Archuleta on the way


With the a secondary hit with injuries to safety Tyvon Branch, cornerback DeAngelo Hall and cornerback Michael Waddell, the Raiders made their first roster move of camp other than the signing of a place kicker by agreeing to terms with safety Adam Archuleta.

Archuleta, released last May 6 by the Chicago Bears, could be in uniform for the evening session. The Raiders will need to release a player to stay at the 80-man limit. A roster given out by the club before the morning session omitted safety Greg Wesley, who has practiced only a handful of times because of back spasms.

Wesley was on the field with the team for the morning practice, however.

Following practice, Kiffin expressed concern about his team’s depth and promoted the idea of bringing in players for tryouts. The Raiders have made only one roster move since camp opened, signing place kicker Aaron Elling last Thursday after an injury to Sebastian Janikowski.

“It’s just been a situation that unfortunately we haven’t brought guys in,” Kiffin said. “I can control what I can control, come out here every day and get our guys as good as we can. I’m pleased with the top of our roster, but we need to add to the bottom of our roster. We need more competition.”

Archuleta, 29, was the No. 20 overall pick of the 2001 draft by the St. Louis Rams. He played there for five seasons before signing a free agent contract with Washington that made him the highest paid safety in the NFL.

The Raiders were interested in Archuleta entering the 2001 draft, but he was gone before they selected. They instead drafted Derrick Gibson out of Florida State.

Hall went in for an MRI after an X-ray came up negative on his right hand.

“We’ve got to be real safe with it because a big part of him is how well he can play the ball,” Kiffin said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • MR

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  • 408

    Me too…hips, ass and long legs.

  • If about 10 or so of our games this season were against the 49ers’ 5th string defense, then I’d say that Rankin is a lock!

  • 408, screw you. Screw you, man!

  • Dakota


    That bothers me too. Teach Morris to long-snap and then cut Wade and Condo. Then we can keep Rankin and one of our young WRs.

  • # Riverside Raiders Fan Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 12:38 pm


    Me too…hips, ass and long legs.”


    Riverside Raiders Fan, is that your preference in women, or a run down of your google searches?

  • La Milicia Negra


    re. last nihgt..

    such posts, is the ones that I credit Oakglenn, i have nothing to base this on, just a gut feeling…

  • Hell yeah RRF now ur talkin! A nice rack never hurt either

  • Silver&BlackBleeder

    No point. Just joking over the fact that the 3rd running back is like Mr. Irrelevant with the two franchise backs we possess. If anything, I was agreeing with you and laughing at the same time. You know how difficult it is to interpret inflection over e-mail/posts.

  • C’mon fellas, Rankin has a snowballs chance in hell of making this roster. Trade Fargas for another 3rd round bust? C’mon

  • lol. you guys. Let me ask, when’s the last time you had a woman like that? And, on your computer monitor doesn’t count. Heck, even I can do that.

  • dick v

    kk cable has 2 1st rd picks that fit his scheme perfectly on the left side, and he has 3 very talented and hungry rb that will only make them look better. Grove was a second, cc is a stud in the scheme and green is above average in the scheme. they have real te… where are they lacking talent in the run game

  • “two franchise backs”. LOL. Listen to this guy. Like we’re going to be facing 2nd string defenses all year for Bush to play against. As far as we know, judging by play vs. 1st string defenses, Fargas is still our best running back. McFadden is a distant second who’s still too green to tell. Bush and the rest? We’ve only seen them against bums.

  • LMN

    well ill take your word on it brethren based on the fact that your always cool to me and every 1 else 4 that matter!! RAIDER ON!!


    Ezekial, Reporting Live From Ma’s Basement…. Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 12:40 pm
    408, screw you. Screw you, man!


    come on MR thats some str8 comedy…. ma’s basement LMAO 😛

  • La Milicia Negra


    I think you miss the point.. Fargas is getting more superfluous with each snap, and we are no replacing him with rankin, we upgrade bush and Mcfadden and add Rankin to the list..

  • Dick V

    Nobody on that O-line except Carlisle was anything until Cable got here, including Fargas.

  • dick v

    kk…cont talent rant a fb that has earned a hawaii trip or two, and a young lorenzo neal that may take his job.

  • New FIX

  • La Milicia Negra

    New thread..

  • dick v

    and kiffin, knapp, rathman while your bringing that up.

  • we do need to bring in john lynch, every player that was with tampa bay works out good for us, can’t say the same for tampa though. if we could of gotten rod harrison after rod woodson retired we would have been set right now.

  • LMN,

    I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. The 49er game if that’s all you’re going on, showed Fargas is still out best runner.

    You cannot jump to conclusions on Rankin based on one exhibition game 3rs stringers.

    Remember Echimonbiu? last year.

  • BHPbayarea

    OMG…are we in complete “DE-nial”? Is nobody worried about our QB? Geez, we could have had Vince Young 2 yrs ago for sure. Someone mentioned Cooper Carlisle? You mean another ex-bronco? How in the hell do they pawn they’re trash to us? We should’ve kicked Javon out, taken the 11M, signed Aso, and looked for OL depth/Safety depth too…but now, we have a washed up WR, a broken down scrap heap of an OL. You really think we’re going to be a rushing menace? Hell to the NO! We gotta bulk up on the OL w/quality, not leftovers from the AFC West (Wesley/Carlisle/Warren/Walker) to name a few.

  • Dakota

    Hey BHPBA,

    Wake up buddy, we were 6ths in the NFL in rushing last year. Yes we are going to be a rushing menace.

    wake up and come on over to the new thread

  • I keep Fargas this year on the roster for the following reasons:
    A) He is a proven performer at running back
    B) Rankin had a great run against grade c talent
    (may be good, may be bad).
    C) There is a chance Bush or D-Mac could get hurt.
    Both are high fast powerful north to south runners.
    They can take some big hits. Remember Weatley?

    If possible keep Rankin on the roster as a kisk returner. He returned kicks at Washington took two to the house. I don’t see another receiver or guard out there so why not.

  • Vinous

    I don’t get this ‘wanting to trade Fargas’. Yes, he has trade value, but we will be running the ball 40 times a game. I would prefere to see those carries split. You have less risk of injury that way. McFadden will be a more complete back, but I think Fargas will make a great contribution. If we give Fargas, McFadden and Bush 10 to 15 carries a game, we will score some points and still be fresh at the end of the game.

  • BHPbayarea

    Dakota…It’s not that I don’t agree with some of what our saying; but I get the feeling that everyone feels we’re on top of the world. I dont get that! Watched too much to believe, until I see. However, if Kif turns Russell into Young, and we don’t improve our OL, then hard times are ahead. I think the AFC West is down right now, so that’s good. However, Chargers are very good, and I just have a hard time discounting Denver. Call is historical karma, but Shanarat is the best coach in AFC West…KC’s a freakin joke! Too much youth, not enough substance.

  • Dakota


    You are now two thread behind buddy! See the blue link that says Training camp, Day 19 at the bottom of the page, click it to move to the next thread, then click the next link to move to the current thread.

    Just an FYI

  • Jim (ct raider)

    we were actually more impressive running last year than 2000 (when we were 1st in the league) because we didn’t have a qb getting 1/4 of our yards every game.. a RB actually did.

    you can have Vince young… He can run and get you first downs like a RB… but he throws as accurate as a RB also.