Walker matter under review

A Raiders spokesman said “We are in the process of gathering information,” regarding the status of wide receiver Javon Walker, who was reportedly found unconconscious in Las Vegas with an orbital fracture Monday morning.

Walker, according to Fox affiliate KVVU-5, was listed in fair condition.

The Las Vegas-Review Journal reported Walker was spotted at the nightspot “Tryst” at the Wynn “spraying the crowd with some of the 15 bottles of Dom Perignone Rose champagne he ordered.”

Walker signed a free agent contract with $16 million in guaranteed money in the offseason but was still rounding into shape following knee surgery. Coach Lane Kiffin said he wanted Walker to lose weight before the Raiders went to training camp in Napa.

A report filed with the the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department identified Walker as the “victim of an early morning crime.”

The statement read as follows:

“The victim of an early morning crime near the intersection of Winnick Avenue and Koval lane has been identified as Javon Walker. Officers responded to a report of a man down at that location at approximately 7:19 a.m. this morning. When officers arrived they found an unconscious male, who appears to have been the victim of a robbery. The victim was transported to an area hospital with siginficant injuries. Late this afternoon detectives were able to positively identify the victim as Walker.

“Walker remains hospitalized at this time and this investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information concinering this event is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • The weird thing is that all this wild partying talk is now making me wanna go to Vegas….maybe I´ll buy 30 Coronas and spray people with them.

  • ???

    I choose to say some fans because at the point at which I jumped on here today there were already 640 som odd coments to remember the names and numbers off all the posts i took issues with so it was easier just to point out that some people need to lookk at the bigger picture here not just how it effects the team on the feild. So yes i am sorry some fans is how i choose to phrase this because I work graveyard and by the timeI logged in and startted reading its too much of a blure to reemember what dumb fool said what.

    They know who they are and the fans that have a better since of reality know who they are I was simply poiinting out that some of the posters on here are screwed up, and if you read my very first post on here today i made it clear I did not read every stinking post before i got on here more then likely somebody else noticed the same thing i did and called them all on it. I am simply puting in my two cwents before bed time.

    So yes I could cal out names or numbers but what good would thaat do my goal is not to mention who said what just that we need to remember what is truly important somebody else also said on here as of right now we have to assume he was a victim of a crime and we should not pas judgement on him until we know otherwise.

    We can all agree his work habits have been called into question by the coaching staff ans we can debate rather or not he is comited to his craft or not but that is another issue from what happened yesterday.

    if you also read my first post i told you my attitude about some of the posters on here has soured because of what one Poster implied about wanting Obama to end up like JfK. On another topic a few days back.

    at this point i dont remember who said that. The post I made calling them on it never showed up why there piece of crap post stayed.

    Rather they were joking or not is beside the point you should never implie you want somebody assinated. That is a idiotic statement to make and then they end there post by saying go raiders.

    Sorry no class if i could remember the name they posted under or wanted to waste my time looking for it just to make my point i would but i read this blog to wind doen after workng all night Not to waste my time sorting through old coments to further illistrate my point. Besides what in sam hell does the presidential elections got to do with the raiders? Last i checked theis was not a political blog?? Maybe we are not all highly educated on here that is not a crime, but do we all have to make moronic post and lok like a bucnch of idiots?

    Go ahead and express your opinions people but dont look like a bunch of heartless bastards doing it, and save your political views for the political blogs. If i want to discuss politics I will do so in the proper fourm not on here please lets keep this one on the appropriate subject matter the Raiders and at least for today we can all say its too bad about what happened to Javon before we rip him a new one for going to vegas for the weekened.

    Damn 10:45 am already time flies when you are having fun i got to do a few things real quick and get to bed.

    you all have fun guys just dont forget that there are things in life more important then how many passes if any Javon catches for the Raiders next season. have a good day one and all I got a date with my pilliow! 🙂

  • K-Rock


    Just add the http: t the link above and check out some picks of Walker in Vegas.

  • Wow Eyepatch,
    If that article you posted is true, that shows a startling lack of judgement on Walker’s part that would make me very leary of keeping him on this team, around so many impressionable rookies. People who make the same mistakes over and over again while drunk, cant be blamed for their drunken decisions, but they can be blamed for choosing to go out drinking despite a history of stupid behavior while intoxicated. Sadly I don’t think Al Davis would cut Javon this soon.

  • MR

    K Rock, you don’t have to explain your racism. We get it. You probably grew up in the south or whatever, and you’re just accustomed to it. Your dad was probably a racist. We understand. You’re still our Raider bro. We just keep an eye on you, and we don’t tell you about functions where black people might show up. It’s for the best.

    Anyhow, Bob Marley, did this thing with Javon really happen? Or is this all “pure conjecture” that the Raider hating press made up, like the Kiffin resignation, and our 19-61 record over the past 5 years?

  • MR


    Nobody is going to read that novel. Start your own blog. We wouldn’t even read a blog by Jerry that was that long, and he’s educated, and knows how to write. So where does that leave you?

  • Eyepatch

    Well not going to Williams funeral says enough for me.

  • MR…I´m still trying to figure it out, I´ll get back to you, those pictures seem a bit tampered to me…lol.

  • MR

    Has Oakie Poke logged on this morning? Oakglenn was huge on Walker. Now Oakglenn is calling him a lazy bum. So, Oakglenn, did the all knowing Al Davis make a mistake, or was it Kiffin’s idea to bring in Walker? Come on, Oak, I need my morning comedy.

  • I sure would like to know the extent of his injuries.

    I’m glad McFadden wasn’t with him.

  • RaiderMight

    LOL Bob… That’s what I call making it rain.

    I’m going in August. I guess I should leave my watches at home.

  • MR

    Senile King’s Aricept Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 10:33 am

    “Deacon Jones in right.”



  • If I wanted to lay low for awhile to hide from gang-bangers, Las Vegas would be my last choice. If nothing else, Javon Walker’s affinity for The Strip, should be raising red flags with the organization.

    Pacman Jones was just a guy who liked eating breakfast at strip clubs until the “rain” incident. Sometimes its not about blaming these guys, or pointing the finger at their gangster image, its just about accepting that people who are always in the wrong place, will eventually be there at the wrong time. The Raiders need to decide if Javon’s talent is worth the risk of his bad judgement.

  • Eyepatch

    Its safe to say Kiffin and Davis wanted Walker but now Davis has the upper hand. With conduct clauses in the contract there’s no telling what he will do. Because its such a huge contract I would bet Walker is walking on very thin ice with Davis knowing he has a way out.

  • ???

    Mr. Your point is valid however.

    I would not feel the need to write long post if certain things were not allowed to remain on here like that idiotic post a few days ago from some fool claiming to be a raider fan but saying he wanted to see a man assisnated Like JFK.

    Maybe if they made us all registed and had moderators on here i would not feel the need to dron on MR…

    Some of the coments made on here today and like that one a few days back just shows how far down the crapper this blog is going. time for moderators and handel verification.

  • MR

    Eyepatch Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 9:37 am

    You guys have too much sympathy for a man that can afford to have armed security 24/7 and yet seems to sniff out violent offenders.


    Especially a black man, right patch?

  • MR


    Are you directing long winded diatribes to me now, after I just told you I won’t read them? My god, you’re something else.

  • Eyepatch

    MR quit bringing up race, thats your problem not ours.

  • MR

    Eyepatch Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 10:57 am

    Its safe to say Kiffin and Davis wanted Walker



  • RaiderMight

    Oh oh. The broken record is back.

  • RaiderMight…haha yeah, I´ll let you know how it turns out, I´m guessing not well.

  • Nooch Vader

    Forget about this incident. Think about what we do know about this guy, as stated in post 751 above. Also, we know that he has really only had two good seasons. Now, think about Nnamdi. A pillar of the community, while also being one of the best at his position. I hate to question my favorite team’s priorities, but…

  • MR

    Eyepatch, it’s cool. We know you and K Rock just grew up in racist environments. You can’t help it. You can’t help but to be a little more harsh on black athletes when they get in trouble than you are on white athletes. You may not even know it when you’re doing it. But you can’t fool us. The bottom line is though, eyepatch, is that you’re our Raider bro. We’re here for you. It’s cool. We’ll try and educate you, get some diversity in your life. I know you don’t want it, but it’s for your own good.

    Oh, and patch, we got it. Kiffin was just as much at fault for bringing in Walker as Davis. We know Kiffin has equal control. Kiffin owns half of the team, and Davis owns the other half. Poor old Al. His hands were tied on this one. Can’t blame him…

  • ???

    LOL that post on of min on 768 was not even that long and you are probably the idiot that made that coment I was talking about a few days back.

    I maybe long winded and I know i sure as hel cant spell worth a crap. But at least i can respecrt people for who they are and dont judge them on how they look or where they are from.

  • RaiderMight

    Last time I was there was actually when Mayweather and Oscar faught. Didn’t go to the fight, as I don’t care too much about boxing (and the steap price), but it was crazy. I was out ’til around 5am walking around “half way drunk, but not throwing up”. Looking back, not a smart thing to do around that time.

    It was fairly peaceful that night. There were cops everywhere!

  • ?????,

    I totally agree with you, the most vile hateful, racist stuff is always allowed to remain, the Trolls are never moderated, yet when a poster reacts to that garbage, he’s banned. Obviously that’s the way the operators of this blog want it.

  • Eyepatch
  • MR

    eyepatch, are you in to animal genitalia, like Dakota?

  • RaiderMight

    Nice one Eyepatch.

  • MR


    Again, listen, pay attention:


    Understand that?

  • RaiderMight

    I wish this site would allow registrations. It would be a lot nicer. Less of a post count, but with less troll activity.

  • MR

    Raidermight, you’re just sitting there agreeing with people who are insulting me, instead of saying what you want to say. Now we’ve got your gender figured out. What’s good, baby? You got a boyfriend?

  • MR

    What kind of chick names herself “Raidermight”, anyway? It should be RaiderGirl, or something, right? You a tomboy, Raidermight?

  • RaiderMight

    I just don’t like you MR. You’re annoying and never say anything worth reading. You are nothing but useless spam. So go annoying someone who cares what you think about them.

  • ???

    He is right about one thing though Kool Kell I am at times long winded and my spelling sucks and when i get tired or in a hurry it gets worse. LOL Guilty as charged.

    I just dont like some of the coments that are allowed to remain on here its one thing when a Charger fan jumps on here and talks about how great his or her team is its quiet another when you make comments saying you support a predidential canidiate so he can end up being killed and I think its amazing how when i made a post calling this troll on that fact my post went kaboom and that piece of crap comment remained at least for a few days.

    LOL and to think i used to bitch when some people whould fill up the blog with coments about basketball ok maybe thats not so bad after all at least they were still talking about a game not spouting coments that had absalutely nothing to do with sports. LOL! 🙂

  • Kush

    I don’t believe I’ve read more idiotic posts on this blog in my life. There’s so many factors to look at in this case.

    1)The Las Vegas-Review Journal reported Walker was spotted at the nightspot “Tryst” at the Wynn “spraying the crowd with some of the 15 bottles of Dom Perignone Rose champagne he ordered.”

    Spotted by WHO? This report sounds just like the infamous anonymous sources that have been reporting our ‘RELIABLE’ off season Raider info over the past 6 months. We don’t know what happened until more credible info comes out.

    2)Whether he sprayed the club with champagne or not Javon’s mistake was simple and plain, he got too comfortable and didn’t watch his back. I live in Oakland and these type of incidents happen to people literally daily, and none of the victims have Javon Walker money.

    If I drive around my neighborhood ‘flossing’ or attracting attention to the fact that I have alot of money, unfortunately I’m making myself a target for crime. It’s unfortunate but true.

    Athletes and celebrities must realize that just because they are wealthy, they are not invincible or untouchable. When athletes go out they should have someone watching their back period.

    Javon Walker is a VICTIM here, not a criminal. His mistake was no different than someone who gets robbed at an ATM machine because it’s late at night and they didn’t look around them to make sure the coast was clear. I wish him the best and a speedy recovery, but hopefully this will send a message throughout the league that athletes are not superhuman and need to take the same precautions that all the rest of us do in society.

  • MR

    Raidermight, baby, calm down. What is it, guy problems?

  • MR

    Well put, Kush. I don’t even think this is an issue. But I’m getting a kick out of all of the people who were once praising Walker now calling him a bum. I want to know from them if they think Al made a mistake for once in his life. Still no answer. Oh…except that they’re starting to blame Kiffin for Walker’s signing. But that was expected.

  • ???

    Mr. You keep calling attention to my posts.

    That just shows that maybe I have a point you are a idiot and only wish to bad mouth people.

    At least i aint out to be hurtful and i can respect people for who they is, and i already admit my spelling ext. Sucks you just state the obvious and most of my posts are not any longer then a lot of peoples on here.

    But of course you aint reading this cus you are fricken king of the universe lets all bow down and pay homoage to great and wonderful Mr. To bad he will not read the part well I tell you all to respect the fool because he is so great and my posts are too long. LMAO

    I aint getting no sleep but this is fun too. 🙂

  • RaiderfanNY

    No one deserves to be the victim of a crime, but Walker’s judgment is horrendous. He’s 29 years old, not 22. He’s coming back from a serious injury and owes his best possible performance to a team that paid him a ton. And he went through the experience of having a friend and teammate die in his arms. Shouldn’t he have learned something by now? But he’s out all night, acting like a buffoon. It’s terribly sad and too predictable. The huge contract that Davis gave to Walker shows how out of it the boss is. Someone should ask Jerry Rice or Tim Brown how often they were out clubbing when they were 29.

  • vegas raider

    Kush, go to tmz.com there is four pics of him spraying champagne. I agree with you he is a victim of crime and also a victim of his own stupidity.

  • MR


    Have you ever posted a comment less than 3 paragraphs? If you’re going to fill this blog up with long posts, take an adult course on writing. Read some Vonnegut, Twain, etc. Lean how to write, then maybe people will read your long winded bitch fests. As it stands, nobody reads a word you have to say beyond your first sentence. We can tell off the get go that you can’t right. You just keep trying, though. Sad.

  • Nooch Vader


    JUNE 17, 2008
    BSPN has confirmed that Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver Javon Walker rounded third. And, while he was sliding into home, his pants were according to witnesses “full of foam”. He was admitted into Las Vegas General Hospital for diarrhea…diarrhea.

  • Eyepatch

    Is this making it rain idea something gang related or just what high paid athletes do? Javon looks like Pacman but without the dollar bills and armed escort to me.

  • MR

    Vegas Raider, if he were white, you’d think he was a victim though, right?

  • ????,

    Yeah I read those comments the other day and was disgusted, and said so, called out the Mods & Jon the online editor but……..they remained.

  • MR

    Eyepatch, now Javon’s a gang member? Where does it end, patch? Have you ever met a black athlete you liked, besides Tiger Woods, Sonny Liston, or the pre 1994 OJ Simpson?

  • Kush

    There’s two things that are relevant and concern me here:

    1) I hope Javon Walker is ok and has a speedy recovery, and that’s my sentiments towards him as a human being.

    2) Unfortunately for Javon this is a business. We need to start looking for a replacement. On the football field I truly believe that he is potentially DAMAGED GOODS! We need to start speculating on a new #1 receiver and how we can go about acquiring one.

  • vegas raider

    I said he was a victim, but he has to take some of the blame right? What the hell does race have to do with it?

  • MR

    Patch, did dad use the N word regularly around you kids? When did it start for you?