Raiders sign McFadden


The Oakland Raiders announced late Thursday night that they’ve signed first-round pick Darren McFadden, the former star running back from Arkansas who was the No. 4 overall pick in the NFL draft.

Stay tuned for a more detailed story on our Website from our beat writer, Steve Corkran.


Jon Becker

  • DoeDoe

    What it Doo Raider Nation – my computer was down for like a week and man i was feeling lost without my Raider fix – Im back now – looks like a lot has happened in just a short week

  • DoeDoe

    Thee most scariest thing I read was Jay Richardson blowing past Kwame Harris to get to Russell –

  • Raider4life

    At least Kwame Harris is young, smart and has a great line coach to work with him. Barry Sims was old, dumb and an absolute false starting machine. Let’s give Kwame Harris and Mario Henderson some time before we panic.

  • DoeDoe

    Russell looking comfortable in tne offense is great to hear – Kelly looking stronger than ever is good – Drew Carter and the Russell connection gota love that – McFadden taking reps off of the Jug machine is kinda scary – Hall stepping up – Also I was there live to witness Thomas Howard run stride for stride for 30 yards to break up a pass to D-Mac – Also can’t wait to see Michael Bush in pads laying out some hits – As well as Gibril Wilson – last but not least the Redskins signed Swigy (That must have been a typo) can someone confirm this for me??

  • Mistabrown

    I think the def line has the advantage not being in pads because of their quickness but I dont know. Wait till pre-season to see what we have. Seems like Burgess beat everybody in front of him from the reports.

  • Raider4life

    Lil Stui did sign a four year deal with the Foreskins. However, my bet is he doesn’t make the 53 man squad.

  • Raider4life

    Burgess is rejuvinated and will have a 12+ sack season. I believe his is on the last year of his contract so look for him to blow up many right tackles.


    Thanks 408 thats what i want but damn its hot down here Fl. Oh well I’ll take the hit thanks for clearing my head.

  • DoeDoe

    2 more years I believe – that would be so big for us 12+ sacks – Im wondering about that report that came out that said that Burgess wasn’t happy and he wanted more $$$$ – I don’t think he would be at the mini camp if that was the case – If the report is true and he is still at mini camp going hard than much props to Burgess

  • cornelio

    is there going to be a live feed from the 11am press confrence?

  • K-Rock

    My observation from the press conference…

    Good thing McFadden and Russell play football. I don’t think these guys have enough brain power between them to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  • Dakota reminds me of a postal joke:
    Heard about the Historical commemorative prostitution stamp? It’s 42 cents unless you lick it then it’s $35.

  • Exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    PFT say McFadden’s real “G” is $19.6 mill with the other part of the “G” being easily met by “falling off the log money”, meeting minimum playing times. AD is very good at the cap


    NFLN just had press conference. Now showing OLD School Raider flashbacks, finally NFLN gets their chit together.

  • DoeDoe

    D-Mac Signed what a relief

  • Raider4life

    K-Rock–I think that’s a bit harsh. Both are just very soft spoken kids from the south.

  • KIrk

    Raider4life, Jared Lorenzen would be an awesome backup for Russell.

    Make it so!

  • Raider4life

    Kirk–Yeah I liked him at Kentucky and played decent for Eli when he got hurt. He is almost the same size as JaMarcus and can actually move a little better, but not quite as strong an arm. He is the #3 guy in NYC now along with Anthony Wright. Why the Giants signed David Carr is bizarre.

  • K-Rock

    I’m from the south. Being from the south does not mean you get a free pass on grasping the english language.

    It just kills me to see college grads in front of a mike saying “you know” every other word and sounding like they had the school pass them just for playing football.

  • Raider4life

    Who said they graduated? Both came out as juniors. I take it K-Rock that you are white and haven’t been exposed to black culture much?? Just saying to give both guys a break okay.

  • KIrk

    Raider4life, I saw Lorenzen RUN OVER A LINEBACKER in the open field when the Giants played the Patriots in preseason. The Patriots released that linebacker the next day.

  • Raider4life

    Kirk–Yeah I saw it too, but Giants may not release him until after preseason or at all. I would have preferred him over AW, Tui or Gratkowski. Hopefully they don’t do something stupid like sign old as* Trent Dilfer. Dude is Lil Stui’s Momma.

  • K-Rock

    So if I don’t excuse them I’m a bigot? Why do I have to excuse ignorance because they are black?

    Who do you think you are?

    I had two black MEN standing by me in my wedding. I have had presents under my family’s tree for black friends growing up.

    Being black is not an excuse for ignorance. Giving them a break seems more against blacks than expecting better from them.

  • Florida Pete

    obviously more is learned in one’s senior year in college than at any other time in one’s life…

    you know ???

  • Raider4life

    K-Rock–So I take it you know both guys personally and know for a fact they are ignorant?? Nobody said you are a bigot by the way. They both have to have some intelligence to grasp an NFL playbook don’t you think? Just because someone speaks a certain way doesn’t make them ignorant. These are young guys with tons of pressure on them being exposed to a lot of people with microphones shoved in their faces. Get off your high horse K-Rock. At least give them the benifit of the doubt since they are on our team. Damn.

  • Florida Pete

    don’t most Div 1 schools have a course entitled: Sportspeak 301 ???

    (one must have a reasonable cahnce at professional career in sports in order to qualify to take the course… except bowlers…)

    i believe the course deals with cliches… very heavy on cliches… and the course devotes a fair amount of time regarding the timing in using the phrase “ya know”…

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson


    OJ Seemed like a well-spoken, intelligent man and we know what was hiding behind THAT veneer…

    Being a poor public speaker does not connote a lack of intelligence or imply ignorance. Ignorance is exhibited by one’s behavior, and as Raiders neither J-RUSS or DMC have done or said anything to justify such a moniker.

  • kevn


    OJ IS a well-spoken, intelligent man. He’s just also a murderer. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    And, poor public speaking DOES connote a lack of intelligence, but it does not DENOTE a lack of intelligence.

    But I agree with you one-hundred percent that neither J-Russ nor DMAC deserve such monikers. It’s just simple prejudice, and not even necessarily racial.

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson

    Just posted at raiders.com:

    Vince Evans has been brought in to increase the competition for the 3rd QB spot.

    The black Blanda!

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson

    Just kidding, although I am a Vince Evans fan…

    He woulda been ideal in his prime.

  • 909raiderlifer

    This very very good news. In getting the D Mac deal done. Now Big AL, needs to get Aso hooked up.

    Good times are ahead for the NATION!!


  • Bo Schembechler Jackson


    I disagree that poor public speaking is in any way related to limited intelligence. It is almost entirely a reflection of experience and training.

    When Bill Walton was at UCLA people thought he was a rockhead because he stuttered so badly and shunned reporters. Lo and behold, he got therapy and people got to see the brain behind the mountain man exterior (not that I am a Walton fan…he is not dumb but quite the bozo).

  • Tonio

    Video of press conference up on nfl network

  • HayesDaze#37

    Some of the greatest athletes of their time couldn’t give coherent answers in interviews, but they were extremely smart. Being football-smart is what an NFL team needs, not being Ivy League-smart. (Kwame Harris is plenty book-smart, and he surely hasn’t taken the league by storm. Yet?)

    Bo Jackson? Certainly no dummy, but couldn’t get words out. Bo rocked the NFL.

    The great #37 Lester Hayes? Nick-named The Judge, even though his proclamations were stuttered.

    The great Lester Hayes stuttered his way to the best season any CB has ever had — with 13 regular-season INT’s and 5 more in the playoffs — leading his team to the Super Bowl title.

    Want to see how intelligent McFadden is, just read his own blog entries. He’s smart enough, and charismatic enough for me…as long as he plays smart on the field.

    JaMarcus not smart? He might not do well on an IQ test, but that doesn’t mean much…football intelligence, and the ability to compute tons of information in rapid-fire sequence is what’s required of a QB. JaMarcus has that, he just lacks experience at this level.

    Listen to Ben Roethlisberger speak…Steve McNair…that hick Terry Bradshaw…and on and on…

    Football-smarts is all that matters. McFadden and Russell have plenty of that, or neither would be here.

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson


    I wholeheartedly c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-concur!

  • Tonio

    funny bo… lol *doh

  • K-Rock

    That was my point. I am glad they play football.

  • billyboy

    hating on the lakers cause they whooped on that cheap warriors team???

  • LosT

    McFadden Radio Interview…


  • Raider4life

    Amen #37…loved Lester the Molester back in the day. Needs to be in the Hall of Fame along with Branch, Plunkett, Stabler, Guy, Tatum, Christiansen, Dalby, ect.

  • K-Rock

    VY wins football games, but scored a 12 on his woderlic test.

    Say what you want and excuse them if you want.

    I am glad both are Raiders. I hope they both make the HOF and win many games.

  • Raider O

    I think JR is smart, I dont see why anyone would think he is not?


    Its probably alot of nerves for those guys K-Rock. Not everyone was born to answer questions in front of a bunch of reporters and cameras.Imagine having to answer questions to the whole world after every project finished at your job. I know i would be tripping over my words a bit.

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson

    K-Rock, who do you consider to be the gold standard for well-spoken, inteligent NFL players?

  • Raider4life

    Actually VY I think scored a 9, but Ryan Leaf, Art Schliester and our boy Girllery all scored well on the wonderlic. To say JaMarcus and DMar are ignorant is itself an ignorant statement. To me they are just nice, polite kids who will be great players for a long time. Hopefully for 10+ in Silver and Black.

  • LosT
  • Quagmire’d

    in this day & age of free agency, 10+ is asking a lot…

  • Raiderbaitor

    What happens if JRuss gets injured early in the season? Is anyone comfortible with Andrew and Tui as the backups?

  • Florida Pete

    don’t they have a “3 technique” in brain surgery???

    let me check my manual…

    Brain Surgery & American Football


    “it really is the same”

    by Bruno “big nose” Bruskiskiski

    published 1936…


  • Raider O

    Dmac is 20, he’s a kid, and you guys wanna talk about his level of intelligence after one interview!!!!