Harris-for-Sims a good `trade’?


EDITOR’S NOTE: Jerry McDonald will be taking the next few days off as he grieves the passing of his father. In the meantime, we’ll keep you guys as updated as possible during this period, with help from writers Steve Corkran and Bill Soliday.

Now that longtime Raider Barry Sims officially joined the 49ers on Monday, the unofficial swap of Bay Area offensive linemen is complete _ ex-49er Kwame Harris having traded in his red & gold gear for Oakland garb earlier this offseason.
The natural question is who is a better fit for their new team, Harris with the Raiders or Sims with the 49ers? Click on the link and cast your vote.
Sims was, at worst, a serviceable starter for years with the Raiders. Some might say he was a solid starter _ those might be the ones who choose to ignore Sims’ meeting with Simeon Rice in San Diego.
Sims, though, didn’t seem a great fit for Tom Cable’s zone-blocking scheme. Sims, who started most of his nine years with the Raiders, signed a two-year deal with San Francisco because the 49ers are giving him a chance to compete with Jonas Jennings for the right tackle spot.
Harris, who showed flashes early in his 49ers career, had become a frequent target of disgruntled 49ers fans after some unbelievably poor performances. It is hoped that Harris’ fortunes will improve under Cable’s system. Harris has been given the chance to become JaMarcus Russell’s MIP (Most Important Protector) as the Raiders’ starting left tackle.
Can Harris hack it?
Would you have rather the Raiders kept Sims around?
We’ll find some answers over the next couple of months as training camp and the preseason games begin.


Jon Becker

  • saintkaufman

    Oh no!! Not you guys!!

    Just kidding. Thanks for the write up.

  • still cant stop the run

    Thanks for giving us something to read.

    Only time will tell.

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    Did anyone here anymore info about the guy who got caught in the Javon walker incident? ESPN’s article does not give much info.The police caught a suspect and are looking for another son of a b—–!

  • continued from the last post…I agree there will be a lot of roll outs called and the RB’s will have to get involved in the blocking scheme. We did a great job of running the ball last year and I hope that trend continues as it can keep us in a lot of close games by being able to control the line of scrimmage in that manner. Especially in our division.

    I heard Harris is a great run blocker but has problems in pass protection (maybe footwork issues) we really are pinning our hopes for a good season on him more than any one player I would think.

  • Eye of the tiger

    this is more like an AD than a blog post

  • saintkaufman

    My 2 biggest concerns with Harris is the “Lowlights” video and the look in Alex Smith’s eyes.

  • raiders4life

    This just in the man who robbed and beat Javon Walker has been arested i hope he gets locked up for a long while being charged with assault and kidnaping.

  • La Milicia Negra

    I’m sure ‘9ers will be a great fit for Sims, he’s got what Kwame didn’t have and the other way around…

    Kwame is everything Sims never was… FAST!… we need fast guys, and I hope/believe Cable will make him a good and more than a serviceable lineman…

    I think its best for both teams and both men the way their lines look now…

    My biggest concern on the line is Wade… I have some big questions… Should we have kept Newberry?, will Wade be a starter? will Grove get back in with the first team…. or is it Morris’ year to surprise us?…

    I hope for Wade as starter and a switcheroo, as the season unfolds, with Morris …

  • saintkaufman

    On a positive note, he won’t have to deal with Jared Allen this year. Actually our schedule is somewhat soft for DE’s opposed. Peppers, Taylor, Abraham, Merriman and Williams seem to be the worst of it.
    They should move Burgess over to the right and let Harris work with him.

    Go Raiders!


    I hope they catch the other guy and whoop his ass.

  • raiders4life

    Thats right i hope so too STOCKTOWN RAIDER i know there is allot of angry Raider fans that will provide some good ol street justice while they are in jail i hope they get whats coming to them im a strong believer of what goes around comes around x’s 10!

  • saintkaufman

    Our running game is going to be sick this year!! I think Fargas is set up for a huge year if he stays healthy.

    If Jamarcus and his new toys can put up ~220 yards in the air each game this thing could really take off.

  • La Milicia Negra

    isn’t something like 40% of all incarcerated in the US are raiderfans?

  • saintkaufman

    Wow, 10 comments and a new thread already. Go figure….

  • JR

    I will NEVER miss hearing a ref say “Holding, Offense, #65, 10 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down”.

    On the other hand, Kwame can run block but not pass block, look for Tight End help on the left side of the line during passing downs.

    Barry Sims, good ridance. Alex Smith, et al will get crushed even more this year, unless Sims is holding.


    Man, all I know is this is the worst time for sports.
    no football, no basketball,baseball sucks until the playoffs, no tiger woods.Why watch golf now.It is like soccer, it is fun to play, but not to watch on tv. I have to watch the UFC to get some kind of entertainment. Well, I am going to be drinking a lot of beer in the next couple of weeks!

  • Saintkaufman,

    I just want to make sure you don’t stray too far from the blog!


  • I believe Wade started 15 of 16 games 4 the bucs.Calls a good game on the line.Strong quick feet dedicated vetern.Morris can learn alot from him.I can see Wade passing the torch 2 Morris

  • saintkaufman

    No chance of that Jon, I don’t get off from work until 17:00. haha.

    Oh crap, there’s my boss!!

  • thanks 4 holdin it down 4 jerry!!!!

  • Will

    Harris is a young guy looking for a fresh start. Sims is most likely at or near the end of his career. The Raiders are trying to build for the future on the cheap, the ‘9ers are just trying to get through the next season.

    Newberry can’t stay healthy. He committed a lot of penalties last season for a former Pro Bowler. That suggests he was trying to get an edge on account of being slow and/or weak.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Hey guys…

    there is a new thread, if you haven’t noticed..

  • csillag

    sims sux

  • SC Raider

    I think Harris will be a good fit, esp in the run game. Someone pointed out that he may need te help on passing downs. So do u think that means a 2 TE set b/c I expect Z. Miller to see a lot of passes this year ? If so who will the 2nd TE be ? Madsen isn’t a great blocker so will it be T. Stewart or someone else we bring in ?
    I didn’t watch many 9ers games last year but I doubt that Harris had as many false starts and holds as Sims did last year.

  • JediRaider

    Barry is a natural RT and Harris is a Natural LT. Barry is too slow for the left side but stout enough to block larger LDE’s at ROT – he was also a poor fit for the zone scheme, but he’s a good hard worker, best suited to be a backup LT or above average to good RT if he can make the switch at this stage of his career. He has a good chance to start and do well at ROT in a power blocking scheme.

    Harris is quick enough for the left side but weak against bull rushers typically found at RDE. Harris has way more upside at LT in the ZBS playing a west coast style of offense because the rolling pocket, three-step drops, and other facets of the system will hide his weaker pass blocking ability and his quickness to get to the second level will really help us in the run game – after what cable did last year, if he likes Harris (and reports have said that cable personally recruited Harris during FA), then I’m not worried about it. Cable has carte blanche to do what he wants and bring in who he wants.

    I’m sure Kiffin knows he needs more talent along the offesive and defensive lines, but we didn’t have too many picks this year and he obviously wanted a weapon with the #1 overall pick. Since we didn’t do any draft day trading, we’ll have all of our picks next year and FA to bring in the rest of the talent we need on the O and D lines.

    As far as the oline is concerned this year, Kiffin can rightfully assume that his run game will very good and actually feared this year and therefore be what his offensive game plan will be built around using dumps, draws, screens, hitches, and schematic mismatches (i.e. motioning McFadden out of the backfield into different passing sets) to set up bigger plays. All of this will take pressure off of both tackles, so hopefully we will only need to use the FB or TE to chip here and there.

  • christian

    go raiders we comeing back this year afc west champs

  • christian

    the chargers and chiefs and broncos will kissing keisters and will begging for mercy.

  • Oak Ridge Boy Reject Rob Ryan

    Harris couldn’t pass block as a Right Tackle. So Davis moves him to Left Tackle. If Cable can salvage this bust then the old goat needs to give him a lifetime contract.

  • dick v

    Jedi Raider good analysis. I have know idea about the upside or the skill sets of either, but your post gives me hope. I beleive in Cable after last years o line performance.

    Why isn’t Mcquistain being considered for RT after playing solid last year?

  • Coinman

    sims was the classic “known evil”, and it seems everyone is delighted to see his backside. harris is a classic “unknown evil”, and if cable is really as good as most think, maybe we got the best of the deal. i’ll always take the known evil, but that’s just me. as long as russel doesn’t wind up with a broken back, i’ll tip my hat to the NATION’s chance-takers…

  • raider 7534

    those guys who beat up javon walker have to be jealous denver bronco fans

  • Raiderfan

    Our offense is going to be horrible when it comes to passing. You guys are forgetting that we have a new young quarterback that needs all the help and protection he can get. How in the hell is that going to happen when you have a sorry OL like Harris. You guys talk about how horrible he is on pass protection, so how is russell going to have time to throw when he is on his back all the time. We can’t be using our TE all the time to help out Harris. We need our TE to be out there spreading the defense. Cable SUCKS, and he needs to get fired for not going after talented OL.
    Another horrible OFFENSIVE AGAIN. OH boy

  • 34. Wrong about Cable needs to get fired! Our run game vastly improved under his system. Harris is pile. Smith had promise but now he as shell shocked as McCain. I think Sims is garbage and so is Harris. Both cannot hang with the “Big Dogs” but they are adequate when up against the mediocre. Our only hope is that our #3 running game opens up the passing game, by forcing the pass defense slow their role to protect the run.

  • RaiderfanNY

    Sims was a solid player against most right ends. But he struggled against elite pass rushers, which is what he’ll be remembered for. The big question about Harris is: What happens if he fails (a real possibility) or gets hurt? The Raiders have no back-up plan. What could be more important than protecting JaMarcus Russell’s blind side?

  • Raider Ran

    Sims is at the end of his career as a decent LT. Harris as has been mentioned did well under the ZBS in the first year in SF before the abandoned the ZBS. Square peg round hole. I will wait and see if he can grow in the scheme he was drafted to play in.

  • therealdeal

    Are you people serious? Your comparing Sims who started 136 games in nine years and beat our three 1st round draft pick to Harris who was himself a 1st round bust for the 49ers. Harris went from went from “the future of the 49ers” to the bench because he COULDN’T GET THE JOB DONE!!! Yeh, check out how many games Harris started last year for the 49ers. Let me tell you, a big fat ZERO! Why…because he sucks. The Raiders made a big mistake letting a guy like Sims go and an even bigger mistake by not replacing him with someone that can actually play LT. Raider fans should be very thankful that Harris doesn’t have to block ex-chief Jared Allen this year because Sims isn’t around to shut him down again. Harris is going to get his *ss handed to him this year and once again Sims will rise the the top and add yet another 1st round draft pick bust to his list.

    49ers got the deal.

  • therealdeal = Barry Sims

    Hey Barry, pretty transparent bro. Now strap on that ugly a$$ red and gold and stfu!

  • therealdeal

    Not quite Tooz. I actually watch the games and see “the real deal” for what it is. Raiders made a bad “trade”.

  • Big E

    I have to agree with THE.REAL DEAL., Simms was a solid as the season went on..Yes against the top flight DE’S he struggled but he wasn’t even drafted. One of his worst games were against Miami, when J.Taylor beat him two consecutive plays for sacks. OUCH
    ~ forget what year?

    I be proud that four five teams were interested.

  • Dark Forces

    Harris a a total weakling and a nightmare. Everyone will realize that 2 game in, at the latest.

  • We should have kept Sims

  • TimBrooha81


    u really posted this??? “Raider fans should be very thankful that Harris doesn’t have to block ex-chief Jared Allen this year because Sims isn’t around to shut him down again.

    SHUT HIM DOWN????????? WOW!! is a handful of sacks, a handful of holding penalties, and lost fumbles shutting someone down? i didnt think so.

    Watch those Queef’s games again. A 12-10 loss in the first game, if simms was acually “shutting down” Allen then we woulda definatly won that game.We wouldn’t of had to rely on a last minute drive for Pepper to throw a INT.

    I don’t know how Harris will fair against the top-tier DE’s, but honestly can it be THAT much worse than Simms pathetic attempt to block anything tougher than a strong wind????

  • GuamanianRaider

    Sorry to hear about your father, Jerry. Grieve well and return strong.

    Raider on,


  • Actually, I am rather concerned with Kwame Harris, not that Sims was an answer either.

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