Raiders take Buffalo DE


Trevor Scott, a converted tight end from perennial Mid-American conference doormat Buffalo, was selected in the sixth round, No. 169 overall, by the Raiders.

Scott, 6-foot-5, 258 pounds, had 19 sacks in two seasons. He was not invited to the NFL scouting combine, but ran a 4.54 40-yard dash at a pro day workout.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • La Milicia Negra


    Pierre Garcon….what a name, it sounds like a disney name for a waiter in a disney cartoon.

    “‘Allo ‘Allo monsieur Carcon”

  • Blackholepriest

    COW we’re just discussing it we can say what we nt BUT we don’t know better tahn they do. Plain and simple we’re a bunch of fans taking our best guess and nothing more.

    Kiffin, Big AL, the coaches know what they need.

    Sure I get pissed too I would’ve done this totally different, but I’m not at the facility everyday they are.

  • PhillyRaider

    WOW Jeff Chadiha just cut us to pieces on BSPN!! Azzhole!!

  • M.I.A. Raiders

    Michael Smith the only one somewhat defending the Raiders.

  • jhill – Said it before. No problem with DMAC or Branch as players but you don’t address any of your needs so you can get a fast KR? Not only that you give up a pick to move up.

    I’ll tell you how I’d do better.

    Wait for Branch and draft TWO Scott’s in the late rounds if you think he’s got potential.

    Swing for the fence – twice! That little bit would’ve been better.
    Didn’t we draft a speedy WR in the 3rd last year to replace Carr?

    Funny, our best KR in years (Carr) was an undrafted FA. How many undrafted FA OL and DL have we started in the last ten years?

  • Thec

    Bald f@<Ker

  • RaiderLen

    What does Chad hiha Know? another media hack

  • La Milicia Negra

    why are he defending us? and what is he defending us from?

  • Dakota

    Would Chicago take a 7th rd pick for Brian Urlacher?

  • Thec

    Mike Smith talks good talk for the raiders though

  • Tommy Trojan

    coinman, kiffin HAS done a good job, and this is a VERY good draft class, we’re definitely one of the winners this weekend and have one of the top 10 draft classes so far this year

  • RaidingTexas

    You should watch NFLN instead of BSPN.

  • M.I.A. Raiders

    Last round….any guesses.

    Mine is an OL Cable covets. Almost a Guarantee.

  • Kush

    Those analysts on BSPN are no more knowledgeable than us about anything they’re talking about. It is fashionable to denigrate the Raiders, and I can’t wait to prove them all wrong this year.

  • M.I.A. Raiders

    Raiding Texas…I flip back and forth.

  • Jhill 86:

    It has nothing to due with bashing AD. You’re trying to imply that if we critize
    AD that we’re haters. Who appointed you the
    supreme ruler to judge others on this blog who in their opinion post negative opinions
    about AD.

    As Raider fans on this blog or any blog, we’re allowed to disagree or agree, and that doesn’t mean we’re any less of a Raiders fan than you or anyone else.

    Because your always going to side with AD and everything he does, that doesn’t make you a more loyal fan or a better fan.

  • 7th round– Thaddeus Coleman, make it happen Cable

  • RaiderLen

    Kush..Right on

  • Thec

    Hey ALL you guys have a great day!!!! WE ALL LOVE THE NATION SO KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO, agree to disagree.


  • La Milicia Negra

    “Funny, our best KR in years (Carr) was an undrafted FA. How many undrafted FA OL and DL have we started in the last ten years?”

    If grady Jackson was our return guy he would have just as good an avg…

    Chris Carr’s records is based on quantity and not quality, All Branch has to do to be better than Carr and JLH is to keep his hands on the ball…

  • Mike J.

    “# Blackholepriest Says:
    April 27th, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    Mike J not to disagre but we’re not the pros.

    The coaches know what we have and if they needed more help at DT we think they do but maybe they feel differently or there is no way we pass on Dorsey. Who knows we’ll have to wait and see.”

    Hey, BHP, you brought to mind something that I have always found curious: In sports people plain assume that the people in charge are competent. But in any other profession they will question the professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc) til the cows come home. Strange and weird as hell.

    That said, do the coaches really know what we have, COULD THEY BE WRONG AS HELL, or are they simply to follow Big Al’s dictums? And how are we to know that Big Al is RIGHT? Cuz recent history says otherwise and says it loudly and damn sure enough clearly as well. Example: Kelly and Sands were not able to stop the run last year, together or alone. But now they can? Why? What’s the rationale there (if any) other than the Raidah “PROFESSIONALS” say so? Give me a friggin’ break……

    So, in the meantime, while those burning questions are answered, I think I’ll stick to using my brain, eyes, ears, and nose to see what makes sense, what doesn’t look right, what sounds like pure Raidah B.S., and what simply stinks.

  • RaidingTexas

    Alright, gotta run. Regardless of how anybody feels about this draft, I hope we win more than four games this coming season.

    Peace fellow Raiders fans!

  • M.I.A. Raiders

    Packers with another QB!

  • hope not

    were going to make history this year. the most expensive IR in NFL history.

  • Jhill


    I’ll just respectively disagree.

    I have Branch as a need over a backup Dline guy.

    You assume Scott would’ve been available in the 7th round. Is there a comparable DE who would have been there? That OUR BOARD had ranked as high.

    Again, I respect, and even understand, to a degree, your point. But I disagree.

  • Cable needs to get us one of these guys:
    Thaddeus Coleman
    Phil Trautwein
    Demetrius Bell
    King Dunlap

  • Lowdown in Beijing

    RR, you are right…it just proves he is willing to “swallow” anything Al gives him without questioning it.

    Jhill must have been an “ALter” Boy and loved it。。。

  • Wait! Those analyists are “professionals”. I thought we we’re suppose to listen to the professionals?

    In the 2008 draft we:
    Added 1 starter as an upgrade at HB our deepest position
    Added 1 starter as upgrade at our 2nd deepest position (CB) I’m giving them Hall as a 2nd rd pick.
    Added a special teams guy.

    Wow. What was I concerned about? We’re preseason champions for the 5th year in a row!

  • Tommy Trojan

    forget 8-8, we have to win 10 games to shut BSPN up……….

  • R.A.W.

    The packers choose, Mat Flynn?

  • Dakota

    How many return guys have we drafted or signed over the years??? They NEVER pan out for us. Tim Brown took a couple to the house in the 1930s. Howard, Carr, JLH, Woodson, etc etc etc…never works out and I seriously doubt Branch will be a D. Hall type guy either. We should have gone NT at that spot, then took a risk on a speedy project that may or may not improve our return game in round 6 or 7.

    One of those NTs could certainly have competed with Sands for the NT spot, but hey, lets gamble on some projects and special teams players instead…sometimes we draft like our team is set and we can afford to take on pet projects. Insane.

  • RaiderLen

    Mike J…in 2006 sands was a beast. Family issues in 2007…This will be His defining year as a “Proffessional Player”…Kelly having to focus on just 1 or mabey 2 players during film study prior toa game, can be a force playing just the 3. IMO

  • Mike J.

    Coach on Wheels, please keep posting. Your ability to analyze this mess called the Oakland Raidahs is on-point and refreshing. Now, back to the “Greatness of the Raidahs”……

  • cam13

    ok the chief added dorsey, and now they add Johnston
    that is gonna be tough next years

  • jhill – Trust me. I’d prefer that you are right and I’m wrong come the regular season. I’m still a fan. Sadly, been praying I was wrong ever since Gruden was traded.


    what happen to pick 213

  • Lowdown in Beijing

    Okam….Okam went to Huston…UFB! We need a Bloated Beast at NT and instead keep Terdel “Stands”….


    P.S. Jhill says “Gulp”.

  • R.A.W.

    ok, so we got higgins and now shields as WR weapons developing for Russel in the next couple of years, not bad. Shields can be the replacement for curry and get some yards after the catch (its what he’s known for) and higgins can go deep.

  • Kirk

    Raiders draft so far….

    Darren McFadden
    DeAngelo Hall
    Mario Henderson
    Gerald Warren
    Tyvon Branch
    Arman Shields
    Trevor Scott

  • Tommy Trojan

    13 picks and we grab our last player

  • Jhill


    I understand you’re new to this (by your own recent revalation), but you need to keep up, SIR!

    If you come on this blog and do nothing but say ..

    “Typical Al pick ..” or something of that nature without offering an alternative, then what’s the point? I thought there were a bunch of MEN in here! Who wants to hear a bunch of senseless whining? Like my wife is doing now bugging me about going to Costco!

    Or ignoring the FACT that DT, 3 tech and NT has beed addressed?

    Whatever floats your boat, SIR!

    Be grumpy if you want to. Be mad instead of optimistic if you want to. You’re right, it’s your misery. Languish in it you want to.

  • cam13

    houston get okam to go along with williams and okoye
    they load their dl to face the colts and the jags

  • Blackholepriest

    OK I didn’t say you shouldn’t I simply said they’re there everyday so who has a better idea. don’t take it personal. I really don’t care.

    Nothing is a gaurantee DMC could be a bust who knows.

    I don’t disagree you’re your own person so be it.

  • In 2001 Sands had 41 tackles and 1 sack. He hasn’t been a “beast” since High school.
    Last year was the 2nd best season Sands has had in his career starting in 2001.

  • In 2006 rather.

  • Jhill


    Right … Alter boy ….


    I always wondered about you dudes who go to the homo references. What type of guy even thinks about homo stuff? Even if it about others?

    Again, always wondered about you guys ?????

  • Mike J.

    “RaiderLen Says:
    April 27th, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Mike J…in 2006 sands was a beast. Family issues in 2007…This will be His defining year as a “Proffessional Player”…Kelly having to focus on just 1 or mabey 2 players during film study prior toa game, can be a force playing just the 3. IMO”

    RaiderLen, I truly hope so. But 2006 was a mirage. We were so “good” against the pass cuz teams could run against us at will (same refrain during the Davis-Ryan administration). That stuff was exposed last year as well as the fact that teams could score whenever it mattered (how many times did we score and turn around and give up aTD drive?). So, for their careers, I ain’t impressed by either Kelly or Sands. Do I hope that they turn into Pro Bowlers next year. Damn straight! Do I expect it? Nope. Some competition for those big dollars would be heavenly (which I don’t begrudge them one bit for getting as long as it doesn’t SEEM to effect their play). Ya’ dig?

  • La Milicia Negra


    I could easily live with one of these 2

    Thaddeus Coleman
    Demetrius Bell

  • RaiderLen

    In 2006 Sands Clearly was effective in disrupting the oppossing teams running scheme and demanded a double team.

  • coinman

    Tommy Trojan: i want to keep kiffin and our coaching staff intact. i will support whoever we draft, as i always have. i just don’t see how we have helped ourselves today. i am very worried, but you will find few more loyal to whatever the raiders do than myself. i hope i’m needlessly concerned- but i doubt it…