Wesley cut


Whether the Raiders utilize Adam Archuleta at linebacker or safety remains to be seen, but they cut a safety to make room for him.

Greg Wesley, omitted from the morning roster but on the field, was released later in the day, according to a league source.

UPDATE: The Raiders have updated Archuleta’s signing and the release of Wesley on their Web site.

It’s also an even swap in terms of salary. Archuleta, should he make the 53-man roster, will make the same $730,000 that Wesley was to receive. Kiffin danced around the topic of Wesley’s status following practice.

“I don’t know that yet. He did move around well today,” Kiffin said. “Had a good workout the day before that but I don’t know that yet.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Neocons are liberals that have moved to the right…they are not my people KK.

  • I´m finally going to watch Friday´s game tonight..it was about time, even if I feel like I already watched it thanks to everyone´s comments.

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    Bob Marley..

    they starting a blog forum at BSPN, Bill Williamson has been assigned to the AFC West, I like him, he is fair, he calls bullmanure when he sees it. he is the only guys at BSPN I like =)

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  • 4.55 is certainly slow for a DB. Hopefully Archuleta is healed up and ready to go. As I said, the idea of moving him to LB might be a good one. A 215 lb outside LB?? I guess we’ll find out.

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    Bob Marley..

    I had it the same way when I saw it today, I later put it on again =)

  • Milicia..yeah, he seems ok, specially for a former Broncos beat guy.

  • Bob Marley, after seeing it live and seeing it on tape, the tape just does not do justice to how amazing Mike Bush is for a big guy or how quick Dmac is.

  • “The Archuleta move backs up what Raiders’ coach Lane Kiffin said. He is looking for more competition at the end of the roster. Winning teams go 53-men strong. That’s’ what Kiffin is looking for and that’s why Archuleta was signed.””

    Sounds like Kiffin is getting what he wants unlike the way Jerry was trying to spin it as Coach complaining about big AL.

    Local sports writers in the Bay Area are the worst!

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    Archuleta is a good signing because we’re not using him as a starter. Hes still better than alot of other guys and at least we have both Arch and Branch who can both hit people when its necessary. We now have a solid tackling secondary.

    Why didn’t we just re-sign Schweigert? haha.

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    Laughter out loud. First the Raider fan say ESPN unreliable. Now that ESPN contradict local media report, Raider fan say ESPN credible. Raider fan remind me of Mrs. Putin.

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    Archuleta @ LB? You gotta be joking dudes? We kicked him out of the STL years ago. And he gone down hill even farther since then. Hell, the bear cut him. Why would anyone in here have the slightest interest in him. If you want old and experienced, go w/Lynch. He’s pissed @ Shanny, he felt he was lied to by the organization. He is in the right frame of mind for serious revenge factor. Plus, as a 9 time probowler, he could add some big time mentoring to our youthful backfield. Do even say we couldnt use that…

  • I think the Raiders are having some of the same problems that many other teams have when it comes to dealing with an 80 man roster, as opposed to 86 as it was before.

    Looking at Kiffin´s comments about depth from Jason Jones at sacbee.com….

    “The areas lack depth the most are cornerback and the offensive line. With a rash of injuries in the secondary, the Raiders had only four corners.

    Safety Hiram Eugene helped fill in for some drills.

    “Yeah, it’s hard,” Kiffin said. “You don’t get many one-on-ones so our receivers end up going on air. We put Hiram down there today in slot a little bit to help us out but it’s a situation we’ve been in now for awhile. It is what it is.”

    – People like Jeff Fisher and Bill Polian have spoken recently against the 80 man roster limit, here´s Polian just a couple of days ago:

    “Q: What do you feel are some of the most pressing on-field trends and issues in the league today?.

    A: “The first thing that we need to have some answers on is how the 80-man roster limit affects what we ultimately come out of camp with,” Polian said last week in an interview with the Globe prior to the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

    “It isn’t good from our perspective….It’s not a good test….I don’t just mean us, but all teams.”

    Polian is curious to see how teams will be affected over the course of the season…Why is this such a big issue?.

    “I’ll use our linebackers as a prime example,” Polian said of a position that has been hit by injuries in training camp. “When you have an injury at one position, you can’t reduce the [repetitions] of everybody else at that position, because this is an interrelated game.

    “So they have to take the same reps as the tackles, and ends and corners, but you’re doing it with less guys. So it stresses the position and you find that you go from one injury, to two, to three, you get an epidemic at one position. Now you’re in a position where you have difficulty.”

    “The question is, what do you do?” said Polian. “Do you reduce reps? Do you reduce practice? Do you change the way you practice? All those kind of things are questions that have to be answered.”

    From the Boston Globe´s Mike Reiss.

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    LMN…where ya go? It was just getting interesting?

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    you have a very simplistic way to see things, No wonder your country is going downhill..(by your i mean USA) but hey as long as you win gold medals =)

  • Nice post Marley. As I stated earlier in a post:

    “Be realistic any coach on any NFL team except probably this years Cowboys would want more talent and competition at every position.

    This is just a comment that many coaches make but since its the Raiders the media automatically puts a negative spin on it. Don’t be sheep and take the disgruntled writers spin on this. Remember that Jerry is a Charger fan and he will at times show that mentality and this is a prime example of that!”

  • La Milicia Negra

    ST BHP..

    lynch cost much more doe than 700K..

    I like the idea of adam achuuuuleta as situational MLB and SLB.. he hits hard, he is fast as a LB, 4.55 and he would be an upgrade to the rungame, and he would be burned on pass games as LB, because Ball hawks as Morrison and Howard is there, they don’t dare to throw over the middle..

  • The writers don’t like Al Davis bwaaaaaaaabeaaaaaaaa. Sheesh.

  • Take Morrison out of the game on certain situations and replace him with Archuellta?

    What situations?

  • HayesDaze#37

    We do need more competition. So do the other 31 teams in the league.

    When Kiffin talks about competition in camp, he’s not just talking about fighting against others for a job at the same position — he’s also talking about competition against guys across the line of scrimmage. When our #1’s have to go against #2’s and 3’s because of injuries, it means we have no legitimate baseline to gauge the offense by.

    Kiffin also has flashbacks to USC, where they had 100+ guys to pick from year to year. He needs to remind himself — just like we all need to remember — that if we add a player, we’ve got to drop a player now. That’s not as easy as it sounds, and has a lot more implications than just to the roster. How many guys should we drop, only to add more players everybody thinks are washed-up, slow, jigh-risk, etc.? Not like future Hall Of Famers are coming out of the woodwork and walking into camp.

    Kiffin is a good coach who can become a great NFL head coach. This year, he’ll figure out that USC isn’t in the NFL, and the money the team spends per player is at least TWICE as much as they paid Reggie Bush @ USC (where they didn’t even have a cap).

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  • For a 60 year old man you sure do act a lot like an angry sex starved teenager. Get some preparation H and follow the media right out to pasture like the Sheep you are!

  • I’m 56, how old are you 666?

  • I’m 56, how old are you 666?

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    The Raiders play the Titans this friday night which gives us the opportunity to see the receiver the Raiders passed over in the 4th round of the draft in order to pick Arman Shields. The Titans drafted Lavelle Hawkins from Cal with the very next pick. So Al passed on the local kid from a major school/conference with very good production numbers, despite being on the opposite side of the field of Desean Jackson, for a speedy receiver (of course) with a bum knee who played for a small-time school (Richard Spiders). My moneys on Hawkins to have the superior year & career despite having a less than great QB in Vince Young. I hope Kiff takes the leash off JR and opens things up a little more this week.

  • HayesDaze#37

    If Archuleta makes the final roster, we’re in worse shape on D than most of us realize. Even us optimists…

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    good evening, gentlemen…

    i say…

    the raiders are going to exhibit some serious stompitude this season…

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    That was RICHMOND Spiders.

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    Jim mora voice;

    Chargers? CHargers? don’t talk about the chargers! CHargers? Chargers? Give me a break! CHargers?

  • Yeah, I read this morning that the Chargers are looking healthy and prospects are high.

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    Aaron Rodgers looked very good for the Packers in his one quarter of play. How did Alex Smith look the other night? Just a little somethin for any Whiner fans lurking around here.

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    ya! the whiners blew that pick. what a waste.

  • Sorry, I’m just not feelin ya on Archeuleta.

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    i feel archeuleta will be in for running plays to put a smack down on LT and LJ. covering will go to the others.

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