Archuleta on the way


With the a secondary hit with injuries to safety Tyvon Branch, cornerback DeAngelo Hall and cornerback Michael Waddell, the Raiders made their first roster move of camp other than the signing of a place kicker by agreeing to terms with safety Adam Archuleta.

Archuleta, released last May 6 by the Chicago Bears, could be in uniform for the evening session. The Raiders will need to release a player to stay at the 80-man limit. A roster given out by the club before the morning session omitted safety Greg Wesley, who has practiced only a handful of times because of back spasms.

Wesley was on the field with the team for the morning practice, however.

Following practice, Kiffin expressed concern about his team’s depth and promoted the idea of bringing in players for tryouts. The Raiders have made only one roster move since camp opened, signing place kicker Aaron Elling last Thursday after an injury to Sebastian Janikowski.

“It’s just been a situation that unfortunately we haven’t brought guys in,” Kiffin said. “I can control what I can control, come out here every day and get our guys as good as we can. I’m pleased with the top of our roster, but we need to add to the bottom of our roster. We need more competition.”

Archuleta, 29, was the No. 20 overall pick of the 2001 draft by the St. Louis Rams. He played there for five seasons before signing a free agent contract with Washington that made him the highest paid safety in the NFL.

The Raiders were interested in Archuleta entering the 2001 draft, but he was gone before they selected. They instead drafted Derrick Gibson out of Florida State.

Hall went in for an MRI after an X-ray came up negative on his right hand.

“We’ve got to be real safe with it because a big part of him is how well he can play the ball,” Kiffin said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Jhill

    I guess …

    Huff, Wilson, and Eugene are the only sure bets so far. Baker, Waddle, and the rest of the bunch looked pretty bad.

  • Archuleta is junk.

    Just Win Baby.

  • I’d be surprised if Archuleta sticks, actually

  • El Dirty


  • La Milicia Negra


    “Last thing I wanted to do is get into an American vs Euro debate. Just another example of non football related stuff on this site.”

    I was trying to explain what I meant when I wrote ‘Argument’, an ‘argument’ is when somebody stating a case for their view in a discussion.. at least thats what it is in europe, if it doesn’t translate to american english, sorry.. I thought it was common knowledge..

    regarding McCown.. lets just say we disagree, but if tui gets to play it doesn’t matter – seasons over!

  • Hall is the main concern…we need him to work with Aso.
    Branch would be my second concern. Either way, it doesn’t sound like any of these injuries, even to Javon or Seabass are critical and they should be game worthy by 9/8/08. I’ll guarantee that Javon will be ready and some how, some way, he’ll perform big against shanarat.

  • Quagmire’d

    O ye of lil faith LMN

  • La Milicia Negra


    so you think if Jammy ruined his arm tomorrow (God Forbid, knock on wood, salt over shoulder and so on) you actually think we would win some games…

    I just finished watching the game, and Tui looked awful, remember this was against 3rd and 4th stringers and he couldn’t do much, oh yeah he had a long run himself down the line, but thats not something to rave about.. rankin was good, but tui looked lost. 16 yds, 3 att, 1 comp.. yeah you need a lot of faith to get that one going..

  • Archuleta wa sbrought in to help out on the practice team. You have to have a safety.

  • I thought Archelueta was all beat to hell?

  • Tooz

    Another safety? What about O-Line?
    Can’t we find a left tackle out there that can pass block for longer than one Mississippi?

  • The problem LMN, is that it appears the Raiders have no passing scheme. Or anyone to develop one. Cable has come in and developed a running game. Kiffin has done squat to develop a passing game, other than dump the ball off.

  • By the way all of you son of Howie – he’s so cute band wagon jumpers know exactly what you can do. I called D-MACs number two months before the draft. There were a number of you idiots emailing in saying D-Mac is a over rated thug and a bust. Questioning his work ethic and now you hear how well the coaches are talking about him being a leader in practice. Acting professional on and off the field, going the extra mile and you want to give him the “he’s OK with us” pat on the back. On behalf of D-Mac keep your big mouths shut and enjoy the ride. For the rest of the Raider Nation enjoy watching D-Mac gain 4-8 yards a pop and take it to the house Bo Jackson style. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get pumped!!!!!!!!!

  • ghost to the post

    cut tui, play curry if needed …keep chaz and watkins

  • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

    what up with the real fix jerry?

    Thanks 4 the info on Hall tho… c Dirty told ya 2 a days

  • La Milicia Negra


    yeah I know, thats why I would love to get Marc Trestman back, to run the passing game =)

  • Still not right between Al and Kiffin.

  • Raider0525

    I think we should trade Fargus before he gets hurt and we can get something for him. We don’t need all these running backs.

  • BHPbayarea

    Yeah, we’re in the crapper big time!!! Our D-backfield is falling apart, Wesley’s not the answer. Word is that he wanted to go to Denver, not with Raider Nation. Now, we can let him go. Maybe pick up Lynch? He’s got to be better than Archuleta?

    D-Mac is doing fine. Im very concerned that we will have NO passing attack. How is it that Cutler can become a passing stud in 2 years w/Diabetes, and we can get a 6’7″giant with an arm like Thor to wreak havoc in AFC West. Im going to trade in my tickets if the Broncos beat us again? Sux……..

  • HendersonNvRaider

    Archuleta makes Stuart Schweigert look good. I do not want to see him on the field.

  • MR

    CJ Legend, I wasn’t aware that a team coming off of it’s 5th straight last place season has a “bandwagon”. Do enlighten me.

  • yo cj I wanted cLong but I am pleased with dMac altho I still think Bush is the man. Also I never questioned his commitment or his skill set so take it easy guy!!!


  • dick v

    you need talent to develop the passing game. The raiders took their shot with Javon, let them develop chemistry b4 everyone throws their arms up in defeat. Drew Carter slipped twice in the dirt infield while he was the no.1 read. Javon had a chance to make a play on the sideline lob: that would have been 5 for 5 for at least 70 plus yards: what is all the crying about?

  • Ant63ss

    I actually read in another blog that Archuleta was signed to compete at outside linebacker. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/indexn?blogid=11

  • Dakota

    Fargas + next year’s #1 and #4 to the Bills for Jason Peters, LT.

  • dick v

    kwame looked solid in his debut, eventhough the niners do not have a pass rush. Mario Henderson looked even better against an even lower grade pass rush. We all know what kind of heat van den bosch and haynesworth bring. we will see what we have friday. Save the i told you so stuff because we all think this is a up hill battle for the starting left side.

  • Raider0525

    I’d like to get someone for our offensive line, that’s what scares me

  • La Milicia Negra

    Fargas + Walter to the bears for 2nd and a 3rd.. =)

  • Ant63ss

    Bills have no need at RB. Lynch is a beast.

  • Jerry sup with the fix? We already knew bout archuleta! Did you know his GF was smokin hott?

  • dick v

    dakota they dont want another running back, they might pull the trigger for a real TE like miller, 09 1st…etc

  • Dakota

    Dick v,

    Would they take Wakefield instead of Miller? lol

  • Silver&BlackBleeder

    Wow…I’m finally not the only one saying we should trade Fargas. Yeah, baby Huggy might have the most Raider heart out of anyone on the roster, but if Bush really is the man (we know McFadden is from the fact Kiffin didn’t even need to try him out in open space), we don’t need 3 top RBs. We shouldn’t be giving up a #1 though. Not while we’re already in a movement to stay young. Wouldn’t mind giving up a #2 in a package with Fargas though. There has to be a tackle thats decent that a team in need of a RB feels is expendable

  • 4get about trading Miller!! and we need fargas! 3 headed monster is pumping alot of fear into the AFC west I cant wait till we run it in the 4th quarter with fresh legs!!!

  • La Milicia Negra

    Fargas + Walter to the bears for a 2nd and 3rd.

    Madsen and Sam Williams to the bills for a 4th..

    Come on Al, do those deals and I love ya again.. =)

  • Raider0525

    I love Fargas and he’s a great Raider but I agree with McFadden and Bush there really isn’t any room for Fargas. So we might as well get something for him

  • Dakota


    I hate trading draft picks also, but if we could get a 26 year old franchise LT I would trade next year’s entire draft for it! Jason Peters is the man…but I doubt the Bills will trade him.

    Just dreaming.

  • dick v

    the o line will be improved. i already see a big improvement. I saw the Raiders when the trenches on Friday: especially on offense where the first team easily handled willis and co.

  • La Milicia Negra


    with fargas gone we could keep Rankin, the 3 headed monster would be intact =) LOL

  • It’s not like Tom Cable is exactly up to his armpits in talent either.

  • 408 Raider:

    From my perspective, his girlfriend isn’t all that. It’s an obvious fake job, which loses sensitivity and normal
    response. I’ll take the real deal, even when smaller.

    At least we agree that Arch isn’t the answer. Friday is going to reveal many strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully we have more strength than weakness.

  • Dakota

    I agree with LMN, trade Fargas and keep Rankin. But we would take a big cap hit if we traded a player (Fargas) that we just signed to a contract wouldn’t we? Bummer.

  • LMN

    Trade Fargas next year… Im good with that this Rankin guy had 1 big run vs the whiner scrubs I’d like to to keep him tho… (=

  • Silver&BlackBleeder

    Don’t laugh too hard LMN! You never know. Rankin might wind up being a beast! Hell, after Bush runs you over and McFadden blows by you, come 4th quarter, I think anyone can look decent….

    Dakota – I hear you. Our #1 in 2010 might be an expendable pick we can throw in a trade though. Only thing about 2009 is, we don’t legitimately know if we’re gonna have a decent record this year though it looks promising, so our #1 in ’09 could once again be a top 10 pick. But I know you were just dreaming. Hell, I’m dreaming with you. If we could nail a stud at left tackle, and just move Kwame back over to his natural right ’till Green gets healthy, we’d be alright. Then we can draft a right tackle in the 3rd or 4th next year and begin our conquest for world domination. (insert evil laugh here)

  • RRF

    I hear ya brother shes still cute tho… Im more of an ass and hips man myself..

  • The Raiders sign a washed up veteran, the fans are talking about a “bandwagon”. This day’s starting off normal.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Silver&BlackBleeder Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Don’t laugh too hard LMN! You never know. Rankin might wind up being a beast! Hell, after Bush runs you over and McFadden blows by you, come 4th quarter, I think anyone can look decent….

    whats your point?

  • Dakota: Why can’t we keep them both and get rid of Condo. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s been stated that we need Condo and he plays special teams. It’s just not getting through to me. I can’t understand why we have 3 centers: Grove, Wade & Morris and none of them can “long snap?. And, on a 53 man squad there are many others that can fit in on special teams for Condo. Rankin could!

  • The US, with the USSR collapsed, felt like they could do whatever the hell they wanted to do. Medddeling in Georgia is one.

  • Trade Vargas! And sign the guy who’s only proven thus far that he can run well against the 49ers 5th string! Yes! I’m in!

    LOL. You know I’m just joshin’, guys. This is Ezekial here blogging from mom’s basement. Let’s keep the wire going.