Training camp, Day 3


Quick hits from the Raiders’ lone practice Saturday:

— It was probably to be expected after the aerial display featuring JaMarcus Russell the previous evening, but the Raiders came back to earth Saturday afternoon in a snappy practice that was wrapped up in under an hour and 40 minutes.

Things were much more difficult for the near-rookie, as Russell mixed in some nice balls with several that were broken up and nearly intercepted, as well as one badly thrown pass late over the middle that free safety Michael Huff read perfectly and snared on a dive.

Coach Lane Kiffin said he was more interested in watching Russell convert the routine plays than the sort of Star Wars show he put on Friday night.

“We’re not going to coach those special throws that he makes where he’s running over there and he throws back and makes those great throws. That’s who he is and very few people can do that,” Kiffin said. “But those happen one time a game, maybe two times. We’ve got to get him to do everything right, the little things, the little completions and the timing of everything.

“That’s all the stuff that wows the fans and people watching but that’s not what makes you a good quarterback. A good quarterback plays with great discipline, he takes care of the ball and he throws things on time. We’re going to have to get that going with him. He’s continuing to improve on it. We’re giving him a lot of reps. We’re wearing him out on purpose for conditioning, not just his arm but his body.”

Said Russell about what was important: “The small detail things. When you pay close attention to that, then things will be better for you instead of being Superman all the time.”

— During one seven-on-seven sequence, Russell was nearly intercepted by DeAngelo Hall while looking for Johnnie Lee Higgins along the sideline _ a pass that could have been a defensive touchdown. His next pass, intended for tight end Tony Stewart, was tipped in the air and nearly intercepted by Sam Williams.

— Two plays later, Marques Tuiasosopo, who also threw well Friday night, was intercepted by linebacker Robert Thomas on a pass intended for Jonathan Holland.

— In a team sequence, Russell fared better when on back-to-back throws. Drew Carter made a difficult, physical catch with Chris Johnson draped all over him on a 12-yard out, and Russell followed it up with a touch lob for 20-plus yards to tight end John Madsen in stride.

— Early in practice, with the running backs breaking out of one drill and heading toward another at the horn, Kiffin threw a high pass which nearly caught an unsuspecting Darren McFadden right in the face guard, with McFadden reaching up at the last second to knock down.

At the conclusion of practice, Kiffin was talking to an assistant coach only to be nearly struck by a Shane Lechler skyscraper. It was caught by Rashad Baker.

“Was that Shane or the JUGS machine?,” Kiffin asked as he went to the podium to speak to reporters. When told it was Lechler, Kiffin said, “Don’t think he didn’t do that on purpose.”

— Rookie receiver Arman Shields, who has had some impressive moments through the early sessions, incurred the wrath of offensive coordinator Greg Knapp for a half-speed route.

“C’mon rook. Break on it,” Knapp barked. “When you break on it, you might want to go toward the ball and not off the field. You’ve got to focus when you’re tired.”

— Running backs coach Tom Rathman was instructing running backs how to stop in their tracks in the middle of a zone then break outside to get open underneath. He used Justin Griffith to demonstrate how it was done before turning to second-year fullback Oren O’Neal and McFadden.

O’Neal ran the route well enough, but didn’t look up in time and Russell’s pass glanced off his hands.

“Gotta have it, `O,’ ” Rathman said.

Next was McFadden, who ran into the middle and then peeled off without stopping first.

“No, sit first. You’ve got to sit first,” Rathman said.

— Left tackle Kwame Harris missed practice with a sore lower back and is expected back Sunday morning. In his place, Paul McQuistan, who has been seeing time at left guard, moved outside to tackle. Also playing left tackle were Seth Wand and Mario Henderson, who is competing with Cornell Green on the right side.

Raiders tackles have had difficulty slowing the charge of Derrick Burgess (almost always on the left side, a few snaps on the right) and Kalimba Edwards from the outside. Kiffin conceded it is that area where Harris will need to get up to speed.

“He’s been a better run player for us so far,” Kiffin said. “We got some things in the pass protection going back to the left side — he hasn’t been there for a while — that we’ve got to work out, that (Tom) Cable’s working on with him. We got a lot of hopes for him, and we’re going to need him.”

— The Raiders appear to be running the ball well and crisply with Justin Fargas, McFadden and Michael Bush, although until they face a team in a different uniform, it will be tough to tell how good they really are.

— Linemen who false start have been told to take laps around the field, with McQuistan and Brandon Robb among those to make the circuit Saturday.

— Rookie end Trevor Scott has had some difficulty disengaging and making his presence felt a pass rusher. A converted tight end, Scott is listed at 6-foot-5, 255 pounds and actually looks smaller out of uniform.

One one play, with Louis Rankin breaking free, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan yelled, “C’mon Trevor, you’ve got to hold that edge!”

“It’s definitely something that takes getting used to,” Scott said. “Coming from college to the NFL, there’s really no comparison. Guys are just phenomenal, and the O-linemen have great feet, and that’s where coach (Keith) Millard is really telling me to hone in on my techniques and trust my technique and have my technique beat theirs. Use agility and quickness and try to get around them.”

— Huff, sometimes invisible while lost in among the bigger players at strong safety, has been conspicuous not only with his playmaking, but his enthusiasm for playing free safety.

“I’m out there running around, having fun, make Gibril (Wilson) take on all the tackles and guards and fullbacks and all that,” Huff said. “I can stay back there and make plays.”

Huff is doing a good job reading the offense, but is having a hard time figuring out his weight pattern. He said he tried to bulk up to last year and finished the season at a skeletal 193 pounds. Now that he’s a free safety, he is up to 205.

“I know it’s strange, but I feel quick out there, real fast,” Huff said.

— If Tommy Kelly is as good as the Raiders seem to think he is, that $18.125 million guaranteed won’t seem so bad after the $22 million guaranteed Glenn Dorsey got from the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was just a day or two ago that Chiefs exec Carl Peterson was spouting his usual nonsense about Dorsey’s contract demands, only to cave in and pay what the market demanded he pay.

— Kelly has been putting in overtime on the cardio machines after practice, working on getting his weight down. He has been one of the last players to leave the field house.

— Safety Greg Wesley (back spasms) and linebacker Grant Irons (hamstring) missed practice and are day-to-day. Defensive end Fred Wakefield (flu-like symptoms) was back at practice and even played a few snaps inside at defensive tackle.

— If Al Davis is the kind of guy who worries about these things, he hates the idea of LaMont Jordan joining New England, where he could join Randy Moss and show up the Raiders by putting up big numbers, and even warned his agent to make sure he went somewhere else.

More logically, Davis is pleased to see Jordan wind up in a place where he is buried behind Lawrence Maroney and Kevin Faulk, putting him only one rung above the Fargas-McFadden-Bush mountain he faced in Oakland.

— The Raiders have a double session today with the first practice at 9 a.m. and the second at 7 p.m.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • r8dr4lyfe

    Jus a friendly reminder to all that may have 4got…this punk mr, myopion, charger, sausage sucker, whoever the hell he is, is this kid right here…http://youtube.com/watch?v=NR2DoPPlEVc.
    I remember somone saying that he is some looser kid that still gets yelled at when he does not wash the dishes, empty the trash, and clean his room. Never would see his looser azz anywhere close to a football game…


    We still have something like 6+million under the cap…time to get a legit LT.


    Langston Walker could have really come in handy right about now.

  • Huff24

    Walker sucked. Lincoln Kennedy could really come in handy right about now.

  • Huff24

    JERRY – Let us know how Zach Miller is doing. Thank you.

  • HayesDaze#37

    LMN — Go to a newsstand/bookstore that sells American sports magazines, and find one or two that specialize in FFL. Nobody does things exactly like the next guy, but here are a few basic things to keep in mind:

    – Great FFL RB’s are harder to come by than QB’s…the “name” RB’s will be the first to go…remember, there aren’t too many Adrian Peterson rookie success stories out there.

    – The name QB’s usually start to go mid-first-round and later…a lot of guys wait for their #1 QB in the 3rd round, depending on which RB or QB is available when they pick.

    – There are more WR’s with the potential to be great FFL picks than other positions…a lot of guys wait until they have at least their #1 RB and QB on board before picking their first WR…the WR position is one where you’re more likely to find a “surprise,” than just about any other position…most rookie WR’s, no matter how good they will be later, aren’t worth picking until you’re 2+ deep at that position (year 3-or-so is when WR’s seem to “get it”).

    – People who don’t draft 2 Kickers and 2 Defenses, will need to drop somebody to add those positions later if they want…most guys wait to pick their Kicker/s until there is a “run” on them (there are only a few worth really racing after — the rest can be lumped-together.

    – Bye Weeks are critical…make sure you don’t pick too many players at the same position with the same Bye Week…make sure the Bye Week is listed right next to your potential picks, so you don’t forget to check that.

    – When you find a magazine with FFL ratings, etc., try and grab one with Cheat Sheets — they help you keep track of who’s already been picked.

    – Look at your league’s rules and make sure you draft players who fit the bill (i.e, you don’t want a risk-taking gunslinger QB, if INT’s are heavily punished; you don’t want a Kicker who can’t kick more than 40-yards, if there are bonus points for long-distance FG’s, etc.).

    – Use those Cheat Sheets (or make your own), and make your own ratings of players — as deep as the ratings need to be to cover all 12-Rounds of your draft (for example…if each team needs to pick 3 WR’s, make sure
    you have rated at least 36 of them, so you’re ready to go when it’s your time to pick).

    There are a ton of other things, but those are basic guidelines that should help. Again — nobody does it the same way, but if you prepare well, you have as much chance of success as anybody.

    And…if you don’t draft players from other teams in the AFC West (LT, for example), you handicap yourself a bit…but you feel so much cleaner on game day.

    Good luck!

  • I need my fix whats up Jerry??? Miller? Bush? Routt? come on man I need info…

  • La Milicia Negra


    thanks, bro’ I’ve been reading the 101 and the draft rules, when you never tried it before you got some questionmarks – I’ll go find a magazine… or wing it for the rest =)

  • Dakota


    I am a cursed FFL player…every QB I pick ends up flopping…Gannon, Palmer, Brees, McNair all had down years when I picked them…this year I may take Cutler.


  • La Milicia Negra

    Muhahahhaha the denver broncos of Danish soccer just got 1-1…

    after 2 games we have 6 point and our rival has 4… great start… great weekend… Sastre won the ‘Tour’ with Riis’ tactics…. great weekend =)

  • Dakota


  • La Milicia Negra

    fu©k FCK


    o/~ vi ligger nummer et!!! o/~

  • La Milicia Negra

    fu©k the denver broncos…

  • raider11680

    Remember this. Carter will take over the number 1 spot as WR by midseason. Walker will either lay an egg, or get hurt. We will go 3-1 or 2-2 at worst by the bye week. The only team I see us losing to is SD. Maybe Bills if we get too over confident after beating Denver and KC. We will go 8-8 for the season at worst. Mcfadden will be a top 5 rookie for the year. Russell will be decent for the year, but impressive at time. Our D will be ranked in the top 8. Our RUN D however will be somewhere in the middle. Our passing D will be top 5.
    I can’t wait for the season. Oh, and by the way… Kiffin will remain as the HC for next year.

    that is realistic dreaming…lol

  • MR

    Florida Pete Says:
    July 27th, 2008 at 5:24 am

    so there we have it…

    MR announcing that he will punish this blog and any raider fan who described any confidence in the raiders vs the donkeys on MNF…


    I said I will punish people here who claimed we’d win by 30 +, along with the regular obnoxious kool aid drinkers in here who deserve it on general principle. Yes, that includes you. Don’t try to lump yourself in with those who merely have “any” confidence. I even have some confidence. I said it would be a 7 point game that would go either way. But make no mistake, if there’s anything good about us losing, it’ll be to come in here Tue. morning and rip your guys’ holes wide open all over again. You guys talk so much s’t. Oh , it’s going to just be fun in here if we lose big. If we win? I’m cool with it. That’s they beauty of us fans that have given up on Al. We have two dishes to enjoy. Raiders win? Cool. Raiders lose? We get to torture you retards.

  • internet tuff guy!!!!

  • raider11680

    I think he just popped a seam…

  • MR

    Basically, Pete, all the people in here who talk s’t are going to get it big time if Denver slaughters us. Like they’ve never had it before. And I’m not alone. There are so many fans like me who’ve had it with Al, yet can’t get a word in with the obnoxious jerks in here. Denver kills us, and all of those people are heading right to this blog. Like I said, you guys are going to suffer two agonizing defeats that week.

  • HayesDaze#37

    So MR — With all your spouting about coming in here with mature arguments and comebacks, where does calling people retards and idiots fall? Just more of your hypocritical ways. And bragging about being right, when your (allegedly) favorite team loses? Even more of you proving you’re no fan of this team.

    Johnny Reb, come back out and knock MR around some more — it’s kinda funny to watch him argue with himself.

  • MR

    Internet tough guy? I’m talking about posting comments in a blog. I’ve never physically threatened anyone over the internet, since the thing was invented. But believe me, if Denver wins big, you guys are toast in here. You have no idea how many commenters fed up with your guys’ b.s. who’ve gone elsewhere are going to come here to just let you guys have it. Like I said, you guys will suffer two agonizing defeats that week. We’ll only suffer one.

  • HayesDaze#37

    11680 — That is very realistic dreaming. Hope you’re wrong about Walker, but am excited about Carter’s chances of becoming a great receiver.

    8-8 will be a great turn-around for this team, even though every loss will be a killer. Playoffs? Absolutely possible if we’re anywhere near .500 after 10-games. Keep the faith!

  • MR

    If we lose to Denver, especially if we lose big, you can count on this blog being taken over by the “Al haters” for the entire following week. Completely taken over.

  • arrrrrrrrr whats going on in camp? Dose any 1 know when Jerry plans on dropping off the Kool-Aid?

    MR stop hateing on The RAIDERS the donkeys have no chance on monday the place is gonna be crazy!! The chokers r another story tho

  • La Milicia Negra

    an internet tough guy doesn’t need to threaten somebody, its a person who only dares to talk smack behind the screen in RL they would run away and hide behind their mummy’s apron

  • MR

    408 Raiders, the Donkeys have no chance? Denver always has a chance against the Raiders. Kiffin pitched a couple of fine games against the rat last year, but I don’t think Kiffin has as much control this year. If we win, cool. If we only lose by 7, which is about what I predicted, cool. If we lose big, you guys are going to get it.

  • MR

    Fair enough then, LMN. Then I’m an internet tough guy. I always thought an internet tough guy was someone who literally threatened people over the internet, physically, and I’ve never done any such thing, in my life, and never will. But as far as talking smack? Sure, I’m an internet tough guy. And, this internet tough guy makes good on his threats. We lose big to Denver, I promise you the topic in this blog the following week will be Al Davis’s inability to run a team. I promise.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Oh no!!! I might get picked on because I believe in my team, good or bad. Don’t know how I’ll be able to handle it. Probably won’t be able to eat or sleep for days! If the losing doesn’t kill me, maybe MR’s useless drivel will do it. So scary to think about!

  • MR

    You guys have no idea how many fans, that you’ve gotten rid of over the past year with your iron curtain in here separating the “believers” from the “haters”, will be in here the following week just annihilating you guys if we lose to Denver. It’s going to be Christmas in September for them.

  • internet tuff guy! 😛

    MR says

    I said I will punish people here who claimed we’d win by 30 +, along with the regular obnoxious kool aid drinkers in here who deserve it on general principle. Yes, that includes you.


    come on guy whats wrong with the Kool-Aid.. and just how is I will punish people not a threat?? why cant you 4 once could you please tell us what it is you like about the Raiders? We all know u hate AL..

  • Dakota

    Don’t worry MR, we will get you the help you need.

  • MR

    Hayez, not the people that believe in the team. There’s a lot of true believers I have no problem with. It’s the s’t talkers, like you. You guys are really in for it if we lose to Denver.

  • raider11680

    why would anyone root against their favorite team? When you have a favorite team you love the team, win or lose. Sure any fan gets mad when their team loses, and even curses the team at that time. But they’re back on the couch, bar, or stadium seat the next week waiting to see their team play and with the expectation that they’ll win. That’s a TRUE fan.
    No TRUE fan sits around and uses their team’s present state to ridicule other fans of the same team, or to even make dumb bets where the payout involves any kind of gain for the so called fan in which that fan gets to make fun and inflict more pain by the constant reminding of the team’s recent loss. Not a true fan indeed.

  • MR

    Punish people with typed words, 408. Yes, that’s the threat. And, I don’t mind being called an “internet tough guy”, as long as you’re not insinuating that I’ve ever physically threatened anyone over the internet. Because I’ve never done it. But threaten to talk smack? Uhm, I don’t know what planet you’re on, but that’s pretty much all that goes on in here, anyway. But if we lose to Denver, it’s you guys who’ll be outnumbered.

  • HayesDaze#37

    MR as Nostradamus — predicting that other non-fans will go out of their way to criticize Raiders fans for the team losing. That’s a tough prediction? It’s actually so easy to see, it’s ridiculous. Since his comments are so redundant, we don’t even have to wait for the day after our first loss — we already know what to expect. The same ol’ BS as every other post. ZZZzzz…

  • Dakota

    Don’t worry guys, if we beat Denver by 21 or more MR will never return here! lol

  • Dude

    the Donkeys are gonna suck A$$ this year and It all starts On 09-08-2008… Im not saying were going to win by 30+ but it would be great if we did!!!

    IM IN

    Internet tuff guy is not!!

    SB in 3

  • MR

    Raider11680, I’ve never rooted against the Raiders in my life. Heck, I don’t even root against the Raiders when they’re out of the playoffs (like many of you so called “die hard” fans do, hoping for a higher draft pick..), because I believe finishing the season strong bodes well for the following season. Example, 1999 vs. The Queefs.

    But I have gotten to the point where I have zero faith in Al Davis. So when we do lose, you’d better believe I’m going to use it as a platform to state my case on Al.

    Alongside that, you have so many obnoxious s’t talkers in here, who don’t let Al’s critics get a word in without ripping them, posting under their names, and then of course tattling to the mods and accusing them of being “disruptive” (like it’s their blog and they dictate the topics…), that it’s actually fun to come in here and rub their faces in s’t after we lose.

    Like I said, when the Raiders lose, these obnoxious a-holes in here suffer two agonizing defeats. One being the game, the other having their precious little corner of cyberspace taken over by fans that were critical of the team from the start, and are back to say “I told you so”, and in the most endearing way….

    We, on the other hand, only suffer one defeat, the game itself. Then it’s time to come in here and have fun.

  • HayesDaze#37

    I’m a sh!t talker? I’m about the most realistic real fan you’ll ever meet. I see things pretty objectively, and don’t make crazy predictions like 19-0, or SB this year. Catching lightning in a bottle does happen, though, and why not with the Raiders?

    Hoping for the best for your team doesn’t mean you’re delusional. Continually verbally attacking other people just because it’s easy to do is just stupid. See, I didn’t even call you a name, but I guess that’s me talking more sh!t.

    You’re so predictable.

  • raider11680

    I think the so called “others” as in the other fans that will come in here if we lose to the Donks, will all be one person posting as them… call it a hunch.

  • Dakota

    MR, go back and read through posts 73-80…we don’t want to lose the progress we made last night do we?

  • raider11680

    can you really not see that you are rooting against the Raiders? And what’s more sad, it’s that you are doing it so that if you’re right, you get to dwell on the fact that you get to make fan of other brothers of the nation for the Raiders losing.
    If you don’t like Al, fine. There are things he’s done I don’t agree with too, but I don’t sit here and hope the Raiders lose just so that I can make fun and stick in the face of other Raider fans.

  • MR

    Dakota, if I needed a shrink, my health insurance would cover a real one, that knew what they were doing, not some couch potato redneck from the Dakota’s with a room temperature IQ.

  • MR

    im veary happy to hear you never threatend any1 with violence.. good 4 you internet tuff guy refers to a person who likes to talk isht from the safety of their keyboard as LMN stated in 226.. We all talk smack but some over do it ya dig

  • raider11680

    …you get to make “FUN”…
    sorry, about that.

  • Dakota

    It is very hot in here.

  • HayesDaze#37

    MR — I ask you once again (he never answers, just calls names or ignores me)…will you give us your assessment of the team — break it down for us — position by position? Can you do it without throwing-in your hatred of Al in to the mix? Hell, even throw Al into the mix if you must…but give us a team breakdown. Is there any hope on the roster, anywhere? Should the team even lace ’em up on gamedays?

  • Dakota I don’t know where you continue to find these photos of MR but they really are quite amusing. Can you find the one of MR as a baby?? That one is classic.

  • Dakota

    Here, I found this new photo of MR as a baby:


  • MR

    And, Dakota, we talked about the comedy thing. It’s not really funny if it’s only funny to your own tight knit group. Do you honestly believe any casual observer would come in here and think your put downs are good? The whole pretending to be a shrink routine? It’s only funny to you and the other “MR haters” in here, and that’s only because I get so far under your guys’ skin. Nobody outside of your guys’ little circle jerk thinks your funny, Dakota. Nobody.

    Look, Dakota, I have a thick skin. If somebody comes up with a good put down directed at me, I’ll let them know it. I enjoy good jokes, even if I’m the butt of them. But if it’s just some retard repeatedly playing the shrink routine and accusing me of living in my mother’s basement…oh, and can’t forget the “camel toes” thing yesterday (the average 8th grader would think that was stupid, let alone adult…), the joke’s really on you, and your inbred crowd that relishes in them, thinking such soft, brainless quips will somehow deter me in here…

  • MR Says:
    July 27th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    Dakota, if I needed a shrink,

    Christ ALMIGHTY, if there is one person on the freaking planet that needs psychological help badly dude, it’s you. Literally HUNDREDS of people here have recommended you get some type of help. Including two long time posters Dakota and myself. Seek help son.