10 reasons Raiders will beat Broncos


Here is why the Raiders will beat the Denver Broncos tonight at McAfee Coliseum:

1. They’re due. At some point, the Raiders will face a team which plays worse than they do in Week 1. Plus, you’ve got to figure an ex-Bronco or two (Javon Walker, Ashley Lelie, Gerard Warren, Cooper Carlisle) can give the Raiders an edge.

2. They’re better at quarterback. Yes, JaMarcus Russell will make mistakes. But don’t compare Russell to other No. 1 draft picks or quarterbacks on other teams. Compare him instead to Aaron Brooks, the 2006 Andrew Walter, Josh McCown and Daunte Culpepper.

How do you like him now?

Take a look at how Atlanta’s Matt Ryan and Baltimore’s Joe Flacco did in their debuts Sunday. With the proper run support, there is no reason Russell can’t do something similar.

3. Justin Fargas is all shiny and new, having not yet subjected his body to the weekly demolition derby. He’s the most game-ready player on the offense according to Lane Kiffin and he is just waiting to drop 100-plus on the Broncos after gashing them for 146 last season in Oakland.

4. Mike Shanahan bristled during a conference call when I asked him about the Broncos getting away from being a running team because of Jay Cutler’s emergence as a passer.

“You may write about it more when we’re throwing the ball well but we’re still going to run the football and we’re running it well,” Shanahan said.

But the fact is they weren’t up to par last year, gaining under 2,000 yards (1,957) for the first time in since 2001 and finishing ninth in rushing, a year after finishing eighth. The biggest reason for Denver’s dominance over Oakland since 1995 is their running game _ and now the Raiders run it better.

5. Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall is suspended for the opening game. He is the most dangerous receiver on either team, the game-breaking target Cutler needs the most.

The starters will be Darrell Jackson, the drop-prone veteran who even the 49ers wouldn’ t have as their own, and Eddie Royal, a dangerous rookie. Nnamdi Asomugha, DeAngelo Hall and Stanford Routt should be able to keep the Denver receivers under control.

Note: Prevoiusly called Eddie Royal “Darrell.” Darrell Royal is the former coach at Texas.

6. The Raiders should have swept the Broncos last year. Only Shanahan’s time out prevented an Oakland win in Denver when Sebastian Janikowski boinked one off the upright.

This gets back to reason No. 2, but Josh McCown, playing with a bad ankle, had one of the worst days a quarterback could possibly have yet the Broncos were lucky to win. All McCown had to do was properly manage the rematch _ which he did _ and Denver wound up kneeling on the ball to end a 34-20 loss.

Out-coaching Shanahan head-to-head is probably the only reason Kiffin escaped the Bugel-Shell fate of one-and-done.

7. The Broncos don’t have the defensive personnel to dominate the Raiders offensive line. No Albert Haynesworth and not a Williams (Pat, Mike, Jamal) in sight. It’s true the Raiders tackles have some pass blocking issues, but in a true zone blocking system, the key linemen are the center and two guards _ and Robert Gallery, Jake Grove and Carlisle should take care of business.

8. Zach Miller should be open _ and Russell will find him. Denver strong safety Marquand Manuel is regarded as a hitter with problems in coverage _ perfect for a tight end who seems wise beyond his years in finding open areas and a quarterback in Russell who already sees him as a secruity blanket.

9. The Darren McFadden factor. He changes everything about a a formerly plodding offense _ including how teams will defend the Raiders. He will create mismatches _ even when it is someone else getting the ball.

10. Jason Elam is in Atlanta. Maybe the scariest Bronco over the years where the Raiders are concerned because it seemed he never missed dating back to the old Mile High Stadium and when the Raiders were at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

It’s not going to have that “automatic” feeling when Matt Prater lines up for the big kick.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Florida Pete

    who: the Raiders and the Broncos

    what: Monday Night Football

    when: 10:15 EDT

    where: my house !!!!

    raider on, baby !!!!

  • Jim (ct raider)

    bikini girls from the lost planet is on at 9:50 (Central).

    which do i watch???

  • Florida Pete

    you need two tv’s…

  • Jim (ct raider)

    don’t have red bull!

    by the way, i had a raider room in CT. I took down the garage door and put up a wall and door. black carpet, black ceiling and silver walls. behind the bar was the “black hole” all raider greats stenciled in silver (black hole is black wall). anyway, i once had my ex over my couch facing one of the TVs. It was halftime. The 2nd half started and Gannon started driving and I honestly backed out of what i was doing and went and sat down on the couch to watch the game! hahahahahha anymore questions as to why i’m divorced? No DVR at time.

  • Jim (ct raider)

    Pete: can you p/me up at the airport? Tampa/St Pete?

  • Raider4Life

    Hey Jim (Ct Raider)……

    too right you are my man. I was at a Donkey game when we blasted them in Denver with Rod Woodson and company on our way to SB. I was all silver and black and giving it to every donkey fan I saw, pumping a solid energy of rage and dominance into our team. They didn’t say s%^t.
    to the Donkey fans on our posts, come to Oakland and see how brave you are b(*&es.

  • Jim that’s funny !!!

  • Raider4Life

    Bye Bye Brady. Thanks for playing. Ha Ha. Tuck my dick.

  • Jim (ct raider)

    that was THE pivotal game. Gannon was on FIRE! Woodson had that 98 or so p/off return.

    i went to Denver and those f’ers didn’t say shhh to me

  • Jim (ct raider)

    how approriate was it to have Justin Tuck dominate in the SB?

  • K-Rock

    Jim, you could have at least diddled the clitty while you watched the game.

  • Jim (ct raider)

    DONALD FN DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim (ct raider)


  • Jim (ct raider)

    THAT WAS 17PTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M DOWN BY 32!

  • Dakota

    join us on the new post

  • Jim (ct raider)

    K-ROCK; no.. Something about watching dudes…. can’t do both!

  • Raider4Life

    No kidding, Tuck wins the SB. Oh, the irony.

    Diddle the clitty. That’s gold right there. Lmao.

    Wicked catch/run by driver, shame on the penalty.

    Jim, my girl is the light of my life but when the Nation plays, she knows to hit the mall and stay gone for a few hours. You do us proud bro.

    Only gripe I have is I was born/raised in Vegas, and live in Australia now. Rarely get games live out here and the streaming net on NFL.com won’t work on my browser. Thank God for this MNF game on ESPN.

  • D Tuttle

    I love delusional Raiders fans, more importantly delusional sports writers. All you need to know is there is one reason the Broncos will win, they are better. Russell better than Cutler? Really? Wow, what a homer.

  • Raider4Life

    D Tuttle……..what are you doing in the realm of Men?

    Go back to the spineless coward pool you swim in.
    This post site is for Alpha dogs, not the hunted.
    So f$%k off.

  • D Tuttle


    Thank you for proving that you are a a class act. Remember me when you you goto bed tonight in your Alpha Dog House, weeping that the cowardly pool will be filled with a bunch of us swimming in the delight of another night our Broncos beat the Raiders like a drum. Sleep tight. PS Al Davis is gay.

  • Raider4Life

    I got your class act hanging right here.

    You queer Donkey F@#$%rs are going down just like last year, you were lucky not to get swept. Maybe you’ve been breathing too much thin mile high air; I reckon you are the delusional one.

    How much class does it take to post on an opposing fan’s site by the way?

    Class and hippocracy don’t go hand in hand.

  • Raider4Life

    Now, to my beloved Raider Nation…….It’s time to bring the pain. RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIDERS!

  • FLRaider

    How can anyone SMART enough to be a Raider fan be STUPID enough to like McCain???????????

  • lou

    somebody make a freakin play

  • LADJ


  • Toolongraider fan

    Umm, ok so the raiders got a bad spot call with justin fargas run, and yes the reffs also did not call the pass interference at when the raiders were within the red zone, but we already know the reffs will give us no calls, and not see the calls when they are actually for us, (Its why mike Shanahan gets away with all the trick plays), but we already now we are not getting any calls from the reff. So, then What, we put in a QB who held out the first year, and OMG is it showing. Jamarcus Russell looks scared, nervouse, and if he is about to cry for his MOMMY. THAT HOLD OUT KID IS NOT READY!!! Yes he is physically talented and more than ready physically, BUT THERE IS NO PRO QB KNOWLEDGE IN HIS HEAD! That is he does not cognitively understand the game. SOLUTION: Please, Please, finally let Marqcus T play QB for a whole game!!! For once, as I recall we have always won with QB’s that seem too old or washed up. Oh, and one more thing, Lane Kiffin if you keep making Jamarcus pass for anything more than four yards, you should be fired. Sincerely Raider fan since; wow, over 29 years and I am also getting tired of fighting the reffs. its ridiculus. OHH yea, Al Davis Shut the hell up and let the kid coach will ya!!!!

  • Larry

    HA HA HA

    Raiders… look forward to another loosing season….


  • hdeca

    Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!! At least the baseball field looked nice. How’s donkey d— taste?

  • ryan

    next article should read 10 reasons the broncos killed the raiders. better QB huh? you should just quit your job

  • Tommy_H

    This blog entry makes a fun read after the 41:14 loss of the Raiders. It means you can speculate and write whatever you want, but it’s only at game time when the truth is revealed… and it was not pretty for the Raiders.

    BTW, I was hoping for the Raiders to win. But always, ALWAYS when I’ve seen them on NASN cable TV (I’m in Switzerland) they suck big time… I’m probably cursed.

  • Roddoliver

    Let’s write the top 10 reasons why this blog is a joke after the Raiders got their asses severely kicked by the Broncos on the smelly grass of the Black $*** Hole.

  • Broncos Rule

    My name says it all.HAHAHA.

  • Fader hater

    ahahahahahaahha…. wait… ahahahaahaha.. just for some laughs, list all those reasons again why the faders are gonna win, ahahahahahaahha 41-14 ahahahaha

  • Broncos Kick @$$

    Stings, don’t it?

    Especially a home game…ouch…

  • Broncos rule Raidturds

    Lol, 10 reasons the raidturds will lose. Well you only need two, Al Davis and they suck, lmao. Pathetic and the black HO, LOL, love seeing those ugly faces on monday night, all that work to look so scary, ooooooo what a joke. Oh well another #1 pick, god knows you scum need it.

  • Kurt

    Brilliant prediction. Not a single one of your reasons were validated. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

  • Fern

    Nice prognostications! I guess “They Are Due” didn’t really hold up. I loved seeing old Al up in the booth looking like he was about ready to have a heart attack, and all those face-painted cretins looking like somebody came into their house, slapped their girlfriend, drank their beer and left! Same old sorry-ass raiders!

  • BroncoTed

    Guys seriously…thanks for the laughs. Its a Tuesday morning but between last night’s massacre and this blog I’m in pretty good spirits! Thanks again for writing this. Pure sattire at its best!

  • Raider J

    Lane Kiffin was right, and Al Davis was wrong. Rob Ryan is a joke! Couldn’t coach a high school defense. Al Davis has destroyed the franchise! Way to go, you senile old buzzard.