Wesley cut


Whether the Raiders utilize Adam Archuleta at linebacker or safety remains to be seen, but they cut a safety to make room for him.

Greg Wesley, omitted from the morning roster but on the field, was released later in the day, according to a league source.

UPDATE: The Raiders have updated Archuleta’s signing and the release of Wesley on their Web site.

It’s also an even swap in terms of salary. Archuleta, should he make the 53-man roster, will make the same $730,000 that Wesley was to receive. Kiffin danced around the topic of Wesley’s status following practice.

“I don’t know that yet. He did move around well today,” Kiffin said. “Had a good workout the day before that but I don’t know that yet.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Insanity= Doing the same thing and expecting different results.

  • MR

    Yeh, Oakglenn, the only time that matters is now…unless you’re bringing up the fact that we went to the Super Bowl 5 years ago to justify Al’s poor management.

    And, let’s review what’s happening now. Kiffin is going to the press and blaming Davis for the fact that our roster is too top heavy, with no competition at the bottom. All we have to speak of is a pre season win against the Niners, where while our first string defense looked improved, our first string offense looked the same. Russell was hurried and sacked. And he had a little too much touch on that deep ball he’s supposed to be known for. McCown could have lobbed those up.

    So, this is what’s going on right now, Oaklglenn. We’re 19-61, and we’re on preseason game into our new season where only minor improvement has been shown on our first string. Oh, and over the course of the last 5 years, Al Davis is a worser GM than even Matt Millen. That’s up to date. That’s NOW.

  • Mistabrown

    Howies Neck,
    That vanilla man 2 man defense was enough to put a choke hold on the 49er offense too bad we cant play them 16 weeks.

  • Speaking of NOW, what the hell does a Super Bowl in 1983 have to do with now?

    Exactly why Raider Fan is the laughingstock of the NFL.

  • Dakota

    he said worser, hee

  • Mistabrown

    WOW, I should watch the news! I thought Reagan took care of the Russians! Whats goin on ?

  • Calm down there Cujo it was a typo I am looking for the link again where I got the info I am pretty sure it was 24-81 I know you are salivating at the opportunity for me to be incorrect on something.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Bad records like:
    No Super Bowls since 1969,
    No Super Bowls — EVER,
    And on and on…

    All those things $uck — the only thing (besides winning) that matters when looking at PAST records is that a team’s leadership continues to try to improve, to the best of their ability, even after successful seasons. Al does that.

    Man, you haters…you’re all alike. 🙂

  • Random drug Tester you learn fast!!

    You figured those two losers out real quick, funny thing is they actually call themselves Raider fans?

  • MR

    SNB666 said that Matt Millen is doing worse than Al Davis. Our favorite little satan worshiper would have done a much better job of making his sell had he not actually posted Millen’s record, which clearly indicates that Millen has not in fact done worse than Al Davis. He’s better than Al Davis. Thanks for proving yourself wrong, SNB666.

  • Mistabrown

    He called him “cujo” haha

  • Rick T

    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  • MR

    Me, Mista Clown, Kell, Coach on Wheels, Scottish Raider, and all other people who’ve criticized Al Davis are all the same person. You guys didn’t know that?

  • Dakota

    new post turdheads

  • MR…you should come up here to Canada….you and KoolKell can get married legally up here.

    still waiting for you to prove you ARE a RAIDER fan.

    But you never have and never will because you are such a simp….get lost already…nobody likes you…you must be at least intelligent enough to know that aren’t you?

  • I am hoping one of them come and pay me a visit during a game I keep posting my seats in here with the glimmer of hope that it will happen.

    Now for all of you that want to keep putting meaningless numbers up in here about a 5 year period of time what you should be posting is our all time record not just the last 5 years like a feeble minded brooding sports writer. Quit living on Nancy Gay Jerry and Ann Killion’s stats it makes you look like a sheep.


  • Law

    I know it is still early, but it looks like the Raiders are headed down the same old path. Injuries, poor QB play, no WR’s, etc….

  • JediRaider

    Hey 408 – back in the house – how much did Takeo Spikes get from the 9ers? I didn’t see contract info – thought it was a one year deal for the vet min.

    Anyway, most of us true believers and die hards know that we’re a strong run stopping d-line away from winning 10-12 games this year because we should make some plays against the pass and our schedule is weak. Kiffin gave us 17 points per game last year and our o was terrible with zero playmakers – even if JR struggles, we’re putting up at least 21 a game with DMAC’s big play ability and JR’s ability to hit our new speedy WR’s down the field even if we don’t reduce the turnovers from last year. If we can put up 21 a game just with our offense vs. our weak schedule and stop the run decently to force teams to pass, we should be able to add 3-4 points more per game via turnovers generated by our d. All we need is a decent NT to play 20 snaps a game on 1st downs and in short yardage situations and we’re set. Al – go get Grady!

  • DarthPirate

    Jamarcus on Sirius now!

  • Archuleta is one of the worst players ever. he was so highly touted out of college, and has ben such a bust since he is too slow for coverage, and too small for the backer position. the only thing that has kept him around is the fact that he is a workout warrior… he will be a bust in oakland too!