Walker matter under review


A Raiders spokesman said “We are in the process of gathering information,” regarding the status of wide receiver Javon Walker, who was reportedly found unconconscious in Las Vegas with an orbital fracture Monday morning.

Walker, according to Fox affiliate KVVU-5, was listed in fair condition.

The Las Vegas-Review Journal reported Walker was spotted at the nightspot “Tryst” at the Wynn “spraying the crowd with some of the 15 bottles of Dom Perignone Rose champagne he ordered.”

Walker signed a free agent contract with $16 million in guaranteed money in the offseason but was still rounding into shape following knee surgery. Coach Lane Kiffin said he wanted Walker to lose weight before the Raiders went to training camp in Napa.

A report filed with the the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department identified Walker as the “victim of an early morning crime.”

The statement read as follows:

“The victim of an early morning crime near the intersection of Winnick Avenue and Koval lane has been identified as Javon Walker. Officers responded to a report of a man down at that location at approximately 7:19 a.m. this morning. When officers arrived they found an unconscious male, who appears to have been the victim of a robbery. The victim was transported to an area hospital with siginficant injuries. Late this afternoon detectives were able to positively identify the victim as Walker.

“Walker remains hospitalized at this time and this investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information concinering this event is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • La Milicia Negra


    with your logic… if a girl wears a short short skirt, get a bit to much to drink and gets raped in the alley…

    then its her fault?

    as HeyesDaze said, it can never be the victims fault, if they had made other choices it could have been avoided, but it can never be the victims fault…

  • Thec

    Anyone with cash will be a target. In my opinion I would not have been flashing anything, I would have probably been doing some push ups and sit ups or smashing the weights prepping my body for the gruel….

    sorry he got beat up, or whatever hope he heals and is able to continue his career with or without the NATION…

  • Eyepatch

    Its her fault for being in the alley yes, who elses fault would it be the tooth fairy?

  • La Milicia Negra

    where in javons contract did it say he needed to be in Alamede 24/7, that he should be sober his entire tenure and so on? if you are of duty you are of duty…

    How many here been soldiers??? its the same thing, when you out of the green close you’re off…. period…

  • darkknight01

    Lets hope that the Raiders have a non football injury clause in his contract. Depending on how serious the orbital fracture is and IF they is damage to the retina…they I think he will be fine by late July or early August. Just my guess though…

  • La Milicia Negra


    God I hope your daughter never gets raped…

    first to get raped and then her father to say its her fault… jebus…

  • Eyepatch

    Everyone knows what Javon should have been doing but Javon no matter how you spin it. Kiffin told them at the last OTA they had better be ready when camp opnes and it would be easy to tell who was not. I hope Kiffin cuts him if he shows up out of shape.

  • Eyepatch

    How did you bring father into the picture?

  • darkknight01

    Bottom line is….it is NOT Javons fault he got jumped and robbed. However, he should know better by now after the whole Darrent Williams tragedy, that he was involved in. Have a bodyguard or two…be alot more wiser when it comes to partying….be low key about it and don’t attract unecessary attention…..because there are plenty of low lifes that are just lookin to get into trouble in Vegas.

  • Dakota

    What the fuk is wrong with you people? At this point all we know is that he may have been the victim of a crime. You guys want to give him crap about going out to Vegas and partying? WTF? What the hell is wrong with that? It is the offseason! He should have the right to go and do anything that you and I can legally go and do. Just because he is an athlete and has money does not mean he should have to sit at home and play cribbage every night.

    Just because he displayed poor judgment by maybe flashing his bling and spraying the crowd with Champaign doesn’t mean he deserved to be beaten down and mugged, and that we should be calling for his head at this time. Almost all athletes walk around with their diamond earrings and necklaces and watches and they go to parties and have a good time. This could have just as easily happened to any athlete that walks around flashing his bling and having a good time.

    Right now, with the information we have thus far, Walker is nothing more than a victim and we should just sit back and see how the story develops before passing judgment on the guy.

  • La Milicia Negra


    yeah… we get that, and most of us follows that thought, but to blame Javon is completely other thing… this will and cant go under mea culpa…. nor blame in more human terms..

  • Thec

    Post 707, Its not about whats in the contract i think your missing the point. Its about your commitment. Of course one could do what they want with their own time pretty obvious, but if you are truly committed you would take care of your body like most of the TOP atheletes do. Contract or not……

  • La Milicia Negra

    Jebus christ!…

    I better go now before I start say something I cant take back….

    But the chain of thought in the US sometimes scares me..

  • Eyepatch

    I blame him for making the descision to be in Vegas instead of working with Russell, yes. Russell and the rest of the backs and receivers are working together, its just not organized. If he can help us win I am all for him but he is looking more like a bust at this point, a very expensive bust. I just hope you guys don’t give him a pass if this ever happens again or Raider nation is really getting soft.

  • I have a lot of sympathy for Javon Walker, the person. Being jumped in Vegas when you are out partying is crappy, it has happened to me (and probably most of us)on a night out and it is most unpleasant.
    I don’t blame Javon Walker, the professional. What I do in my free time is of no concern to my boss, and so it is unfair to expect more of Javon.
    But I am deeply dissapointed in Javon Walker, the recently signed Raider. As an employee who was given a great chance at a fresh start to his career, but who still needed to prove he was worth that opportunity, he has blown it big time.

  • Thec

    Post 707, Is the occupation of soldier one that you should stay in shape or is it up to the individual?

    Javon gets paid to play a game, a prereq is to stay in shape take care of your body. PERIOD

  • i dress in black

    You can’t blame him for being attacked. You can blame him for putting himself in a bad situation that would open a window of opportunity for people to attack him. Gotta wonder where his boys were to back him up. Either he got so drunk he was wandering around by himself and was easy pickens or it was a inside job.

  • La Milicia Negra


    I dont miss the point… the man has a bad knee, he is told he needs to get down in weight… he cant exercise properly because his knee is bad…

    He knows his “WorkDay” is around the corner (= July-december) So he wants to have a night in the town before being on duty for the next 6 month…

    As a former Soldier I can relate to that… how many didn’t get hammered before a mission? (Im not sayign they were drunk on mission, they of course sobers up before)

  • ???

    Read some of the coments a little colser 701 its what was implied. The fact that others were to ready to talk about how this was going to effect him n the feild and how it was a stupid siging shows me that some people have screwed up priorties. Foot ball is only a damn game it will go on with or without Javon so will the Raiders, and life will go on in general rather or not the raiders win loose or draw.

    My point is I am disapointed in the way some people chose to express themselves on here and how their priorties tend to be a bit skewed. Rather then to say wow thats too bad right away they jump on the fact that this will hurt the team or that he was an idiot I think that goes without saying it would just have been nice if some people had acknowledged the fact that the guy was beat up. I mean for crime sakes all post number 2 could say was horrible Signing or something like that. What does that got to do with the fact that he could have been killed and dont think for a second some idiot would have not jumped on here and said something stupid if he had been seriously injured and possibly killed its basic compasion!! Dont think for one second if he had been killed some idiot would not have jumped on here talking about how this was going to possibly hurt the teams offence next year or how he never should have been signed in the first place.

    I also would not be supriesed if some idiot also simply posted 1st on here.

    Show a little basic compasion people the way Big chill did first then if you want to get into a discussion on Javons character go a head but lets not all look like a bunch of heartless morons that only care about how this might effect good or bad the team on the field next year. Life in general is moe important then a game!!

  • La Milicia Negra


    I agree… blame and fault are two completely different things

  • He was in Oakland all week working out in the OTA´s wasn´t he?.

    Do you guys think he was the only player who left town on the weekend and got wasted while partying somewhere? of course not, but he was the only one who got mugged and beaten down.

  • Eyepatch

    And yet Aso sits unsigned in Oakland while Javon flaunts it in Vegas? Nice teammate. I wonder if he invited anyone on the team?

  • darkknight01

    TO maybe busted for steroids by the way….not sure if anyone heard.

  • VoldemortSupporter

    If that didn’t happen to him, it sounds like he would have showed up to OTAs hungover anyways. He took that big payday to be a leader of this team, and he is setting a terrible example. I say we make an example out of him and cut his blind ass. It sucks that he got mugged and everything, I’m not saying he deserved that, but what kind of DEDICATED player goes clubbing in Vegas until 6:30 Monday morning when he is expected in Almeda for practice the next day? This guy has his priorities royaly F’d up. He is not focused on helping the Raiders win games, he is more worried about his big paycheck and the hottest clubs on the Vegas strip. In short, he is an idiot for even being in Vegas that day. He is not dedicated to the Raiders, and we need someone who is.

  • La Milicia Negra

    ???… post 722


    and I find post irrelevant when the say thing as ‘people’ and ‘some fans’… Adress it please.. otherwise its self-righteous…

  • Thec

    Post 721, I respect a lot of what you say on this board but i disagree with this post….

    You can still work out with a bad kneee, he was on the filed during ota’s…… He can still work out and rehab, which is what he should have been doing….
    Check the top atheletes in the winners circle in most sports what is their work ethic or

  • La Milicia Negra

    Bob Marley…

    Again… I totally agree

  • Dakota

    Lol, I am sure Javon Walker is the only professional athlete that goes out and parties in the offseason. He is the only athlete that ever drinks. Get real.

    This guy has not been in trouble with the law, he has not gone out and gotten a bunch of DUIs, and as far as I know he has not been in trouble with the NFL, so why does this guy not deserve the benefit of the doubt in a situation like this?

    Because he had a knee injury? Because AD paid him $55 million? Because he is a former Bronco? Because he is a loud mouth complainer? Why is this guy not getting a little time to explain himself before you guys crucify him?

    Many of you are reacting to this like he is Pacman Jones or something.

  • Eyepatch

    But Pacman was smart enough to surround himself with protection, now who looks like the idiot?

  • From pft.com….the rumors are flying…

    “There are completely unfounded rumors (we repeat . . . completely unfounded rumors) that the incident started with a champagne bidding war between Walker and Floyd Mayweather, and that a member of Mayweather’s entourage later stumbled upon Walker and proceeded to beat him into a pulp.”

  • La Milicia Negra


    yeah of course he can (might say could) do some light work out, but no lifting….

    My point is, the guy was off duty… he knows he cant get blasterd the next 6 month… He is happy about his new team, knows he can win over his old team, he wants to celebrate with alcohol before its all vitamin shakes…

    I can relate to that… But I udnerstand when people say its stupoid to put yourself in such a situation.. especially when you can offer a bodyguard…. hence the blame talk…

    But I see a big, no huge difference between fault and blame…. but then again, I work with legal papers everyday, most here probably dont…

  • darkknight01


    I’m not crucifying anybody….however what worries me is Walkers judgement. I mean the guy had one of buddies die in his lap after a night of partying at the club. You would think that would be a life changing experience and wake up call when it comes to attracting unecessary attention and flashing his bling everywhere. You would think that he would have learned something from that tragedy right?

  • Nooch Vader

    We can all go back and forth on the why’s and how’s. But from the business side, if this guy is all F’d up now, and the Raiders can get out of this contract they should, and probably will, cut him. It’s not about his body being his business, it’s about his business being his body.

  • La Milicia Negra

    waow Bob…

    that wild.. I guess Hollywood screenwriters has something they need to get rid….I mean quite imaginative rumors..

    I’ll come back later, when you know more, and hopefully the media has some real facts

  • darkknight01

    Bob Marley,
    From pft.com….the rumors are flying…

    “There are completely unfounded rumors (we repeat . . . completely unfounded rumors) that the incident started with a champagne bidding war between Walker and Floyd Mayweather, and that a member of Mayweather’s entourage later stumbled upon Walker and proceeded to beat him into a pulp

    If this is true….then Mayweather is an even bigger pu$$y than I thought he was. He fights like a girl and is afraid to take the DLH rematch because papa knows his weakness’s and he runs from REAL competition like Cotto and Moseley and Margarito. Now he has one of his low life punks beat Walker, when he can’t do it himself? Mayweatehr is a wuss!

  • Went to the pft.com “source”…it´s just a post on some board.

    “Just talked to my boy, a bartender at Body English. He was working last night.

    His story:

    Javon and Floyd Mayweather both had tables, and got into a bidding war, buying champagne. According to him Javon bought over 30 bottles of Dom, and Floyd won, buying around 50 bottles of Cristal. When Floyd won, he then made it rain, throwing stacks of money off the balcony (The VIP tables are on a mezzanine overlooking the dance floor. Javon was on one side, and Floyd on the other).

    The rumor making the rounds among the staff there is that someone in Mayweather’s crew jacked up Walker.”

  • Thec

    LMN, with all due respect your profession does not come into play, nor does it make your argument anymore relevant….

    I am sorry it happended to Javon, but If it were me i would curfew myself….. I am a proessional athelete, i get paid millions of dollars to play a game, i would want to be the best so to get an edge on the crowd i would watch what i eat, watch my alcoholic intake to the nth degree. I would be on vitimin shakes even during the offseason. If i woke up in the middle of the night it would be pushups and situps PERIOD…

    He was at OTA’s running around so your argument about his knee holds zero merit. Who said he could not lift or do the exercise bike? How do we know what he can and cannot due?

  • darkknight01


    Mayweather is a PU$$! IF this is true….

  • Senile King’s Aricept

    Walker’s arrogance- in spite of his sordid history- speaks volumes.His best friend died of gunshot wounds in his arms under similar circumstances.What a f*****g idiot! Deacon Jones in right. All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Many of these obscenely paid ,out of touch, gangsta-athletes are ruining pro sports….. I hope D Hall’s capacity to learn from his mistakes is greater than Javon’s.

  • Eyepatch
  • So, again…the pft.com Mayweather story comes from some dude posting on a board….take it for what it´s worth, they make sure to mention it is completely unfounded, I´m just passing it along.

  • Thec

    Nooch Vader, AMEN…

  • Nooch Vader

    Jeez, no wonder the value of the dollar is in the toilet…teehee

  • La Milicia Negra


    I agree my profession has nothing to due with this, it just seem to me most here don’t understand the difference between fault and blame….

    I blame Javon for putting him in that position, but it is the muggers fault for happening…

  • K-Rock


    Give the racist crap a break. Everytime someone speaks the truth they get labeled a racist.

    I said you are a thug because you are on here defending thug like behavior.

    The shooting he was involved in followed an altercation AT A NIGHTCLUB. Not a Church, not sitting at home minding his own business.

    That is why I can say that the pattern of behavior Walker has displayed has directly contributed to BOTH incidents he has been involved in.

    Just because you can’t handle the truth and are obviously a thug, doesn’t make me racist. It just makes me right.

  • La Milicia Negra

    I won’t make any replies in the next hour… if some here wants it, I will see if I’m able to later…

  • Nooch Vader

    If it is true that someone in Floyd’s crew did this, the Raiders can cut Javon, and he can sue Floyd for $16 million. There. Everyone wins.

  • K-Rock

    Eyepatch’s article….

    There are some tragic ironies to the Javon Walker robbery story.

    Walker went to Las Vegas in the days after Darrent Williams was killed in Denver on Jan. 1, 2007. Williams died in Walker’s arms in a rented limousine after the two attended a New Year’s Eve party in downtown Denver. Walker received a lot of criticism for going to Las Vegas and going to nightclubs instead of joining the rest of the organization in Fort Worth, Texas, at Williams’ funeral.

    Walker said in an HBO interview last summer that he fled Denver for Las Vegas because he was scared for his life.

    In that same interview, Walker said a melee started before Williams was shot because Denver receiver Brandon Marshall and his cousin were spraying champagne at the Denver nightclubs and that it agitated gang members in attendance.

    According to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Walker — who signed with Oakland after being cut by Denver this offseason — was spraying champagne at two Las Vegas nightclubs last weekend, including shortly before he was found unconscious.

  • Dakota


    All I am saying is let’s wait for the facts before passing judgment.

  • Eyepatch

    From the looks of it the spraying is what got him beat up, not a mugger. They robbed him becuase they probably knew he had cash on him from one of the nightclubs.