Web exclusive: Short passing game OK for Russell


Some Raiders fans may not want to hear this, but Jerry McDonald says the short- to medium-range passing game suits JaMarcus Russell just fine. You can also find Jerry’s web exclusive column on our sports page.

Jon Becker
BANG-EB Online Sports Editor


Jon Becker

  • The Raiders haven´t game-planned for a game yet, Kiffin said he´s gonna put together a game-plan for the Cardinals game.

    We´ll get a better look at what´s coming after that game.

    We need to have ball security, last season the Raiders ranked among the league´s worst with 37 Turonvers and a -11 differential, I´m on board with any game-plan that will lead to improve those numbers, which will translate into more winning.

  • Raider Phil

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  • HayesDaze#37

    R4L — If anybody can pull Boldin with only a 1st-round pick, they will have pulled off a coup. Boldin is better than any first-year WR, and the Cards know it.

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  • Just to reiterate what I said earlier…

    Luke Petitgout was suspended for the first 4 games of the season.

    I thought it would be a good idea to give him a shot before but when you couple injuries with a suspension, it´s probably not worth it.

    And Marcus Pollard?…come on.

    Besides the fact that he´s 36, he can´t block and he won´t play special teams.

    Stewart, is not flashy bu he´s a decent back-up who does what back-up TE´s usually do which is block and play special teams.

    I´d rather keep 25 year old Madsen, whose game, like Pollard´s is limited to pass catching.

    In fact, I would rather give a chance to rookie free agent Darrell Strong who has made a few plays in camp.

    Personally, I think Kiffin is going to be gone anyway. And, we’ll probably go no better than 4-12 for the next few years. But one thing about being a Raider fan is that we don’t care. We’re going to stand by Al Davis and the Raiders through thick and thin. Talk to you guys later. Any posts under my name after this are you know who.

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  • La Milicia Negra

    Bob Marley..
    Okay, sorry, I thought Brady still was a patsy, he can still block and catch a few.. So why not!? I think he’ll have 2-3 years left in him..

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  • Jon Gruden’s Wife!

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    OH so you mean were gonna use J-Rock like a Gannon with a cannon arm?!?!?!

    You mean he will be able to do what most of the detractors complained about that Gannon couldn’t throw over 20 yards accurately???


    Are you kidding me??? Short passes led us to the Superbowl while we blew everyone out like lint!

    We took Grudens offense and unleashed the hounds, thus destroyed everyone except of course the designer of that offence, Gruden.

    So Gannon except with a Cannon…

    OH wow now that’s a tragedy?!?!

  • RaiderKC

    Let’s get Joe Horn in for competition. Hell, he’ll get to start the way its been going. Make a trade for Boldin in AZ. The way that’s been going AZ will probably take anything for him, shoot give them Fargas and at 7th round pick.

  • La Milicia Negra

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  • i kind of get a sick feeling in my stomouch about hall , is he sandbagging? or does he have a serious injury which needs him to go on IR?