Web exclusive: Short passing game OK for Russell


Some Raiders fans may not want to hear this, but Jerry McDonald says the short- to medium-range passing game suits JaMarcus Russell just fine. You can also find Jerry’s web exclusive column on our sports page.

Jon Becker
BANG-EB Online Sports Editor


Jon Becker

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    Javon Walker will not play for Kiffin, isn’t it obvious?

  • Raider FanMan

    #324 is right on. Apparently it’s hard to understand things like high-percentage vs. low percentage. High risk vs. low risk.

    Some of you are taking shots but Oakglenn is just saying that this offense will be built to simply move the chains. As opposed to an offense that punts more often (and is more turnover prone) but has a quick strike every now and then.

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    LOL @ FIRE KIFFIN Remarks

  • La Milicia Negra

    # Jon Gruden’s wife! Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 11:06 am

    Why are all of you so quick to want to cut players?

    You sound like Kiffin….

    Kiffin needs to treat his players like they are a solid piece of marble….

    He doesn’t need anymore items to the masterpiece, all he needs to do is chip away the rough parts and uncover the team thats already inside….

    The problem is, Kiffin is no artist!

    The problem is that you seem to think this is High School or College.. this is the NFL, most of the marble should be chizzeld away..

    The Sculpture should be there to see, if not, then throw it away and make bathroom tiles of it…

  • Oakgleen,

    I agree, two PRE-season games into the year, and a lot of good things to take from them. We are not a SB winning team this year, but if we keep going on this path, it won’t be long.

    Van Winkle and Branch water over ice…Priceless!!

  • Andrews Mom

    No it isnt but dont let me stop me from Raider hating

  • Florida Pete

    M Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 11:10 am
    Florida Pete,

    how’s the hurricane?


    it was surprisingly mild… not even that much rain… it rained all day, but not like the sky was falling…

    the wind was steady… mid forty mph all day… sunny now… lot’s of disorganized clouds…

  • La Milicia Negra

    Oh well gotta go, Denmark plays against Spain in Soccer now.. they just need to have the 1min of silence due to respect of deaths in madrid..

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    How about an Offense that compliments the strengths of its defense, or an Offense that could possibly win a Super Bowl…

    Or is that not the goal anymore?

  • La Milicia Negra

    “the wind was steady… mid forty mph all day… sunny now… lot’s of disorganized clouds…”

    LOL, hate those disorganized clouds, if they just got in line….

  • Florida Pete

    you should see them when they are organized…

    last time it happened they called the formation Charley…

    and Charley cost me a lot of money…

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    With Kiffin’s Offense, teams will run against ours, which happens to be our weakest part. Maybe if we attempted to score points this season, teams might, just might pass on our defense, which is our strength….

    Doesn’t matter though, this team is going to get beaten up this season….they’ll follow suit along with their head coach….

    “I’m more afraid of a 100 sheep lead by a lion than a 100 lions lead by a sheep”

    Too baaaad we have a sheep in charge(on the field)

  • McRaider

    Look, the only way we can get a TOP WR this year is to trade a good player and a draft pick. We and three running backs that we know can start on most NFL teams.

    I love fargas, I would be willing to see him go to the NFC if it means we can get a really good wide out.

    We don’t have enough depth to trade from any other position.

  • Winning the SB is always the goal for every team, every year.

    I gotta be real here, after the last 4 years we have flushed our roster. Now we have a very good young core to build around. Lets see what we got this year, and put it all on the line next year. Not to say this team can not make it to the big dance and win it all, but as bad as it has been “pre-Kiffin” we as fans should look at the big pictur and see within 1-2 years we could be unstopable.

  • M


    you add WAY to much sense. What about instant gratification dammit! lol

  • You are NOT ALWAYS going to have 3rd & short.

  • M


  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    In the sport of football, any player could be done in a moment….teams are not built through time, rather, through chemistry…

    Chemistry is built through doing things the right way….with Kiffin in charge, we will never have any kind of chemistry….NEVER!

  • Milicia

    Trade for who? Kyle Brady is FA, but the point is moot, we are not bringing anyone an older vet at TE, we don´t need to. But if we would, Brady would be much better than Pollard for what we do.

  • M


    especially not when the Zebras get into full season form.

  • Instant gratification should be the justifacation of our last few first round picks doing well, and insuring they develop into the beasts we invisioned them being. If that happens LOOK OUT BABY, Oaktown will roll again.

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    Later experts!

  • Yeah I agree Wifey,

    Kiffins kindergarden offense will allow opposing teams to continue running the ball on us.

  • M

    Gruden’s Wife,

    there are all aspects of “chemistry”; fragrant, volatile, combustible, valence sharing… which do you prefer?
    Free the free radicals!

  • M

    Oh, and

    Free Tibet

  • Believe it or not, there are times when a team needs to score quickly.

  • Free lunch

  • M


    well said in 371

  • M


    you mean as when time is running out after blowing the lead late in the fourth quarter?

  • KoolKell Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 11:28 am
    You are NOT ALWAYS going to have 3rd & short.

    Well, obviously not, but that is the goal. If you have 3rd and 2, 3rd and 4 consistently, good things are going to happen. Again this offense is designed to move it, grind it out. Look at the first play of the first preseason game. Jam was instructed to go on a hard count, and if they jumped heave it down the field. This is exactly what I am talking about. They’re going to heave it down the field, but set themselves up for manageable downs and distances.

  • Raider4life

    Mc—As much as I think you are right I doubt if Kiffin would give up Fargas. I would much rather part with next years #1 for Boldin.

  • Andrews Mom

    Goodbye MR… errr Raider hating troll

    and by the way, bring back the beach troll.

  • Kiffins kindergarden offense will allow opposing teams to continue running the ball on us.- KoolKell

    True that, KoolKell. True that.

    Just Win Baby.

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    Free Trade

  • Raider Phil

    Yeah, bye MR, oh he’s back. With FK, his other alter ego.

  • Down & Distance is fine. But Penalties, Clock, Score hace to be accounted for as well. Strange things happen in NFL games, particulairly Raider games.

    3 & longs is not exactly rare in the NFL, you have to be able to deal with it, if you want to win.

    M, Exactly.

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    Yo fella’s…

    My mob buddies assure me it’s the NY Giants year again….

    Whadaya think?

  • Raider Phil

    Yeah, bye MR and bye FireKiffn. even though you are one in the same. raider hater trolls

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    I only have one ego….

    I say keep kiffin around, make him do the laundry…just remove him of his title of Head Coach…

  • Andrew’s Mom

    Why does Oakglenn constantly compare the Raiders to other teams in the NFL when facing problems, when it’s obvious there’s no team in the NFL as bad as we’ve been in recent years? Why? Why?

  • KK, I am completely agreeing with you. You HAVE to be willing to air it out. Down the field. Call three medium pass plays in a row. Have to.

  • Raider Phil

    Andrew’s Mom = MR.

  • Raiser Phil, You have no idea what you are talking about. I love the Raiders. I love Al.

    Lil Kiff makes me sick.

    Just Win Baby.

  • I don’t know, Miami, Atlanta, and kansas City looked pretty bad last year!!

  • HayesDaze#37

    Sith — All due respect to a fan, but…I guess one out of three of your statements about Fargas isn’t too bad. Fargas is a great lockerroom presence…but, $3M-per is not a good salary for a backup (it guaranteed his remaining here, though); and, he certainly isn’t going to be happy sitting on the bench (sharing carries, yes, but not just sitting).

    Gruden’s Desperate Housewife — The simple offense Kiff employed last year — with the disastrous play at QB, and all the other things that went bad — still had the team in position to win numerous games in the 4th quarter that they ultimately lost (thanks to RR’s schemes and players who didn’t do their jobs).

    Kiffin’s not teaching a simple offense, he’s simply teaching basic offensive football. Given the right pieces, no one knows how Kiffin’s going to call the offense. High risk plays, or low risk ball-control, it doesn’t really matter. What he expects is for us to protect the ball, period.

    JaMarcus must know how to check-down. Having figured that out — and with his growing confidence — expect JaMarcus to check-UPfield on numerous broken plays this year. For that to happen, though, the rest of his receivers need to learn to find the seams like the future great Zach Miller already does instinctively.

    Kiff knows how to put the team in position to win. Time has come for the other coaches and players to do their jobs.

  • Raider Phil

    Oakglenn, you tell them, bud. Every team in the league has depth issues. Of course, none of those teams are 19-61 in the past 5 years, either. But your point still stands. Sort of. I guess. Ahh, what the heck. You’re a great fan, so I support you no matter what. No matter how wrong you are. That’s what the Raider Nation is all about. I will!

  • Jon Gruden’s wife!

    Miami is just as bad this year, ATLANA, ha ha, Matt Ryan who?…Kansas City will be 8-8 this season…maybe 7-9!

  • Raider Phil

    Fire Kiffin = MR. And, I think he’s the moderator, too. Thank you, Silvernblack666, for proving that yesterday. You proved it! Straight up proved it! Like a gypsie rose. Like you had mojo in your pocket, and ramblin on your mind!

  • Raider Phil

    there are trolls here. MR and his friends even posting as me!

  • Jon Gruden’s Wife!

    14-2, baby! Super Bowl! Al Davis is a genius! Lancey boy had just better steer the ship right. The ship that AL BUILT!!! This is the most talent we’ve had since the ’83 team.