Source: Raiders to sign Keller today


UPDATE: Steve Corkran reports that Keller’s signing is official. The Raiders waived QB Erik Meyer to make room for him.

Looks like the Raiders’ backup quarterback situation is going to get a bit more muddled, with word coming from a source close to Sam Keller that the ex-San Ramon Valley High, Arizona State and Nebraska signal-caller will sign with Oakland today.
Keller worked out with the Raiders at a post-draft mini-camp, but left without signing a contract. The Raiders later re-signed Marques Tuiasosopo, who joined Andrew Walter as the main competitors to back up JaMarcus Russell.
Keller would join Erik Meyer and Jeff Otis, giving the Raiders six quarterbacks heading into training camp in July. Our reporters thought Keller was actually more impressive than both Otis and Meyer in May.


Jon Becker

  • Johnny Rebel

    Here’s a hint MR think, David Allen Coe.

  • MR is a Liar and Hater

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    Its going to be a landslide anyway with or without the deformed wife story.

  • MR

    I liked her rant, too, Rebel. She hit the nail on the head. Call it racist all you want. She spoke the truth, and it didn’t hurt Obama at all. That’s old news, been recycled by the mainstream media more than Anna Nicole’s death. Did no damage to Obama, whatsoever. Hillary was the one behind that, putting Barack on blast over race. She failed. McCain isn’t even going there because he knows Obama will pull his bigger artillery if he does. He’s just hoping white Americans will vote white. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

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  • MR

    I’m calm as could ever be, Satan. Since McCain got the Republican nomination, I’ve never had an ounce of uncertainty that either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama could beat him. McCain is the worst candidate ever. I’m just having fun with his supporters.

  • Also Hillary was the better choice for the Dem’s and they blew it, she would have clobbered McCain.

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  • Because we have three weeks before training camp even opens, I am going to break my long held belief to only come on this site and discuss the Raiders. This is a presidential election year, and this is an important election, I am calling out to MR to join me, MR and I to debate all comers, we’ll take the Obama side, everyone else can take the other side. MR and I will put aside our strident differences, me being a Raider, he being a Whiner, me being straight, he being gay, we’ll put all our differences aside and debate all comers on the coming election, history, and policy decisions. MR, the rest of you, what do you say???

  • Johnny Rebel

    Hopefully, if he does get elected, he will eliminate welfare in his first term.

  • MR is a Liar and Hater

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  • MR

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  • MR is a Liar and Hater

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  • Johnny Rebel

    Nobody has said they support anybody here yet but you MR, the honky hater.

  • Oakglenn good idea now we would have the gay side represented by MR and the straight side represented by you.

    I like that yes, lets debate:

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  • MR

    Speaking of “pulling chicks”, here’s Oakglenn.

    Hey Oakglenn, did you see me rip your boy Marleys’ mask off yesterday? He’s been on a milk carton since. Review the thread. Dude said that Sapp was talking about Turner and Shell. Then said Sapp was lying. Then when called on his contradiction, disappeared like a rabbit.

  • MR…thanks for addressing me as your lord Satan…I said that Obama would win easily this Fall but I was merely pointing out that Hillary would have won by a larger margin.

  • MR

    Honky hater, LOL. I’ll take that. Everyone should be a honky hater. I’m white, but I’m no “honky”. Screw honkies. Let ’em live in the woods and start their little cockamie militias.

  • Exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Congrats LMN,
    Denmark happiest country in the world!

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  • MR

    Satan, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Both Obama and Clinton bury McCain. It’s a matter of which of the two it would be. It’s Obama, and it’s a wrap. Once Guiliani, the mayer of America, pussed out and made up some excuse about his health, it left the Republican party with jesus freaks like Huckabee and corpses like McCain. It was over the minute America’s mayer turned into America’s coward.

  • MR

    “Mayor”, not “mayer”. Got me there.

  • As far as the Warren Sapp comments go lets hope he pulls a Tiki Barber and talks smack about his old team while they march all the way to the Superbowl.

  • MR

    Satan, just telling it like it is. Marley said that Sapp was talking about Turner and Shell, and in the same damned post went on to say that Sapp was lying. All I asked him was which one is it. He’s been gone since. I thought he was the straight shooter around here?

  • MR I am agreeing with you, and you must admit that Hillary would have done slightly better.

    Admit it!

  • MR Marleys absence is probably more drug related than post forum burn syndrome.

  • MR

    That’s a good analogy, regarding Tiki Barber. One problem, they’re the Giants, and we’re the Raiders. They aren’t ran by a senile owner who’s lost touch with the modern day game, yet still runs all football operations.

  • 666 good to see ya back here.

  • MR

    Slightly, like 1 or 2 points? Sure. I can imagine Hillary doing better in states that McCain would win anyway. But Obama is every bit as much of the candidate she was, and more. McCain is an awful candidate, so it doesn’t matter. This thing is already over.

  • Thanks Oakglenn I would like to follow up on your earlier comment on the election.

    I would like to know your (straight guy) opinion on gay marriages and then a rebuttal from the other side (MR)

  • OK well fine you did finally admit it.

    You are correct there will be a change in administration this Fall and it would have been either Hillary or Obama now it is Obama and he is s very strong candidate.

    Can you say landslide…

  • Re: 1973

    LOL @ “infactuated”….He invented a cool, new word. You heard it here first!

  • MR

    Well, a guy who watched “the Ladies man” for tips on how to get women certainly would know if someone is gay…

  • La Milicia Negra

    LMN could join with a fact or two from Denmark, but I know Dakota would go ballistic with my ‘socia1ist’ state


  • MR

    Satan, Hillary’s out. It’s over. The division tactic between Hillary and Obama is old news. You had months to beat that drum. It’s over. Obama is the better candidate. Hillary threw the “kitchen sink” at him with the race thing, and he stood tall. If he were white, he would have won by March. Obama will beat McCain as easily as Hillary would, if not more easily.

  • LMAO you mean 1971

    and I meant infatuated.

    Who is dumber the guy who made the typo or the guy who couldn’t point it out without making a lame brain mistake himself.

    Go back to school with your inferiority complex and syntax policing.

  • La Milicia Negra

    In Denmark, civil unions with the same rights as marriage have been around since 1989, and other Nordic countries followed suit in the 1990s.

  • McCain is infactuated with Iran.

    Al Davis is infactuated with 40-yard dash times.

    Just win baby.

  • Dakota

    Denmark…one step away from Communism.

  • MR calm down…and yes Hillary is out and some of us are not happy about it.

  • So whaddya say MR?? You and me against the conservative world?? We take on all comers??? Oakglenn and MaddenRaider on the same team???? wheeew. Armaggeadon must be approaching.

    666, there’s my personal opinion on gay marraige, my legal and political opinion on gay marraige and then there’s this opinion that I am gonna espouse right now. The gay marraige issue is designed to confuse the populace as to the more pressing problems in this country which include the education, health care, economic, and foreign policy directions this country needs to take. Once all of those issues are headed in the right direction, I will be more than happy to prioritize and discuss the gay marraige issue.

  • LMN, was that you in the local Copenhagen news? (post 1959)

  • Dakota

    Nothing wrong with gay marriage…but once you morally bankrupt liberals decide to legalize bestiality I am moving out of the US.

  • StockownRaider

    FYI- I just read good news on the net a couple days ago. Randy Cotoure’s wife just fought in a cage fighting match and had here jaw broken in two or three places. She said they have a new procedure for fixing broken jaws. They don’t wire shut all the time. They place titanium inside to hold the jaw togethor. This helps the persons jaw be stronger and the healing time is half as long as normal. Hopefully with the money Javon has, he hears about this new procedure!

  • La Milicia Negra



    “A drunken 78-year-old Swede” Im not a Swede, and I’m definitely no 78 years old =)

  • “The gay marraige issue is designed to confuse the populace as to the more pressing problems in this country which include the education, health care, economic, and foreign policy directions this country needs to take. Once all of those issues are headed in the right direction, I will be more than happy to prioritize and discuss the gay marraige issue.”

    Very Nice…Well put!!!

    We have Millions of hungry people right here in America and yet we spend Billions of dollars on stuff like space exploration.

    We are the richest country in the world yet most of us don’t have health insurance.

    We used to be an entrepreneurial country and now we are dependent on foreign oil.

    In the 1800’s the British put to high of a tax on Maple syrup (used to make whiskey) so what did we do as Americans we then made whiskey our of corn.

    The same should be said for energy consumption.

    Please do retort.

  • I wonder if someone is going to say


  • holy sheep schit!!!

    gay marriage talk on an OAKLAND RAIDER BLOG!!!!

    dam has this site gone oprah or ellen……

    dam it boys!!!!! i’ll try back later.

  • Dakota

    La Milicia Negra Says:
    July 1st, 2008 at 12:32 pm
    In Denmark, civil unions with the same rights as marriage have been around since 1989, and other Nordic countries followed suit in the 1990s.

    No wonder more and more of you are turning up with brown eyes.

  • RaiderNationPA