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Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re going to need to move today’s scheduled live blog with Jerry McDonald back to a 3:30 p.m. start time.

Lane Kiffin’s press conference with the media today will be at 2 p.m., so we didn’t want to have a chat until Jerry and the crew had a chance to get some answers from the coach himself.

So you at 3:30 p.m.!

Jon Becker
BANG-EB Online Sports Editor

(Update: Live chat link is http://www.contracostatimes.com/ci_10418817)


Jon Becker

  • Al is God.

    Kiffin is a FRAUD.

    If you’re a Kiffin lover you should consider yourself a DISGRACE to Raider Nation.

    I only hope you b!tcthes hit the bricks when your boyfriend gets canned.

    You make us ALL look bad.

    Just Wn Baby.

  • dick v

    I just watched the Lane kiffin q&a with the media and our very own insider Jmac.

    Kiffin is a good coach. He is young, and he makes mistakes, but Al Davis should have expected that when he hired a 31 year old kid OC from USC.

    He did not take shots at the defense and he refrained from singling out anyone as being the main problem.

    Everyone knows He wanted Rob Ryan gone, Al overuled him: I was in favor of Ryan coming back myself, but after I spent last night in total shock at the coliseum, I feel like Lane was right, and I hope Al lets this kid finish his contract out because Al has really made the job that much harder for this guy with keeping a defensive coordinator that the whole world knows the head coach did not want.

    Lane made some good points about Jamarcus’ fumble which was a game changer as far as momentum. If Jamarcus connects on the screen, Darren McFadden walks into the end zone, and the rebirth of the offense attack in Oakland has arrived; however, that did not happen.

    Jamarcus played like a rookie. He fumbled twice (one being a turn over). He took a sack in the first half for a nine yard loss that killed a drive before it started: he should have and had plenty of time to get rid off the ball. That being said I beilieve Jamarcus knows that well because he was getting the ball out the rest of the night and only had two sacks despite that god awful o line.

    I am officially off the Ronald Curry band wagon: this dude really killed the energy with his drop. He drops too many passes. My wife doesn’t even know who he is by name, and she screamed finally he catches the ball when he got the TD in the 4th.

    Dangelo Hall got roasted. He was the worst off season move by far. I was skeptical when it happened, but now I am convinced that the Raiders overpaid for him, and only slightly upgraded over Fabian Washington.
    D hall should play tight man 2 man coverage in the slot on passing situations, and routt should handle the outside.

    Rob Ryan sucks. He needs to blitz. I don’t care if Al is telling him not( which I doubt); he has to get pressure on the qb.

    Kiffin took one shot that was at Ryan: we had 10 third and long passing downs, and we did not presseure( blitz) once.

    I feel bad for Kiffin he has to bite his tongue and find a way to ignore the pink elephant in the room which is that everyone knows he has no control over the defensive game plan.

    One more thing for better or worse on Kiffin: he established he runs the team until further notice at least on who plays.

    He sat out Kalimba Edwards and Javon Walker because they did not practice. A fan next to me asked Javon why he aint playing and Javon shrugged and said he doesn’t know: well I know, kiffin sent a message to this guy that you just don’t turn the lights on and go play. Now you fire kiffin people might say that is a mistake, and he very well may get fired, but he is estbalshing one thing, he is consitent in what he controls. He just manned up and let his team know that you have to practice to play. This has been a side story between Kiffin and Javon since camp started. Javon needs to buy into that if he wants to play, and I feel he will.

    If he doesn’t I am fine with watching Chaz Schillens, and Ashley Lelie. JLH might even be able to make some things happen. I don’t think Kiffin should back down because he will loose the repsect of the guys that are doing it the right way: Namdi, Derrick Burgess, Darren McFadden, Jamarcus Russell, and Justin Fargas.

    If Kiffin backs down walker and D Hall will start doing their own thing, and other players on the fence like tommy Kelly, gerard warren… will follow suit.

  • no schit coach.

    how many times have we played denver???

    they always run the playaction and we acted like we’ve never seen it before.

  • And what was that going for it on our own 20 yard line…I don’t even see kids do that playing Madden!

    And then to run the ball….LOL

    I supposed we should blame that on Ryan too…

    Kiffin has to go!

  • Al is about to kick the bucket he doesn’t look good. I hope the heirs to the Raider Nation are prepared to take over.

    Could be a sad year for us if we lose Al and Gene in the same year.

  • Dakota

    Is this the kind of turmoil people go through when they have a parent that has lost touch with reality? You know, when Mom loses her mind at 75, spends her retirement on QVC, then runs off with the retired Catholic priest?

  • Dick V, get outta here with that shyt….we were embarassed worse than in team in the NFL, thats a fact.

    Too be optimistic now is ignorant…

    Its only going to get worse…

    I only hope other coaches aren’t as effective with an entire off-season to pre-pare for this Vanilla Kiffin Offense…

    Long year fellas

    And to think what the rest of our opponents have to be thinking after watching that mess….they can’t wait to play the Raiders now!

  • Licking their chops
    1st impressions are everything!

  • Ryan dad

    My son sick

  • And you all know I’m right!

  • dick v

    dakota Al needs a GM. He is the owner and he has too much heart to manage effectively. He has created a mess. He needs to go to his resources ( ron wolf, Gil Brandt, Bill Parcells…etc and get a gm to take over. Or his son need to step up. I don’t care as long as it is someone with some common sense.

    common sense tells you that Kiffin should have been either fired or Ryan should have been fired to find a coaching staff that is on the same page.

    ryan is barrier between the defensive players and Kiffin. Kiffin needs to have everyone in line to be a successful coach.

  • PhillyRaider

    JT #141 – From everything I’ve read she’s a sharp cookie!
    Dakota #138 – You are the funniest bro!!!:)

  • Its Kiffin’s job to assume the leadership role….that is his job..

    It isn’t someone else’s job to step back so kiffin can be heard…

    You’re an NFL Head Coach…act like it….

    Stand up for your team when they f’ck up!

    He is a sheep…

  • Dick V…get outta here…you’re pissing me off….

    If you work for the Raiders it would explain alot!

  • Dakota

    new post

  • Severeraider

    Just had a thought….what if Kiffin is throwing games to get fired and Rob Ryan is calling off his defense to get Kiffin fired. Remember the defense was pissed at Kiffin last year due to his constant criticism of them and his lack of scoring with the offense, couple that with the fact that he tried to get rid of their unquestioned leader and you have the makings of a full on mutiny. I think RR wants to be the head coach and i think he beleives Al would give him the job.

  • Why is everyone so scared of Al Davis?

    Why can’t any of these weak minded coaches get along with the man….

    He is the godfather of the sport!


  • RaiderSide951

    Whats up Nation,

    Did you guys see Nnamdi pleading to RRyan to stop calling the vanilla defense. They showed it during the game. Or maybe he was complaning about DHall. There is something fishy going on with our team.

    Our defense needs to wake up. Lesson Learn!!!!

    I’m Still In!!!!

  • dick v

    fake coach,

    Get out of where. I am stating my opinion. rob Ryan and his defense lost that game. The offense would have not been able to compete with Denver any way you slice it with that poor performance by the defense.

    Ryan needs to pressure. There was too many blown assignments and miss tackles again without Stuart Schweigert. The same problems are persisting and getting worse on that side of the ball.

    This is a QB driven league. Al brought Kiffin in to develop a qb. Jamarcus has two td’s no int’s and 111 passer rating. Kiffin is doing his job: developing the QB. If Jamarcus develops over the next two years, the Raiders will be able to compete despite or inspite of that god awful play on the defensive side of the ball.

    I have been on Ryan’s side, but last night was ridicoulous. you can’t let jay cutler have all night to pick you apart. You can’t let him get seven step drops, bootlegs, and play action passes to find mismatches.

  • PhillyRaider

    Dick V – That was an excellent post my man!! Jerry might be gettin worried! On point!

  • dick v

    Fake coach the Once, JR is developed, I could care less what happens to to Kiffin. Jamarcus is the answer. He needs a stable enviroment around him to develop: Kiffin, knapp, and Paul Hackett or giving that too him. Once he is developed he can be every bit as good as Donovan McNabb, but maybe more like Carson Palmer: a good QB on a dysfunctional team. The organization is dysfunctional: Kiffin is apart of the solution and Russell is the answer.

  • JT

    Hopefully Trask is smart enough to hire other people to run personnel.
    Then we would have a normal looking NFL team.

    Kiffin likes to go for it on 4th down to get momentum, but at the 20 yard line was pathethic.

    I even tought Shanahan would just sit on the ball, but he loves to rub it on the raiders.

  • dick v

    Kiffin made a bad call to go for it 4th down, but the score was 34-7 and the game was already a nightmare. I was happy he went for it.

    I rather him let them hang than to do a move like mike nolan and try minimize the damage which has already been done: an example is nolan choice to go for FG instead of getting shut out a few times. kiffin wants the offense to scores touchdowns, and knows a fg in a meaningless game does absolutely nothing for the team. On that same fram of mind, a first down in that situation builds confidence for a young developing offense. It was a bad move, but i can’t blame him for taking shots the game was over either way. The defense was getting killed and they were supposed to be the strength.

  • dick v

    if Kiffin takes the Mike Nolan approach to football, the raiders loose that game 34-6 because both 4th qaurter touchdowns came on 4th down.

    Kiffin took the “my bread and butter is Jamarcus approach” and opted to build this kids confidence: mission accomplished in that regard, JR made more plays than not, and he finished with a 111 passer rating, 65% completion percentage, and about 7 yards per pass attempt(respectable) two td’s, and no ints.

    Kiffin will take those stats and continue to build with this kid. Jamarcus will be down about the loss, but he will take some confidence from this game.

    all you trolls on here can call me overally optimistic, but when you have season tickets and are committed to coming to these games week in and week out: what other choice do you really have?

  • Melbouren Raider

    Hey All,

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and love my Raiders even though I gain most of my info of the internet and ESPN. The game was on ESPN last night down here and if someone can fill me on how a Defence with so much talent, got shredded by a Rookie WR and why Jay Cutler had so much time to throw the ball?

    It doesn’t make sense???? Is it the scheme that Ryan has set up or as the commentators mentioned a fault with the player personnel area?

  • Spider

    Raider11680 Says:
    September 9th, 2008 at 1:51 pm
    Namdi said the Donks called some plays they had not seen beforeā€¦.ok. But every team does this every week.

    Ummmmmmm……you said donks…..maybe if you learn some respect for the “BRONCOS” I’ll ask Jay to take it easy on Hall.

  • Spider

    We cannot lose to the chefs, I have tickets for gods sake!!!!!!

    Ummmmmm……you said chefs…..now the “CHIEFS” are going to lay the smackdown on you too. It’s all about karma and if you can’t walk the walk don’t talk the talk.

  • Spider

    My favorite part of last nights game is when the camera panned up to the press box and showed that old, ugly decrepid old man in the wheel chair. He had drool rag on his lap (I’m assuming to catch the puss that drains from his face sores)and his hands looked like duck feet. He couldn’t even move just one finger at a time. It was like some of his fingers were stuck together (probably from punetas). And this guy is calling the shots for your orginization? Man! When the put the camera on him my first thought that this old coot looked like the spirit of x-mas past, present and future all rolled into one. Then I realized that the old grease ball IS your past, present and future. Dam, the future looks pretty bad out there in the Bay area!

  • Megamo

    Listen all you Raider fans if any of you are really fans it was 1 game and yes it was a really bad one but come on we play the Chiefs this week and they have no QB at all we will win that game 24-10.

    Now what Kiffin needs to do is be more creative with his play calling don’t call running plays 8 times in a row and if Ryan can’t develop a blitz package then he does need to go I doubt that is the case he is very capable of attacking the QB what worried me is that D.Hall who is supposed to be a shut down corner was being burned by a rookie who looked like Jerry Rice now he is a pro bowl CB so I will give him another chance so yes there are some problems to fix but lets give the Raiders another game or 2 before we pass judgement.

  • Bishop916

    I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m coming back at #51 Raider11680…

    What is one thing that has been a constant throughout the losing streak? Rob Ryan D coord. He has been here since goddamn ’04. I am tired of hearing that we have to give him a chance, because he has had 4 years to get it right and he hasn’t got it right yet. It is personnel, execution, coaching, scheme. All of it lies with the coords to motivate their squads with a plan that works. Ya’ feel me? I mean, nowadays, the head coach just sets the agenda for the practices and sets the gameplan, and works with the off. coord to call the plays on gameday. Stuff like that. The coordinators execute their respective segments of the team. Greg Knapp has his work cut out for him too, don’t get me wrong, that is evident. And we have seen improvement believe it or not.

    But for 4 years running, Rob Ryan fails. Straight up.

  • StillaRaider

    Raiders Fans are the only idiots who consistently blame our deficiencies on the Effin owner. What the hell does Al Davis got to do with Rob Ryan’s horrible coaching of a talented bunch? When was the last time A.D. out on a helmet and cleats. You guys are infidels! I mean, Our D-line in shaky, but everywhere else on D better than average. The reason sorry ass Royal was open so much is because sorry ass Cutler was getting 35 secs. to throw it on every play! If you or I run around for 35 seconds, we’ll get open at some point, even if Deion Sanders was covering us. We havent blitzed in 27 years, and QB pressure is our major malfunction, everyone knows that. And Ron Curry is a bum, I used to love him, now I hope we cut him.

  • StillaRaider

    And Im tired of you idiots who dont know crap about football talking about D.Hall getting burned. He was in R.R.’s lame ass zone ALL FRIGGIN NIGHT. These guys are man corners, why the hell was J.Wilson covering Royal anyway? Because we were in that stupid ass zone on that play. I hate Rob Ryan.

  • StillaRaider

    You guys are defending Lame Sniffin over Al Davis? You guys are tools, and infidels. The league is purposely causing dissension between the Nation in order to push out Al Davis and make our uniforms pinks and orange and make Tom Brady(tuck rule) our Q.B. Long live Al Davis, and screw the NFL and their cheatin ass refs.

  • Snake

    Ryan is a pathetic excuse for a defensive coordinator. If Senile Al is even considering him as a head coach, then he doesn’t give a damn about winning football games. Ryan’s always full of excuses for his failure to put an acceptable product on the field. He needs to be held accountable and let go just like in the real world. Al is only concerned with his ego now. He doesn’t give a damn about the fans. I’ve been a diehard Raider fan for over 40 years and I am fed up with these childish feuds of his. He is destroying this once proud organization and needs to step aside if he wants another ring before he kicks the bucket.

  • fingers

    no more support for Al Davis till he puts at least a competent product on the field.. I Dont feel like a Raider anymore because of the poor players Al,s trying to pass off as an NFL team.. Bottomline … Al Davis is responcible

  • The Franchise

    so paul mcquistan is done for the year, harris knee is hurt, we cut seth wand, signed jeff marten off waivers, super mario sucks and is gonna get russell killed…walker should have retired, curry drops all the important passes. schillens is raw but talented, lelie might be our best receiver, so why haven’t we signed koren robinson? and why can’t anybody answer the question we all want to know…where the hell was michael bush monday night, could it be he’s about to be traded? god i hope not!

  • Just sell Baby……..

    The only way to turn this team around is for Davis to step down !! He owes it to the fans……………

    And so it is……………

  • SpokOakFan

    I finally got the call!!! Al Davis just called me and said he found out I was the most penalized player on my pop-warner team when I was 8 and wanted to know if I still had any gas in the tank… I told him 11 million guaranteed and I will be there!

  • Just sell Baby……..

    “Another day at the Fadier Comedy Central Network”

    Al Bundy Davis is WTF with the Faiders.

    The Cable Guy is off his contract, yet he wants to be the coach, and doing the main interviews with potential Head Coaches ?? WTF is wrong with this picture………But what, this is The Faiders ! Higher other coaches before you hire the Head Coach, and you wonder why Al Bundy can’t put a winning team on the field………..

    Just Sell or Die Baby………….and so it is !