Wesley cut


Whether the Raiders utilize Adam Archuleta at linebacker or safety remains to be seen, but they cut a safety to make room for him.

Greg Wesley, omitted from the morning roster but on the field, was released later in the day, according to a league source.

UPDATE: The Raiders have updated Archuleta’s signing and the release of Wesley on their Web site.

It’s also an even swap in terms of salary. Archuleta, should he make the 53-man roster, will make the same $730,000 that Wesley was to receive. Kiffin danced around the topic of Wesley’s status following practice.

“I don’t know that yet. He did move around well today,” Kiffin said. “Had a good workout the day before that but I don’t know that yet.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • El Dirty


  • HayesDaze#37

    If Archuleta is a monster on ST’s, and if he plays great in some hybrid or backup capacity on Defense, then his signing will be a good one. But, mostly because of price. Archuleta better translate all that lockerroom speed and strength to the field in a hurry…his tryout has only just begun. Long before he left STL, no matter how hard he hit, he was considered overrated in some aspects — never quite living up to the long-term all-around potential people gave him. And I’m talking about the people right there in STL. Washington knew they overpaid him (in relative/NFL terms, of course) very quickly after they did so.

    Now, he’s on the Raiders…so, to me until he proves otherwise, he belongs here and will get my support — whether or not I think there are better moves to be made right now. Just like Kiff, I’m not the GM…so I just go with the flow and hope it was a good signing.

    If he does make the cut, my greatest wish is for Archuleta to help school the younger guys — especially when it comes to laying wicked hits — and for him to be a standout Special Teamer. Then, his $730k will be a bargain.

  • Guys I wouldnt look too deep into and overanalyze CLong at this point in his career. DLinemen sometimes take a year or so to get assimilated to the power and skill of the NFL. Look no further than Mario Williams. So stay away from the I told you so’s for now. Time will tell.

  • DarthPirate

    Bam! Another swimming gold medal for the US. Phelps has two, one of the women has one, and Piersol just got another for us.

    See? There some things we are still better at then everyone else. Of course I suck at swimming.

  • HayesDaze#37

    KK — Since I’m a Al Davis fan (for better or worse), I hope that doesn’t automatically qualify me as an “evangelical” also? That term doesn’t really fit me too well, ya dig.

  • 666, sure you are. (lol)

    Al Davis Evangelicals religiously follow orthodox scripture, rather than their own eyes and ears and brains.

  • HayesDaze#37

    KK — Who you talking to?

  • HayesDaze#37

    C’mon…I’m pretty quick to disagree with Al, on plenty of occasions. Just ’cause I like the man doesn’t mean I think he’s perfect. And, I’m very objective in my opinions of players and moves made by the team.

  • so when do we get a new fix?

  • armond

    its funny now we have the trade fargas crowd when alot of u said he and bush was a reason NOT to draft mcfadden. now trade him or bush because 3 rb is 2 much 2 have but u want rankin 2 take his spot. so if rankin gets shut down by the titans do we trade him instead for a 4th rnd pick? ill take archuleta over stu any day and hopefully we will add more depth. i hoped the raiders would check on lecharles bentley health just to see if he can work out for a spot like newberry last year. the raiders r still a work in progress so filling out the depth chart will rely more on next years draft and fa. of course if mario gets off his ass and plays better that would help out alot. the team is 19-61 over 5 years for a reason. so unless they have the midas touch with camp cuts and young diamonds in the rough this will be a problem for the rest of the year. just be patient see what they do and enjoy the rest of the preseason. yall want a quick fix 2 much which has been the problem. if al just developed the team with the proper coaches and had a plan 2 develop younger players over time after the superbowl loss we could be challenging SD for division titles and possibly more right now. yall need to stop actin like football crackheads. we gettin better slowdown!!!

  • HayesDaze#37

    Armond — You’re right about keeping Fargas. One veteran, and two first-time NFL players do not make an instant success. Neither of the younger guys has taken an NFL pounding…and the one who has taken a pounding gets broken a lot.

  • HayesDaze, I wasn’t particulairly talking to you, but if the shoe fits………..

    Btw, I will always honor Mr Davis’s legacy.

  • Nice post Armond.

    People don’t respect the craft and skills of players worked on and developed through practice.

    Skilled players are not the product of Al Davis’s scheming and moves, as the Evangelicals like to think. Players and coaches develop the crafts and skills necessary to be a professional.

    Al Davis thinks his button pushing is the reason. But games are won on the field, not on paper.

  • HayesDaze#37

    KK — There’s gotta be another term you can come up with for us who lean far less than the evangelicals. Something that still reflects support for Al, but a little more atheistic perhaps? (All due respects to BHP, of course!)

  • shawnraiders81

    Guys…… we need to stop crying everytime the media relays a comment by Kiffin about Mr. Davis.

    Kiffin and Davis are not best friends they don’t have to be. Kiffin is still the HC because Al Davis wants him there, otherwise he would have fired him asap.

    Remember Davis fired Shanahan in the middle of the season, Al will do what he wants and if he wanted Kiffin gone it would have happened by now.

    If you pay attention Kiffin uses the media to get a message across and to motivate, he did it with Mario Henderson, Michael Bush, and Javon Walker. and he may be trying to motivate Mr. Davis to bring in more players, It’s not a bad strategy.

    p.s. anyone who wants to trade Fargas after 1,000 yard season in 8 games last year is nuts, we have a three headed monster we can do alot with. Fargas/Mcfadden at the same time, Bush/McFadden McFadden!!!!!

  • shawnraiders81

    KK some of us like the evangelical way of life, even if we are Raiders fans 🙂

  • Hey old man, what´s bothering you nowadays?…

  • HayesDaze#37

    #264, KK — You’re arguing with yourself on that one. The only reason the coaches get the players to coach-up is because the owner/GM brings them in. If a player comes in and doesn’t produce, who gets blamed? If it’s you, or one of the others who can’t help but point at Al), he gets the blame for every flop. No recognition for anything done well (yes, even in the infamous 19-61 era, good things have happened).

    What if the team totally bombs this year? Is it because Al didn’t get the right players? Because Kiff didn’t coach ’em all up properly? Because the assistant coaches weren’t as good hoped? Because the players just don’t know what it’s like to be winners anymore? The simple answer is yes. To all those, and many more.

    You and a few other notable posters in here are leaning as far to your side as the Al backers are. To label all of Al’s backers in one category, is like the rest of us equating you to the other Al Haters — and I know better than that. I think.

  • Yo nation, Fargas just plain and simple ain’t goin anywhere. Get ready all you Jamarcus fans, this team is gonna run, and run, and then they will start runnin somemore. Don’t be surprised to witness several 200 yard rushing games posted by our Raiders this season. I f they stay away from turnovers, 10-6 will be a snap.

  • GRIM

    10 and 6 or 9and 7 is what i’m thinking.

  • Florida Pete

    jamarcus’ job is to simply hand the thing off cleanly… try not to trip… and definately stay out of the way…

    pound it till it bleeds !!!

    (um… you know what i mean…)

  • HayesDaze#37

    Who’da thunk the tape-delayed Olympics would pull so many Raiders fans?

  • mens diveing is retarded and gay.. My wife is watching tho LOL

  • HayesDaze,

    You’re right of course. You’re making me feel bad for sterotyping.

    I’m alirght Marley. I’m kool.

    I would like to see Lane Kiffin institute some kind of recognizable passing scheme though, other than dump offs.

  • Jerry ur breaking my ball again!! Sup with the fix

  • daniel

    Adam Archuleta had an impressive workout for the Raiders prior to them signing him today.

    Archuleta ran a 4.55 40-yard dash and he did 38 repetitions of 225-pound bench press. Archuleta has long been known as a workout warrior and for bringing a lot of fire to a defense. The Raiders look at the signing as an extremely low risk move. He was signed for one year at $730,000.

    Archuleta is moving from safety to outside linebacker in Oakland. The Raiders are looking for depth at the position and Archuleta is looking for a new lease on his career. After struggling in recent years at safety, Archuleta is hoping to enjoy a career resurgence at linebacker were he starred at college at Arizona State.

    The Archuleta move backs up what Raiders’ coach Lane Kiffin said. He is looking for more competition at the end of the roster. Winning teams go 53-men strong. That’s’ what Kiffin is looking for and that’s why Archuleta was signed.

  • Florida Pete

    408RAIDER Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 8:44 pm
    mens diveing is retarded and gay.. My wife is watching tho LOL


    men’s diving is okay…

    men’s sychronized diving is retarded and gay…

  • daniel

    sorry for putting that again

  • HayesDaze#37

    KK — Right on; and I won’t lump you in, either.

    As far as JaMarcus being let-off the leash, or given a longer one…..I think it has more to do with his own capabilities and confidence than anything else. I’m going to guess that a majority of our longest plays this year will come from “broken” plays. I can see the scripted long-bombs, but I also can see the check-down becoming the check-up-the-field (a la the great Raider Jim Plunkett) during a lot of plays — we have too many guys who can get deep during the chaos.

    JaMarcus will break the leash that is artificially keeping him held back. He will start to regularly take what the defenses gives him, and it will be obvious to all of us when he gets that big picture.

  • KoolKell

    “Al Davis Evangelicals religiously follow orthodox scripture, rather than their own eyes and ears and brains.”

    Btw, I will always honor Mr Davis’s legacy.

    So which is it my bi-polar blogger?

  • Night fellas…it´s taken me 3 days but I´m about to get my first look at the 08 Raiders.

  • Florida Pete

    I ment to say men’s sychronized diving is retarded and gay…

    but its all good now womens beach vollyball is on now 😛

  • HayesDaze#37

    SilverNblack666 Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    “Al Davis Evangelicals religiously follow orthodox scripture, rather than their own eyes and ears and brains.”

    Btw, I will always honor Mr Davis’s legacy.

    So which is it my bi-polar blogger?


    Now, that was pretty funny!

  • Thec

    I dont like te Archuleta move. He is slow. We should have got Takeo Spikes.

  • FANG


  • Hey guys…forget the past and the numbers…only thing that matters is THIS YEAR!! 19 – 61 means squat!
    6th in running offense means nothing!
    We are a different team this year than last year, and so is every other team in the league!
    However, I think the RAIDERS have improved and have matured light years more than anybody else in the league, especially in our division!

    It all looks good, no matter how you look at it;

    Tommy Kelly looking good!
    Defense looking tough!
    Offense looking unpredictable and explosive!
    Special teams looking as good or better than anybody!



    JUST WIN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thec sup bro?

    Jerry’s breaking balls again! Im just waiting for the fix!

  • I will alway honor Mr Davis’s legacy, but it’s time for the old man to step aside. What’s the problem?

  • Internet tuff guy!

  • Random Drugtester

    I like what our saying just know that some of these posters will be calling you an Al evangelical.

    I get called that everyday for being so stoked on the upcoming season and not getting sucked in to the local sports writers rumor mongering.

  • OK so lets say he decided to step down just who do you suggest would better or more qualified of a replacement?

  • There is no one else on this planet that could run this team better than Mr Davis its that simple, if you can think of someone please do let us all know.

  • i live in Toronto Ontario, Bay area (local sports writers) mean nothing, or have no impact on my opinion.

    We just follow NFL on our own and are unaffected by sportswriter bias.

    Having said that, Rashard Mendenhall in Pittsburgh scares me a little!

  • P.S. I am watching a replay of the SF exhib. game and I really like that Rankin guy!

  • 666

    I hate to say it but if the old man steps down its mark and amy who are going to take over! Not that I want that to happen or anything

  • Al Davis = Raiders (and Raider Fans)

  • garthraider

    Dakota,agree 100%,some seem to think football is the end all,end all,I wish it was!We had a taste w/9/11,but when we nut up w/putin,the gloves are off the table.The RAIDERS help by being a focus that takes me away from forces that threaten our kids/family.Sorry for being a downer!

  • That’s exactly what I am saying 408Raider

  • Steelyone

    u know…

    I tried..

    thought about it for a moment

    If Al were not around, who would be a better replacement?

    Think about it fellas…

    Just a hypothetical

    Mark Cuban?
    Saudi Price Fahhad

    Al is the man…good, bad, right or wrong?

    His son will likely carry that torch when the time comes.

    “I dreamed we would have the finest players and the greatest coaches”

    Al Davis

    Carry on Nation

  • HayesDaze#37

    There isn’t another GM in the league any better for the Raiders. Having a better string of sucesses lately? Of course, there are some. Better over the long-haul? That’s laughable. Are there others any more or less likely to make a mistake? Sure, Al’s not perfect…but neither are any of the others, and most don’t have anything like the knowledge of Al Davis.

    Any OBJECTIVE look at Owner or GM records will show that Al’s choices are no better or worse than others are. Show me a GM who hasn’t made mistakes in their choices, and I’ll show you a GM who hasn’t done anything yet.