The Kiffin review


Some quick hits from Lane Kiffin’s press briefing Tuesday on a 41-14 loss to the Denver Broncos before an on-line chat between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.:

— Tackle-guard Paul McQuistan appears to be out for the season with a knee injury. Left tackle Kwame Harris (knee) was feeling better Tuesday morning and Kiffin wanted to see him on the field Wednesday.

— Kiffin said he anticipates running back Darren McFadden (stinger) would play against Kansas City, and that his injury, which aggravated a condition sustained earlier in the week in practice, was the result of a “cheap shot.”

He praised the rookie for running hard and taking gains that were there, rather than trying to bounce everything outside “make everything a 50-yard run.”

— Kiffin thought part of the Raiders trouble was players “trying to do too much” in an opening week game on national television and said he felt bad for the sellout crowd which was expecting much better.

“That place was electric. I havent been here very long, but it was different than any game I’ve been at before,” Kiffin said.

As a result, players wanted to play “harder and faster” and may not have maintained their composure.

“Unfortunately we didn’t play the way we needed for (the fans) to be involved in the game,” Kiffin said. “We screwed that up.”

— Kiffin said the effort level for the most part was good, but said there were a few instances where problems in that area would be addressed.

— When assessing the defense, Kiffin said he thought assignment and communication errors were a bigger issue than poor tackling. He admitted surprise in the Raiders having so much trouble defending the pass.

“I thought it would be a strength of ours, especially with Brandon Marshall out of the game,” he said.

— Rather than be concerned about young players who were absorbing their first NFL blowout and the affect on their psyche, Kiffin was more worried about the veterans.

“Look at the guys that didn’t play well, they werent young guys, they were veteran guys,” Kiffin said. “Let’s worry about those guys before the young guys.”

— To blitz or not to blitz? It’s pretty clear the Raiders chose the latter against Denver and it was an abysmal failure.

“We had 10 third downs, we had pressure one time,” Kiffin said. “It’s something we’re looking at versus Kansas City this week and hopefully we’ll do more of it.”

— Kiffin exonerated DeAngelo Hall for the second of his consecutive unnecessary roughness penalties.

“I can’t find it,” he said.

— When asked if all the offseason turmoil had affected the Raiders on the field for Week 1, Kiffin said, “If it does I can’t go back and change it. I don’t know how that has to do with the penalties we had, the blown assigments, the missed coverages. I can’t change it. All I can do is take it one day at a time . . . we’ve got to find ways to play better, coach better.”

Have got to give Kiffin points for consistency. He has never once gone the “media fabrication” route and tried to sell the notion that there never were any offseason issues between himself and Al Davis.

— If you’re expecting Kiffin to open things up for quarterback JaMarcus Russell against the Chiefs, guess again.

“I think it’s pretty easy to look at something and say we should have passed more. Why did (Russell) play well? Because we were running, because of play-action, the threat of the run, the formations we used. It’s easy to second-guess it,” Kiffin said. “I don’t have any proof except that the guy played well. If I had the chance to re-do it, I wouldn’t.”

The coached praised Russell’s patience and resolve.

“You see a young quarterback in a game like that and things can get real ugly,” Kiffin said, noting last year’s Jacksonville blowout as an example. “He didnt try win game in one play. He didnt luck into things. He earned what what he got with some new players playing around him. He led last night, and when thing were going bad around him he didn’t let it bother him.”

— If there was a turning point in the blowout, Kiffin thought it came when Russell had his lone turnover, with the ball slipping out of his hands for a fumble which the coach said would have been a touchdown pass to McFadden on a screen pass.

“To go down and score after they scored would have been big,” Kiffin said.

— Kiffin didn’t want to form any concrete opinions based on one game, reasoning a win in Kansas City would dramatically change the landscape. He wanted to see a few games before determining team strengths and weaknesses.

“You see it every week in the NFL, all of a sudden someone is the new AFC or NFC champion one week, and the next they’re the worst team in the league,” Kiffin said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • KK Hater

    LOL..a 100K a yr??..ok…..

  • Monta’s Ankle

    cake walk??? are you kidding? As I said before KC offense will be like the Rams of 2001 against RR’s defense.

  • Spider

    4evaRaider Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 3:13 am
    Good Morning NATION!!! Is RR fired yet or is AL DAVIS fired yet.gotta go 2 work check back later.UFCK the squaws

    4nevaR-You can’t be talking about the “CHIEFS” can you? The team that has the RB naked Larry Johnson who will shred your D to shreds. The same “CHIEFS” that will be looking down at you in the standing on Monday morning? Is that the “CHIEFS” whom you are referring to fnevaR?

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    OPS MGR for a World wide Building Efficiency Company……

    How many other professionals are there in here…..as I said b4…..we come from many walks of life…..blue collar and white collar…….

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    and yes 100K a year…..

  • raiders4life

    Monta’s Ankle
    I didnt say it would be a cake walk try reading the entire post bro i said people think it will be but it wont!

  • Raider4Life

    For the record, the Nation Collective is an offshoot of a principle called the Mastermind Alliance. Its definition is …………….

    The Commitment of two or more people dedicated to common goals and the common good, in a spirit of harmony.

    There are two factors at play.
    1. We make more money if we work together than if we work apart.
    2. No two minds can come together without creating a third and more powerful mind.

    THAT is why I called it the Nation Collective, because collectively, we are ONE, the pulse of the RAIDER NATION.

  • NATION Collective – Raider11680

    Database Administrator here…

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    but thats not the point….I am no different then any of you when it comes to our team…..Just turns out that I am good at the profession I chose and I choose to work hard at my craft and it paid off…..

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    you see…..we are all good at what we do….some have opportunity and others will…..this is a golden era for us guys….stop living in bubbles and make your voice heard…..we are tired of losing and we want change……..

  • NATION Collective – Raider11680

    We should make sure the rest of the Nation doesn’t get the wrong idea about why we are doing this, and make sure they take this seriously, and not view it as a joke. There’s a lot of Al Davis supporters, like me, and I’m sure others of you in the “Collective”, that are not joining this because we hate Al, but because we hate where this franchise has been for the past 5 years or so. We are tired of losing, and of being the ridicule of the NFL. This takes nothing away from who Al Davis is, what he knows of the game, or how he is respected within the football world. This movement is solely with the intent to show Al Davis that his fan base has reached the point of no return, and we will not tolerate losing any more due to stupid personel moves and egotistical decisions. This team, like any other team, survives because the fans allow it, and we, the fans, deserve more than the product that has been put out there for the past 5 years. Enough is Enough, and if a movement like this is what it takes to send the point across, than so be it. Let’s make some noise, and be heard as one, ONE NATION, A RAIDER NATION! (Collective)

    Another important thing to make clear to the rest of the Nation. Aside from the main purpose of this movement, which was previously stated a few posts back, it’s good to let everyone know that we realize that our main goal is a far reach into a long drawn out process of countless hours of research and planning. Owning the team is a far off goal that may seem unreacheable, but it is not impossible. Our more immediate goals is to join all Nation brethren together as one voice, and make as much noise as possible to be heard all the way up to Mr. Goodell’s office. This movement may seem comical now, but if enough of us fans join together and voice your opinions as one, under one name, imagine the impact that can have on this team. So I ask you, are you tired of losing? Are you tired of being laughed at by your fellow co-workers for having a Raider emblem up in your office or cubicle? Are you tired of having your expectations shattered? Are you tired of feeling like you just got kicked in the nurts by your own team you love so much? If so then join us.
    I personally think the boycott idea is a good beginning, but it would make a lot more waves if it was done under one name, instead of as individuals.

    JOIN NOW!!! The revolution begins today! May the Schwartz be with you all! (sorry, had to add that in)


  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    so…….who else can spread the word….?

  • Monta’s ankle

    I didn’t want to Bring Stu into this but I couldn’t think of a worse player to compare MeAngelo hall to.

    Lets face it he is as low as you can go.

    DeAngelo Hall = Stu Part 2

  • Raider Buck

    I’m pretty sure the whole buying the team will never work, but what about one voice, one mission. Let Al’s shareholders know we want change, and we want it now! there in lies the power, the power that preserves.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos


  • KK Hater

    How can you be serious when all most of you do all day is post on this blog?…Don’t get me wrong..I HATE the way things are right now..it’s BS to wait 8-9 months to see your team play and then have it ruined before half time. and YES, I blame Al for that..but I’m not going to fool myself and think I can get or be apart of some movement to oust him…NEVER HAPPEN.

    Even if you get close to the $$ it would take…you’ll need at least that much for all the lawyers it will take to get him out.

    and then what happens when YOU lose?

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    And who are those shareholders?

  • im so sorry but im afraid we are going to lose against Kansas City. Our team, rwally, really sucks.
    Fire Kiffin NOW!!!!!

  • Raider Raul

    Kiffin may say that JaMarcus had a pretty good game, but I would still say that he should take some of the blame for the loss.

    -The fumble in the 1st quarter in the red zone with the score 7-0.
    -The sack in the 2nd quarter on 1st down when the score was still 10-0.
    -The delay of game penalty on the same drive that killed our chances to move the chains.

    These are rookie mistakes, and he obviously settled down in the 2nd half. Without these mistakes, the outcome of the game could have been much different.

    Otherwise, I’d say Rob Ryan should take the lion’s share of the blame. On the first touchdown to Adam Sheffler (I hate the sound of that name!), why was Kirk Morrison covering the tight end?? Why not Thomas Howard? Speaking of Howard, I’m a huge fan, but he didn’t make ANY noise on Monday night. Ryan needs to blitz more often, period. So many of our guys are out of position to make plays.

  • Raider4Life

    Raider4Life says……….

    Raiders4Life should get a new name that is not so close to my own. it is confusing. not hating on you whatsoever.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Bro you are missing the point……..the nfl will make that appen…..thay are tired of one of the most successful franchises in history losing all of its money and notarity…..we make it hard to sell the brand….thats just how it is….

  • NATION Collective – Raider11680

    It’s understood that losing is part of any sport, and no matter who the owner is, it will happen. But to lose in the way and for the reasons the Raiders have been losing the past 5 years calls for drastic measures. Again, buying the team is what got this started, but we all know that is not a reachable goal in the near future, so let’s start small, let’s join together, and make a point. Let’s start with what will hurt them the most, their pocket. And what is the best way to do that? Boycott, Spread the word, and get as many people involved as possible. Let every one know about this, it will take flight.

  • good news

    Raider4Life says post1210 There are two factors at play.
    1. We make more money if we work together than if we work apart.
    2. No two minds can come together without creating a third and more powerful mind.

    Good logic on point one unless you are talking about siamese twins.I think their earning potential would be better if they were seperated.
    On point two what if the two minds were identical twins, then in my opinion their two minds squared would really be four minds
    Food fo thought

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Damn we need spell check Jerry….that sucks that I type that fast and cant spell….lol…..see I can be accountable…..

  • NATION collective -KANSASBLACK

    Where is 408 Raider? I want to speak to him? Anyway, have me made any headway boys?

  • raiders4life


  • Raider Raul

    Winning at KC is very difficult for us. However, the days of Schottenheimer are over. KC is actually bad enough to lose to us.
    JaMarcus will be more composed this week, and Javon will probably play. I hope to see more balanced and unpredictable playcalling from Kiffin this week. We need to fire Ryan pronto.

  • Andrews Mom

    Did Jedi break down the game yet?
    I am not gonna read 500 posts of its your fault, its his fault

  • Monta Ankle…post 731:

    I hate to admit it but you’re absolutely right, Al is so out of touch and too stubborn to change unless it’s hit idea. Best case senario for us. Al goes into a coma and his son, Mark, sells the team to John Madden, then Al comes out of his coma and lives a good happy life, watching the Raiders win and dominate again.

  • raiders4life

    Post 1229 * Al Davis.

  • Monta’s Ankle

    I see KC winnng by at least 10 and then Buffalo by 21. Rob Ryan and Al are going to continue to undermine Kiffin in an attempt to get him to quit. It is very possible this team only wins one game the whole year if Kiffin doesn’t step down. While I think he has done a decent job right now it would be best for him to go. Until Al is gone forever the only thing to do is what he wants. Very sad we have to sit here and take this sh*t year after year. Anyone who believes Al wants to win at all cost is a fool. Al want to do thing his way at all cost. Win or lose.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Thats what I am saying Drew…..Guys we are working on the site buytheraiders.com.

    It should be up real real soon and it will be a great spot to get information gathered and your voice to be heard. I know someone posted recently they had something already, but we want to get a petition going to make a difference. We need this to be heard by all in the Raider Nation…and everyone who knows somebody to get the word out….all of the details of a buyout still need to be looked into, but as 11680 indicated, it is a long process and there will be more losses…..but we have to be heard in the world that we are tired of being the shoeprint of the league….that voice will be heard….

  • Step 1: Spread the word to media outlets all over the world that Oakland Raider fans are not happy with the way Al Davis has ran this team lately. Places like PFT will report any news, no matter how unsubstantiated. If enough people start hammering away at a guy like Mike Florio (Head Honcho of PFT) then we could get our point out there.

  • lefty12

    how many of you who are calling for boycotts and taking over the team are actually in the bay area or travel to the games?do you think Davis gives a rats ass what someone in Australia thinks?

  • Scottish Raider

    It will be interesting how Jerry reports the Nation’s anger and desire for real change in Alameda. I wonder how much the Raiders spend on advertising with MNG will hamstring Jerry’s right to speak.

    Any comment, Mr Editor?

    I also wonder how John Herrera and the other Raider apparatchiks are feeling, knowing that their master has just about lost all credibility and all external support?

    I used to think that Davis was living some Shylockian nightmare but, he is actually more like MacBeth. At the end of the play, MacBeth has lost all but his most loyal and deluded followers. The bloody end is inevitable, his wickedness will ensure his downfall.

    I wonder if the ghost of F Wayne Valley will be wandering the corridors of Alameda tonight, with the hint of a smile?

  • For those of you need statistical evidence: Through 1 week of football.

    Oakland Offense:
    TOTAL OFFENSE – 15th
    Pass Yds – 22nd
    Rush Yds – 8th
    Points – 23rd

    Oakland Defense:
    TOTAL DEFENSE – 29th
    Pass Yds – 29th
    Rush Yds – 23rd
    Points – 32nd

    Conclusion: Offense looks better – Defense looks like the same ol’ crap! Lets just hope they get on the same page and Ryan finally learns what ATTACK means.

    Is this a trend here? The better the offense gets the worst the defense gets? Or maybe its always been that way but teams just didn’t attack as much b/c the offense wasn’t that good. 1 week down. We’ll see how the rest unfolds.

  • Dakota

    Another Al Davis Statement:

    Dearest loyal members of the Raider Nation,

    Although I view the current plot to remove me from power as nothing more than a weak gesture, I want to assure you that I have taken precautions in the event that these disloyal fanatics, that call themselves the Nation Collective, pose an actual threat. I do this simply for security and for the piece of mind of the members of my Loyal Raider Nation, not out of fear, because I have feared nothing in my glorious lifetime.

    I have established two trusts that will consolidate my holdings of the Raiders and allow me complete control of the franchise forever. The first trust (Mark Davis Trust) is an irrevocable trust naming Amy Trask as the Trustee and Mark Davis, (and his heirs) as my Beneficiary. In this trust I have placed all my personal wealth and assets, excluding my shares of the Oakland Raiders. The second Trust (Raider Trust) is an irrevocable perpetual trust in which I have named Mark Davis as the Trustee and the Beneficiary and in this trust I have placed all of my shares of the Oakland Raiders.

    How does this trust protect us you ask? The Mark Davis Trust shall carry with it the condition that my son, Mark Davis, or his heirs, obey all of the terms and conditions of the Raider Trust, or he will not receive a dime from the Mark Davis Trust. The Raider Trust gives specific instructions as to the certain attributes, characteristics and abilities that I look for in all of my employees and players. Specific charts will dictate what players are chosen in the draft based on combine numbers. Specific age qualifications, attitude characteristics and other true Raider identity specific attributes shall be searched out in free agents. Certain styles and schemes will be specified when hiring coaches and staff and all offensive and defensive schemes shall be dictated through the trust.

    Do not lose sleep loyal members of the Raider Nation, I shall always be with you, and your children, and their children, and I will ensure the future of our organization, even from the grave.

    Al Davis

  • Fool

    Dakota Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 9:40 am

    You can go ahead an keep trying to claim that there were better options than McFadden at the #4 position, but I will disagree. McFadden will be a great RB…those two DTs have a chance to be okay.

    I’ll take greatness over medeoracy any day of the week. He was a must pick for us and will be our star, along with Russell.

    Now, I certainly think Al blew the rest of the draft on Hall and those track stars when there were plenty of serviceable DTs still on the board.

    And besides drafting D at #4 would just have placed another great player in the incapable fat hands of ROB FUKING RYAN…and that would have been a waste of epic proportions. How many players has he failed to develope? How many 1st and 2nd rounders, high priced players and pro-bolw players does this guy need to get the job done?

    So you can take your opinion about McFadden and go cry in the corner. Almost everone here agrees that McFadden is going to be a stud. Long, Ellis and Dorsey have show us NOTHING so far. We made the right choice, but blew it by ignoring the important o-lines and d-lines in free agency and the draft.”

    Dakota –

    Damn man you sure do to GREAT lengths to avoid having to admit that you are wrong don’t you? I feel sorry for your wife.

    I will say it one more time, I know that you are smarter than this.

    I NEVER said McFadden wasn’t going to be a star and isn’t a bad ass. My point was that the Raiders should have either drafted D or O line or traded down for more need picks instead of drafting a luxury pick in McFadden. The Raiders have several needs but dumba$$ Al Davis drafted a RB when they already had 4 RB’s on the roster. Meanwhile the Raiders only suited up 3 DT’s on Monday.

    The Raiders aren’t good enough to draft a star when they have soooo many glaring needs.

    Do you get it yet? I have the feeling that you got it the first time I explained it to you, but you insist on ignoring the point to avoid having to admit that drafting McFadden was a mistake.

    Like I said, I feel sorry for your wife. You guys must butt heads all the time, considering that you are never wrong and she is a woman.

    Good luck. Sorry your were mistaken, even if you can’t even admit it to yourself.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    HAHA……Dakota…you are making it worse……come on dude…

  • Monta’s Ankle

    If you do not boycott the games and gear at least show up to the games with “AL MUST GO” signs. Start sending mass emails & snail mails to Alameda. Nothing is gonna change with this team until he is gone. Doesn’t matter how much better JaMarcus and Dmac get as long as Al is around. Soon nobody is gonna wanna come play here unless they are getting paid a boat load of money (i,e Randy Moss, DeAngelo Hall, Larry Brown, Javon Walker, Desmond Howard, ect.)

  • NATION Collective – Thec

    Thec Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 10:00 am
    Goals of the NATION collective

    1. Setup True NFL structure within the Raider Organization this would me a clean sweep of everyone including trask.

    2. Hire all new blood, new meaning new to the NATION collective. Key hires GM, Player Personnel/scouting dept, and Hr dept.

    3. Improve the Image of the NATION.

    4. Become relevant by putting a winning product on the field.

    5. Increase the value of the NATION. This franchise should be one of the top 3 NFL franchises in terms of value yet the NATION is worldwide we need to capitalize on that. We are 28th….

    6. Improve profitability of the franchise.

    7. Win SB in 5 yrs max.

    8. Build the Dynasty, and return the NATION to it glory.

  • lefty12

    we all(most of us anyway) knew the offense was young and would take time to jell.as i stated last week,the defense would have to carry us in the early part of the season.well,if the first is any indication,the defense can,t do its part.let’s hope the offense comes around faster than expected.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Very true Monta’s….Although please know that I do not think that the boycotting of the games is necessary……Our team needs us guys……If you want to stage a hold out or a walk out (we kinda do that already)in the 2nd half…..then that would be more appropriate, but our team needs to know that it is not them that is to blame for this rutt…..its the big drooler upstairs.

  • Spider

    Kidseven Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 11:35 am
    I’ll be the Chefs are watching film and thinking the Raiders are the cure for all their problems. Let’s hope RR has pulled his head out and will do something about pressuring the QB.

    Tsk..tsk..tsk..Calling the “CHIEFS” the chefs. Is that the best you can do? Know what you’ll be calling the on Monday morning after they punk you out and are looking down on you from the standings loooozer? “WINNERS”

  • NATION Collective – Thec

    Nation Collective -Chaos,

    Your guys start on the site?

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    and some of you will say that the players are on the field and they play the ame, but the buttons get pushed by someone….and as far as I am concerned…the wrong buttone have been pushed over the last 5 years….so without going too much into detail


    write it down, take a picture, I dont give a ……

    but go to the site and let your voice be heard…….

    (Do it here too) Sorry Jerry…..

  • I do live in the Bay Area and would love to Boycott games, sadly I already paid for my tickets. That gives me an idea though. The first way to get our message out there would be to start a grassroots movement asking for full refunds of season tickets. There is no way Al would give any money back, but just the idea of that would get PFT, ESPN, the NFL, and Al’s other shareholders interested.

  • Something else to consider. Has DBurgess lost a step? We all know Curry has lost many including his hands.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    No not yet…….you gonna get your buddy right…?

  • Raider4Life

    Lefty lefty lefty………..

    how many of you who are calling for boycotts and taking over the team are actually in the bay area or travel to the games?do you think Davis gives a rats ass what someone in Australia thinks?