • TrueRaider

    F— MAN. I don’t know wat da hell is up with AL? Another WR and DE Robertson was available or OL or even a DT…. This is a bad draft year for the Raider I give them an D- overall what you guys think?

  • Gforce21

    A- or B+ or less is cynicism? I loved McFadden, but come on, a bunch of low end recievers and corners does not shore up this team. Stop drinking the cool-aid.

  • Dakota

    Well, at least we didn’t draft a midget!

  • Tommy Trojan

    the average 40 time of this draf class is 4.39, that’s hilarious

  • Scottish Raider

    I like the Schilens pick. This kid ran 4.38 at his proday at 6’4 208lbs and did a 43 inch vertical. He has special athleticism and could be anything.

    Size really matters and he is 6’4 and can really jump.

    There are so many interesting prospects still on the board.

    Erin Henderson OLB MARYLAND
    Darrell Robertson DE GA TECH
    Ali Highsmith OLB LSU
    Marcus Griffin S TEXAS
    King Dunlap OT AUBURN
    Drew Radovich OG USC
    Wesley Woodyard OLB KENTUCKY
    Simeon Castille S ALABAMA
    Jamie Silva S BC
    Geoff Schwartz OT OREGON
    Jo-Lonn Dunbar ILB BC
    Tommy Blake DE TCU
    Marcus Dixon DE HAMPTON
    ranklin Dunbar OT M TENN ST
    Bobby Byrd OT WASH ST
    Brian Stamper OT VANDERBILT
    Shannon Boatman OT FLORIDA ST
    Kyle Wright QB MIAMI
    T.C. Ostrander QB STANFORD

    There will be some good prospects undrafted tonight.

  • R8R_ERN

    Overall draft rating a C-. Like Tomlin said, “surround yourself with defensive players or weapons.” Well we got a chit load of weapons for Jammy.
    With the picks we hadleft, we did “OK”.


  • La Milicia Negra


    B+ ? that is high

  • Cole Ford

    We wont be bitching about this draft when McFadden becomes the next Marcus Allen.

  • Ok. This another example of a fine pick if you operate in a vaccum. Walker, Curry, Carter, Shields, JLH,now Chazz.
    On the other hand
    Burgess, Richardson, Edwards, and Scott if he plays DE. So if brittle Burgess gets hurt we’ve got Richardson and Edwards starting with Scott as #1 back-up?
    Good to know we got the #5 & #6 WR spots wrapped up. Oh wait DMAC can go out wide so we drafted the #6 and #7 WR’s? Funny, last year we only carried 5 WR’s didn’t we?

  • #1 Raidermom

    Chanel 21 interviewing DMac right now

  • #1 Raidermom


  • drray

    got off the phone with a colleague from la jolla – he watched this last pick over the last few years and says hes has SCARY potential – like a smaller randy moss – but with the same attitude

  • #1 Raidermom


  • coinman

    TT: i am no more irrational than the next guy, and never cynical when the raiders are involved. i am nonetheless puzzled and disappointed by this draft that brought us a potentially fine running back and no one to help him realize his potential. this was the strangest draft i have seen in years.

  • R8R_ERN

    I like them all except for teh guy from Richmondand theguy from Buffalo, but I dont know anything about them. So, oh well.

  • JB


    That midget will be a Pro Bowler if not this year, the next. Congrats on getting your guy elected. Now that he’s a raider I’ll definitely support him.

    I knew my midget was going early and that proved true at #6. Fortunately we will not have to play against him all that often. I’m glad he ended up with the Saints. I enjoy watching and rooting for them. actually, I just like visiting New Orleans – good music, great food, great southern culture, etc., etc., etc.

  • VoldemortSupporter

    F- today for the Raiders I’ll stand by that and take all the heat you throw at me for it, but I hope this 6’4 leaper turns out to be good,and of couse McFadden is a beast, but write this down…The rest wont even make the team, let alone start. Thanks for the new practice squad Al!

  • M.I.A. Raiders

    Hopefully we pick up radovich after draft is over or Highsmith….

  • Jim (ct raider)

    who can argue that this pick didn’t solidify our d-line.


    ct raider

  • I think that guys like this a diamond in the rough, I mean you take a guy like this and he does nothin but work his butt off for you. But then again it remains to be seen what comes of this pick.

  • GuamanianRaider

    Damn y’all,

    Well… not all you. I don’t understand how anyone can say yea or nae to most anyone below the dreams of the first two rounds. Most draft evaluations never play out until a few years pass, save the Giants last year—big rookie contributions. Talking about what people know about these kids as football players makes sense. All the “measurables” about a player don’t mean a thing unless football is in his soul. When you got that, and McFadden sure does, the “measurables” don’t mean a thing, and in fact become the very place of what makes them exceptional and unique as a player, like Marcus, who could fall behind other running backs in his draft. Speed IS the one thing you cannot teach. We added more team speed with this draft: all over the field, with solid yet not overwhelming tackling ability. With one pick we added heart and speed to the special teams, as well as corner. And another to DE or LB and the teams. Let’s not forget about running back, slot receiver, wide, screen receiver, passer, the Lamborgini of Bush’s Hummer is McFadden, and both are rookie running backs this season, with Bush have more knowledge of plays, assignments, and schemes.

    Using the draft to bag on Al seems silly, when you think how long it takes to evaluate (can anyone yet grade our 2007 draft?) a draft and it’s a quality of fan that reminds me of the Jets fans, booing whatever their team does on draft day, as if knowing careers clearly before they happen. I get venting about the values you hold not being met by the team, as in who is the right draft pick, but not getting what you want need not get in the way of addressing what you have. It’s like Kiffin saying to not let a loss of a game or a play beat you on the next play or game. Plus, I wish we could always get what we wanted. This is a year when what we got matched my wish. This draft appears smart. Football players and speed, or good speed for size, and an impact player who gets to take his shot at the professional arena.

    Whatever… I love the picks and the whispers of their football greatness.

    Back in the day I thought that McFadden and Bush would be our Lightening and Thunder storming through the league. I don’t care about what they get dubbed, I’m just crazy that we get to find out. Who would have thought two years ago entering the 2006 college season and had imagined back then about the Bush/McFadden backfield? Would you have taken it?

    We did get some D-Line help, and we have another round of potential additions coming up in June.

    In this day and age of speed, information at the fingertips creating monstrous blogs like the one here of Jerry’s kids (come on now, it’s a joke), it’s no wonder that a sense of patience, like a running back exhibiting at 4.28 speeds, holding off for the hole to open before making his own hole, leaves a place like this one. We could use a breath or two before proclaiming a career before one step is taken on the field. Was anyone really hot on McElroy back in the day? (I was after his fight with Marcus during practice!)

    I love the way we get information like we get here with Jerry and on the Bee with Jason, but I sure would love us to read them with less dramatics for sure. McFadden can definitely learn ball security for the NFL, but he can only teach others how his speed and strength can overwhelm others… like Dorsey during the last two season match-ups.

    I appreciate our Raider passion, and love the striking of hot iron that takes place here, and call for passionate discussion of our footballers as players. Who has seen these guys beyond the highlights, how they show up in the games?

    Raider on,

    Guamanian Raider

  • mark weiner

    A great palyer abnd guy. Strong character with good instincts. A lot of upside. He will make the team and produce. He will be a real good feel good story..congradulations

  • GuamanianRaider

    Thanks Mark… I like your slant about him.

    Raider on,

    Guamanian Raider

  • Anthony Vaccaro

    Having coached Trevor Scott in Track and Field and having coached on an opposing football team versus him, you will find no better person to represent the NFL.

    He not only is capable of playing the game at that level, but he can do what so many others fail to do and that is be a good role model.

    You have made a wise investment. He epitomizes what athleticism should be about.