Training camp, Day 4 (P.M. practice)


Quick hits from Sunday night’s Raiders practice:

— Tackle Mark Wilson, a practice squad player signed to the active roster following the season, sustained a left leg injury, was taken off the field on a cart, and was sent to the hospital for X-rays.

— Left tackle Kwame Harris (lower back) returned to practice after missing the previous two sessions. He moved well and at one point fared well in a pass blocking opportunity against Kalimba Edwards.

— For the first time, no offensive or defensive lineman had to run laps for committing a false start or jumping offsides.

— Wide receiver Ronald Curry and center Jake Grove took the workout off, as scheduled. John Wade got the majority of the snaps with the first team offense in Grove’s absence. Defensive end Fred Wakefield, battling a stomach ailment, did not practice after practicing in the morning session. Safety Greg Wesley (back spasms), who returned to practice in the morning, missed the evening session. Grant Irons is still out with a hamstring pull.

— Al Davis made his first appearance at practice, watching from a golf cart between the two fields.

— During kickoff drills early in practice, running back Darren McFadden was deep and running kickoffs hard up the middle. Kiffin mentioned McFadden as a possibility for return duty on occasion.

Interesting McFadden would get his most work in that area in a practice Davis attended. Whether or not McFadden returns kickoffs will almost certainly be a decision made at the top. Davis resisted the idea of having Charles Woodson play offense or return punts, although part of that probably had to do with Woodson’s history of nagging injuries.

— Expect McFadden to be utilized only in crucial situations, in games where the Raiders need a strike at the end of a half or game, or when they are struggling on offense and need a momentum switch. To use him at all in that role in the preseason would be a questionable use of a major investment.

— McFadden had a much better practice catching the ball out of backfield than he did in the earlier session, when Kiffin expressed concern over his “hand placement.” Guess he figured out they had to be somewhere near the ball.

— Other players returning kickoffs were cornerback Chris Johnson, wide receiver Jonathan Holland and safety Tyvon Branch, who Kiffin said earlier in the day is the current leader for that role.

— Rookie wide receiver Chaz Schilens was taken to task by receivers coach James Lofton for not coming back hard enough to catch a pass.

— The offense spent one session running plays apart from the defense, meaning the opposing “defense” consisted of second- and third-line offensive players. McFadden, fortunately, looked to be a rock when it came to pass blocking against blitzing Ivy League quarterback Jeff Otis.

If the 49ers play their second-line offense as a defense against Oakland, the Raiders look to be in business.

— Johnnie Lee Higgins would seem to have a roster edge since he is the leader to be the punt return specialist, but in terms of catching the ball and making plays as a receiver, Holland appears to be staying right with him or even outplaying him.

— Nnamdi Asomugha perfectly diagnosed a JaMarcus Russell slant pass in a 7-on-7 drill, jumped the route and ran for a would-be touchdown.

— Linebackers Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard are so adept at pass coverage that the defense they refer to as the “dime” _ which in most cases utilizes one linebacker and six defensive backs _ has both men on the field. It is distinguished from the nickel by the positioning of the backs.

— Wide receiver Todd Watkins had one drop of a Russell pass over the middle and later a juggle which he managed to retrieve, but ended practice on a strong note, catching a deep out from Marques Tuiasosopo with an impressive leap and grab as three horns sounded to end the session.

— Following Watkins’ grab, the team met in the center of the field, but Kiffin dispatched Janikowski to attempt a 57-yard field goal. Usually in those instances, something is on the line _ extended curfew, reduced meeting time, etc.

Janikowski, who had nailed a pair of 43-yard kicks in an end-of-game drill earlier in practice, this time missed wide right.

— The Raiders practice once Monday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer



  • Huff24

    JERRY – WHERES ZACH MILLER? Has he caught a pass or is he busy trying to block Derrick Burgess? I haven’t heard one freakin word.

  • GOOD POINT HUFF..iVE HEARD MORE ABOUT MADSEN AND grant irons than our rookie bright spot from last year

  • MR

    Riverside Raiders Fan Says:
    July 27th, 2008 at 11:27 pm


    “You’re so right on about all the bull sh&t that comes our way. It’s never going to change. We’re a good team to hate, from our colors, our fans, our swagger…”


    Our swagger?!? Surely you’re joking. We’ve won 19 games over the past 5 years. We haven’t won 3 consecutive games since 2002. The media may hate the Raiders (more like Al Davis) for a lot of reasons, but being envious of a supposed “swagger” is certainly not one of them, because for 5 years now there has been no swagger to speak of.

  • Marcofromda510

    I personally was pulling for Grant Irons to make an sleeper impact on the team, to step up in the Sam Linebacker spot, but in the recent news that there is a decent competition for the spot that causes me to withdraw my opinion. If Robert Tomas, Ricky, or Sam can take the spot and really keep it, Im all for it.

  • Blackholepriest:

    You’re right about Al Davis pulling for Kiffin to succeed and you can “obviously” see it in the way Kiffin is handling the current situation and the team and coaches as well.

    Just take his media comments to the press and their comments back about the players and the practice sessions. Kiffin is in control, he’s sharp and he comes across totally in control. Think back about the media sessions with Callahan, Turner, shell and they’re all pieces of garbage. As coaches, they were never in control, were never sharp and never had any insight.
    Callahan mumbled, Turner barely talked and Shell just dribbled utter nonsense. It’s night and day. Kiffin will get us at least nine wins, I feel 11 to 13 wins.

  • sam williams or robert thomas..who are we better off with ?? ( hartwelL)/

  • MR

    You’re right about the swagger. We haven’t had it the last five years and I should have clarified that. WE did have a “swagger” for 35 years, from the late sixties through 2002 and I was basically referring to that. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get that swagger back. Hopefully it will be this year.

  • Raider Raul

    Russell will no doubt be our Leader and will help restore our Swagger

  • MR

    Riverside, we had a swagger from the late ’60s to the mid ’80s. After ’85, we had one big year with Bo and one good one with Hosstettler, everything else was a fog until Gru arrived. And, yes, by 2000 we certainly did have a swagger again. But that swagger was no match for the swagger of the guy who had the power to pull the plug on the whole thing, and he did just that when he refused Gruden a new contract after the ’00 season.

  • Raider Raul:

    Yes, Russell will help, along with McFadden and Bush if they play to potential. Our receivers will help as well.

    Winning enough games to get us into the playoffs and the Super Bowl would help the most. But, along the way, it takes “BIG HITTERS” that will put the fear of God into our opponents. Gibril Wilson is lighting that fire, we need to learn how to spread it to the other players, we need to start breaking the spirits of our opponents.

  • MR

    I can’t argue with you on that. I couldn’t believe it when Al refused to give him the big contract. It cost us the Super Bowl. Gruden was a work-freak. He would be in the office working and studying film at 4:30 in the morning. Al has done a lot of good things but I must admit he’s made his share of mistakes. But, it shows he’s only human. I feel he’s done more good than bad and you must admit, he’s not afraid to spend money (if it’s well spent or not, time will tell).

  • Marcofromda510

    For me, the worst part bout our last superbowl apperance, besides score gap, was that we lost simply because we got out coached, players on the bucs defence callin out our plays for before the snap knowing exactly what to do and how to stop it.

  • I think it was the third play of the game, when Woodson intercepted the ball. He would have had six with a breakaway as the sideline was clear. After that play, the nightmare began … it’s been going on for four years.
    Last year was a losing season, but we were in so many games going into the forth quarter and we had JR, Bush and a new coach, so I was hopeful. (Bush never played, JR only here and there late into the season.)

  • CollegeMoney

    Actually I think Cally opening up the offense and putting teams away, other than that four game losing streak, is what got us to the Super Bowl. Gru was a little conservative. He took a championship caliber team in Tampa and put them over the top with his knowledge of the Raiders O and Gannon. We were not set up to beat the Miami’s, Baltimore’s and Tampas of that day. We probably would have lost to the Eagles blitz happy D if McNabb didnt throw the game away versus Tampa in the NFC title game.

  • To this day, I still can’t believe Tampa pulled out that win. We would have matched up much better against the Eagles, blitz or not. Gruden had our number, the score proved that. The alcohol, drugs and women in TJ didn’t help Barrett Robbins and that hurt our offensive line.
    Lincoln Kennedy forgot how to block a defensive end all night. Gannon got sacked so many times I lost count.

  • JediRaider

    Kwame reminds me a lot of Mario Henderson as far as the interview on raiders dot com is concerned. Harris is certainly bright, having played at Stanford, and that was one of his pluses coming out of college – that and his speed. His knock was dedication and strength, also two of Henderson’s (Henderson also had limited experience). Harris did make a very well thought out decision on where to go – he had a few offers and decided on the Raiders because of the system and Tom Cable. That, along with his candid remarks about the level of dedication needed to suceed at the NFL level tells me that he is 100% devoted to making this situation work. Gallery couldn’t hack it because his arms are too short and his base is too narrow to anchor effectively. I think Harris has a better frame, and once he learns the blocking scheme he has a chance to be a strong LT – if not, he will be the same as Barry Sims, maybe even worse in the pass game, but certainly the west coast quick pass game and requirement for the tackles to get to the second level quickly will play to his known NFL strengths. We’ll just have to give him the preseason to prove himself, but we don’t have a lot of other options, so if we can get a proven vet that can hold his own when the rosters are reduced throughout the preseason, we should jump on it – Henderson is obviously another year away and if he doesn’t show something this preseason, he might not make the final 53.

    One thing is certain, this year will determine our next two drafts – we either need a bunch of pieces on the o and d line we or will just have a couple more holes to fill (RT, DT, SLB). Arguably we may still need LT, G, C, RT, DT, DE, MLB, #1 WR, SLB, all of which need to be round 1/2 quality – that could take 3-4 more years to get through the draft because I think we’re tapped out on high priced FA’s.

    For the Al haters (and I don’t agree with him on more than 50% of what he does), he did a great job this offseason – he should not have paid Kelly that much money because even if he turns out to be one of the best, he isn’t yet and coming off an ACL, shouldn’t have gotten a much better deal than Sands did a year ago. Other than that, We had to have a legit #1 WR with a good attitude – Walker is a gamble, but when he is the guy and getting paid like it he doesn’t complain. Porter didn’t care to work hard enough (other than on his abs), didn’t have the ability to stretch the field, and just wanted money. He made some nice plays, but they were schoolyard “wow” plays, not the product of good route running, reads against zones, etc. Other than his off the field incidents (where he did nothing illegal, by the way), everyone seems to live Javon and we should expect some great things from him this year – as with most of Al’s contracts, if he stinks it up the deal is backloaded so it’s effectively a three year deal, which will give our young WR’s a chance to develop. Shields in particular looks like he has the skills to be a #1 guy, and Carter has put up good numbers considering he was stuck behind Steve Smith in Carolina.

    As far as Jamarcus is concerned, it’s great that he’s getting to face one of the best back 7’s in football with Howard and Morrision being two excellent pass defenders at the LB position and arguably the best secondary in football. My concern with him is not facing man defenses like ours which his talent should be enough to torch with decent pass protection, but rather the sophisticated zones that the majority of the rest of the league uses that Rob Ryan has never been able to implement here – we may have the top man d with our new acquisitions, but it’s at the expense of teaching the ways to beat zone schemes which requires film study, practice repitition, and game experience. JR may be able to beat the vanilla stuff that Ryan runs and the “scout team” looks he’ll face on a weekly basis, but come game day, what worked in practice against poorly executed schemes operated by the scout team is not going to work at the same speed and quality of the real opponent. Kiffin should no doubt know this, and hopefully Ryan will give some serious attention to practicing zone schemes at a high level, not only for JR’s sake, but for the sake of the D because we can’t run man to man or man/zone combos against 4 and 5 wide – there’s just too many ways to beat a man D with those alignments.

    Anyway, that’s my pre-pre-season take for training camp. At this stage there is no going back from a Man Scheme. Al has acquired two of the top 10 cover cb’s in the league and paid big money. A #7 overall pick is at FS, and we now own the leagues 3rd highest paid SS. Add in pash rushers at strong DE, DT, NT (Warren), and Edwards at rush DE, and this team is the reincarnation of the 80’s raiders in terms of personnel styles. Rob Ryan may be fired if he fails this year, but we’re not paying Aso and Hall to be cover 2 or zone scheme corners. We will see if this outdated scheme can still work as an every down base D, and if so, Al gets the credit.

  • CollegeMoney

    Lincoln did suck big time in that game. Barret usually knocked his man down or chipped them then helped whomever needed help. We missed that but that was a long time ago now. Time to move on. We still haven’t found good lineman. I think we still miss Bruce Allen and whoever the heck he had working for him. Al should throw some money at him to bring him back. I doubt he would come back though. I thought he would take over the reigns one day.

  • JediRaider:

    Good nite and have a super Monday. Loved your input and insights…interesting read and very convincing. Nice post.

    Good nite to all of Raider Nation. Go Raiders.

  • MVH

    If we can rack up some points with our new offensive weapons and make teams throw…look out!

    Posted some new stories at http://www.raidernationstation.com if anyone gets bored.

    I love these from camp blogs from Jerry.

    Awesome stuff…

  • CopenhagenFan

    Let’s all let the loss in the super bowl to Tampa go and move on…..

  • ace2000

    Thanks Jerry,
    As usual, second best thing to being there.

  • HobsGnarly

    Aw BHP are you still being Al’s athletic supporter? Man get over it. It’s obvious you are on the payroll specifically to propaganda Al. Nothing’s been won yet so let’s reserve the praise you throw at him at the end of the season.

  • Vincent

    Great! love your article,Go Raiders

  • JediRaider

    Riverside Raider – Good posts – It would be impossible for anyone to argue that Al’s worst character flaw is his inability to work with coaches – he gives them so little credit and I think he really believes games are won and lost on his ability to judge talent. He is probably never wrong in his own mind and it’s the coaches job to make the players live up to thier potential. Trading Gruden was a terrible mistake during a superbowl run and punking Kiffin like he did was really just obnoxious. You’d have thought he’d learned his lesson hiring yes man Art Shell and the personality-less retread Norv Turner, among so many others that tell him what he wants to hear. Al is a great judge of talent, but NFL teams have evolved in player scouting to the point where there are no more hidden gems. In today’s NFL, finding a good coach, maintaining continuity in scheme, and drafting players to fit that scheme with the salary cap in mind are the most important keys to winning.

    What I do like about this offseason is that Al went after young FA’s and traded for a young probowler in Hall. That’s a far cry from the salary cap killer deals for vets on their last leg that we’re used to. That’s what got us into the losing streak for the last 5 years – we have nobody left from 2002 with the exception of our K and P, so we essentially were worse off than an expansion team because we had so much dead money against the cap. Add in 4 coaches with different schemes and we couldn’t even establish a consistent draft/FA strategy to rebuild. All that considered, we played to the level of an 8 and 8 team last year and acquired Franchise players at all key skill positions.

    The one thing nobody can contest is that Al will do whatever it takes to win, especially when it comes to paying players. I just hope Al realizes that coaches are important too and he’s got a good one in Kiffin – we don’t know what Kiffin’s ultimate motives are (e.g. go back to college as a HC) and it’s possible that he took this job just to further his career and intended to move on as soon as he got a better deal. In that regard I don’t blame Al for going after Lofton and Hackett, and especially Lofton because he will have a lot more respect for Al than Kiffin just due to the history between the two.

    This is going to be an exciting year, and there should be no excuse for not competing for the playoffs.

  • Joehuff24

    Yo fellas I am as scared as any Raider fan out there, but I think this years team is different. Lets give everybody the benefit of a doubt, and that includes Kwame Harris. Let the past with the winers be the past. No he is having problems with our ends but if you look at it from our stand point, that’s a good thing. It shows us that Brad Roll has had a impact on this team and the opposing QB’s will have hell to pay. Trust in Kiffin! We will be prepared for the season. I am willing to bet my salary on that. Get ready for some exciting football RAIDER FANS!!!!! We will be better than everybody’s expectations. Shock the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Batman

    Jediraider, good post. I believe that the rumors about Lane Kiffin looking for employment elsewhere are true. I dont think Al woke up one morning and just decided to fire Lane. He knows that would be the begining of the end of this young team. Now Im not saying Lane has no reason to look elsewhere, because we all know that Al runs his team they way he wants,always has. My point is Al is a extremely successful business man,thats why he brought in Lofton and Hackett, just in case. Anybody who owns their own business on any scale, knows the #2 man is there to replace the #1 man. What worries me is the raiders may be caught in a limbo year. Lane has to have a quick start this year, if not the merry go round begins again. With all this talent and money invested it would be a mega blunder.

  • Drinkraideraide

    Lol funny…………im beyond words right now about how I feel about our team a lot of good new comming from camp its great to see our secondary making plays out there. Jruss won’t face many teams with our type of speed in the secondary so that’s helping him big time. I just hope RR mixes it up and show and throw different things at jruss so he can make the correct reads when we play the exotic zone blitz defenses like one poster pointed out. I can’t wait till preseason begins!

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Nothing new on Jamarcus’s blog since June 14th. I know he’s been busy but… lol

  • CopenhagenFan

    Although a lot of us feel that we will reach 500, and some think we’ll make a run at the playoffs, we are not getting any love in the ESPN power rankings.

    I will go on a limb and say that YEAH, we WILL win at least 8 games this year.

    We have to be aware that us in the Raider Nation are more optimistic than the rest of the NFL community.

  • CopenhagenFan

    I’ll bet MR an Eastern European hooker, that we win at least 8 games….but you have to come to Copenhagen to collect if you win ha ha

  • No laps ran this practice. Kwame looking better on pass protection vs Edwards this practice. I smell progress (sniff, sniff). And JR will benefit greatly as a result of the unbelievable talent in the secondary.

  • So would these WRs. It makes them all better.

  • ilikesports


  • Batman

    Hey whats up with Zach Miller and Javon Walker not a peep out of them, thats scary.

  • During our latest stretch of loosing seasons, the only thing that we had to look forward to was training camp. How can you look at the roster this year and think we aren’t at least an 8 win team. Last year we won 4 and 3 of our losses were by a combined 7 points. We should have been at least 7-9 last year. The weak link was the inability of the D to hold a lead.

    How can you compare last years group of WRs, RBs, and DBs to this year’s from a talent aspect? I don’t see Mike Williams on this preseason roster. I don’t see the cancer that is known as Jerry Porter on the roster. I don’t see Lamont “I hurt my back gorging twinkies” Jordan on the roster anymore. I don’t see bowling pin Stu on this roster. I don’t see Fabian “my play fades like bleached blue jeans” Washington on the roster. I don’t see Daunte “limited playbook” Culpepper on the roster. The only player we lost that I was hoping we could retain was McCown as he would have been a better back up that Walter or Tui.

    I see new faces in Hall, Wilson, Walker, Harris, Edwards, and McFadden who are all upgrades in talent over player that were cut, traded, and not retained.

    I see a young QB in Russell who will make his share of stupid mistakes, but who has the potential to be our best QB in a while.

    As my name states, I’ve not been the biggest Al Davis fan, but you have to admit, he spent his geriatric heart out this offseason. Hopefully, it pays dividends.

    All those that bemoan the team and insist we are a 4 win club again, I just don’t see where you are coming from. Admittedly, we still have a lot of unknowns (run D, OT play), but we are headed in the right direction.

  • Drinkraideraide

    Don’t worry bout zack miller ya boi is gonna be a monster this year no doubt! With the attention of them tall fast boys on the outside and the punishing run game in the trenches the middle will be an open playground for him! Just put the words miller time in the end zone cause that’s where he will be. Lets go raiders!!!!!!!!

  • Dakota


    Okay, Al signed a bunch of players with knee injuries and attitude problems, while ignoring the d-line, but you want to declare his current experiment a success after 4 days of training camp, lol. You really are viewing life through S&B colored glasses aren’t you!

    Where has this genius Al Davis been the last 80 games?

    You are right though, AD is responsible for the team we are going to be watching for the next 5-6 years…all those coaching changes and organizational instability has allowed us to draft in the top ten several times and to get J-Russ and McFadden. Whether or not Al will do something with them is certainly up in the air. If Al’s grand plan was to tank the last 80 games to get talents like Russell and McFadden, like you seem to think, well, I give him all the credit.

    Way to lose all those games Al! I trust you completely now! We don’t need Kiffin, go ahead and fire his azz if we go 8-8 or 7-9, I mean, with this juggernaut you have built we should certainly go 10-6 and win a playoff game!

  • I used to worship Al, until he traded in his bedpan for a pair of Depends.

  • Batman

    We need off. lineman of the likes of Steve Wisenski again. Mean, nasty, and most important he was tactical and smart. The defensive line, well I dont want to beat a dead horse, but IF we could almost stop the run this year, we could, shall I dare to say 9-7 and maybe a playoff game.

  • Mistabrown

    BHP, this is just a bold faced lie. Who are you trying to fool other than yourself? Nice try..

    Blackholepriest Says:
    July 27th, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    For those that hold the opinion that we don’t blitz, or have a blitz tendency. I’ve said this B4, you just don’t have a real undertsanding of our defense.

    The truth is we bitz prob. 35% of our defensive plays. The problem is we weren’t that good at it, certainly not as good as I would like us to be

  • its going down!! NATION our return to glory has begun.. & all you haters try the Kool-Aid or stay negitive its up to you… Glad to see Harris back on the field If Cable works his magic look out NFL THE BIG BAD RAIDERS are comming with something to prove..

    Im so pumped!!!!!!

  • Mistabrown

    No surprise here.

    “Janikowski, who had nailed a pair of 43-yard kicks in an end-of-game drill earlier in practice, this time missed wide right.”

    Cut Jano!

  • Dakota

    Calm down 408, lol, we will be big and bad once we get some decent offensive tackles and DTs…right now let’s shoot for respectable.

    7-9 or better this year,
    10-6 or better next year, w/ a playoff win
    Super Bowl contender in 2011!

  • Andrews mom

    A lot of our players were hurt last year. Most positions were revolving doors. kiff had a real rough first year and he didnt get any breaks at all.
    He told Al his team sucked and Al said I will show you you little snot nosed punk.
    Al believes in keeping all his employees living on the edge of a razor blade.
    He hates complacenty with a passiion.
    Turmoil is Als middle name.
    Love him or hate him he owns this team and he loves it more then any of us snot nosed punks.
    He promised to take us back to the SB and I believe in him with all my heart.
    Kiff has something to prove and I think he is up to Als challenge. He has the team right where he wants in year two of the plan.
    Best year ever!! Its not always about the SB.

    By the way I’m a f in Raider fan
    Any questions?
    Dont waste your time.

    Brett Favre must be someones bitch.
    Or else he has been popping vicodin again in which case I forgive him
    Thats stuffs tougher to kick then a jano field goal.

    Our O line isnt renting any space in my head.
    Thats for people who just cant roll the dice and go all in.

    In Al we trust

  • Dakota

    Jordan exit gets juicier
    So, former Raiders running back LaMont Jordan got his wish — his release Friday — and signed for the Patriots. End of story, right?


    It seems Raiders owner Al Davis is none too happy about his signing with New England, according to two sources — one close to the team, another within the league.

    According to them, Davis told Jordan’s agent, Alvin Keels, that he would only release Jordan if he didn’t go to one of two teams.

    Team No. 1: the Denver Broncos, for the obvious reasons.

    Team No. 2: The New England Patriots, who Jordan signed with Saturday.

    The reason? Davis felt burned by the Randy Moss trade last year, with the Patriots getting a record-setting season out of the wide receiver and the Raiders getting little-used draft pick John Bowie.

    They say Davis does not want to see Jordan experience a similiar renaissance that comes back and bites the Raiders, particularly when the Patriots visit The Coliseum on Dec. 14.

    David White

    WTF? Why worry so much about an oft-injured, lazy, fat azz backup running back? Al, you are too worried (paranoid) about making mistakes.

  • Dakota,

    We don’t need no stinking OTs or DTs. Just ask Al, lol.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    From Raidernationstation.com:
    Al Davis has a plan that started 2 years ago with the selection of Jamaracus Russell and will end with a Super Bowl in 2010.

    At least, thats the hope.

    You see, in 2010, the teams lease expires.

    Oakland Alameda is a smaller venue by some NFL standards and even with roughly 63, 000 seats, it rarely fills to capacity anymore. Piss poor performances by the Raiders have seen to that, as well as the deterioration of areas surrounding it.

    Its not beyond the realm of possibility that Oakland could move again in 2010 or at least force a decision over whether to build anew.

    If the Raiders are a play off team. or, football gods willing, Super Bowl Champions, the incentive and money would likely be there to entice them away.

    Whether the City of Oakland could or would pony up the cash to keep them is another matter.

  • Irish Raider

    How about your opinion where this training camp team compares to last years and the year before. Do we look like a much improved team or a team still facing more adversity and lack of cohesion? Thank you.