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Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re going to need to move today’s scheduled live blog with Jerry McDonald back to a 3:30 p.m. start time.

Lane Kiffin’s press conference with the media today will be at 2 p.m., so we didn’t want to have a chat until Jerry and the crew had a chance to get some answers from the coach himself.

So you at 3:30 p.m.!

Jon Becker
BANG-EB Online Sports Editor

(Update: Live chat link is http://www.contracostatimes.com/ci_10418817)


Jon Becker

  • RaidingTexas

    Who else was he supposed to start at WR? That GREAT offseason acquisition Javon Walker was MIA. Higgins and Curry were the two guys left who are most familiar with the plays and routes. Lelie and Shilens have not been around long enough.

  • Nate

    JT, I agree.
    Madden, Howie Long, Stabler, Shell, Sistrunk, Brown, Blanda, Blitnekoff, Tatum, Otto, Flores, Plunkett, Hayes, Wisenewski, Golic, Kaufman, Bo Jackson, Willie Brown, Lofton, Trask, and all the other Raiders’ greats need an intervention to tell Al to retire. It was just sad to see him alone in his box, drooling and stroking out last night.

  • PhillyRaider

    JT, I’m open to any and I mean ANY alternative theory you have bro. I mean sh!t maybe I’m grasping but I have NO answers for the bullsh!t I witnessed last night!!

  • MR Says:
    September 9th, 2008 at 10:52 am

    OMG…still no Oakglenn?

    Guys, seriously, is he ok?

    Before I clown his ass for being a complete coward,

    Here is a guy who hides behind other peoples names, who feigns being a Raider fan so he can labaste a 4-12 teams fans, calling others a coward. the Raiders may have lost 41-14 lost nite MR but you have proven again you are the gutless tool.

    I don’t say and do things based on emotion (see Brett Favre) and I have only seen the game live, but of all the losses the Raiders have suffered over the years, last nite was among the worst. To me, that looked like a good Oklahoma Sooners team playing San Francisco City College. Clearly Al Davis has got to take the blame for this. The personnel on this team is not very good. When you have the overall #4 pick and then you spend your 4th rounder on a corner, and do not address any of your real needs, clearly the team is in serious trouble.

    Kiffin was so completely over matched and in over his head last nite, it was ridiculous. The only thing that surprised me was that Shanahan didn’t pull out a machete and decapitate Kiffin after the game. Shanahan probably would have if he could have and Lane wouldn’t have seen that coming either. How Kiffin did not know Shanarat was going to try to destroy him was completely beyond me.

    Ryan and the defense had no answers. Now what I saw live was what I have been saying for years: I saw a defensive line getting blown off the ball on run plays, and getting absolutely NO PUSH on pass plays. I saw a 2ndary that had not played a game together and boy did it show. Watching those lame Bunco receivers repeatedly get behind the safeties was absolutely ridiculous.

    More Later.

  • The sooner…

    the better.

    Just Win Baby.

  • Dakota

    Listen, I doubt very much Ryan intentionally blew the game, or kiffin for that matter, or even Al Davis based simply on the fact that he poured BIG $$ into the team this off-season and that is not the action of a man who is willing to tank a season just to make a coach resign, however, the players all know that something is not right between the owner, HC and DC, and so they have zero respect for any of them at this point, and it showed in their performance.

    I like Kiffin, but I think both Kiffin and Ryan need to go…Ryan right now and Kiffin at the end of the season.

    The problem is, we would still have the insane ass clown calling the shots from his golf cart…we are doomed until Al is gone.

  • He wasn’t alone Nate, there was a congregation of people in there. Didn’t you see the female of death standing behind him? Or could it be only Dakota and I are tuned into the paranormal and we were the only ones who saw her?

    I see dead people.

    I see a crappy a$$ owner who is killing my true love, the Raiders.

  • EasTcoastRaider

    the costumes in the stands pale in comparison to the costumes on the sidelines. RRyan was in his usual defensive coordinator costume. We know you are really just Al Davis under there.

    Kiff did his best chucky impersonation even pretending to be highly upset when Curry dropped his first pass of the season. We know you really WANT to be fired and collect and get hired by someone else.

    Stuart S. really had a nice costume, very believable as Dante Hall. All he had to do was add some of the classic Hall tantrum 15 yarders and he had us all fooled.

    M. Bush must have had a great costume on because I couldn’t even spot him.

  • PhillyRaider

    RT Post 101,

    Schilens has been here since APRIL!!! And for a guy with little knowledge of the offense, he outplayed all other receivers including Curry. And WHY NOT activate Watkins???!!!!

  • 909raiderlifer

    Hey, KoolKell…

    If, you should run into Robbo again at the Safeway.

    Do us a favor. Kick him square in the nutz.

    Oh, wait. Robbo doesn’t have any.

    Nevermind..thanks anyway.

  • we have no revceivers………..

    atleast jlh didnt fumble…

  • Silver&BlackBleeder

    Kiff is just frustrated. I doubt he doesn’t care about the loss. The thing is, no coordinator wants this gig if they can’t implement their own system and pick their personnel. Al has to seriously look in the mirror and for a change, ease up on the controls just a lil’ bit. If he relenquishes just some of his threatening grasp on every effin scheme/exec move, we’ll be better as a unit. What I wanna know is what the hell do the rest of the execs do if Al runs the show. Does everyone sit around like puppets similar to Darth Vader and his roundtable when he telepathically choked that one dude in Star Wars?

  • Raider11680

    I saw the lady of death too… and I find it funny that she was standing ove Al’s shoulder…. oh the irony. lol

  • He wasn’t alone Nate, there was a congregation of people in there. Didn’t you see the female of death standing behind him? Or could it be only Dakota and I are tuned into the paranormal and we were the only ones who saw her?

    I see dead people.

    I see a crappy a$$ owner who is killing my true love, the Raiders

  • Scottish Raider

    The best starting offense for next weekend would be:

    WRs: Lelie & Schilens
    TE: Miller
    FB: Griffith
    RB: Fargas
    QB: Russell
    RT: Marten
    RG: Carlisle
    C: Wade
    LG: Gallery
    LT: McQuistan (or Harris, if McQ is unfit)

    Schilens showed well in the few opportunities he had. Lelie was a good surprise. Harris and Green are liabilities and Grove disappointed (again). McQuistan and Martens both have huge wingspan and a rough edge.

    On Defense:

    CBs: Hall & Asomugha
    FS: Branch
    SS: Wilson
    LBs: Howard, Williams (MLB), Morrison
    DEs: Burgess & Richardson
    DTs: Kelly & Sands

    Huff wiffed. Morrison is not an MLB. But our defensive depth is very, very poor.

  • PhillyRaider

    Lady of Death over Al’s Shoulder – Funny SH!T, ROFLMAO!!

  • WTF I am not MR, I have been posting all day. Don’t come in here Oakglenn acting like you are up on whats going on in here. Go back a few hours and read some posts. Jerk off running your mouth.

  • I see a crappy a$$ owner who is killing my true love, the Raiders.

  • Dakota

    Fuq it Al, step back and put this guy in charge of EVERYTHING! What could it hurt? He is looking for another opportuninty in the NFL, and he is a USC guy, so you could save some face:


  • It follows a dialogue and a monologue regarding a very strange looking female standing behind Al during the game. STFU with your Fart Melvin sh!t you a hole. Im not MR.

  • r8der4life83

    I don’t care if lombardi came from the dead to coach this team…as long as that old a@# man is still running this franchise, we loyal raider fans will suffer. I will continue to watch and root for the team, but I will no longer buy anything with a raider logo on it until this old creep is gone.

  • Dakota

    Oakglenn is the worst troll on this site…haven’t you guys figured this out yet?

    Watch…my name will soon be hijacked for pointing out the obvious…

  • PhillyRaider

    No Jokes, Post 118 is how I feel today! (sniff, sniff)

  • Dakota Says:
    September 9th, 2008 at 2:41 pm
    Oakglenn is the worst troll on this site…haven’t you guys figured this out yet?

    Watch…my name will soon be hijacked for pointing out the obvious…

    Exactly the point I made earlier. MR might not be the most popular person in here, but he isn’t the only one doing the hijacking. Everything is cool, then all of a sudden Oakglenn comes in and all hell breaks loose. Oakglenn is a tool.

  • PhillyRaider

    Hey Dakota, Ol Wrinkled should have saved all of the offseason money and combined it all to hire that guy!! The patch would have sealed the deal! 🙂

  • JT

    My alternative is someone of the old raiders to talk to Al Davis, to have a sit down with him, and tell him like it is.

    That is the only way, clearly, for Al Davis to go away.

    We have been talking about this for a few years now. His last glory was hiring Gruden.

  • Exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Here’s the conversation:
    Pete Carroll: So I’m in charge of everything including staff and players including the draft and all matters.
    AD: Pete, you have my word on it.


  • JT:

    The only problem with that is the “old Raiders” are COMPLETELY loyal to the “OLD Al”. What exactly would they say to him to make him relinquish control of HIS team? And, why would he?

  • i would rather see route starting that hall

  • JT

    The only problem is that longevity runs in Al Dsvis family…. I think his mother is still alive…? dont remember…

    So we may be stuck with him for another 10 years…

  • Dakota

    Wasn’t there some rumor about Al calling Gene Upshaw after 2006 and hinting at Upshaw taking over as GM of the Raiders?

    Maybe last night will be the game that finally puts Al over the edge towards hiring an actual GM…then again, it would probably be some ex-Raider tool like Matt Millen instead of some sharp assistant GM that works with someone like Bill Polian.

  • PhillyRaider

    JT, that sounds very logical but unfortuately the guy is years past normal senility. I bet Madden has tried to talk to him let alone players. Oh yeah, AND he’s a megolomaniac. A SENILE MEGOLOMANIAC!!! Is there anything worse.

  • Dakota, Put Lane in charge of everything….

    Are you kidding?

  • JT

    If I worked at a place and then retired, and was fond of my boss, and if my boss had a problem now, like drinking or senile, etc, I would feel the need to try to help him for the beter of his company and himself, out of gratitude…
    If old raider players feel grateful toward Al, they surely know that he is ruining the team and would try to interfere…
    Dont know… just a ramble on tuesday after a very frustrating start to the season.

  • Mike

    Glad you guys took meAngelo Hall off our hands. Now the Falcons can win some football games and not worry about meAngelo Hall giving games away with stupid penalties.

  • Lelie, the only player who hasn’t been Raiderized by Kiffin had a decent game…

    Give the coaches a week to rub off on him, he’ll lose his confidence like the rest of them….

    Garbage in, garbage out!

  • It hurts!! That’s about all I can think of to say right now. We are in for a long season.

    I am still going to three games this year but will not as excited about it as I was last week.

    Its a sad day for all of us to come to this realization that we are bottom dwellers again.

    Everyone is to blame for last night, the owner Amy Trask, all the coaches the players and the equipment guy and yes us fans for buying into the hype again.


  • Dakota

    Yes, a senile incontinent megolomaniac…the towel was to hide the pee stains.

  • Our Offense was more pathetic than our Defense, and our Defense was confused about what they thoguth they were going to see…..

    PlayAction killed us the most!

  • Dakota

    Coach Says:
    September 9th, 2008 at 2:49 pm
    Dakota, Put Lane in charge of everything….

    Are you kidding?

    When did I say that?

  • JT

    I think it was said on this blog that Amy Trask would be in charge once Al goes…

  • Should have kicked the ball on 4th adn inches early in the game…

    Young team, would have put point on the board…onto the next play!

  • post 119

  • JT

    I agree Coach. Points on the board.
    Bad move by Kiffin.

  • I see, you were referring to Carroll..

    Well, I half still disagree…

    But based on yesterday, I almost would agree with you!

  • Sorry Dakota!

  • Raider11680

    I think there’s something to Al. Something strange and different. I know, it’s no secret, but seeing him last night up there by himself, with lady death standing over him, just gave me an very weird feeling. Maybe that’s the weird feeling to the game some of you talk about…I don’t know. But it really left an impression on me. I have seen him before, on his walker, cruising around in his golf cart, but last night just had a weird, different feeling to it. We were getting beat, really bad, but he didn’t seem upset. He just seemed like there was nothing wrong…. I don’t know. Weird…

  • I wish I had one of those big breasted girlfriends so I could hide my face in he cleavage the entire week.

    This sand is hurting my eyes!

  • Dakota

    Coach…that link was to Pete Carroll…not Lane Kiffin.

  • JT: not dissing you or your comments bro, I was just merely responding to your comment.

    Not sure exactly what they would say to him to convince him otherwise.