Rhodes’ restructure was conditional


It sounds as if Dominic Rhodes was promised that if he agreed to take less money on his contract and the Raiders drafted Darren McFadden, he would be granted his release.

“If they drafted Darren McFadden I was like, ‘Listen, I’ll restructure but it’s got to be to where if y’all draft him I can leave, you know. Y’all let me go.’ That’s kind of how it went,” Rhodes said in an interview on Sirius Satellite Radio Tuesday. “They kept their word and they let me get a chance to go somewhere else and get my opportunity. I know they like Mike Bush. They just re-signed Justin [Fargas] and I didn’t want to have to deal with what I dealt with last year because I know I can play and I know somebody can use someone like me.”

Host Pat Kirwan asked Rhodes if he regretted the decision to come to Oakland as a a free agent.

“The year out in Oakland was a tough one for me, man, especially coming from the Colts which is a great organization. They put together their team in a way with not a bunch of guys that are supposed to be like Hollywood types,” Rhodes said. “They go and get guys like myself who they know can play football and they put them on the field and they win with them, you know?

“Out in Oakland it was tough, man. I got put into a bad situation. The first thing was my fault by getting the four-game suspension but then when I got back, they knew that I was going to have that four-game suspension, and when I got back they kind of held it against me, didn’t give me my shot to get on the field and do the things that they said they were going to do.”

“That right there kind of let me know what was going on and then I don’t see the reason why the Raiders needed to draft a running back, you know what I’m saying? We had like a stable full of running backs that are capable, that ran for a hundred yards, every one of them and we went and drafted a guy that – he’s a great runner, don’t get me wrong – but I don’t understand the logic behind it.”

Rhodes’ complaints about playing time carry some merit, but the thing that hurt his chances the worst was when Fargas exploded for 179 yards against Miami the week before he became eligible.

If McFadden is as good as the Raiders think he is, they simply couldn’t pass on him. Rhodes is an above average back, but not a home run threat. Once Jordan was injured in the same Miami game where Fargas won the job, Rhodes probably should have been the second runner and given more of a workload.

Jordan seemed clearly uninterested once Fargas took over and Rhodes talked from the heart and played from the heart.

He got a chance in the final two games of the season to put two good games on film, and the Raiders did the right thing in keeping their word and letting him go once they drafted McFadden.

Rhodes sounded interested in returning to the Colts.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    state of raiders rerun on BSPN

  • Scottish Raider

    Dorsey was only the pick if the Raiders thought Kelly was the answer at DE. Adding Dorsey would not have guaranteed that we would stop the run. The key is whether Terdell Sands can form a better partnership with Kelly than he did with Sapp.

    I am one of the minority who don’t entirely blame Sands for last season’s difficulties. I think Sapp came back too light and had lost too much power. Sapp, for the first time in his career, was being managed by a single OG and not being double-teamed. That left Sands often facing both the other OG and the Center – and he was simply outnumbered and over-run. The DT in the 3-technique has got to put sufficient pressure on the Oline to occupy two linemen. If he fails to do this, as Sapp failed last season, the other DT is bound to struggle. Sands will be much improved if Kelly lives up to expectations.

    Add to that, we still have a DE in Burgess who is relatively weak against the run and a LB corps whose strength is in the open field and not tight against the line.

    I think Jay Richardson is going to be a key player for us next season. Assuming Burgess and Kalimba Edwards are going to share the right side role, Richardson will have to shore up the left side. He showed a lot of promise last season and we need to see more progression. The lack of cover behind Richardson is a real concern. Trevor Scott has a real shot at making the roster and we probably should still be on the look out for a run-stopping veteran DE.

    The other big bonus would be to see the best of William Joseph, Josh Shaw or Gerald Warren. We not only need depth at DT, we still might need to move Kelly outside in run situations.

    I know it is disrespectful, but I think we will be better off without Sapp next season.

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    glad you found the link. I read it in newsprint and so I did not have the link info anyway.

    Asomugha is a man who should be signed long term with no hesitations to keep him around as long as possible

  • Tonio

    I totally agree about Nnamdi… he’s needed and worth it

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    There is a nice read on McFadden,in the 4/28 issue of Sports Issustrated. I don’t know if it is on their .com thingy or not,haven’t looked.



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    What do you mean with him on the roster? our roster …or his college roster?

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    Tonio… #749 thanks. Cut the check AL.

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    Ahmen 909 … he’s home grown…and needs to be forever in the Nation…

  • Dakota

    Have we signed Grady, Takeo or Roosevelt yet?

  • Tonio

    Man… I’d love to get Grady back in the fold…

  • I agree with Scottish on Jay Richardson, the guy has ideal size at 6’6 280 and proved as a rookie that he can play in he NFL.

    We might be sleeping on him a bit, he should only get better Richardson with experience, Richardson could be a pleasant surprise next season.

    Here´s a sample of his scouting reports from the 07 Draft:

    “A solid athlete with good size, speed and growth potential, Richardson showed flashes of big-time ability last season. Has plenty of upside potential.”

    “4 year player who may just be scratching the potential of what he can do. A player who can line up anywhere on the defensive line, he shows a lot of upside.

    Experienced starter on an elite program. Has lined up at many positions. Has a great frame with room to improve. Very versed in coverage, pass rushing, and run stopping.”

    “Richardson is a big, mobile lineman who has played both defensive tackle and defensive end during his college career. He has a large frame that should allow him to carry additional weight. He gives good effort and has the short-range quickness to make plays along the line.

    Richardson is best suited for the strong-side end position in a 4-3 defense. He has the body type and mobility to play end in a 3-4 scheme, but he has no experience in that system. He’s an excellent late-round gamble.”

    Some of the concerns:

    “He needs to develop his technique before he can regularly compete with NFL linemen”.

    “Marginally productive on the college level”

    “Might not transition well into the NFL”.

    – Seems to me he answered most of those concerns as he did compete and transitioned well into the NFL. As of now, he proved he belongs but he needs to keep improving and take the next step.

  • JRich may end up being an above average player in this league. He has one helluva bull rush that no OT seems to be able to stop. He just lacks the pass rushing moves. He gives max effort all the time which you got to love. (I think he is playing the wrong side …he’s a base end and should be playing LDE vs ROT …but that’s my personal opinion.)

  • Tonio

    Bob… makes you think about what Sapp said… about our personnel vs our scheme

  • Tonio

    “As for Oakland’s leaky defense, Sapp reasoned that Al Davis has put together “a team with 3-4 personnel, but they’re running a 4-3 system.”

  • Tonio…

    I don´t see it like that:

    “Richardson is best suited for the strong-side end position in a 4-3 defense.”

    Maybe he could play 3-4 but he´s never done it so there´s no way to tell.

  • Tonio

    Seems we’ve (they’ve) been trying hard to create both systems on our d…never quite settling on one or the other…

  • Kiffin’s first 2 drafts, not including picks acquired via trade:

    1st. Jamarcus Russell, Darren McFadden
    2nd. Zach Miller, DeAngelo Hall
    3rd. JLH, Mario Henderson
    4th. Michael Bush, Tyvon Branch
    5th. Jay Richardson, Gerard Warren
    6th. Oren O’Neal, Trevor Scott
    7th. Jonathan Holland, Chaz Schilens

    that is a really good core group of players that Kiff assembled in two years, add to that the FA acquisitions:
    Justin Griffith
    Cooper Carlisle
    Jeremy Newberry/John Wade
    Tony Stewart/Fred Wakefield
    Cornell Greene
    Jon Alston
    Seth Wand
    Rashad Baker
    Gibril Wilson
    Kwame Harris
    Javon Walker
    Drew Carter
    Kalimba Edwards

    Kiff is building an entirely new team from 2006, that is a really impressive turn-around, considering all the dead weight this team has been carrying since the “gruden bowl”. There were some growing pains last year, which is expected, but don’t be surprised if this team comes out next year no longer cloaked in that culture of losing, which has plagued us since 02.

    Pillage and Plunder in 2008

  • Tonio

    wow… well put together BBB… that’s a strong core of (mostly) young players… with them and Kiff growing together…once we get traction… we should be in contention for a good 5 to 8 years on this core alone…

  • DoeDoe

    What IT Does Nation

  • Florida Pete

    i am stoked !!!!

    Raider Up, Nation…

  • Ronald Curry is the only player remaining at his original position from the 2006 team (Gallery moved to gaurd, and has played well) Kiffin has COMPLETELY remade the offense.

    He thought this defense was already good, so much less was done, but Kiffin is starting to put the pieces in place on defense to; a few GREAT starters, a few decent rookies, and a few good back-ups have all been added. Next step would be to see what Rob Ryan can do this year, and then re-build the line to suit whoever is D-coordinator in 2009.

  • DoeDoe

    Bob Marley Says:
    May 1st, 2008 at 9:25 am
    I don´t know about you, but these phrases would make me nervous:

    “Stress fracture in his right leg, painkiller injection before every game, bone stimulator for 18 hours a day, a huge brace on his right knee..”.

    All before playing a single down in the NFL.

    Is this about Glenn Dorsey??

  • Tonio

    It’ll be interesting if RR can get it done with what we now have… especially with the db’s … This being the last year of his contract… and with his … “I can get a job in no time” attitude…

  • lefty 12

    we will have the same def cord next year that we have now-Al Davis.

  • DoeDoe

    Sederick Ellis

    2003: Suffered a left ankle fracture in fall camp, but played briefly vs. Brigham Young (9/06) before accepting a medical redshirt.

    2006: Suffered torn cartilage in his right knee in practice after the Arkansas game (9/10) and underwent arthroscopic surgery on Sept. 12 that forced him to sit out the Nebraska (9/16), Arizona (9/23) and Washington State (9/30) games.

    2007: Had fluid drained from his right knee after the California clash (11/10) and had to sit out several practices leading up to the Arizona State contest (11/22).

    Glenn Dorsey

    2003: Sat out three games as a senior in high school with an ankle sprain.

    2006: Played most of the season with a stress fracture in his right leg, as he was forced to receive a painkiller injection prior to each game. Also had to wear a bone stimulator 18 hours per day until he was cleared to practice in 2007 spring drills.

    2007: Limited in fall camp with a sore hamstring … Suffered a right knee sprain after an illegal chop block, missing most of the second half vs. Auburn (10/20) … Had to wear a huge brace on his right knee and left the Alabama game (11/03) briefly in the second quarter when he re-injured his knee … Sat out most of the Mississippi clash (11/17) with a sore lower back.

    “My conclusion is that Dorsey is no more injury prone than Ellis”

  • Tonio

    And DMC… had a shoulder injury early on in college right?

  • DoeDoe

    Darren McFadden

    *Known Injuries:* Ankle injuries slowed him early in his career and a dislocated toe plagued him as a junior but he has yet to suffer a major injury that has kept him out of action for an extended period of time.

  • angryHendrick

    D Rhodes comments are ringing true for some reason. He said McFadden is great potential, but not a need. Need to stop the run. Must have been frustrating for Rhodes to watch on the sidelines opposing RB’s chew up the yardage game after game. Also his Kiffin comments are damning, saying that McFadden was not his pick.

    I think that Dorsey would have been great with Kelly. Sapp said we run the wrong defense.


  • Jraider8

    RunDMC is in the house! Like Sapp said ‘…looks like Al is making his last horrah.’ Only one way to go, and I like the moves the team has made.

    I’m In!

  • KoolKell

    Small DT’s with good motors & pro bowl careers: Bryant Young 49ers, John Randle Vikings.

  • Florida Pete

    Massive DT’s with no motor:

    Ted Washington
    Jabba the Hut

  • Chris in NY

    I think the D will bounce back this year. They were embarrassed last season and I think those guys are proud enough to do something about it.

    First, Richardson is going to be a monster. I expect Morrison to have improved his skills in stopping the run. Sapp was too light — if he wasn’t busting into the backfield off the snap he was a non-factor. Gibril replacing Stu is a major upgrade. DeAngelo will be much better vs. the run than Fabian. Thomas Howard is entering his prime (scary). Michael Huff may finally break out too. Burgess will presumably be healthy again. Not to mention the supreme difficulty teams will have passing vs. Hall, Nnamdi, Huff, Wilson, Morrison & Howard. And I think Rob Ryan & Co. will finally mix things up a bit as a response to struggling in ’07 with such vanilla schemes.

    The offense has added several big-play threats in McFadden, Walker, Carter & Schilens. Michael Bush — a beast — finally gets to play. And there’s Curry and Miller to move the chains.

    This team could be 11-5 or 5-11. JaMarcus’ play will decide which.

  • Chris in NY

    Kiffin basically came out and said McFadden wasn’t his pick. That puts him in a tough spot because if McFadden is great, it makes Kiffin look like he’s a poor talent evaluator. If be bombs Kiffin may be blamed for not using him right.
    Of course, if the Raiders start winning again nobody will care or hold it against Kiffin one way or another.

  • Dominic Rhodes is a cry baby, we paid him a ton of cash to come here and all he did was pee himself in a taxi cab and get suspended for 4 games and then complain like a little school girl because he got punished for it.

    When we sign you as a free agent and we pay you more than any other team will, we expect you to make an immediate impact and not come to town to party get drunk and get suspended then complain about the way your benched because you let the team down.

    What a victim, cry me a river you loser. Lets see who takes him and how much they are wiling to pay him.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Rhodes is whining, but really not that much. Most of what he says seems true, he’s just ticked that he’s been let go — and now he’s competing against Shaun Alexander for a job offer, too.

    His whining will only cost him $$, because owners don’t really like players with opinions — but they’ll put up with them if the guy’s a star. Rhodes isn’t a star, and his next job won’t be for $2 million per year, either.

    Rhodes was lucky Al gave him the first contract figures when we already knew he was to be suspended. After re-working the deal, Rhodes was fortunate to work for an owner who kept his word to let him look for a better situation. But, he’s walking away from what’s probably his last, relatively “big money” contract. He’ll realize that someday, and wish he’d stuck around — even to work part-time.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Chris — Didn’t Kiffin also say he knew long ago that McFadden was the right pick? Regardless of who made the pick, Kiff’s gotta make it work. I’m thinking he’s not too worried about covering his a$$ where the draft’s concerned — GM’s make the picks in war rooms everywhere, and the coaches better make the pieces fit.

    We saw what Kiffin helped do with LenDale White and Reggie Bush…..I’m positive he’ll do something great with McFadden and a healthy Bush/Fargas combo.

    (And I’m one of those who think we should’ve plugged the D-line first)

  • Raida4life

    SO… did the NFL officially change “touchdowns” to “home runs”? Otherwise, why would they call McFadden a “Home Run Threat”?

  • darkknight01

    Sports Illustrated has a great article and story about DMAC on the 4/28 issue.

  • darkknight01

    Kiffin never said DMC was the pick….Kiffin has said DMC was the pick all along and if he wasn’t there they would trade down.

    You guys know damn well….Kiffin wanted DMC….Kiffin is an offensive guy!