Web exclusive: The plight of Andrew Walter


A web exclusive column on Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter was posted last night. Walter missed the evening session with a tired arm, the result of extra throwing because of missed practice time by starter JaMarcus Russell.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • A.ROD81

    Honestly I think he is going to be a solid quarterback. Probably better than J. Russell. It’s just the system that he is in.

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  • La Milicia Negra

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  • Dakota
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  • La Milicia Negra

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  • In Too Deep

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  • La Milicia Negra


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  • La Milicia Negra

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  • Raiderbaitor

    Raider’s backup QB’s: Tui, Andrew, Jeff Otis. I guess you could say the Raider’s season hinges on Jamarcus staying healthy.
    If JR should get injured, Tui will find a way to get hurt in his very first game, and Walter will replace him and get sacked six times in about a quarter, leaving him irreversibly shell-shocked. Jeff Otis will finish the season for the 4-12 Raiders.
    The Raiders will receive the first pick of the 2009 draft and will select Jason “Speedy” Rockett, the National 440 Champion who played one season at wide receiver for Southwest Louisiana Tech. Al Davis will comment: This kid can really fly!

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  • In Too Deep

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  • Anonymous

    I propose we suspend all comments on this blog until after the Raiders/Niners game. It’s clear there isn’t anything important left to talk about.

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  • La Milicia Negra


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  • Raiderbaitor

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  • Anonymous

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  • Kiffinatic

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  • La Milicia Negra

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  • La Milicia Negra

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  • LMN

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  • Vinous

    Dakota post 15 – I could not say it better.

    Also, LMN post 24 – your point is well taken.

    To those that do not see it: Walter easily beat out Tui, 2 years ago – to me it was clear that Tui just could not make the passing plays that Walter could. With Walter the whole field is open to passing and he is adept at making those deeper sideline passes.

    Walter will be at least a moderately successful NFL QB somewhere , IMO.

  • yesterday jerry gave us our fix in like 15 min today WTF???

  • all I can hope for is its one of those novels like Jedi likes 2 post!!!

  • I know…I need to know whats going in training camp since the NFLN has HOF coverage all day.

  • Ryan

    Jerry has been consistant at getting the new post out on single workout days at about 7pm.

  • What about BHP that guy usually has something cool to write about, I like reading his posts more than Jerry’s.

  • if practice ends at 5 today then we should have something soon I would think.

  • RaiderMight

    Did the team have today off? It’s 6pm and still no update. I thought the only day off was Sunday?

    Just curious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Marv Hubbard Rules

    What I remember most about the Raiders original glory days (67 โ€“ 77) was not the passing game (Lamonica / Blanda / Stabler to Bilitnekoff / Wells / Branch / Casper) but the running game ( Hewritt Dixon โ€“ Charlie Smith, Marv Hubbard โ€“ Clarence Davis, Mark Van Eeghan โ€“ Clarence Davis).

    Whatever the Raiders did via the air was setup by the run. With Upshaw, Shell, Otto / Dalby, Vella and Buehler (with a little bit of Bob Brown thrown in) paving the way, you almost felt that if they wanted to, the Raiders could drive down the field via the ground game any time they wanted to. It was something to behold to see the offensive linemen impose their will on the opposing teamโ€™s defensive line and see the defensive lineโ€™s shoulder pads rising up and down as they tried to suck in enough air to withstand another onslaught.

    Part of the reason that Stabler seemed to have all day to find the open receiver (besides having three HOF blockers in front of him) was that the opposing team could not afford to pin their ears back and rush the passer. They would get eaten alive by the ground attack.

    Where I am going with this is this: Our passing game does not have to be spectacular to be spectacular. If Jamarcus / Walker / Curry / Miller are merely competent, they will appear to be good if not great. If our running game pounds out the yards, if the threat of McFadden breaking one loose at any time is there, if we can move the chains consistently via the ground, we will not have to worry about turnstiles at the tackle positions. Russell will have the time.

    Pride and Poise โ€“ Return to Glory โ€“ It is our birthright!

  • Ryan

    Raiders Report at 6:30. I can barely stand it. It has been great reading Jerry’s posts, but I haven’t seen any live stuff yet this year.

  • In too Deep, So true.

  • K-Rock

    I am looking at Comcast Bay Area and the SF Giants report is on.

    When is the Raiders report and what channel?