Reece, Spires signed

Wide receiver, Marcel Reece, who earned a Raiders helmet Sunday for his performance in the Raiders’ rookie minicamp, also earned a contract with the club.

Defensive end Greg Spires, who agreed to terms the weekend, also arrived in Alameda for the start of an organized team activity and signed a contract.

With the Raiders at the 80-man limit, cornerback Duane Starks and fullback Matt Hahn, an undrafted free agent from Penn State, were waived.

Starks was signed April 15.

The OTA runs through Thursday, with practice on the final day open to the media, which means the first look at quarterback JaMarcus Russell on the practice field in nearly a year. Russell is expected to be among the “97 to 98” percent of the roster Lane Kiffin expects to be practicing.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderNation951

    Great, between both the starting WR we have one good pair of legs……..I hope Shield and Reese are ready to step up because JLH will be starting by week 4.

  • Raider O

    Kit, great post, thank you. see that Jerry, get to work.

  • La Milicia Negra


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  • Raider O

    Huff at FS, music to my ears.

  • RaiderNation951

    Hey kit, take Jerrys parking spot and tell him to take the bus. He doesn’t deserve A/C for leaving us in the dark! Thanks for looking out for us poor deprived Raiders fans.

  • RaiderNation951


    It just doesn’t work that way here. Too many people don’t want to pay taxes or “cheat” the system. You guys have a flat tax don’t you? Everyone pay’s the same amount?

  • La Milicia Negra


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  • Scottish Raider

    Wakefield started as a DE. When he was first with the Cardinals he rotated with Kyle Vanden Bosch. He only switched to TE in 2006, after a spell at OT. He is very versatile and at 6-7, 295lbs, is big enough to play DE.

    It also means that Marcel Reese has a real chance of unseating either Stewart or Madsen as a back-up TE.

    Interesting about Morris playing Center. Is Wade injured?

  • La Milicia Negra



    I pay 44% but the highest income pay 60%, thats the toptax..

  • RaiderNation951

    Wakefield made $1.125 Mil last year and never steped on the field. He is gone if he doesn’t make it at DE.

  • La Milicia Negra

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  • Scottish Raider

    And I bet Curry is feeling sore and nervous – with Shields, Schilens, Holland, McFoy, James and Watkins gunning for spots on the roster behind Walker, Carter and JLH.

    Hope Kelly’s injury isn’t serious.

  • Tonio

    If Hartwell is back to where he was w/the Ravens… we’ll have improved greatly… with him in the middle…and Morrison and Howard… working the edges…that’ll be wicked

  • Tonio

    Trying to make the “Scott” conversion with Wakefield.. could be interesting…

  • KoolKell

    The problem with the Defense is it’s basically the same front 7 as last year, where the problem is.

  • Kiffin is really shaking things up on this roster, Huff at FS, Morrison at SOLB; both moves that the fans have called for at various times, Kiffin is done taking Ryan’s advice on personnel.

  • MR

    LMN, I don’t care how “No Child” works in Denmark, or wherever it is you’re from, here in America it’s designed to break the teachers’ union, and nothing else. And, like you said, you guys have the taxes and the treasury to make sure no child really is left behind. In America, we certainly do leave children behind. Or, “childs behind”, as our retard-in-chief would say. Denmark doesn’t have the draconian drug laws we have, either. You guys aren’t the loading dock for cocaine that America has been since the ’80s, with a prison industry looking to fill their units with poor minorities who take the bait and jump into the coke game.

  • La Milicia Negra


    I think you’re right, Kiffin said #I want these people to line up, and I want them to line up on these spots, then you do your schemes and defensive calls”

  • exactly LMN,
    we started seeing it last year with Lil Stuey getting benched finally. I think it is the uneasy truce that Al was able to forge between Lane and Rob, that the media was never privvy to: Kiffin chooses the players and puts them in place, Ryan calls the plays. (and of course Al decides the scheme)

  • KoolKell

    Well said MR

  • RaiderNation951

    Lets just hope RR is trying to land another job after this season so he will do what it takes to have a good D. Otherwise he could be a lame duck trying to take Kiff down with him. If that happens I could see him without a headset early this season and one of the spot coaches calling the plays.

  • La Milicia Negra


    you’re mostly right, but about the loading dock for cocaine is plain wrong, that would be Spain or Netherlands… but once you’re in the EU, you are free to roam across the boarders…

  • Oldman

    Point taken. Why not make a change for the good. That’s what my ex told me. I’ll always be a beer drinking grey hair. I’m locked in.
    Great post Kit. Sounds like it’s going on again in Alameda.


  • Raider O


  • MR

    LMN, the United States isn’t a loading dock for cocaine? Are you nuts?


    I wish Kiffin the best and all, but he needs to get something done before he deserves all this praise, IMO.

    Having the #6 rushing game is great, but we also were #31 in passing and #25 overall. “Nervous” Norv guided us to a #17 overall offense with the #8 passing game and we were #32 in rushing in 2004. In 2005, Norv gave us more of the same #21 ranked offense, #10 in passing and #29 in rushing.

    Not saying that Kiffin can’t get it done, but he needs to prove it. No excuses for Kiffin or Ryan this year or the door.

  • MR

    Goon, the offense improved under Kiffin. Fact. The defense worsened under Ryan. Fact. Split hairs over Kiffin’s number all you will, but when you consider the offense improving, the defensing declining, and the fact that KIFFIN is the one in Al’s dog house…well, to quote Randy, it’s just “fishy”.


    MR Says:

    Al Davis designed the uniforms, hired smart people to build his football teams, and took credit for their work. We’ll be fine without him.
    It’s called being a good manager/executive. Having the insight to hire and delegating work to highly skilled individuals who did a great job. Three Super Bowls and one of the most successful franchises in profesional sports. Sounds to me like Big AL has done a great job.


    MR Says:

    Goon, the offense improved under Kiffin. Fact. The defense worsened under Ryan. Fact. Split hairs over Kiffin’s number all you will, but when you consider the offense improving, the defensing declining, and the fact that KIFFIN is the one in Al’s dog house…well, to quote Randy, it’s just “fishy”.
    Get your facts right. The RUSHING game improved under Kiffin, so far. You split the hairs I’ll talk fact and only fact unlike you. Quoting Randy Moss? That say’s it all pretty much right there. Quitter, whiner, girly-man. The only thing “fishy” was his performance on the field while with the Silver and Black.

  • La Milicia Negra


    you said point taken, what point did I make? please clarify in the next thread…

  • MR

    Goon, response to your first post:

    Agreed. Al Davis did a fine job of hiring the right people in the ’70s and ’80s. Since then, with Gruden’s brief tenure being an exception, he’s failed to do that. Kiffin has brought improvements, but it seems Al is now running him out, too.

    Which bring me to my response to your second post:

    Our overall offense has improved under Kiffin. That’s a fact. We were ranked 32nd in both points and yards in ’06. We improved to 23rd in points and 25th in yards under Kiffin in ’07. That’s not great, but mathematically it is a significant improvement. So, check your facts.

    And, I agree, Randy Moss is a whiner. But his analysis of the Raiders when he was here, was spot on. It was certainly “fishy”, and it still is today, considering that this off season Kiffin was the one put on the bubble while Ryan was given a vote of confidence, despite Kiffin bringing improvement and Ryan’s defense declining. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So, well put, Randy. Things in Oakland remain “fishy”.

  • RaiderTay


    I found that NYTimes article, it was interesting. It made me officially hate Jerry Porter. The guy was parking in Al Davis’ parking space last season…what an A-Hole.

  • RaiderTay

    Where did you hear that Morrison is moving to SOLB??? Pls provide a link.

  • Good morning Raiders fans. Mayyourday be great and yourweekendeven better. And, that’sdouble for our Raiders and all the players trying to make the team.

    Like most of you,I’m really excited about the players we have and the coaching staff in place. We’re going to win many games and in the few we do lose, we’re going to be in the game to the end, and that’s a major upgrade when you’re battling and only one big play from getting back in the game or actually winning it. Maybe our new team that’snow a real time contender will wake Seabass up to where he actually make a game winning kick.

    Go Lakers in Utah tonight, GO RAIDERS!

  • Brian

    Trade a draft pick next year for a short term commitment of services from DE Jason Taylor. If Parcells does not want him, he’d probably take less money to play in Oakland because it would put him closer to his Hollywood aspirations. If Hartwell takes to the MLB position and Morrison swings to the SLB, the whole D will be remade. I can just picture the INT’s from opposing teams, with Taylor and Burgess closing in on their QB’s and they have to throw to all the ballhawks in the D, Morrison, Howard, Nmamdi, Hall, Wilson and Huff. Chills just thinking about it.

  • teofilo dimaano

    guys.. did u know that theres a rAIDER bar in chula vista.. “the stargazer” a raider fo sho bar.. every sunday.. nuthin but luv baby!!

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    Brien…That defense couldn’t stop the run…you guys don’t know a thing about football!