Suspect arrested in Javon Walker case


We could soon be getting some answers in what happened to Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker in Las Vegas. Police there arrested a suspect today in the robbery and beating case.
According to the Associated Press, 30-year-old Arfat Fadel was arrested and charged with a bunch of felonies, including kidnapping and robbery. Apparently, Fadel was arrested by Vegas police last Friday. They are still looking for a second suspect.


Jon Becker

  • Thanks 909RAIDER 4 the correction,44 years ago was a long time ago,lots of lost brain cells in the fog,Im glad there are very knowlageable bros 2 correct occasionall mistakes GO RAIDERS

  • 909raiderlifer

    4evaRaider….. It’s all good bro. Have killed many a brain cell, over the years myself. lol.

  • 909raiderlifer

    4evaRaider….BTW, NEW POST UP.

  • I would hate 2 see AW go,he has a rifle arm.But as some in THE NATION have stated correctly,he dosent fit Cables system.I think maybe, as others have said,put aw,jordan and whoever in a package and hope 4 the best.I would be sorry 2 see aw go,but I think he would do good in a system such as NE or ST.Louis,maybe they have something 2 offer.I would hate 2 deal with NE but they didnt make TUCK call refs did.

  • oops I thought I was on next thread go CAPTAIN MORGAN!!

  • darkknight01

    lets hope javon wasn’t trying to get something else from that guy like dope…a lot of things happen in vegas.

  • A friend

    I personally know Javon and can guarantee that no drugs were involved. He is genuinely a good guy and looks out for everyone around him. He does take football seriously and on a normal basis is in bed by 10pm and up at 5am to train. It’s sad that everyone chooses to focus on the nights he was in a club spraying champagne because I’m sure there are much worse things that go on in Vegas. The truth is that none of us were there to know what really happened and the main concern should be his health.

  • RaiderKC

    #207-If he takes football so seriously, then why wasn’t he in Oak studying his playbook, working out and getting ready to stomp Denver. For someone trying to show everyone else that Al wasn’t wasting his $$ on him and that Shanahan is a a-hole for letting him go??? He’s an idiot and Al may have wasted our time and his money on this joker!!! He better have one hell of a season to rectify this one…

  • Bet the suspect likes Hebrew National hotdogs. Bitch.

  • Phantom!

    Well Javon, lets hope you produce like you are gettin paid to! ‘Cause guess what buddy… You cant lie to win games!
    Although it was STUPID… I really dont care that you lied to the cops. ‘Why’ is beyond me, all I care about is you returning to form and helping the RAIDERS kick the crap out of every team we play!

  • Phantom!

    Dear Javon Friend… I hear what you’re saying, and yeah we weren’t there, and maybe we shouldn’t judge him. But think a lil… It sux that DW died in his arms, and it sucks what happened to him in Vegas. But he DEF wasnt in bed by 10 that night, and wasn’t up at 5 working out. What was he doing? The same thing B Marshall was doing when DW got killed, spraying champagne! Lets hope that common sense doesnt carry him onto the field on Sundays! Im all for Javon, anything to help us win, but he needs to make smarter decisions, and Im sure even HE will agree.

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  • Wow… great post, thank you!!!