Hall sits it out


Beat writer Steve Corkran reports DeAngelo Hall (hand) did not suit up and will replaced in the starting lineup by Stanford Routt.

Others who aren’t in uniform include CB John Bowie (knee), WR Arman Shields (knee), TE Tony Stewart (toe) and kickers Sebastian Janikowski (hamstring) and Shane Lechler (quad).

Will post game wrap-up blog following the game . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Huff24, I don’t think u r retarded..

  • In Europe they’re saying that Phelps is built just like a fish…a fish amped up on steroids! Those Euros are a crack up. They’re jealous. Go USA! F**k France!

  • Huff24

    Somehow…this ending looks all too familiar.

  • 909raiderlifer


  • tonio

    Henderson Block the kick

  • PhillyRaider


  • Andrews mom

    Hiram blows it

  • Al’s Pal

    Raiders gonna lose.

  • OK, you’re having fun with this game, while being critical of Rob Ryan for not blitzing…in the 4th quarter, with nothing but reserves? Ah, never mind. I was right the first time. You are retarded.

  • Huff24

    Now…I’m actually not upset that we lost. I’m upset how we lost. Teams that win all of their pre-season games usually suck in the regular season anyways. Overall, I thought we played a good game with a few exceptions.

  • Al’s Pal

    Lost it!

  • Andrews mom

    Lousy ending to a great game but we won the first half on the road against a very good NFL team

  • tonio

    a few mis steps… but I’m pleased with the game,… with J rus… 25 yard run by Dmac… good D… and good running by the first team O… /zack the truth miller will be our MVP

  • tonio

    Things will have been learned…and we will be much better this year… … it all starts… Monday Night… I’ll be there!!!!!

  • El Dirty

    that sucks!

  • Lose what, idiots?

    P-R-E S-E-A-S-O-N!!!

    Hello, McFly. Anyone where?

    The game doesn’t count. No single person on our coaching staff cares rather we win or lose this game. Therefore, a fan would have to be uber retarded to seriously cheer for a win.

  • saintkaufman

    3rd and 17, 3rd string QB. I know, rush 4.

    What a surprise!!!

  • Huff24

    OG – Ok. Think whatever you want. You calling me retarded is retarded in itself. You spend more time talking about MR and telling everybody not to talk to him while you respond to him again and again. I’m at least focused on football.

  • Its all good NATION we got this Vegas win with his 4 point RAIDER ON YALL

  • Do you guys get upset when your favorite pro wrestler loses, too? You guys know tonight’s game counts just as much, right?

  • tonio

    Uber? lol dude stop trippin… we ALWAYS wanna win… some times we care more than others… period

  • 909raiderlifer

    All Time Great Olympians. # 1) Jim Thorp
    #1A) Jesse Owens

    The End.

  • Tonio, you have to have been dropped on your head as a kid, perhaps intentionally, if you root for teams in pre season games. You might as well put a couple of grand on a pro wrestler, while you’re at it. Uber-retard.

  • Who cares what the final score was our starters played well.

  • Oakglenn

    Kiff was pissed when that field goal went in. U apparently didn’t see that!@!

  • Dirty we did IM proud of my boys LANE is gonna have something to b!tch about well be back! Donkeys are running scared

  • R.A.W.

    doen’t matter, if this was a regular season game we would’ve won. possibly shut out if J. lee-higgins didn’t fumble.

  • Huff24

    You’re not much of a football fan if you feel nothing about a loss, pre-season or not. It always stings when you truly care. You may realize that it doesn’t truly matter but these players are the depth of this team. These coaches are makin decisions that they will ultimately make in a game just like the prevent defense we’ve seen come up for 5 years, that hasn’t worked that is currently being used in pre-season. If you see it here, expect to see it again.

  • Overall, the team is looking good. Kiffin has done an amazing job. Hats off to all the coaches. We looked better than Tennessee! I’m starting to believe this team can make it to the playoffs. The 1st team D looks terrific. The 1st team O looks almost unstoppable – damn good. Jam is looking like something special.

    At first Kiffin played it safe, then he loosened the ropes a bit. He opened the O a bit and Tennessee couldn’t stop it. Tennessee was the 5th ranked Defense last year and we looked very respectable against them.

  • Thank you, 666. Our first string was sharp. Russell is a potential MVP. Super Bowl year. I Will!!

  • tonio

    there’s a lot of good I’ve seen tonight… especially w/ J mac on his roll outs… … Walters looked good too… O line was very decent… but D was very very stout. W/o Hall playing… Routt bounced back well from flags… much to learn…much gained… back to Alameda now… and prep for the next play game….

  • Huff, I’m sorry. I don’t speak retard. Take it to the short yellow bus. We’re discussing the first string here, not a meaningless game the reserves lost.

  • optimistic r8r

    come on man… 1st string team did dominate…

  • Jerry sup wit the fix LOL

  • tonio

    224 yards rushing to 140 vs a good rushing team …and a good D

  • Huff24 nobody cares about pre-season wins and losses.

  • Super Bowl! Boo yaaa!!!

  • I’m very happy with what i saw from the first teams. Still some work needed at WR. Harris looked ok.

    Nice performance against a good d.

  • Huff24

    Wow. Anyways. I’m out of here. Peace out.

  • Nnamdi21
  • saintkaufman

    Sorry fellas, when the first team is in there late in a game during the regular season the defensive philosophy will again rear it’s ugly mug. I have yet to see a game won with prevent anything, but that’s what Ryan lives by. That last 3mins was a microcosm of the last 5 years, Preseason or not!!!

  • I’ll have to rewind to see what Kelly did ..but I didn’t see much from him this game.

  • DarthPirate

    GREAT GAME! Screw the ending, I don’t care. Jamarcus showed signs, Mcfadden + Bush is deadly. Woohoo!

    Can’t wait to see them play for real.

    I was disapointed by the lack of defense at the end, but the first/second string that played late into the game was impressive.

    I came away happy.

  • optimistic r8r

    what a dilemma… replacement, punter, kicker, hb… over starters??? naaahh al davis wont do that!!!

  • Lane Kiffin Offense

    17 plays, 8:53 seconds 82 yd drive = 3 points.

    That’s why you need WR’s in the game

  • optimistic r8r

    what a dilema… replacement, punter, kicker, hb… over starters??? naaahh al davis wont do that!!!

  • 909raiderlifer

    Starters. grade. B

    Scrubs. grade. D

    Young Andrew. Grade. B+

    The other kicker # 5. Grade A-

    Coaching. Was a B+.Untill Robbo’s D failed at the end.
    Over all, grade. C-,.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Okay.. final thoughts about the game before I go to bed..

    this loss was good, its good to lose games that doesn’t matter, learn from the mistakes..

    This loss was Rankins and Eche.. they on several accounts went out of bounds.. when they should have stayed inside and run the clock..

    Well I’m sure Knapp and Kiffin will use this as an example in the film room..

  • DarthPirate

    I came away from this game feeling better about the team than I did when we beat the Whiners.

  • Lane Kiffin Offense

    17 plays, 8:53 seconds, 82 yd drive = 3 points.

    That’s why you need WR’s in the game