Walker matter under review


A Raiders spokesman said “We are in the process of gathering information,” regarding the status of wide receiver Javon Walker, who was reportedly found unconconscious in Las Vegas with an orbital fracture Monday morning.

Walker, according to Fox affiliate KVVU-5, was listed in fair condition.

The Las Vegas-Review Journal reported Walker was spotted at the nightspot “Tryst” at the Wynn “spraying the crowd with some of the 15 bottles of Dom Perignone Rose champagne he ordered.”

Walker signed a free agent contract with $16 million in guaranteed money in the offseason but was still rounding into shape following knee surgery. Coach Lane Kiffin said he wanted Walker to lose weight before the Raiders went to training camp in Napa.

A report filed with the the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department identified Walker as the “victim of an early morning crime.”

The statement read as follows:

“The victim of an early morning crime near the intersection of Winnick Avenue and Koval lane has been identified as Javon Walker. Officers responded to a report of a man down at that location at approximately 7:19 a.m. this morning. When officers arrived they found an unconscious male, who appears to have been the victim of a robbery. The victim was transported to an area hospital with siginficant injuries. Late this afternoon detectives were able to positively identify the victim as Walker.

“Walker remains hospitalized at this time and this investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information concinering this event is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • no more infield

    Hope Higgins, Carter, Curry or one of our rookies can step up because I don’t think Walker is going to be a factor this season. We are now going to become even more of a running team.

  • no more infield

    Maybe we should trade RB L. Jordan to the giants for TE J. Schokey…

  • Senile Al

    Don’t worry raidernation, I’m on the phone Lance Alworth right now…Get ready for bambi!!!!!! He’s got speed!

  • Florida Pete

    MR Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 11:52 am


    I believe the human race has peaked and is on it’s way down the sewer, and there’s absolutely no stopping it. So, yeh, I’ll take that label.



    i now understand… your negativity springs from your believe that we, people, are on our way downhill…

    the cockroaches are taking over…

    and you are currently in negotiations with the roaches to be their king…

    TRAITOR !!!!

  • Senile Al

    Hey. are any of you guys fast? 4.3 sub 40’s I pay big money to….If you don’t work out don’t worry…I’ll blame it on that kid Kiffin.

  • Senile Al

    Did I tell you I still got it.

  • Senile Al

    Maybe I should have payed him $67 million, that way he could have afforded 2 more bottles of Dom…one in each hand to defend himself against his attackers.

    Somehow I blame that kid Kiffin for this…Did I tell you I still got it.

  • Rob

    Nothing good happens to celebrities who stay out at these hours.

  • Jim (ct raider)

    June 17th, 2008 at 3:33 am
    Jim, Walker’s a millionaire and you’re not. Your mother taught you the value of hard work and that’s exactly what you do, work hard for very little. Walker’s mother taught him absolutely nothing and he’s bathing in money. God bless America. But what I want to know is, are the people who were praising Walker’s signing, calling it a genius Al move, and who are now bashing Walker, going to admit that Al f’ked up? I think not.

    MR: If you check our posts when we signed walker mine read, “that’s a lot of money for a #4 receiver!”
    also, 4.5 more years and i’ll be included in that group of people!

  • Senile Al

    Hey 510.

    I didn’t negotiate a savvy enough contract to dump him, but I did negotiate a savvy enough contract that if it didn’t work out I could blame that kid Kiffin.

    Did I tell you I still have it?

  • Eric


    I am disspointed as well. Maybe hes still medicating that pain of that incident with alcohol. From my own experience-its easy to do.

    Pain is real no matter how much money you have.

  • Senile Al

    There’s alot of complaining out there. Why? Javon took a shot to the eye to get the raiders back in the news! No such thing as bad press I say.

    Have I told you guys I still got it.

    Has anyone seen my walker?

    Betcha that kid Kiffin hid it.

  • K-Rock

    1 Thug is a behavior and a choice. Not a skin color

    2 I would call Tony Romo out for making poor decisions. Wait a minute, HE ALREADY DOES. He puts himself in bad situations that hurt himself and his team.

    3. Walker was engaging in behavior that got his friend killed and got himself hurt.

    4 Cheeseburger was doing the same thing. Not being a thug, but clearly engaging in activities that got himself hurt. Just as dumb as Walker

    5 Making it rain, hangin at clubs, fighting with gangs, having a POSSE would all be considered THUG LIFE activity for me.

    Once again, skin color has nothing to do with it.

    It’s ok. I understand that calling me racist is easier than looking in the mirror and confronting yourself over THUG BEHAVIOR.

    The real problem is you want people to excuse your bad behavior and call them racist if they don’t.

  • BIg E asy

    “living the life and paying the bill..”

  • Ron Wolf

    This sort of problem always happened on my watch. I remember the Tooz,Snake, and Phil always getting gassed the night before a game.
    Al always told me how they play on Sundays is what matters.I was lucky to learn so much from Al.
    Anbody seen or heard from Madden Raider. I was told he was giving me all the credit during my time as an assistant to Al. Sadly that is not the truth, I just want you to tell Madden Raider that he is just all wrong. Good luck in 2008, I wish I were there, Raider fans your in good hands with Al.

  • Ron, maddenraider, or MoRon, as he likes to be called, is on his honeymoon from his gay marraige yesterday here in Cali.

  • darkknight01


    Don’t question my loyalty either guy…I have been a Raider fan since I was 5 years old and I’m 33.

    Just cause you have a Raider tattoo doesn’t make you anymore of a fan. I have a Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen and Tim Brown jersey. I lived in enemy territory representing the Raiders when I lived in S.D. for 10 years. So whats the big deal?

  • drealive

    I hope stories like this remind players to be smart when they are in public. I hate seeing anyone hurt like this especially a player on our team. These types of senseless attacks are just sad and a reminder that thugs are always looking to steal, kill and cheat rather then work hard to achieve something.

  • Chris in NY

    The Raiders screwed up when they signed Walker to the long-term deal and Drew Carter to a one-year contract. Carter was the much better value pickup and will almost definitely be a better player for the Raiders.
    I realize that Walker is the victim here, but it seems like he was being foolish flaunting his money by spraying a crowded club with $$$ champagne. The bigger issue is that all the reports and vibes about Walker since he signed for his money have not been good. This is just the capper. Sounds like he’s out of shape and unmotivated — happy to fade away into oblivion.
    Maybe this will be a wakeup and he’ll get himself together. I just hope he’s not too f’d up to play again because of his new and old injuries.

  • wva raider

    Its been reported Javon wasnt even drinking but a argument btween Javons group n Floyd Mayweathers troops got into over a bidding war on the champaigne.May explain a guy of jws size getting the crap beat out him .Hope we stop rushing to judgement.

  • Virginia Raiderfan

    think Javon was spraying all that champange to practice for the Raaaiiiddduuuuhhhssssss winning the Super Bowl this year. Any other reason for spraying that much Dom is just plain stupid

  • Sharpe

    Kiffin said it best…”it’s an important month for the vets!…refering to between the end of nex week and July 25th. Poor judgement is gonna cost us in this one. Javon should have been studying his play book instead of gambling with his new found fortune. I’m sorry he was attacked, it’s dreadful. Seems no one is safe, but good judgement can’t be beat. Roethllisberger’s motorcycle accident was an err in judgement but that was kinda different. It’s not like Walker is John Matuszak, or Alzado, or Otis Sistrunk.

    This is an important time for vets! I hope that the rest of them are paying attention. Walker is actually lucky to be alive. While I was not there, so I can only speculate, he was probably loaded wtih both Dom Perignon and CASH.

    How much guaranteed money did he get in his contract, $16 million? I hope Al has a stupidity clause in the fine print. STUDY YOUR PLAYBOOK! PERFORM WELL! GET PAID!

    I like Higgins, Will Buchanon, Arman Shields, or Chaz Schilens, behind Curry and Carter, dispite that they are unproven. A good many teams field youngsters that perform well.

    Anyway, I hope that he is ok, for his sake. I’d never wish anyone harm. There are, however, consequences for irresponsibility. Period!

  • armond

    eyepatch u are a idiot if ive ever seen or in this case read one. i am very proud of who i am. get over your race issues or better yet why didnt u answer the question i gave u. so typical of idiots like u to play the angry black man card when a valid argument was raised. dakota were u retarded for arguing all of the times u were posting? ive seen several of your posts go on and on so dont tell me how to post. this is a blog most people on here dont do anything but argue.

  • Eyepatch

    Armond you are an idiot.

  • armond

    no Krok your an idiot for saying im a thug cuz i defend thug like behavior. not once have i done that and u know it. people get labeled a racist for telling the truth like i did yet u call me a thug and dont even know me. u are a punk and a racist. whats funny i didnt call u a racist. i asked if u are one or just stupid. but thanks for answering i now know youre not just stupid. and what i brought up was javon not being involved in more than 1 shooting as suggested. as for that silly reply do i have to simplify it for u? if u are at a club and someone shoots at u then u are also involved in a shooting. point being u dont have to shoot someone to be in a shooting? are u that damn dumb?

  • Raider Hater

    Ha Ha! Jerkvon is a PERFECT fit for the Traider nation!
    Stupid freakin’ punk! Too bad he wasn’t permanently busted up!
    Go ahead and make it rain, you stupid freakin moron!

  • RaiderKC

    Hopefully Walker’s contract has a clause for this type of behavior especially if he brought it upon himself for his antics at the club that can get us out of his big contract. They seem to put clauses in for reckless behavior (i.e.-motor/extreme sports, etc).

  • BroncoMan

    All of a sudden Shanny looks like a genius. Mevon Walker is all about himself. Good luck with that one Raider Nation. I can’t think of a more deserving team.

  • Maxraider

    I don’t care who your team is but to think that he “deserved” this is asinine to me. This guy was a victim regardless of how you look at it. I don’t care whether you like him or not but whoever mugged and robbed him is the person who normal peopleI should be upset at.

    If you somehow feel good that this happened to him then I say you need to take a good long look at the mirror and figure out what kind of person you are.

  • John

    The guy is out in Vegas wearing his bling and dropping cash all over the place (spraying Dom does get you noticed). Then he gets robbed. Duh. Wonder what is higher; his GPA in college or his IQ.