Walker due in Alameda tonight


If Javon Walker is this hard to keep track of when the 2008 regular season begins, JaMarcus Russell will have himself a wide open receiver.

Tracing the steps of Walker over the past few days is tricky business, but according to coach Lane Kiffin, the wide receiver is supposed to arrive in Alameda and be examined by the team’s medical staff Wednesday night and be with the team Thursday on the final day of organized team activities.

Kiffin declined to get into specifics regarding Walker’s condition, but did say, “The information I have at this point is he’s going to be fine. Training camp won’t even be an issue.”

The Raiders team statement is as follows:

“We are aware that Javon Walker was the victrim of a robbery. We have been told that he will make a full recovery in the near future and resume his preparation for the 2008 NFL season. we will provide further updates as they become available.”

Earlier Wednesday, Kennard McGuire, the agent for Walker, said in a statement that Walker had been released from the hospital and was “recovering in a private environment.”

That came as a surprise to the Las Vegas Police Department. Officer Jose Montoya, speaking on behalf of Lt. Clint Nichols, said it was his information that Walker was still hospitalized as of Wednsday morning.

“The investigation remains ongoing, he’s been upgraded to stable condition and we’re following up leads,” Montoya said.

It is not clear whether Walker suffered an orbital fracture, as has been reported. Nor has the story printed by TheDirty.com, which gave an account of Walker describing what happened, been confirmed.

The Web site decribed itself as a “friend” of Walker, and attributed a wild, hard-to-believe-account of what happened to the wide receiver, who was staying at the Bellagio.

“I was just back at my room and at about 5:30 in the morning, I got a knock at the door, I opened it and three guys with guns were there, they cracked me in the head a few times knocking me unconscious,” Walker said “They then robbed me of everything I had, my watch, money, everything! Somehow they got me to the car and dropped me off in the street. That’s what happened.”

Kiffin was keeping details in house.

`All I can give you is I spoke to him, he’s doing well, and he’s on a plane, he’ll be on a plane this evening, back here,” Kiffin said.

Kiffin said he hoped the Walker experience would resonate with other players on the team.

“All we can do is educate them the best that we can,” Kiffin said. “We can’t babysit ‘em. We talk to them all the time about certain places to be, where not to be, and you guys have heard it a million times, not many good things happen after midnight.

“This is an example of that, I think, just talking to some of our players today, relaying the message from Javon to them, I think it’s a wakeup call to some of them, just to remind them about how dangerous it is out there in certain places and how much they have to think before they put themselves in situations.”

Russell said it was a lesson for players to “watch your surroundings, it could happen to anybody,” and recommended “that you always (take) somebody with you when you go places.”

More details to come regarding practice later today . . .

Agent Kennard McGuire said Walker was “recovering in a private environment.” An aide to McGuire, of MS World in Richmond, Texas, declined to say where Walker was staying.

“Javon looks forward to getting back to his family and teammates,” the statement said, “and is looking forward to the start of the upcoming season.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Raider Mike in Petaluma

    OK, time to move on. Javon is ok and will be playing when training camp starts in a few weeks. The Raiders haters will rejoice for awhile, let’s move on to the start of a very exciting season!

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  • MR

    What does Kiffin know?

  • Ryan

    Good news.

  • MR

    Kiffin’s the only source, here? I don’t buy that Kiffin has any more of an idea what’s going on than any of us do. Kiffin’s head seat isn’t even going to be plugged in this year. He’s hanging out and collecting his paychecks, nothing else.

  • MR

    Whatever inclination I had of Kiffin having any kind of control or status in this organization went out the window on draft day. Kiffin has no idea what’s going on with Walker. Al Davis probably doesn’t, either. But what else is new, there?

  • RaiderTay

    Javon’s story sounds so fishy (kidnapped out of hotel room). Sounds like hes tying to cover something up. Makes me think that he was up to no good.

    It will be very interesting once all the facts come out.

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  • isbort

    Great news. Maybe we will find out what happened one day.

  • RaiderTay

    Jason Jones made a great point.

    “There’s no way to be 100 percent safe. Athletes can’t stay home all the time (Sean Taylor was shot in his home).”

  • MR

    Only those of us prepared for the inevitable disaster, SouthTexasRaider. I doubt you’ll be laughing in December. But I certainly will. I’m laughing already.

  • Dudley Dudlerdson

    Wow…Never a boring day in the Raider Nation.

  • Florida Pete

    i am sure that some people in here have heard…

    “he who has the last laugh, laughs the best…”

    this applies to non-humans and their kings…

  • MR

    Dudley, it depends on who you ask. I don’t find this crap exciting, at all.

  • MR

    Sure, Florida Pete. Anyone who doesn’t bow down to a savior that doesn’t even exist, like Jesus Christ, must pray cockroaches. Typical Florida swamp trash logic. I don’t worship cockroaches, nor Jesus. But at least cockroaches exist. I’ll give them that much.

  • Florida Pete

    MR Says:
    June 18th, 2008 at 1:49 pm
    Sure, Florida Pete. Anyone who doesn’t bow down to a savior that doesn’t even exist, like Jesus Christ, must pray cockroaches. Typical Florida swamp trash logic. I don’t worship cockroaches, nor Jesus. But at least cockroaches exist. I’ll give them that much.


    wait… wait… wait…

    i didn’t say you worship cockroaches…

    i think they worship you !!!

  • SouthTexasRaider

    MR is just a poor lost soul with no direction and will leave this world and still be lost

  • Florida Pete

    one cannot be lost…

    if one does not know where one is…

  • ufk tha police…. ufk the donkeys…. and ufk walker 4 not being @ the facility working hard to show he deserves the $$$$ he got from uncle AL….. this guy had no bizness being in vegas the day b4 OTAs IMO

  • Florida Pete

    Florida Pete Says:
    June 18th, 2008 at 1:53 pm
    one cannot be lost…

    if one does not know where one is…


    equally true if one is still living in one’s mother’s basement…

  • MR

    Now, I’m not going to do the typical know nothing middle class white sports fan thing and just call Javon a “thug”, but I always thought he was detrimental to a football team focused on winning a Super Bowl (considering we actually were one…). Putting one’s self in the situation that Javon did doesn’t necessarily make him a thug (unless, of course, you’re Pastor K Rock. He made it clear last night that anyone who goes to an establishment that actually serves alcohol is a thug), but it does make him an idiot who lacks focus. This is why I was never excited about the guy…but I at least thought he wouldn’t start falling apart until the season happened. He beat me to the punch. So, smooth move again, Al. What did we pay him again?

  • MR

    South Texas Raider, do you talk to snakes, too?

    Florida Raider, what’s with your obsession with cockroaches, anyway? I’ve only seen a few in my life. Do you see them regularly? Like in your swamp trailer?

  • RaiderMight

    Well I hope he clears the medical tests today and they point to him beign back training with the team by training camp.

  • MR

    408, right on. Agree with everything you said, except to where you let Al off the hook. Do you believe Al had no clue Javon was like this? Al Davis is like a woman that keeps dating the wrong guys. He needs to be held accountable, too.

  • Exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Walker story hits the Druge report.

  • SouthTexasRaider

    your hopeless mr. good luck in life

  • dog u live in your mothers basement?? thats better then Jail I suppose…….

    GO RAIDERS…… WALKER got beat down 4 being stupid…. I hoope hes ok and ges fired up 4 the season or he can stay fat and party his monnies away…… I hope the contract had a idiot clause

  • Florida Pete


    do you deny negotiating with the cockroaches to be their King ???

    do you deny the haven you have provided them in your mother’s basement ???

  • Mr. Mister

    Dude…Let it go. Didn’t you wear this out with your boyfriend K-Rock last night. I mean, you posting until 3 AM. You guys should take advantage of the new same-sex marriage law, and give us all a break.

  • MR

    Florida Pete, we’ve got mothers basements and cockroaches. Is that truly the extent of your comedy? If so, you realize comedy isn’t your thing, right?

  • Eyepatch

    Headset MR, headset you moron.

  • Dr. Phil

    MR Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 11:52 am
    # BART Bridge Balla Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 11:47 am

    MR isn’t a racist, he hates everybody.


    You know? I can agree with that. I don’t hate everyone, literally, but I do hate most people. I believe the human race has peaked and is on it’s way down the sewer, and there’s absolutely no stopping it. So, yeh, I’ll take that label.


    Dear Mr

    Please call my shoe producers to interview you for our future show called “I Hate All People”
    Lets examine your background and all the terrible events that occured in your life time. It must be troubling to be on a blog all day and early evening talking to others who hate you.
    Please call my show producer, the help you need is extremely important.

  • MR

    Thanks for the correction, Eyepatch. Anything else?

  • MR

    Florida Pete, are you going to heaven?

  • MR

    Where is heaven, anyway, guys? I can’t find it on google earth. There’s no pictures of it. You know why? It doesn’t exist, you freaks.

  • Jim (ct raider)

    I appreciate everyone allowing me to unleash the last couple of days. I was a prick but it felt good. I was in arguing mode. I’m mellow again.

    I’m back! Enjoy. i wish we had raider news

    ct raider

  • Florida Pete

    later, guys…

    you too, mr…

  • MR

    yes uncle AL is responsible 4 all things RAIDERS I just think he might have had the contract hooked up 2 get some money back from the dummies…. rember J Russ didn’t want to sign his contract because of the tard clause

  • MR

    Florida Pete, I laugh at anything that’s funny, be it about myself or anyone. But the mother’s basement thing is kind of the comeback dejour for anyone getting owned in an argument in here, is it not? Pretty tired. And the cockroach thing? That’s 1st grade humor, Pete. But then again, that’s probably as far as you made it in school.

  • MR

    Eyepatch, what about my persona is racist?

    408, it’s not necessarily about the money with Walker. It’s him being on the team. It’s a question as to rather or not he’s capable of being part of championship team. It seems to me that no owner serious about winning a championship wastes their time with an idiot like Walker. But then again, we’re not talking about owners serious about winning championships. We’re talking about Al Davis.

  • MR

    I’ll see you jesus freaks later. Have fun talking to snakes, South Texas Raider. I’m going to go outside and pray to the sun. It’s beautiful out there. Later.

  • Dr. Phil

    Mr. MR we also have a show of people who make up lies to become believeable, this may suit you also.
    Ron Wolf Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 9:14 pm
    Madden Raider Slapper> thank you for correctly quoting me, I was an assistant to the great Al Davis.
    I just wish MR would see the hard work and dedication Al puts in his team. MR is wrong to believe I had a hand in all drafts, personel decisions, and players visa vi trade.
    Madden Raider Slapper Says:
    June 14th, 2008 at 1:07 pm
    Actually MR, it isn’t common knowledge that Ron Wolf built those teams. And once again, you prove your title of biggest hypocrite in the world when you accuse others of ‘conspiracy theories’ for laying out facts and common sense yet you want us to believe that GM/Owner who is supposedly responsible for the past 5 years wasn’t responsible for the 70’s & 80’s. I’m well aware that Ron Wolf was the GM of a SuperBowl team that won a title in the 90’s. I’m also aware that he didn’t have the same success when Mike Holmgren decided to bolt the first chance he got. In your warped mind, that must mean Holmgren was run out by Wolf because Al ran out Gruden correct? Could you enlighten me on Wolf’s success stories with the Jets and Buccaneers?

    By the way, before you make this a Wolf vs. Davis, let it be known that I’m a fan of Wolf and realize he found great players for us…Also, take one guess as to who said this to packers.com…”I had an opportunity to learn from — to me — the greatest figure in the game today, Al Davis. He knows every aspect of the game of professional football –
    not just the X’s and O’s but from the business standpoint and the talent standpoint. He is totally involved, and he taught me. I was very, very fortunate
    to work for him.”

  • SouthTexasRaider

    i guess ill come back when there is raider talk.

    peace out fellas

  • Jim (ct raider)

    MR bailed me out. No one noticed what a prick i was because of him. I actually owe him

    ct raider

  • Eye of the tiger

    ready for training camp = awesome

  • I hate to take the “negative side” here, but it just doesn’t make sense. When it looks bad, taste bad, smells bad and feels bad, then it’s usually bad.

    Like any true Raiders fan, I hope to high heaven that the story is true, that he wasn’t kicked in his knees and that the concussion to his “knucklehead” is minor at best. I want him to have learned from the experience (his second life threatening experience) and I want him to come out and earn that #1 Wide Receiver position and contribute like hell to our success this year.

    However, we live in a “I’m going to sue you-world” where people sue you because you looked at them funny or your scratched their car or whatever other lame excuse they can come up with. As a protection against law-suits and also to provider some defense to their position, all establishments, especially in Las Vegas, and especially Hotels, Motels, living establishments of any kind in Las Vegas will HAVE CAMERAS, “up the ying
    yang,” to protect themselves and their paying tenants.

    SO, THERE IS NO “HOTEL” IN “FREAKING LAS VEGAS” where you can go to a persons room, at any time, and not have it on tape. If it’s not on tape, then Javon can sue the Hotel, big time. Johnny Cockran, would rise from the dead himself to sue the Hotel, big time. So where is the “tape.” And, how in the world and “why” would the robbers take him to their car and dump him when they can leave him in his room. The Hotel tape would show that. The hotel tape would show these (3) idiots carrying their robber victim, through the hotel floor and down the elevator or stairs. That’s crazy and you’re crazy if you believe that. Maybe Bill Belichick knows where the tape is?


  • CT

    MR is actully veary funny IMO he just gets bashed on all the time cuz he bites on every lil thing……

  • lefty 12

    it’s funny-there were nice football topics being discussed,charger fan AKA mr comes on and the board goes back into the garbage.ignore him.keep the topic to football.