Suspect arrested in Javon Walker case


We could soon be getting some answers in what happened to Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker in Las Vegas. Police there arrested a suspect today in the robbery and beating case.
According to the Associated Press, 30-year-old Arfat Fadel was arrested and charged with a bunch of felonies, including kidnapping and robbery. Apparently, Fadel was arrested by Vegas police last Friday. They are still looking for a second suspect.


Jon Becker

  • I will be at the Tahoe celebrity golf tourney in a couple weeks,…I always talk to Shanahan when Im there,..raz him a bit,..hes cool no matter what you people in here think,…by the way he only has nice things to say about al davis these days,…he says there was certainly a prob,..20 years ago!…anyway, I will flat out ask Shanahan is Walkers gay,…I believe he was let go due to that…I say cut him now,..hes a major cancer.

  • linds….daraiderrukas

    the snake was studying … yeah right mr.davis didn’t want to start him those for years .check ‘history ,408 i usually don’t respond to
    stupidity ” kenny the snake was studying for 4 years ”
    he had no choice. ( davis was in control then too )

    dude take off that dress you wear and put some pants on like it or not walker’s a raider let’s see what he does before we hang him…. sucker

  • Linds,…you shouldnt refer to people being stupid,..or stupidity,…your horrible grammar and typing skills make you look like a functioning retarded person,..well somewhat functioning.

  • Wow,….this horrible air with all the fires,..this is what its like living in L.A. Yuk.

  • linds….daraiderrukas

    linds ain’t retarded … just saying people act like they don’t do dirt. and it’s easy to put someone down.
    i remember we were excited for todd marinovich it didn’t work out . lyle alzado i remember folks didn’t like that it did work out. who knows what walker does all that loot he’s getting paid i hope it works out and as far as shanahan @$#% him

  • blandafan

    La Milicia Negra Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    …in the army…

    You served? Let me just say: THANKS.

  • First of all retard, I was never excited about Marinovich,..maybe you were,…secondly, why ya mad at Shanahan?…due to his record against the Raiders?…get over it retard. Its just football.

  • Linds WTF is ur trip I never even responded to any of ur comments! State ur beef!! I LOVE THE SNAKE!!!! Geezus some peoples children…..dress? tampon.. u can do better than that….

    CJ thanx but I got this bro…..

  • linds….daraiderrukas

    yeah…. cameljockey you right . your the perfect receptionist baby, come type my post for me secretary… !

    this ain’t me , i talk football…
    oakland raider football not this soap opera b.s i’m seeing on these post lately
    count down to armegedon: 2008 raiders … here it comes!


    the greatness of da raidahs is in it’s futcha ! 2008

  • 408 guy,..look, Linds is retarded, might want to just give him a break. Hey where ya at in San Jose?…Im from Almaden.

  • CJ

    Im from the WESTSIDE Bird & 280….. I went to Castillero & Pioneer(freshmen year) tho… Yeah I dono what linds problem is probaly needs a hug or something 8)

  • Oh yeah 1 more thing..

    ufckin donkeys are going down hard on monday night!!!!! GO RAIDERS

  • Cool man,…know the area well,..I used to work at those theatres near Pioneer,…also used to hang at the Almaden Lounge,..wonder if its still there…I left area years ago. I went to Steinback Middle School on Snell. Linds is a loser.

  • Man the good old days at Oakridge mall,…way before they expanded it,..it used to be smaller…last place I lived out there was on Dent,..right next to Branham high school,…when they started 85 they made us all move,…oh well, did me a favor,..San jose got too big for me., still love it though.

  • CJ
    we use to drink behind that movie place the use 2 call it the crime zone that was along time ago tho…. Steinback thats by the mall right? @ least linds is a raider fan so cant be all bad… LINDS peace breathre.. 1 NATION…

  • angryhendricks

    dude is queer

  • Ya Steinback is at Snell and Blossom Hill…Raidernation.

  • angryhendricks

    how embarrassed is

    getting in a range rover with that??


  • I reaaly dont care if Walker a flamer as long as he can help us score some freaking TD’s…. If not get that guy the ufck outa here…. he’s a tard thats 4 shure

  • angryhendricks

    nuff said!!
    he is not the right guy for the raiders. I can see this idiot imploding right now.

  • AH

    yeah I admit we got the wrong guy but were stuck with him and I hope it works out or JLH steps up….

  • Walker will play hard in two games,..the Denver games,..will throttle back in all others. Hes a bum.

  • RaiderTay

    “According to the Associated Press, 30-year-old Arfat Fadel was arrested and charged with a bunch of felonies, including kidnapping and robbery”

    Im not clear how they charged him with kidnapping when he got into the car willingly. I guess its because he was drunk??

    Thats scary. Does that mean if I bring a drunk chick home after the club I can be charged with kidnapping??

  • Tay,…only a scumbag like you would bring a drunk chick home from the club. Get a life you loser.

  • MR

    Jerry gone for few days? Oh yeh! Substitute teacher. Time to throw spit wads at Oakglenn.

  • MR

    A.I., couldn’t agree more. Walker is a bum. Al never considered why Denver wouldn’t pay a dime for him.

  • MR, how’s my ass taste?? Hey MR how’s my ass taste??

  • Oakglenn get out the way!!! Hey MR, how’s my ass taste!!

  • La Milicia Negra

    Still no news, Hmfff!

  • MR

    Oakglenn, you forgot to change your web address when posting as Shaq. But anyway, how many chicks have you pulled today, Oakglenn? I still can’t believe you had to tell us that you pull chicks…as if we didn’t already know it. Like I said, Oakglenn, you exude pimpness. Everything about you says you’re a ladies man. Your constant blowouts over comments negative about the Raiders, trolls, people posting under multiple names (which you were caught doing yet again, tonight); We had you pegged for being a pimp, all along, Oakglenn. You don’t ever have to remind us of it.

    Also, how are things going with Walker, Oakglenn? Remember all of the praise you had for him? Well, you’ve been bashing him in light of the Vegas incident. But no harsh words for the dark lord? Walker didn’t sign himself to the team, Oakglenn. Al Davis always has the final word, remember?

  • raider 7534

    the suspects in the walker case have to be disgruntled bronco fans

  • MR

    Or perhaps disgruntled Raider fans.

  • Arfat Fadel? Drop him off in the parking lot the first monday night game wearing Blue and Orange. We’ll take care of him.

  • cant sleep what up NATION? ….R we gonna sign Nnamdi or what? Some news would be great! Come on new guy u got 2 step yr game up if ur gonna fill in for Jerry…

  • ddj

    its a classic raider getting into trouble, but walker getting beat-up and knocked-out does not bode well, because the old raider players were doing the knocking out, and able to play winning football.

  • Eyepatch

    I wonder if Kiffin will consult Gruden on any more free agents, they seem to like renegades but things are about to implode in Tampa.

  • Whoa;SORRY 408,I live in Florida.Had 1 to many Captain Morgans last nite.Passed out in my lazy-boy,just wake-up,and youre takin heat from linds 4 me.First let me say THANK-YOU again.Second,if linds knew how 2 read SHE would realize that I 4evaRAIDER posted #118,but like a TRUE BRO you had my back when CAPTAIN MORGAN put me on mine.So little linds your anger is misdirected at 408RAIDER when you should be talking 2 me!!!History? My love 4 THE NATION goes back to 1963,when I was 5,IKE LASSITER,BEN DAVIDSON GUS OTTO were kicking it then.I know this is long but I feel I have 2 set record straight,RAIDERS DONT LIE THEY KICK-ASS.DONKEYS LIE.BY studing play-book SNAKE made it look easy.Know how he got the name SNAKE?When CURLY CULP,Buck Buchannon,or Bobbie Bell would go 2 sack him Curt Gowdy would say “look at STABLER,he bends like a snake,and completes a pass 2 Warren Wells” with his knees 1 inch off ground!!!Man would that piss-off the squaws and they would brawl again,great games.So know you know. i dont type very so this took like 40 mins.Sorry NATION but I have 408s back even tho he dont need it,why cause he make NATION PROUD,like many others 2 numerous 2 name.But 408 say you linds is at least a fan so thats good enough 4 me.Again sorry about the novel but THE TRUTH comes FIRST!!!GO RAIDERS

  • correction we didnt have OTTO till 1965

  • I have 2 work now see u later nation,and I hope EVERYONE has a nice prosperous day

  • Raider4life

    Anyone know why Nnamdi hasn’t signed his tender yet? Seems to me he doesn’t have much choice yet will be getting $9+ mil. BSims was interviewed on the radio this morning and became extremely defensive when he was asked about penalties. Whiner fans be careful what you wish for. At least with Kwame he is young, smart and can learn from Cable. BSims is just an old false starting machine. Cannot wait to hear all of SF whining about that b*tch.

  • Kevin

    Bring back Kenny King and Jim Plunkett

  • Eyepatch

    Aso can get more money the longer he waits is why he has not signed yet.

  • my pops was an abusive dick

  • are we still talking about dads?

  • Raider4life

    Eyepatch–But doesn’t Al only have to give him an average salary of the top 5 CB’s in the league? If he holds out he gets nothing. Woodson went through the same thing for a couple of years too.

  • Exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    The Tooz!
    You always slam your Dad. Did you love your mom?

  • 909raiderlifer

    4evaRaider #188…..

    Jim Otto played for the Raiders from, 1960-1974.

    Games played, 217, consecutive*
    Games started, 207

    *When including, pre-season, post-season, along with reg-season games, Otto played in 308 consecutive games. NEVER missing a game due to injury.

    “I’ve been a Raider all my life”.– Jim Otto.

  • Raiderwoj

    What up Nation,

    RaiderTay Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 9:29 pm
    “According to the Associated Press, 30-year-old Arfat Fadel was arrested and charged with a bunch of felonies, including kidnapping and robbery”

    Im not clear how they charged him with kidnapping when he got into the car willingly. I guess its because he was drunk??

    Thats scary. Does that mean if I bring a drunk chick home after the club I can be charged with kidnapping??

    Don’t know if ur kiddin or what but if ur not, it becomes kidnapping when you don’t let the person leave when they want to, whether or not they left with you willingly.

    But it all comes down to this, stupid move by a drunk person, he just happens to be in a high profile position. Anybody here ever do somethin stupid while drunk that they regretted? I have, can’t remember her name tho. Lets see how he does, im sure if he plays well it will be easier for all to forgive him.

  • Raider4life

    909–Up to the mid-90’s I believe the Raiders had only 3 centers in their history. Otto, Dalby and Mosebar. Don Mosebar would have played much longer but lost an eye to Chad Hennings of the Cowboys.

  • 909raiderlifer

    “If something is said about the Raiders. I’m ready to go to war”.– Jim Otto.