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The smallest draft class in Raiders history had great measurables. Now all they have to do is measure up.

Everyone knows about the skills of running back Darren McFadden. UConn defensive Tyvon Branch was one of the fastest defensive backs at the combine. Wide receiver Arman Shields ran a sub- 4.4 40-yard dash, and was a warrior on three-cone drills and the like at the combine. Wide receiver Chaz Schillens was another size, speed projection with moderate production.

Defensive end Trevor Scott ran a 4.54 40-yard dash in his private workout.

These guys not only looked good getting off the bus, they got off it faster than most.

With just five members in the Class of ’08, the Raiders look to stock their roster for the rookie minicamp starting May 9, signing undrafted free agents. Teams will scramble for these guys, with the stone reality being that of all the undraftables the Raiders bring in, it’s possible none of them will make the 53-man roster.

You hope for a Barry Sims, Tommy Kelly or Chris Carr. Last year, the Raiders didn’t find a single undrafted free agent worthy of making a team coming off a 2-14 season.

So how did the Raiders fare this year?

Go ahead and give it your best guess, because that is all it is. Trash ’em if you wish, give ’em an A-plus, grades are meaningless and pointless until the players actually take the field.

It seems clear, however, that at least in Kiffin’s mind, putting together a team will be more difficult than it was last year because of free agency and the draft. It probably didn’t win Kiffin any points with Al Davis when he said it, but the coach allowed that the goal was to make it hard to determine the final 53. Last season, Kiffin said it wasn’t all that tough with the Raiders because they simply weren’t all that talented.

It was a classic Davis draft, but it’s up to Kiffin to fit the pieces together.

There remain huge question marks, as gifted starting quarterback JaMarcus Russell is little more than a glorified rookie. The defense still has to prove it can stop the run and looks to be at least one pass rusher short, unless you’re optimistic enough to see Scott as an instant impact player out of the Mid-America Conference.

But there is more talent on hand, with a head coach just getting back his sea legs as well as a defensive coordinator and several key assistants in the last year of their contracts.

There is also one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, although you could make the argument that a team with 19 wins over five years has no easy games.

A few notes and observations in the 22nd blog entry since Saturday morning:

— The rookie minicamp, which begins May 9, is not open to players with an accrued year of experience, according to offensive coordinator Greg Knapp.

That means even if Russell wanted to come, he couldn’t.

— Not so for Michael Bush, who spent the season on PUP and doesn’t have an accrued season. The drafting of McFadden had to be discouraging for Bush, with some projecting him as the Raiders feature back by 2009 or 2010. Now he’s fighting for scraps with Dominic Rhodes behind Justin Fargas and McFadden, providing Rhodes remains on the roster after accepting a cut in pay.

Bush is fully rehabbed, but the level of intrigue regarding his skill has changed in tone, judging from Kiffin’s off-hand reference to Bush Saturday.

“We’re kind of piled there with a number of really good running backs and guys coming back, including Michael Bush, who we really don’t know enough about yet,” Kiffin said.

The fact is Bush practiced for only a short period of time, during the season, when teams are looking for quickness and timing and not laying each other out. One sideline observer of the closed sessions thought he looked slow.

Still, some players look slow who actually are moving well. You never really know until they’re running from (or over) opponents during a game, and the Raiders never gave Bush that chance last year.

With Fargas’ running style, Bush can still be an injury away from playing time and will finally get the chance to show what he can do in training camp and the preseason.

The Raiders, by the way, didn’t overpay Fargas, and should he show signs of wear, Bush could still end up playing in tandem with McFadden.

— Ex-Raider personnel exec Mike Lombardi was floating the idea on the NFL Network that the New Orleans Saints might be interested in making a deal for LaMont Jordan, given Reggie Bush’s role as a change-of-pace back and the fact that Deuce McAllister is coming off a knee injury.

More likely would be the Saints simply waiting for Jordan to be cut and getting to him quickly with an offer far less than the $4.7 and $5 million salaries scheduled for 2008 and 2009.

— Most everything about McFadden’s skill set sounds fabulous, and perhaps it is. Just like it was supposed to be with Reggie Bush two years ago. In the draft, nothing is a sure thing.

— Good to know a single conversation with Tom Rathman has cleared McFadden’s fumbling problem at Arkansas, although I’m guessing the college coaches may have mentioned the same fundamentals a time or two. I like Rathman, but I doubt he’s the only running backs coach around who can teach backs how to carry a football.

— That said, fumbling can be cured. In his early training camps, Fargas was a frequent fumbler and now it isn’t an issue.

— Shields missed 10 games last season with a posterior cruciate ligament injury, but is in no way this year’s Michael Bush, a player who essentially lost his final year in college due to injury and was babied through training camp because of a badly broken leg.

Shields had great numbers at the combine and was shown running and jumping on the video presentation on NFL.com. He even wiped out on the field during one drill and popped right back up.

— Judging from the weight the Raiders gave the speed and strength workout numbers, I’m wondering who Oakland would have taken if someone had jumped up and selected McFadden before they had a chance.

I’m sticking with Vernon Gholston, given Kiffin’s assurances that Kelly is the Raiders’ three technique and that it didn’t make sense to take Glenn Dorsey, a natural three technique.

(I told you during my ill-fated mock draft I was sticking with Gholston and going down with the ship . . . glug, glug, glug)

— The trade of Fabian Washington was a dump job on a far smaller scale than the one that occurred last season when Randy Moss was dealt to the New England Patriots for a fourth-round pick.

Defensive back John Bowie became the man acquired for Moss, Shields came to the Raiders a year later at No. 125 in exchange for Washington.

Moss forced the Raiders hand through his insistence he wanted no part of the program. Washington nudged the Raiders to unload him based on his spotty play and general indifference.

In 2006, Washington might have been the Raiders best defender at training camp. He was all over the field, making plays. True, those plays were coming against the horribly inept offense of Tom Walsh and Art Shell, but I remember writing at the time it looked as if Washington was ready for a breakout year.

Instead, Nnamdi Asomugha was the one who blossomed while Washington ranged from below average to above average. He was nothing special at training camp last season and ended up losing his starting job to Stanford Routt.

Worse yet, it never really seemed to bother Washington. Even corners who deserve to be benched are usually proud enough to give at least a stiff upper lip and insist they are quality starters. Washington was fine with it, and seemed to coast through the season happy to be on the team and collect a paycheck.

He also wasn’t exactly what was advertised. His speed was undeniable, but Washington simply wasn’t physical enough to play the sort of press coverage the Raiders need. At one point, with a group of writers, Washington conceded he probably weighed 170 pounds and had never been 175 in his life. He was listed at 5-foot-11, 185 pounds.

Washington ends up as another Phillip Buchanon and Derrick Gibson on Oakland’s first-round defensive back scrap heap, except in Buchanon’s case, the Raiders manged to take Houston for second- and third-round draft picks.

— All the trade speculation was no more than a yearly tease. Jeremy Shockey, Jason Taylor and Chad Johnson (not to mention Michael Huff and Derrick Burgess) are all still with their respective teams. The Cowboys managed to complete a deal for penal code-challenged cornerback Pacman Jones.

— It’s only a mild surprise the Raiders didn’t draft any offensive linemen. They’re not looking for the same players as everyone else. The Raiders most consistent offensive lineman last season was right guard Cooper Carlisle. The Raiders got him as an unrestricted free agent last year with virtually no competition. He came from Denver, schooled in the zone blocking system.

— Once you get to the fourth round, everyone is a reach. That’s they they’re being drafted in the fourth round. So don’t even bother applying the “bust” tag to any player who has no better than a 60-40 chance to make the roster anyway. Once you get to the fifth round, sometimes you’re happy if they make the practice squad.

Johnnie Lee Higgins was getting glowing reviews a year ago. He may or may not be any better than Shields or Schillens. We’ll have a better idea in July.

— According to the University of Buffalo Web site questionaire filled out by football players, the three people Raiders’ draftee Scott would like to invite to dinner are The Rock, Mike Alstott and George W. Bush.

— Commissioner Roger Goodell, who pushed the idea of shortening the amount of time between rounds and making it more viewer friendly, should have made a unilateral decision Sunday to end the draft when a long-snapper was selected.

That would have been in the sixth round, No. 189, when Seattle took San Diego State long-snapper Tyler Schmitt.

— Either that or when the first person named “Pierre” was drafted. That was also in the sixth round, when Pierre Garcon, a wide receiver out of Mt. Union, was taken by Indianapolis at No. 205 overall.

— Remember how Davis made such a big deal over Kiffin’s recruiting acumen? Kiffin had been in the living rooms of the country’s top high school players, so in theory he had already done a great deal of background.

Ten USC players were drafted Saturday and Sunday. For the second straight year, none by the Raiders.

Chances are good there isn’t a single player drafted in the Class of ’08 that ever had Kiffin in his living room as a USC recruit. Kiffin said McFadden wasn’t recruited because they knew he wasn’t coming West.

None of the other four draftees _ Branch, Shields, Scott or Schilens, had the look of a USC recruit.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • El Dirty

    think about it 2 monsterWR flying down the lanes…

  • RIP Dan Birdwell

    The top three needs unaddressed are 2-gap DT, SAM LB, and O-line.

    DT: Grady Jackson, Frank Morton (Tulane), 2 different kind of UFAs.

    O-line: Fernando Velsaco (Georgia)

    SAM LB: Ezra Butler (Nevada)

    80-20 odds Velasco makes someone’s practice squad or roster.

    50-50 Butler makes a roster somewhere.

  • don’t care to much for marcus allen anymore,all those year’s with our raiders and he still wanted to retire as a kansas city chief, disgusting.

  • El Dirty

    I like post 49 but I wouldn’t go that far not yet any way

  • Tommy Trojan

    1.Russell OAK-86
    2.Rivers SD-84
    3.Cutler DEN-83
    4.Croyle KC-76

    1.Tomlinson SD-99
    2.McFadden OAK-93
    3.Johnson KC-91
    4.Henry DEN-88

    1.Griffith OAK-88
    2.Hillis DEN-83
    3.Hester SD-78
    4.Hoyte KC-74

    1.Gates SD-99
    2.Gonzalez KC-92
    3.Miller OAK-89
    4.Graham DEN-82

    1.Chambers SD-93
    2.Marshall DEN-90
    3.Bowe KC-89
    4.Walker OAK-88

    1.Curry OAK-85
    2.V.Jackson SD-83
    3.D.Jackson DEN-80
    4.Darling KC-72

    1.Stokley DEN-77
    2.Carter OAK-75
    3.Davis SD-73
    4.Webb KC-68

    1.McNeill SD-88
    2.Clady DEN-84
    3.Albert KC-83
    4.Harris OAK-81

    1.Dielman SD-92
    2.Waters KC-89
    3.Gallery OAK-88
    4.Kuper DEN-82

    1.Hardwick SD-91
    2.Wade OAK-86
    3.Weigmann DEN-80
    4.Niswanger KC-73

    1.Carlisle OAK-87
    2.Goff SD-84
    3.Holland DEN-76
    4.Jones KC-72

    1.Green OAK-81
    2.Clary SD-78
    3.Pears DEN-74
    4.Taylor KC-70

    These raknings are subjective and arguably argbatrary, but are a good way to represent the relative gaps in talent at each position

  • Quagmire’d

    who took Tatum’s nephew or Devon Bess from Hawaii?

  • DoeDoe

    Per Mel Kiper
    AFC West
    Denver Broncos: GRADE: C+
    Ryan Clady is the left tackle the Broncos needed to help Jay Cutler, and Clady should start right away. Eddie Royal is a decent slot receiver who has some return skills, Kory Lichtensteiger was one of the top centers in the draft and Arizona State’s Ryan Torain is an interesting pick at running back because he has the potential to prosper in Denver. Torain’s ASU teammate, safety Joshua Barrett, has great physical abilities, but does not always play up to his potential. I want to see how they use FB Peyton Hillis because he has great hands out of the backfield, and would be an ideal H-back if he were a couple of inches taller.

    Kansas City Chiefs: GRADE: A
    The rebuilding process is on. The Chiefs started the draft with 13 picks, and they made them count. After getting defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey — the No. 1 player on my Big Board — with the fifth overall pick, the Chiefs grabbed tackle Branden Albert, although he will be a work in progress. Virginia Tech cornerback Brandon Flowers would have been a mid-first-round pick if he had run better 40 times at the NFL combine. On Day 2, RB Jamaal Charles and Tennessee TE Brad Cottam — who has untapped ability — will be nice complements on offense. Cottam could be a diamond in the rough. DaJuan Morgan is a solid safety, Brandon Carr is another corner who might be a sleeper and Kevin Robinson can make his mark in the return game. Barry Richardson never materialized into a great offensive lineman at Clemson, but he could start right away with the holes Kansas City has on its offensive line. Defensive end Brian Johnston has long-range potential.

    Oakland Raiders: GRADE B-
    We all know what Darren McFadden can do. I really liked Oakland’s second-round pick, Connecticut CB Tyvon Branch. He can help out in the return game, and also has great catch-up speed. Wide receiver Arman Shields hurt his knee early in the season and fell off the radar, but he’s a developmental receiver.

    San Diego Chargers: GRADE: C+
    Antoine Cason played a lot of football at Arizona, which at times works against a player in terms of being overevaluated. Cason doesn’t have great recovery speed, but he has good technique in coverage and good ball skills. Jacob Hester could make up for the loss of Michael Turner. Hester was a fullback at LSU, but isn’t a prototypical lead-blocking fullback. UTEP RB Marcus Thomas has some ability and was a good fifth-round pick; CB DeJuan Tribble did not have great workouts, but he flashed second-round potential early in the season. One thing I didn’t like about the Chargers’ draft is they didn’t really address their need at right tackle.

  • Hell Raiderrrs

    Wow a B-. I don’t know that I would have given that high.

  • Tommy Trojan

    AFC Offensive Position Rankings Talent Averages


  • Tommy Trojan

    Bess is a Dolphin

  • Quagmire’d

    TT, undrafted free agent?

  • Dakota

    Tommy Trojan….

    Dude, I am getting a little concerned about your health. People have blogged to death you know.

    Remember, take at least one 15 minute break for every hour blogging. Drink plenty of water and get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. Blood clots can form in your legs and azz, so make sure you stand and walk around at least once every 2 hours. Baby asprin may be a good idea too.

    Or…take a friggin day off from the blog. You are going nutz boy.

  • Thec

    dischagers moved up to take hester and passed on Jamal Charles

  • DoeDoe

    It’s about as far from Storrs as one could get in the NFL, but that’s no problem for UConn’s Tyvon Branch. The cornerback from Cicero, N.Y., is heading to Oakland, Calif.

    The Raiders made Branch the first pick of the fourth round during the second day of the NFL draft Sunday.

    Branch was the 100th choice overall. Oakland moved up four spots, trading their choice at 104 to the Cowboys, to get Branch.

    “That’s been my dad’s favorite team forever,” Branch said. “It’s a win-win for me.” The 6-foot, 204-pound Branch had been projected as a likely second- or third-round pick. Branch was the 15th cornerback taken.

    “I was getting nervous there for a while,” Branch said. “I thought maybe they all forget that I was even in the draft.” Said UConn coach Randy Edsall: “It’s great for Tyvon and great for our program. It’s also exciting to see the Raiders trade up to draft him because it shows that they really want Tyvon. It’s is exciting to see him selected by a franchise with such a great history and tradition and I’m sure he’ll do well with the Raiders.”

    Branch was the first of two UConn players chosen on the second day of the draft. Offensive guard Donald Thomas of New Haven went to the Miami Dolphins with the 29th pick in the 6th round, 195th overall.

    Thomas is a former walk-on who wasn’t a starter until his senior season.

    “Overall, I am excited to see this happen for Tyvon and Donald today. I can guarantee that neither of them were in anyone’s top 195 coming out of high school,” Edsall said. “I think it is a tremendous credit to our coaches, strength and conditioning staff, and especially the players themselves who ultimately made all of this happen. It is a real feather our cap as a program and shows that we can develop our people well once they get here.”

    Branch, a state champion sprinter in high school, was getting little interest from big-time programs for his exploits on the field in high school. UConn was his only Division I-A offer. Syracuse came into the recruiting picture late.

    At UConn, Branch quickly established himself as a player to watch as a true freshman, seeing action in every game his first year, mainly on special teams. By the end of the 2005 season, Branch had locked up a spot as a starting corner and continued to excel on special teams. By last season, Branch had cemented his reputation as a lockdown corner and one of the best kick returners in the country.

    Branch finished the 2007 season 13th in the nation with a kickoff return average of 28.99 yards, which included two returns for touchdowns. He ranked fourth on the UConn defense with 89 tackles and had a team-high 10 pass breakups.

    “Tyvon is a young man who had one Division I-A offer coming out of high school and he is a great example of the good things that can happen if you work hard and take advantage of your opportunity,” Edsall said. “He has shown that hard work can pay off. . . . I couldn’t be happier for him. The Raiders are getting a young man of very high caliber in Tyvon.”

    Branch said he had no typical favorite team in the NFL growing up, but he likes the idea of the rough-and-tumble reputation of the black and silver.

    “That’s the way I like to play,” Branch said. “I’ve got no problem with that at all.” John Sullivan, a Notre Dame center from Greenwich, went to the Vikings with the 21st pick in the sixth round, 187th overall.

    Contact Shawn Courchesne at scourchesne@courant.com.

    More articles

  • Thec

    Dakota, post 62 ROFLMAO!!!

  • Tommy Trojan

    The Sacramento Bee reports that the Raiders will release RB Dominic Rhodes.

  • LosT

    Rhodes has trade value…Jordan doesn’t…

  • r8rdout

    What do you all think about the signing of undrafted RB out of Washington Louis Rankin? How about the 3 undrafted WR’s from Hawaii Bess is from Oakland wouldnt that help us get younger in that department instead of having almost all our receivers coming off ACl injuries? Just some thoughts on our newest additions.

  • Tommy Trojan

    apparently though the saints are somewhat interested in jordan, he’ll likely be released too though

  • Tommy Trojan

    bess was signed by MIA

  • Quagmire’d

    why don’t they release Adimchinobe Echimondu and ReShard Lee instead?

  • Tommy Trojan

    Malik Jackson, OLB, Louisville

    Name: Malik Jackson
    College: Louisville Number: 11
    Height: 6-2 Weight: 225
    Position: OLB Pos2:
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2008
    40 Time: 4.58 40 Low: 4.48 40 High: 4.67
    Projected Round: Stock: High: PFA Sunday Low: PFA Sunday
    Rated number 51 out of 232 OLB’s 676 / 2546 TOTAL

    Combine Results
    Pro Day Results
    Combine Invite:
    Height: 6016
    Weight: 225
    40 Yrd Dash:
    20 Yrd Dash:
    10 Yrd Dash: 225 Lb. Bench Reps:
    Vertical Jump:
    Broad Jump:
    20 Yrd Shuttle:
    3-Cone Drill:

    Dates: 03/24/08
    Height: 6016
    Weight: 225
    40 Yrd Dash:
    20 Yrd Dash:
    10 Yrd Dash: 225 Lb. Bench Reps:
    Vertical Jump:
    Broad Jump:
    20 Yrd Shuttle:
    3-Cone Drill:

    Draft Scout Snapshot: DS Rating on 08/12/07: #12 OLB, #114/750 Overall, Projected: 4
    13 GP; 13 GS; 57 TT, 16 TFL, 9 SK, 3 PBU, 2 FF, 1 BLK; second team All-BIG EAST in ’06. 12 GP; 3 GS; 30 TT, 1 TFL, 2 PBU, 1 QBH in ’05. 11 GP; 0 GS; 8 TT, 1 PBU in ’04.
    2006 Season

    Named second team All-BIG EAST… started 13 games at linebacker… third on the team in tackles with 57… ranked second in the BIG EAST in sacks and second in tackles for loss… led the team in sacks (9.0) and tackles for loss (16.0)… recorded four tackles and two tackles for loss in the Orange Bowl… also registered a sack and forced and recovered a fumble… forced a fumble against Connecticut.

    Registered six tackles and a sack versus Pittsburgh… recorded eight tackles, three tackles for loss and two sacks against South Florida… recorded four tackles and one for a loss versus Rutgers… returned a fumble 13 yards for a touchdown against West Virginia… also recorded five tackles and a sack… tallied a career-high nine tackles and a sack versus Cincinnati… registered eight tackles and three tackles for loss against Middle Tennessee… recorded three tackles and 10-yard sack versus Miami.

    2005 Season

    Appeared in 12 games… recorded a career-best 30 tackles… made his first career start against North Carolina… recorded four tackles against the Tar Heels… tallied a career-best seven tackles in a win over Oregon State… recorded two tackles versus Kentucky.

    2004 Season

    Appeared in 11 games, mainly on special teams… recorded eight tackles… recorded a career-high three tackles in 52-21 win over Army… registered two tackles in win over Cincinnati.

    2003 Season


    High School

    Extremely physical, hard-hitting defensive back … three-year letterwinner and two-year starter at Dunwoody High School … logged 93 tackles, including 65 solo stops, two tackles for loss and four forced fumbles as a senior when he earned All-Region and second-team All-County honors … clocked at 4.45 in the 40.


    Son of Romona and Anthony Jackson… born 6/10/85… Sports Administration major.

  • Tommy Trojan

    quag, thy need bodies to get beat up in camp

  • Black n’ Silver Knight

    I have a feeling Rhodes might have another suspension pending that hasn’t been announced yet and I think the team is trying to get “character” guys in.

  • Tommy Trojan

    Derrick Brown, CB, Southern Utah

    Name: Derrick Brown
    College: Southern Utah Number: 17
    Height: 6-0 Weight: 188
    Position: CB Pos2: FS
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2008
    40 Time: 4.55 40 Low: 4.46 40 High: 4.67
    Projected Round: Stock:
    Rated number 140 out of 241 CB’s / 2546 TOTAL

    Combine Results
    Pro Day Results
    Combine Invite:
    Height: 6001
    Weight: 188
    40 Yrd Dash:
    20 Yrd Dash:
    10 Yrd Dash: 225 Lb. Bench Reps:
    Vertical Jump:
    Broad Jump:
    20 Yrd Shuttle:
    3-Cone Drill:

    Height: 6001
    Weight: 188
    40 Yrd Dash:
    20 Yrd Dash:
    10 Yrd Dash: 225 Lb. Bench Reps:
    Vertical Jump:
    Broad Jump:
    20 Yrd Shuttle:
    3-Cone Drill:

    Draft Scout Snapshot: 11 GP; 11 GS; 50 TT, 2 TFL, 2 INT, 6 PBU, 1 BLK in ’06. Played JC ball at Snow Junior College where he picked off five passes and tallied over 70 tackles during his career.
    Junior College

    Played JC ball at Snow Junior College where he picked off five passes and tallied over 70 tackles during his career.

    High School

    Prepped at Box Elder HS where he earned second-team all-state honors as well as first-team all-region and all-area recognition while helping the Bees to a pair of region titles and a state runner-up finish. Also lettered in basketball and baseball, earnin


    Wife is Breanna, parents are Debbie and Jeff Brown. Served an LDS church mission to Rapid City, S.D. between his freshman and sophomore years.

  • Native

    Dominich Rhodes to be released!!!

  • Does anyone think the raiders will sign Erin Henderson? I mean the guy was projected to go in the top 3 rounds but went undrafted. I think he could compete for the 3rd linebacker spot.

  • mike2h

    i agree with post67. rhodes has some trade value. jordan has none whatsoever.he wil be released.
    unless they are 90%+ positive about mike bush i dont see them trading rhodes until after they get some good looks at bush running & getting banged around.jmo.

  • Hell Raiderrrs

    Someone remind me again. How many DB’s are on the field at a time?
    Are we bring Grady Jackson in as our conditioning coach and we are going to play some of these guys on the line or what?

  • good one post 79

  • anybody want to give an opinion on Erin Hebderson?

  • I’ll tell you what …after reading the scouting reports on NFL.com, this Chaz Schilens guy is pretty intriguing. Great size (with room to bulk up), really good hands, fast and a vertical threat – a lot of what you need to be a potential dominate #1 in the NFL. Lofton’s gotta bust this kids ass to reach his potential. The problem they list for his among others is he’s too slow off the line – he hesitates repeatedly. I think that can be fixed …seems like there’s something going on upstairs.

    Arman Shields looks to be a slot guy to challenge Curry based on his scouting report on NFL.com. Says his most comfortable and leathal working inside.

    The immediate contributors will likely be McFadden and Branch who’s one helluva athlete too.

  • http://www.nfl.com/draft/tracker#tab:dt-by-team|team-oak

    You can click on each name for their NFL.com analysis.

  • raiders2

    Erin Henderson is already signed.

  • raiders2

    By the Vikings.

  • Who signed him?

  • ok thanks

  • Silver Blood … Black Veins

    I have to agree with most of the people who hated our draft. The players we selected seem like good prospects, but where was the help on the lines? What are the Raiders going to do to shore up their offense and defensive lines? The O-Line is probably stronger than we’re giving it credit for. They have some guys like Wilson, Morris, McQuistan, and Henderson, that are in the developmental pipeline. And we are already a good run blocking team, so I expect the Pass blocking to improve somewhat as the year goes on. But what happened to adding some bodies on the D-Line? There are no young talented prospects to develop at tackle. The only thing I can think of ( short of insanity ) is that the Raiders think that the talent level at the draft was very low and/or that they can get some good players after the cuts, through trades, or off the waiver wire.

  • Doesnt his brother play for the vikings?

  • EJ

  • RumorMongers

    did anyone see that the rumors have us releasing Rhodes? J Jones from Sacto cites an inside source.

  • The team’s biggest need was run-stoppers, so they drafted two running backs, two wide receivers, and a defensive end who played tight end during his first three college years. Bra-VO, Emperor Davis, bra-VO.

  • Mistabrown

    Dakota # 62 & 40 classics!


  • RumorMongers

    my bad. i was behind on the reading and see that Rhodes is old news.

  • Mistabrown

    If they are releasing D Rhodes you can bet they tried to shop him around during the draft but no takers I guess..

    Mel Kiper made a great point. Jax traded up in the first round to get a unproven rookie why didnt they get J Taylor? Dumb move Jags!

  • Red Dogg
  • Mistabrown

    Apparently Al isn’t willing to eat Jordans salary so he will likely ride the pine till Fargas, Bush, Or Dmac go down with an injury.

    Just be stubborn baby!

  • Hell Raiderrrs


    They are giving the D line home works assignments now to try and improve there play. Each D lineman will be issued a running back to take home and practice tackling before camps start. This explains the additional RB signings.

  • KoolKell

    You could argue that one drafts measurables and hype, when unable to eyeball the prospect yourself.