Receivers still not catching on


Quick hits from Raiders practice Wednesday:

— After watching as footballs continue to litter the ground after glancing only temporarily off the hands of intended receivers, Lane Kiffin was asked whether the challenge he issued to his receivers to improve their play had been met.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it,” Kiffin said. “I don’t how many (drops) today, probably seven, and a number of them with our frontline guys. So we’ll see. We’ll come out here tomorrow and the plan is for these guys to play a lot in the game and get some shots to produce.”

Running back Justin Fargas dropped a pair of easy swing pass opportunities from Russell. Russell moved on a reverse roll to his left and found Drew Carter, only to have the pass dropped.

Todd Watkins, one of the most reliable receivers in camp, mishandled an easy opportunity on a medium depth pass over the middle.

During one goal line drill, Javon Walker tried to make a difficult catch near the goal line but was unable to come up with it, a play that happened right in front of Al Davis, who was seated in a golf cart watching practice.

Walker gave Davis a quick wave, but got nothing in return. (The two talked after practice).

Moments later, Walker lined up in the left slot, only to be repositioned by Ronald Curry, who sent him to the other side of the field. Walker was able redeem himself in some measure by catching a short pass in the end zone in front of Darrick Brown, in the same corner where Davis was still watching.

Kiffin was asked if the dropped passes can be contageous.

“Definitely I think it can. I think it’s like anything, it can affect people around you no matter what it is,” Kiffin said. “Then all of a sudden that confidence in your group, one of your guys starts to lose it and it can start affecting guys if you don’t have an extremely confident group that’s done it for a long time.”

— Tight ends Zach Miller and John Madsen continued to secure the ball consistently, and were joined in that regard Wednesday by Tony Stewart, who returned from a toe injury.

— When the Raiders finally struck with a deep pass, it came from the unlikely combination of Marques Tuiasosopo to Drisan James on a 30-plus yard corner route. James appeared to catch the ball on a dive despite tight coverage from Nnamdi Asomugha and Michael Huff.


Senior executive John Herrera, standing at the goal line, said yes.

Mark Davis, son of the Raiders owner, said no.

— Russell had a good sequence during a third-down drill in a team format from varying distances. He opened with a short completion to Miller which was short ot the first down, but followed with a first down strike to the right sideline to Chaz Schilens, a successful conversion on a slant pass to Walker, a third-and-4 conversion to Madsen and a third-and-9 conversion to Ronald Curry before Carter’s drop of a deep pass.

— More good work from Russell in a red zone drill _ a 22-yard TD strike to Carter over Brown and consecutive touchdown passes to Madsen and Stewart.

— The Raiders are working with Russell to get rid of the ball when things don’t open up, a problem which dogged Walter in the Art Shell-Tom Walsh era where the coaching staff held to the archaic strategy of waiting until a receiver broke free _ regardless of the length of time.

Kiffin conceded the coaches can talk all the want, but the real learning would only come on game day.

“It’s one of the hardest things that you do because it only happens on game day,” Kiffin said. “He doesn’t get hit in practice. That’s why veteran guys are better than young guys. That’s why when you have a rookie you have to be careful with what you do, in my opinion.

“Those things come with experience from the game. That’s the only way you can get it. You can’t do it in practice. You can say as much as you want: ‘Ball gone, ball gone’ when it’s got to be gone but it’s not the same as getting hit in the back of the head when you hold onto it too long. ”

“That’s why we’re playing him a lot in the preseason. That’s why we’re also at times going to be conservative with him.”

— Russell made a nice read on a Stanford Routt blitz, hitting Carter for a gain in the area Routt vacated to rush the passer.

— Louis Rankin broke into the clear on one run, with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan taking strong safety Gibril Wilson to task.

“That’s your fit, Gibril. Close that (bleeping) fit, Gibril,” Ryan said.

— Defensive tackle Tommy Kelly was called for offsides and proceeded to take another of his “laps” around the field. It took Kelly 1:40 to take approximately three-quarters of a lap at a walk-jog pace.

“That was disappointing because it was third down and it wasn’t even a hard count,” Kiffin said.

Kalimba Edwards was also sent running, and by comparison looked like Usain Bolt.

— Players who Kiffin ruled out for the Arizona game Saturday night were cornerback John Bowie (knee), linebacker Grant Irons (back), wide receiver Arman Shelds (knee) and kickers Shane Lechler (quad) and Sebastian Janikowski (hamstring).

Safety Hiram Eugene (hip) did not practice but Kiffin was not ready to rule him out.

Kiffin said if Saturday were a regular-season game, Lechler probably would not be ready to kick but there was a possibility Janikowski would be ready. The Raiders have their first cutdown Tuesday and may have to keep both Aaron Elling and Glenn Pakulak if Lechler and Janikowski aren’t ready to resume practice or kick against Seattle in the preseason finale.

— With Davis in attendance for the first time at a practice session in Alameda, the session lasted more than two hours, although it was scheduled to be a more brief practice than Tuesday.

“Everything that didn’t go right we repeated, we didn’t let anything go by, (we) really kept ‘em out here for a long time and pushed ‘em through it,” Kiffin said. “It was good to see their reaction to it, and guys worked extremely hard.”

— Thanks to those who participated in the weekly on-line chat. We’ll probably have to adjust the time and later the day of the chat, as noon is running into practice and interview time and Wednesday during the regular season is the busiest day of the week with interview sessions and conference calls with opposing teams.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Garthraider post 260:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll never say it again: last time, just for you. jano/Seabass/whatever, will miss when the game is on the line. Always has and always will.

    However, if you put two people, one in each end zone, and when Seabass lines up for a field goal, the guy in the end zone he’s kicking too, only needs to wave a Volka Bottle back and forth…as a guide, so to say…then fat A&s will kick it straight. Volka and rear-view mirrows on cars in parking lots are his favorate targets…always have been, always will be.

  • Ok then,..hey gotta run brien,..see ya in the lot saturday!

  • Brien

    ok jim take care!!!

  • HayesDaze#37

    A receivers coach is there to teach every little thing that needs taught. Every coach teaches basic fundamentals, but with his own little techniques thrown in. Route running and attention to detail are just as important as hand-placement and ball-handling. Lofton needs to get better results out of his squad, or his chances of moving up the coaching ladder are going to stall in a hurry.

    For all you guys talking about how bad Jano suck$ — try being just a little more objective in your critiques. His FG percentages and total points scored put him in elite Raiders territory, and he will soon break all records for Raiders kickers. Where he has his faults, he also has his strong points.

    This is a game of field-position…can you imagine how bad RR’s defense would’ve handled the last few years if Jano’s kick-offs only made it to the 15-20 yard line? With our Special Teams giving up 20-30 yards (or 50!) per return, most offenses would be starting on our side of the 50.

    Just like the trade fantasies we share here, suggesting cutting Jano needs to be looked at from all angles, not just his (above-average) FG percentages. Let Elling make a name for himself during this off-season, then let’s all watch him go have a very ordinary career elsewhere (of course, his finest day will come vs the Raiders — it’s the way of the NFL world).

  • Brien

    James Lofton will be the biggest acquisition of the season……….he made a mediocure group come together in SD and wil do wonders in Oakland………thanks

  • La Milicia Negra


    never said such a thing, I just laughed that some ‘fans’ here once thought Lofton could be HC for the Raiders… if that ever happened Art Shell would look like a genius..

    gotta go, can’t reply on further comments..

    see ya

  • Brien

    Seabass<——-kicks a big time game winning FG to propel Raiders in victory late in the season that leads to AFC West crown

  • Steelyone
  • McRaider

    So let me clarify, I believe that a coach will teach a player how to make adjustment that would help them catch. I don’t think that the spend a lot of time coaching on the hand placement for player that have been in the league for 5 + years. Great receivers adjust on the fly. We don’t seem to have those type of recievers.

  • Steelyone

    it a reciever has to “think” about it…


    u know

  • Slow your role Raider Nation. You guys sound like you are all frekn panicing. Don’t you see, Kiffen is simply stacking the deck. The open-swallow media is writing as fast as Kif speaks, doing what they routinely do, and that to smear how lousy the Raiders offense is. Don’t you recall last week. Kiffen was spreading the same negative review on Raiders practices. The Titans expected a jalopy to hobble into their stadium and then bend over and say “be gentle please”. So what happened on game day? The Raiders totally dominate the Titans, (save for two morons going out of bounds). That beautiful precision display of offense was a gem to watch. Post game interview, Kiffen is praising the leader of the offense for his perfect performance. So Saturday night after the game, all you doubting Thomas mf’s will be shell shocked by a shock and awe performance by these “underachievers”. Mark these words. You doubters will eat your words!

    Go Raiders!

  • HayesDaze#37

    Javon Walker has everything a receivers coach wants, including (once) great hands. I still believe he’ll show up soon.

    As far as hand-placement — these guys all have their own unique way of catching the ball, and they all need to work continuously to stay in good form and habit. Lots of bad habits come from individual workouts, workouts with college and high school buddies, workouts with strength and conditioning coaches, etc. Training camp is when they’re supposed to come in and do it the right way. The right way = my way or the highway…and Lofton’s way better start getting results like right now.

    If Lofton was as valuable to the Chargers as some believe he was, the Chargers would’ve never let him go, and they would’ve probably given him a pay raise to boot.

  • HayesDaze#37

    The receivers will get better once JaMarcus makes them better. Not only will his play dictate it, but his attitude will also. And anyone who thinks Kiff won’t sit-down Javon for non-performance has another think coming. As soon a JaMarcus makes it clear (through play or verbally) that he has no more faith in any one of his receivers, that receiver will be on a very short leash indeed.

  • garthraider

    Post 403,let the games play out,I think Jano will get the job done,w/touchbacks as well as field goals! PS, my mom and sister live in Riverside,any Raider bars u suggest? Also,whats wrong /Absolut/smirnoff/STOLI RAIDER NATION

  • Vincent Vega

    HayesDaze#37 Says:
    “If Lofton was as valuable to the Chargers as some believe he was, the Chargers would’ve never let him go, and they would’ve probably given him a pay raise -to boot.”

    Rightly stated dude. Lofton hasn’t shown sh!t IMO. He should be turning his group around and making them perform without the headcoach having to do the motivational speaches.

  • Coach on Wheels

    I think you got this one wrong.

    “Coach on Wheels Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    Ah Vegas…refer to Kiffin’s “coaching” yesterday. Jerry heard Kffin call out Walker’s improper hand placement right before Walker dropped the ball. That’s coaching. Where was Lofton? Yelling general things like, “Hold onto it!” is not good coaching. Telling Walker where his mechanics need to improve is coaching.”

    – That´s not what happened at all, here´s what Jerry wrote:

    “Walter’s pass was a wobbler and slightly underthrown, but Walker had so much separation it didn’t matter. He put his hands up at an awkward angle, “poor hand placement” as Kiffin might say, and the pass thudded off his hands and to the ground.

    – Kiffin didn´t actually say anything, the term “poor hand placement” is one Kiffin used to explain a couple of McFadden´s drops earlier in Camp and Jerry mentioned in reference to Walker.

    Here´s where Jerry got the term:

    – “(McFadden) He’s had some inaccurate hand placement on some catches, which is a surprise because we didn’t see much of that in the camp before,” Kiffin said.

    “Inaccurate hand placement” is Kiffinese for not being ready to catch the ball.

    I think it´s worth mentioning bceause it became a topic after your post.

  • HayesDaze#37

    #414, Sir — You are correct. The sky hasn’t come close to falling yet. Two preseason games are just important scrimmages, not the end of the world.

    Relatively speaking, end of the world is 1-4 at the Bye, 2-6 at the mid-point of the year, or 4-12 at the end of it. Any one of those records could be the end of the NFL coaching world for Kiff and some of his coaches.

    Right now, our record is the same as the Pats and the World Champion Giants. As a biased realist (ha), I think this team will have a had a successful turnaround to get to 8-8 this year — but it would be a devestating thing to miss the playoffs once again. Right now, playoffs are in sight, and it’s not that far of a reach to say that, considering what our division looks like on paper. Likely? Probably not…but very possible.

  • I´m not sure what to make of Lofton yet, but he´s received a lot of praise since he got here, not only from Jerry but also from the other people who covered Camp.

    – Jerry called him an “extremely impressive coach” on his team assesment from a couple of weeks ago.

    – An example of the precision the coaches staff insists on during camp, wide receivers coach James Lofton urging wide receiver Todd Watkins to run his route just a shade farther.

    “I need fifteen-and-a-half,” Lofton said. “I need that extra half-yard.”

    – Rookie wide receiver Chaz Schilens was taken to task by receivers coach James Lofton on one pass, when quarterback JaMarcus Russell threw behind Walker, Lofton criticized Walker for being four yards off on his pattern.

    – Wide receivers coach James Lofton continued to school his young receivers, hoping to get more consistency, Arman Shields was lectured for catching a pass and leaving the ball where it could be knocked loose by a defender.

    “You’ve got no chance with that ball in the inside arm. No chance,” Lofton said.

    – On one pass, wide receiver Will Buchanon was criticized by Lofton for giving up too much space on the outside and being forced out of bounds by a defender.

    Those are all from Jerry´s Blog, it seems to me that Lofton is far from just a cheerleading type of coach, from those bits he seems to know what he´s doing.

    Drew Carter had this to say: “coach James Lofton was very, very influential in why I came here. He’s definitely a great coach and definitely can teach me a lot of things as a receiver.

    I feel I’m the type of receiver he was, taller guy, faster guy and I feel he’s helped me out so much already and it’s only been three months”.

  • “Riverside Raiders Fan Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    I’ve said this before and I’ll never say it again: last time, just for you. jano/Seabass/whatever, will miss when the game is on the line. Always has and always will.”


    Since 2003, when given the chance to kick a game winning/tying Field Goal in the 4th or in OT, Janikowski is 8 for 9.

    His only miss was at Denver last year, the “timeout” game where he split the uprights from 52 yards out on his first try at one of the toughest places to play.

    Finzel came up with the info.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Marley — I firmly believe Javon’s failings (on the field) are due to his loss of confidence, and I think he’ll get back his mojo. Drew Carter is a vet who can use Lofton’s guidance to reach the next level (where Javon used to reside, at least for a little while). Where Lofton’s success will truly be measured is in the development of the youngsters, and there have been some glimpses of improvemnet in a few of them. But, if his front-line guys don’t step up, bringing in Lofton can’t be considered much of a success. Just like I have faith in Javon, I have faith in Lofton to get it done. At least, that’s what I’m telling meself.

  • Jim (ct raider)

    i think kiffin is losing confidence quickly! i think he knows his WR suck and his D is still not cohesive. We have a bunch of talented parts on d and not one bit of a team.

    Offense.. he knows Russell needs margin of error and his receivers not only can’t get his back on margin of error but can’t catch the f’n ball that hits them in the chest!

    Special teams: SUCK! We need a KR/PR and maybe even some blocking!

    Great running game, though.. until 15 men line up in the box (or atleast will look like 15 men). I hate to sound negative because i love my team but this is frustrating!

  • Damn, the one time I visit the blog this late and everyone´s gone…lol.

  • Oh there´s Hayes and Jim…

  • HayesDaze#37

    And — Jano almost broke the NFL record for longest FG last year, too. Of course, he hit the post. Jano’s hard luck will change as soon as the team’s hard luck changes.

    Ahhh, optimism.

  • HayesDaze#37

    This is better than you-know-what…and you know that’s coming, as it always does.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Jim — Aren’t you in STL?

  • BOB, as usual you put facts in the way of another stupidarguement. These guy’s KK and COW are just nit-pickers looking for any reason to blame AD it’s such a pathetic exercise.

    As usual everyone gets all riled up over nothing. COW is desparate to prove that we have crap for WR’s. And KK makes the dumbest comment of the day saying Davis meddles with WR and that’s the problem.

    I wonder what these two would do if we were actual successful and won games with these bums at WR. Probably try convince everyone that they were not the same guy’s.

    What a couple grumpy old men.

    I’ve said from day one that this passing game would have to develpe ad it will take time. That’s all you’re seeing. The QB and WR’s getting comfortable with each other. Russell’s fast ball is no joke and they’re going to have get used to it. It could take the entire year before it’s prolific. B ut by this time next year we should have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league.

    But IT TAKES TIME!! everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW well IT AINT going to happen. This is the most difficult part of any offense to get running smoothly. But once it’s here, it’s here for good.

    This is the most Whine and Cry group I’ve ever seen. GIVE IT TIME!!

    As for Arman Shields he may be slated for IR as I stated to his father. His father told ME that HE thought he would play this weekend. What was I supposed to do argue with him. I told him that the owner does this with all players he deems are special talents, he simply wont allow an anxious coach to ruin him. So we’ll see what happens.

    Thanks for twisting wat I said KK.

  • Hayes

    I don´t particularly like or dislike Lofton and I´m not sure if he can coach or not, I may take a look at his SD tenure to see what he had to work with and how did they do, but all along we´ve heard good stuff on him, specially from Jerry, so I´m willing to wait until the season starts before calling him a failure or a fraud.

    I just think today it was Lofton´s turn for the “whine of the day”.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Marley — I won’t give up on Lofton until I’ve got good reason to. Same as anybody on the team. They’re doing the best they can with what they’ve got. If it ain’t good enough, sayonara, and good luck. Otherwise, I’ll go down with the captain and crew if need be.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Lofton had one guy “break out” in SD — that does not a great coach make. But, I really like his hands-on, vocal approach. Results are the only thing that matters to me.

  • Raider Raul 53

    -So, is Tommy Kelly a lazy turd?? I mean, it seems like he’s on his last breath or something. What the hell??

    -Ok, so Al Davis was at practice. Did any reporters ask him about his reaction to Kiffin’s comments??? Do you think Lane asked him to observe so he can finally release some people and bring in more competition???

    -I like that Lane is pushing his manager, Al. He’s doing the right thing. I just don’t know if doing it publicly is the right thing, but it DOES hold people accountable. And guess what, he’s the head coach, so he SHOULD have the authority to do so.

  • Hayes

    Well said.

    And according to every report Watkins looks great and Schilens is coming on, so that´s a couple of youngsters getting better.

  • IT’s the same ol’ crap all the time in here BOB these guy’s will hit the ceiling evertime Jrry farts something negative. They’re as fickle a bunch as you’ll ever want go see.

    Every player that makes a mistake or doasn’t develpe to their liking is on SCHOLARSHIP. It’s enough to make you want to puke.

  • HayesDaze#37

    I’ll give the Al haters just a bit of due…he deserves some criticism. But THE man has always done whatever he could to improve the team he rightfully controls. His team, his money, his decisions. Not an issue with me.

    Kelly is no sprinter, but his body isn’t made for that. In the middle, dead weight is as valuable as quickness is on the edge. It’s a long season, and guys like Kelly, Sam Adams, Grady, et al, are all cut from the same mold. Kelly doesn’t concern me too much, as long as he’s able to perform in the 4th quarter come Monday the 8th.

  • HayesDaze#37

    Boys, the past hour’s been quiet but cool. Nice sharing thoughts and time with you, but I gotta hit it.

    Hold down the fort, and I’ll catch you later!

  • Another thing I happen to think Kiffin himself has ben quite impress with Lofton’s coaching style, unfortunately results have been slow but like I said this is a process for several reasons.

  • HayesDaze#37

    BHP — There’s no puking in football! Oh wait…there is. Nevermind!


  • I’m done as well, I just couldn’t believe all whining.

  • Haze Daze…

    I usually agree with many of your point, but you have missed the whole point. Seabass has many points because he’s been kicking for us many years, and it a slam dunk on extra points and field goals under 40 yards. What many of us are saying is that he has LOSS so many freaking games when it counted…he has loss so many opportunities to keep us in a game where we wouldn’t have had to go pass crazy to catch up in the last few minutes of a game. Under pressure the guy sucks, big time. Added to the insult, he has cause us over the years…is the “freaking-fact” that he cost us a number one pick. You would think he could have won a few games for us.

    Your stats on him and all the points he scored and the fact that he’s going to be the all time leading scorer…HAS NEVER WON ONE FREAKING GAME, NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL…SEABASS SUCKS UNDER PRESSURE…THAT WHAT WE’RE SAYING…!!!!!

  • BHP

    Take it easy my friend, I like both KK and COW, I think you and those two are as much a part of this blog as anyone. I´m sure they just wanna win, unlike some other people who visit this blog posing as fans.

  • Riverside

    You should read post 420, it was meant for you.

  • M


    good evening,

    The impression I have of Kid Lane, our blessed coach, is that after reading his “straightshooting” talks about things Raider, he does begin to sound to me as if he is spending a lot of time expounding on team deficiencies. As if he wishes that he had the recruitment power of SC to sign a hundred players of national quality rather than realizing he is in a competitive business requiring that he make the present situation work for the best.
    Any comments? I am not around the team so your reflections would be appreciated.

    And hey to Marley Esq.,& HazeDaze37

  • That´s it for me as well, good night.

  • M

    Perhaps my comment came in too late as everyone seems to be signing off. It’s late here in Missoula but…

  • M

    Night all.

    Good morning LMN. 🙂

  • GuamanianRaider

    Wednesday has always been Al’s day to attend practice. Until his current health issues, Al always attended defense day on Wednesdays, save when his wife Carol was in a coma and he was by her side. It’s good to see him out there, and I like the touch of his absent reaction to Walker’s wave, only to chat him up following practice, lending his sagacious football sense——not quite the bedded horse’s head but that he better behead the Bronco’s on 9/8. Heads will roll, bells will toll, and the Turk pays a visit soon (and no, I don’t mean Dan).

    Raider on,

    Guamanian Raider

  • Nice post as usual Bob. I stand corrected on the Kiffin actually calling out the hand placement. I agree that Lofton may or may not be a good coach. My entire point (long ignored by the “we’re perfect” crowd) was that I think coaches should be evaluated in terms of results. Lofton’s results so far?

    Shocking! Evaluate people based on results? Noooo!

    BHP – I have no desire to “prove our WR’s are crap”. First, I don’t have the ability to prove they are crap any more than you can prove they’re any good. I guess it is okay to (again) ignore their actual performance and talk about how good they are but heaven forbid I say, “hmmm maybe they should catch a pass.” Second, I don’t want them to stink. I’m a Raiders fan. Sadly, that hasn’t made me blind/ignorant enough to think dropping passes is a-okay.

    Just a question. SO FAR, what have our WR’s “proved” regarding their performance level? What did Walker prove last week at Tenn.

    The passing game will take time because Russell is a rookie. It shouldn’t take time because a trio of vets like Walker, Carter and Curry can’t catch.

    BHP maybe you can come up with some fact to support the “everything will be fine” arguement? BTW – I didn’t say AD was making them drop passes. Why so defensive?

  • Vinous

    I suspect that it is too late for Shields to make the active regular season roster. At this point, the Raiders have decided to put him on injured reserve. For that reason it is doubtful he will play during the preseason.

  • Bob Marley:

    You can come us with all your “so-called” stats, but I’ll stick to my memory and those of “the many” that watch all the Raider games together since Seabass was taken as a number one. Sure he’s hit on some key field goals, big freaking deal. He’s paid millions and he’s a number one pick. He suppose to hit many, not some.

    But, nevertheless, he has loss more freaking games than he has won. He’s always shanking left or shanking right and there are many people in this blog that know that for a fact. The almost doesn’t count, only the three points.

    Enough said…I’ll agree to disagree, let not beat a dead horse into the ground. I just hope, and I hope when all hope is gone, that he makes up for all the “sins and games loss” and that he makes the kicks this year. The law of averages is on his side, big time.

  • GuamanianRaider

    All this talk about the wideouts and Lofton have me thinking…. All of our receivers except Watkins, perhaps McFoy, James, Holland, and Higgins are coming off injuries (the type that usually takes two years to get your legs back under you… Tim Brown, Eric Allen, etc.). They play a tad tentative. It’s good to hear that JaMarcus’s passes are bouncing off their hands… he hits their hands. We just have to play through this. AB from the Cards would be great to throw into our corps (and accept the retirement from Javon should he wiff, with an option to return after dealing his… jarring life experiences). I don’t think their bodies are quite back yet, and that is what we have to work with from X to Z. Higgins, pardon me, still plays tentative from fear, which is probably wise, really. Seems to mess with his orientation and judgment on the field… but I like his cartwheel and flip. I’d like to see that against Denver, and not only in the preseason. JaMarcus is not without his sure-handed weapons in Miller and our to be unveiled “rookie” runningbacks, and throw in Madsen for good measure.

    We would be a killer team should our wide outs make those chain-moving and deep strike catches. For now, I’m going to enjoy our average running game of 230 plus yards, and its ripple effect on the rest of our team. Bring out the Cards, and work out those kinks between Russell and the wideouts.

    Raider on,

    Guamanian Raider