Hall sits it out


Beat writer Steve Corkran reports DeAngelo Hall (hand) did not suit up and will replaced in the starting lineup by Stanford Routt.

Others who aren’t in uniform include CB John Bowie (knee), WR Arman Shields (knee), TE Tony Stewart (toe) and kickers Sebastian Janikowski (hamstring) and Shane Lechler (quad).

Will post game wrap-up blog following the game . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • We’re on our way. Kiffin’s only got one more move to make to really put us over the top. And that’s to take over the team like Al did from Wayne Valley. Just coax Al into signing some stupid document that would hand control of the team over. Al is very old and not too sharp anymore. you could make him eat cat food.

  • KoolKell, I think you’ve been highjacked by a troll. Cus he’s on broken record mode. 🙂

  • optimistic r8r

    Amen Kool

  • That loss gives Kiffin more ammo to bitch about …more needs to be fixed …its what coaches are for.

  • LMN, that’s a great review of a game that doesn’t even count. How about tomorrow giving us a review on how the paint in your house dries? Hey, did any of you tards bet on the game tonight?

  • 909raiderlifer

    Revised grade, for the scrubs. Solid C.

  • I don’t want to get overhyped by preseason play but Jam looks like the real deal …outrunning the pass rush, diagnosing the blitzers and avoiding them, quickly releasing at the last second …he looks for real!

    ZMiller is a stud – PERIOD!

    All passes on the drive by Jam and he took it for a TD.

  • JB

    3rd & less than one at the goal line: Bad play call, You’ve got a very mobile QB in there. A naked bootleg would have probably had him going in there untouched.

    At least we now have some obvious cut material. we did better than I initially expected. But, near the end, we should have been able to win this one. Oh well, it gives Kiffin something to talk and teach about this upcoming week.

    The #1 OL did a much better than expected job against their #1 D’s – which are normally dominating.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Running total..
    TENN 140yds, 26att 5.38 avg
    OAK 224yds 37att 6.05 avg

  • You can never underestimate the Raider’s ability to lose.

    You have to take that into the equation.

  • Aussie Raider

    Two fumbles cost us 10 pts!!!!

  • DarthPirate

    Post # 808 I agree JB, especially on the last part. Really not much to complain about here. Unless you want to talk about RR’s defense, but at the same time, the scrubs were in.

    Either way, I’m impressed, I thought we would get blown out.

  • La Milicia Negra


    sorry, I don’t seem to see what problem you have with my post 798..

    Night all..

  • Its pre-season!!

    When Art Shell was coach we where 4-1 in preseason.

    We all know what happened after that.

    Pre-season wins are meaningless!!

    Look at Indy and NE pre-season records the last 5 years.

  • Aussie Raider

    Gotta love Pappa:
    Pappa to Kiffin – “Coach when are you going to release Sebas and Shane”
    Kiffins laughs

  • tonio

    Yeah…Papa’s great! that was too funny!

  • JB

    It will never happen but a serious look at Seabass vs. the new guy should take place. Lechler is an ok scholarship because he’s still one of if not the best at what he does. The same can not be said or demonstrated by SeaBass.

  • We went into another teams stadium and we played a real legitimate contender and our first string played them well.

    VY looked confused and out of sync because of the D. A Defense that has only given up one TD in two games

    We had over 200 yards rushing.

    the special teams mistakes are what killed us.

    How can you seriously be upset by a FG loss in the last minute by a bunch of 4th stringers.

  • JB

    KUDOS to Kiffin. He’s got us pointed in the right direction irrespective of all the other in-house distractions.

  • Kiffinatic

    Release Janikowski.

  • Obviously none of that crap was me. That was MR, Fire Fiffin, East Bay Ray, etc. Sorry, I was actually at the game, not sitting here making up posts like some complete utter loser. I own your ass MR. If you have to sit here and post as me I have the deed to your soul. And I hereby sell your soul to
    Satan for one penny. Thank you Satan. You now own MR.

  • Huff24

    Its not that we lost a in the last minute by a bunch of 4th stringers. This happens to our starters as well because of the play calling. We always go away from what works, do something completely different at the end and we pay the price. I don’t really care that we lost because its pre-season but this kind of thing has been happening in the regular season with RR as Defensive Coordinator for years. Thats the problem.

  • 909raiderlifer

    Raider Dell…

    Any thoughts….????

  • Rayduz4life

    Johnnie Lee u gots to go cuz u can never ever be trusted. Go get a pro return dude. JLH talked so much smack then got bi+ch slapped. Eche u also need to go cuz u cant even run 50 without huffin and puffin. Lastly Sanchez u take Lil bi+ch Stui’s number then act juz like him. Advice to you is use that education and get a job at 7/11 cuz u a bi&ch.

  • JerseyRaider

    why can’t we blitz a 3rd string quarterback and just end the game with a W ?

    and what has JLH done to make Kiffin remain so committed to him? He runs bad routes, can’t field punts and fumbles constantly. I don’t get it.

    Schilens should make the team. Those were 2 difficult catches.

  • Thanks Oakglenn I have wanted his soul and I knew if I waited long enough I could get it for measly Penny!

  • Rayduz4life

    JaMarcus and Zack showed signs of being a dominant combo in the division, but other than that no more white boyz on this team pleaz. U kiddin me with Archuleta and Sanchez??? Bring back Lil Stui and the ole gang. Hell No

  • Raider Dell


    Special teams was a real problem tonight.

    Besides the Higgins fumble, we also lost field position on two other drives due to a hold and a block in the back.

    The first half we had our first team special team guys in there, that was real disappointing.

    The field position changed the play calling by Kiff in both of those possessions.

    We complain about RR, we need to find out why our special teams coach Christensen is about and what is he doing to correct these players who make those stupid mistakes.

    Do you wonder why Higgins would even field that punt, was he told a million times inside the 10 to let it go, or was he told to field it and run, whose to know.

    I would think he should let the ball drop to reach the endzone and start at the 20.

    RR alwys gets the blame for his defense, when the field position puts our defense on their side he seems more agressive, when Tenn had better field position he seemed less agressive.

  • Rayduz4life

    JLH??????? We gonna put the ball in this dudes hands for all our punts??? I gots sum land back in Florida for all yall

  • SilverANDBlack:

    Ya, they both suck…Grove and Wade…they can’t stop any the NT…they’re too weak. Bring back 00.

  • Sam Adams Moobs

    Losses in the preseason don’t bother me. Losing the way we lost bothers me, because it’s been the Raider way for the past 5 seasons, and it needs to be stopped, whether it’s the first stringers or a guy who’s going to be working at Safeway in 2 weeks.

    The moment O’Neal fumbled, I turned off the game and left, solid in the knowledge that the fumble meant the Raiders would lose the game 17-16. Surprise! Look what happened.

    Much as no one wants to admit it, the mental aspect of competitive sports is as important as the physical aspect. This is still a team with talent in certain areas that doesn’t know how to win. At some point, you need to develop that – no matter who is on the field.

    Without it, all the talent in the world doesn’t matter. Preseason records don’t count, and don’t matter, but they should matter to an organization that can’t win 6 games in a single season precisely because of endings just like this one.

    With all that said, I do believe they accounted themselves very well on the road against a solid playoff team, and that speaks volumes to their progress.

    Now if they can only take the next step and learn how to close out a game…

  • garthraider

    post 827,who was it that was involved in the turnovers,better play closer attention

  • John Stout


    I must say, you are certainly timely with your posts. Much more so than the Sacramento Bee blogger, who shall remain nameless. Keep up the good work.