Web exclusive: The plight of Andrew Walter


A web exclusive column on Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter was posted last night. Walter missed the evening session with a tired arm, the result of extra throwing because of missed practice time by starter JaMarcus Russell.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Johnny Rebel

    Lefty, you are really out there, I guess you would have rather drafted Quinn? I guess having a player with a skill set equal to Elway is not an improvement? Sounds like you just want to argue.

  • 909raiderlifer

    And btw, that 40yd. lazer he threw to Pouter, last year. Was my personel highlight, of that frustrating season.

    That ONE throw, was all I needed to see, to believe that Russ is the real deal. Only that #4 dude and ol’ mule teeth, could have made that one. imo.

    Bring on, the Rat…

  • Dakota


    Damn wives…they just don’t understand! Screw the trees we need the NFL package!

  • NoLuv4Hoes

    the old dude said that because stabler used to party and sometimes play drunk. what doesn’t make sense is how they let michael “the cokehead” irvin in and not stabler. at least stabler didn’t have a drug habit.

  • JediRaider

    FIRE KIFFIN – No prob – I didn’t take anything as rude- I obviously heard the Kiffin to Arkansas rumors and you’re dead on correct about the Sarkisian deal and Al not being able to find anyone – The second part isn’t Kiffin’s fault – I’d take 2 mil a year to be a head coach (I’ll do it for minimum wage :)). The first part with Kiffin being an ingrate basically comes down to a chicken and egg deal – did Davis piss off Kiffin or did Kiffin piss off Davis first? Perhaps Kiffin had designs from the outset on just taking this job to boost his resume and as soon as he could get another Head Coaching job. I don’t know anything for a fact other than the fact that other people turned Al down and Kiffin didn’t. In my opinion, this comes down to Al because he’s the Owner, GM, and apparently the “Head Head Coach”. So who knows for sure what happened, but that’s the business side of football and Kiffin has at least been publicly respectful about it so I can’t fault him for any of that.

    As far as the system is concerned, we don’t disagree over the West Coast system and I don’t have any particular preference as long as it’s not Shell’s 1970’s joke. Kiffin noted that it will be a hybrid and he’s looking to make it an explosive offense, so I imagine we will be going vertical enough to keep the D honest and make some plays (and Kiffin I thought did a good job with what are line was able to do last year).

    Game management, personnel decisions, and loyalty are too general (except for the Arkansas deal/offseason rumors which I already talked about). From my perspective, I thought Kiffin dumped guys that needed to be dumped and nothing has come back to bite us in the butt, his coaching staff is top notch (except for Coe, who wasn’t Kiffin’s first choice and who he let go anyway, but Al brining in Lofton helps us out a lot imo).

    The only game management issues I can recall is Kiffin sticking with the run too long when we were behind, but as he stated and as we witnessed, that was due to our poor o line blocking (especially Sims) – too often when teams knew we had to throw we got killed by sacks and holding penalties. Basically, Kiffin came in and stated his approach was going to be to run the ball and use his D to keep games close. That worked well enough against the average and bad teams we played, and could our QB have made a play or two, or our D stopped someone when it counted, or our K made a couple more FG’s, we would turned in an 8-8 season. I strongly feel that Kiffin did the best he could with what he had to work with and even though we won 4 instead of 8 games, the team was competitive except for a few games.

    The main problem with Kiffin’s approach last year was that he depended on the D which couldn’t stop the run. Because our D was out there so long, the opposing D had time to rest which didn’t allow us to wear teams down in the run game, or give us enough offensive series to get in a rythm. Thrown in DC and the Clown, no speed at WR, and Kiffin did a pretty remarkable job.

    Moving forward, you are probably right that Al will only give Kiffin this year to prove himself and if not, I can see Lofton, Ryan, Hackett, or maybe Knapp get promoted (since Knapp will likely be gone otherwise to reunite with Jim Mora, Jr. who will take over for Holmgren next year in Seattle). I’m sure Al expects 10-12 wins this season, but may settle for 8-8 or better if Kiffin only has to point to one or two more areas of need. Anything less than that and Kiffin will be gone for sure, and I’m sure year three of this deal is at Davis’ discretion anyway, so money won’t be a concern.

    Personally, barring serious injury and if the D gives up 20 points per game on average or less (middle of the pack, last year we gave up 24), I expect 10 wins from this team, even with a first year QB because we averaged 17 points last year in the first year of the system and we have much more talent on offense this year that should translate into 5 more points per game. I get 5 more points per game from McFadden’s 10 TD’s this year (4.3 more points per game) and overall improved field position that should put us in the red zone more frequently for field goals). I think that is more than reasonable and pretty conservative because the rest of the team should improve their numbers as well.

    We have an easy schedule with 13 very winnable games, and 14 if you assume a split with SD, which I do.

  • Just win baby!

  • RaiderNation75

    Paul Zimmerman was the guy in the video who said it. He is a voter for the Hof and about 100 years old.

  • lefty 12

    LMN-i believe it was one of the old tome Boston Herald writers or Woody Paige from Denver(the guy who is frequently on the BSPN sportswriters show where they give points for saying stupid things-can’t remember the name).

  • Hey Jerry,

    Could you please notice how Kelly is doing in practice?

    You only mention if he practices or not.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Mjalloooo…. who is that old dude you all talking about, the guy who said STabler wouldn’t go to the HOf as long as he lives?

  • La Milicia Negra


    thanks… okay thought it was some ‘prominent’ guy

  • lefty 12

    Reb-i was agreeing with you for a change.didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers.

  • Johnny Rebel

    Bob Padecky was Paul’s friend that got busted with cocaine in his rental car, planted most likely by Alabama alums. Stabler always said he knew nothing about it but somebody had the information about when Bob was going to be there and what car he was renting. But thats the part that does not make sense because most folks don’t pre-rent cars before they arrive at a location. It could have been someone mad at Bob on the west coast for all we know or maybe Bob liked to take a toot once in a while.

  • La Milicia Negra

    its just because Stabler is black, those white journalists just dont want any black players in the hof

  • Johnny Rebel

    Sorry then Lefty.

  • RaiderNation75

    La Milicia Negra Says:
    August 1st, 2008 at 3:23 pm
    its just because Stabler is black, those white journalists just dont want any black players in the hof

    You may be on to something here!

  • NoLuv4Hoes

    and why isnt’t tom flores in the hof? first latino head coach to win the super bowl. viva la raza!

  • 909raiderlifer

    Lefty 12……

    Can’t those trees have an “accident”, sometime when your lovely Mrs. is away for a day, or two?

    You know, that gang of marauding chainsaws, attacked them. When no one was watching…

    Just, trying to help a bro out…

  • Thec –
    I’d only be intrested in those guys if they are goingn to improvbe our team. I keep hearing Henry mentioned and he is the obvious example of fans salivating over an average guy who has bounced around and just has a familliar name. Is he really any sort of upgrade? His drawbacks far outweigh his mediocre skills. Shoot, Jordan had a better upside when we signed him. I’d be inclined to stick with good team guys and young guys who can grow with JR rather than some misfit who’ll have to be replaced by the time JR is up to speed.

    Terrapin – Not sure where you’ve been reading good things about Sheilds. On here, David White’s takes and Cockran’s reports it has been all Watkins followed by JLH and a little Holland. I literally have read a poor OTA for Sheilds followed by dropped pass reports etc. Did read he caught 1 TD a few days ago.

    I don’t particularly care about Sheilds, Watkins, Holland or JLH. My assessment is based solely on reports. After a game we’ll see two things – Who gets reps, and who does something with those reps. If Sheilds steps up good. Until then I’ve ben around too long to get ga-ga over a late round WR with 2 weeks in the NFL. Walker, Curry, Carter, JLH (especially as a PR guy) seem locks. There is no denying Watkins is having the best camp so far. That may end up being the 5. IF THEY GO WITH 6 – Holland seems in the lead. Could change of course.

    Of course the #6 WR will be inactive most of the season barring injuries.

  • Johnny Rebel

    Something Jerry does not discuss much is how are the receivers blocking in the run game?

  • lefty 12

    plus it seems every time you turn around Shields has some nagging injury.that doesn’t sit well with Kiffin,i’m sure.Reb-that’s ok.we are both Raider fans.it just seems we sometimes remember the past a little differently-no big deal-it was the 60s and 70s after all.

  • Shields and Schilens will be practice squad fodder.

  • VoldemortSupporter

    JediRaider, you truely are a Jedi. Very well put, you make me smile more than anyone else on tis blog, not just because of the confidence you bring, but because of the well reasoned thoughts you provide to back it up. I vote you Raider blogger of the offseason, keep it up buddy, and you may even make a believer out of MR.

  • VoldemortSupporter

    post # 273 refers to post # 255

  • When Kiffin was hired versus now

    (Al said Kiffin was brought in in large part to evaluate talent so take it for what you will)

    Coaching –
    Walsh / Slater etc… (Grade F-)
    Gnapp / Cable (B)
    QB –
    Brooks / Walter (D)
    JR / Walter (B)
    HB –
    Jordan / Fargas (C)
    Fargas / DMAC / Bush (A)
    Crockett (D+)
    Griffoth / ONeal (B+)
    Anderson )D)
    Miller (A)
    Gallery / McQ (D)
    Harris / Green (C)
    Sims / Booth (B-)
    Gallery / Carlisle (A-)
    Grove (D)
    Grove (C+) (Improved)
    Moss / Whitten (F)
    Walker / Curry (C+)
    Kiffin inherited one of the worst offenses in NFL history (5th worst if I recall) and in two years has built a competitive young squad. Top 12 last year. If the D joins us in this century and does anything we should see good things.

  • lefty 12

    Reb-that’s one of the main reasons it’s so hard for us to gage the progress of WRs.some guy might be making great catches but can’t block his mother.in the NFL and it seems especially under Kiffin,if a WR can’t block he is in trouble.

  • VoldemortSupporter

    post # 270, Jonny Rebel, something Jerry doesn’t discuss often is the run game, period..

  • In the practice Kelly participated in the offense scored at will in short yardage match-ups on running plays. That’s an on-going cause for concern.

    Hope that helps KK.

  • El Dirty


    Thank you for that… It takes people to see the facts in order for them to understand what he has done.

  • Jerry wrote

    – During a third-and-short drill midfield, the offense converted four of seven opportunities. The wins came on an inside run by Michael Bush, a pitch to the left to Darren McFadden, a pass from Russell to Oren O’Neal and an inside run by McFadden.

    Fargas, McFadden, Fargas TD’s in the goalline drill.

    Jerry’s reporting the run game is fine and the run D well…

  • La Milicia Negra


    you were very generous with you ’06 grades..

    Crocket was F- in ’06 and D- in ’05… he was very slow to getting to the line and without real power to pass the line on blocks…

    but, maan was he good prior to the ’04 season… he simply got too old and worn down

  • Great post COW. moooooooooo

  • LOL – I was trying to be nice to Crockett because after playing with Gannon / Brown / Rice etc… 06 must’ve been pure Dante’s Inferno for the guy.

  • what time is the fix gonna come in??? Like 5 something rite?

  • La Milicia Negra

    LOL… yeah πŸ˜›

  • Damn I forgot how bad Crockett was. At one point he was money short yardage but his blocking was the worst. Boy I remember last preseason now when he went up against Griffith and O’Neal. Crockett was just terrible blocking – whiffing all over the place. Not what you want in a FB.

    Actually I’ll upgrade O’Neal n Griffith to a solid A when you compare them to the rest of the league. Not many full backs can block as dominantely and efficiently and catch the rock, and get some YAC.

  • See ya all later – gotta go. I week to the preseason games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My udders are aching!

  • El Dirty


    Whats up brother! So sorry I didnt get to reply in time last night I was drinking and eatin my bad.

  • NoLuv4Hoes

    i’ll take OO over old crock any day.

  • NoLuv4Hoes

    crocket sucked at blocking.

  • Dakota

    COW, one week is quite some time to have your udders aching, try some of this:


    Dakota: Always here to help.

  • RaiderNation75

    Guys, have a great weekend! Looking forward to next Friday night!!

  • VoldemortSupporter

    7 days to 9er game πŸ™‚
    I cant wait.

  • Huff24

    Kind of strange that Barry Sims will be facing the Raiders in practice and Kwame Harris will be facing the 49ers. I wonder what those 2 think about the practices?

  • La Milicia Negra

    Griffith is A+ in my book, he is really fast which is important when your job is to race ahead of guys like McFadden, furthermore he has fantastic hands something I love in FB’s and lastly he can block…

    O’neal is A- in my book. he isn’t as fast as Griffith, nor has he hands like him, I think his hands is as bad as Fargas’, but woaw, than that boy block. Mr Pain isn’t pop-nick, he deserves that one, in one preseason game (i think) it was evident that a LB just stopped running because he could see O’neal was coming ahead, and he had already tried that once, and didn’t want to try it again… thats fear and respect something opposing D’s haven’t had for a long time..

    The Reason why I hold Griffith in higher regard, is that he comes from a winning organization, and has that Leader character without being the center… thats really important among a young team and a team under re-building…

  • Quagmire’d

    Huff, it don’t even matter

  • La Milicia Negra

    muhahaha i was thinking about Utters LOL

  • OaklandRaider4Life

    I think AW was probably the best QB on our roster last year not named Russell. But behind our pathetic pass protection, you would have seen a lot of what you saw the year before: Sacks, sacks, and some more sacks. McCown, who has the arm of a ten year old girl, was still a better fit in kiffin’s game plan that included a lot rollouts and ability to make short throws by moving around and getting away from pressure. Andrew’s future with the team is all but done, i wish him the best wherever he goes in the offseason.

  • Dakota
  • If you guys want to see a beautiful pick, go to raiders.com and see McFadden sprinting full speed in full pads past one of the LBs. Oooohhh man how sweat it “could” be. Pic #13