Wesley in, Buchanon out


The Raiders are confirming the signing of safety Greg Wesley, who was waived by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Former Raiders exec Mike Lombardi, who writes for CNN-SI as well as on his own Web site, doesn’t think much of the acquisition.

Lombardi has dubbed the Raiders “The Hotel California,” after the Eagles song about that strange place where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

“What can Wesley do for the Hotel? He can’t cover, play in the kicking game, or run anymore,” Lombardi writes. “All he will do is take “Someone’s” money (which he loves to spend now) and not play. Do you think they remember Donovan Darius at the Hotel? Another favorite of `someone.

“Things never change.”

“Someone,” of course, is Al Davis.

Wesley, who reportedly signed a one-year deal, is like Darius in that there is very little risk involved in the signing. If Lombardi is right and Wesley can’t run, the Raiders can cut him, just as they did with Darius.

It’s worth noting that although Darius may have been a Davis favorite, the Raiders didn’t make the mistake of keeping him on the roster when it became apparent he wouldn’t be able to hold up physically.

To make room for Wesley, Will Buchanon was waived.

The Raiders begin filtering in to the Napa Marriott Wednesday, although coach Lane Kiffin won’t address the media until Thursday, the day of the first practice.

The Raiders also announced the signing of Mauricio Lopez, who will be on the Raiders practice squad this year as part of the NFL’s International Practice Squad program.

Lopez is a defensive tackle.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Raider Dell

    Johnny Rebel

    I can tell with MR you guys are going to be spliting hairs on this subject.

    Your post #344 is correct.

    I remember this and I started watching the Raiders in 1967, I was 10.

    On crucial downs during the course of the game, Madden many times would change personell based on the score and yardage, those players who came in the huddle relayed plays to Stabler from big John.

    The person who usually did was Pete Banaszak. Stabler has a list to work off of as you said, but during the game many crucial calls were made on the sideline by staff and big John.

    I may be old but my eyes still work, this was when I attended games at the old Coliseum and watching them on TV it appeared to me Stabler was getting plays from the sideline as well.

  • NoLuv4Hoes

    I’ll be there i am a San Diego native Raider fan.

  • Folks, reality is all that matters. I know, I know, it is so much more fun to think Darnell Bing is a freak and Donovan Darius is going to make the Big Nickel a force but then reality crept in.

    People whine about “haters” and bitter writers but what is the reality? The RAIDERS give guys like Lombardi credability every time the step on the field or into a strip club.

    Going into this season the Raiders had the number 4 draft position. That means based on ACTUAL ON-FIELD PERFORMANCE we are the 29th best team in the league. This comes a year after being the WORST team in the league. This comes on the heels of a five season stretch with the worst record in the league. Any ranking above 29 is unearned optimism.

    Nancy Gay didn’t hire Art Shell. Monte Poole didn’t overpay Javon Walker, he just wrote about it. Writers can’t keep the Raiders out of the playoffs but Al Davis sure can.

    I’m In? Really? How do you go into camp as a player and say “I’m in” when the owner has said, “I’m not in”?

    Al has made Kiffin, Gnapp and Cable into lame duck coaches. You think Kiffin is inexperienced? Lofton has never called plays! He has never been more than a position coach at any level. He is Al’s next Art Shell. Great. When someone writes about reality instead of killing the messanger maybe we should look at those who are accoutable. Starting at the top.

    No writer with any credability is going to say Walker was a good signing at this point. Why? Oh because their haters of course.

  • McRaider

    It’s pretty clear that MR was Gruden’s secret lover. I have never heard a guys swing on another guys the MR does with Gruden.

  • HayesDaze#37

    303 — No way that’s the real COW. COW knows how to spell Knapp, among other things…

  • Sonny

    Regarding Lombardi, the dude should let it go already. No one likes to be fired but have just a little class.

    Since the Denver Bronco’s told him to hit the road after a short time of him working for them for nothing. Wow, when a team lets you go when you are working for nothing that says something. He has not been able to find another NFL job since.

    If one has been watching Lombardi anytime he can get a dig in on the Raiders he goes for it. He should have known the Raiders were going to fire him once it came to the public and Raiders attention he was the Rat in the house during Shells stay.

    This guy is a real clown and has the character of a slug.