The Kiffin review


Some quick hits from Lane Kiffin’s press briefing Tuesday on a 41-14 loss to the Denver Broncos before an on-line chat between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.:

— Tackle-guard Paul McQuistan appears to be out for the season with a knee injury. Left tackle Kwame Harris (knee) was feeling better Tuesday morning and Kiffin wanted to see him on the field Wednesday.

— Kiffin said he anticipates running back Darren McFadden (stinger) would play against Kansas City, and that his injury, which aggravated a condition sustained earlier in the week in practice, was the result of a “cheap shot.”

He praised the rookie for running hard and taking gains that were there, rather than trying to bounce everything outside “make everything a 50-yard run.”

— Kiffin thought part of the Raiders trouble was players “trying to do too much” in an opening week game on national television and said he felt bad for the sellout crowd which was expecting much better.

“That place was electric. I havent been here very long, but it was different than any game I’ve been at before,” Kiffin said.

As a result, players wanted to play “harder and faster” and may not have maintained their composure.

“Unfortunately we didn’t play the way we needed for (the fans) to be involved in the game,” Kiffin said. “We screwed that up.”

— Kiffin said the effort level for the most part was good, but said there were a few instances where problems in that area would be addressed.

— When assessing the defense, Kiffin said he thought assignment and communication errors were a bigger issue than poor tackling. He admitted surprise in the Raiders having so much trouble defending the pass.

“I thought it would be a strength of ours, especially with Brandon Marshall out of the game,” he said.

— Rather than be concerned about young players who were absorbing their first NFL blowout and the affect on their psyche, Kiffin was more worried about the veterans.

“Look at the guys that didn’t play well, they werent young guys, they were veteran guys,” Kiffin said. “Let’s worry about those guys before the young guys.”

— To blitz or not to blitz? It’s pretty clear the Raiders chose the latter against Denver and it was an abysmal failure.

“We had 10 third downs, we had pressure one time,” Kiffin said. “It’s something we’re looking at versus Kansas City this week and hopefully we’ll do more of it.”

— Kiffin exonerated DeAngelo Hall for the second of his consecutive unnecessary roughness penalties.

“I can’t find it,” he said.

— When asked if all the offseason turmoil had affected the Raiders on the field for Week 1, Kiffin said, “If it does I can’t go back and change it. I don’t know how that has to do with the penalties we had, the blown assigments, the missed coverages. I can’t change it. All I can do is take it one day at a time . . . we’ve got to find ways to play better, coach better.”

Have got to give Kiffin points for consistency. He has never once gone the “media fabrication” route and tried to sell the notion that there never were any offseason issues between himself and Al Davis.

— If you’re expecting Kiffin to open things up for quarterback JaMarcus Russell against the Chiefs, guess again.

“I think it’s pretty easy to look at something and say we should have passed more. Why did (Russell) play well? Because we were running, because of play-action, the threat of the run, the formations we used. It’s easy to second-guess it,” Kiffin said. “I don’t have any proof except that the guy played well. If I had the chance to re-do it, I wouldn’t.”

The coached praised Russell’s patience and resolve.

“You see a young quarterback in a game like that and things can get real ugly,” Kiffin said, noting last year’s Jacksonville blowout as an example. “He didnt try win game in one play. He didnt luck into things. He earned what what he got with some new players playing around him. He led last night, and when thing were going bad around him he didn’t let it bother him.”

— If there was a turning point in the blowout, Kiffin thought it came when Russell had his lone turnover, with the ball slipping out of his hands for a fumble which the coach said would have been a touchdown pass to McFadden on a screen pass.

“To go down and score after they scored would have been big,” Kiffin said.

— Kiffin didn’t want to form any concrete opinions based on one game, reasoning a win in Kansas City would dramatically change the landscape. He wanted to see a few games before determining team strengths and weaknesses.

“You see it every week in the NFL, all of a sudden someone is the new AFC or NFC champion one week, and the next they’re the worst team in the league,” Kiffin said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    True Bart……Could be a start…kind of like a blue flu?

  • NATION Collective – Raider11680

    That’s a good point Chaos. We have to make sure the players and team knows that this movement is not about them, but the people upstairs. Whether it is via boycott, lynching, tar-and-feathering, or guillotine, we need to send the message across.

  • NATION Collective – Thec

    Nation Collective -Chaos,

    Its done he will get on it right now. Give me the link to the myspae stuff so we can get an idea of content. we will need to discuss the content also,…..

    I was looking for the go ahead…..

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Lefty…Stop being a pessamist bro……we are trying to get you to understand that you have a voice….who is it so hard for you to understand that all of the money you pay to see one of the foundations of our lives lose….is actually not worth it? When will it be ok? When gas is $10.00 a gallon. The US Govt thinks so…..Or will it be when that 10.00 a gallon is too much for us to pay to even go out there to watch a game? Frankly I do not want to wait for that time to have change. I want to win now and the way we are structured now, we dont have a chance. Hell the guy that coaches doesn’t have a say in who is on the roster and who is not….Sam Williams….Stu for how many years? Philip Buchannon? Come on guys….wake up…..

  • NATION Collective – CopenhagenFan

    Usually when a team starts losing the coach is the target of the fans. But in this case, we all know who is responsible……….Al Davis….

  • Nation Collective -Chaos


    Post #1100

  • NATION Collective – Thec

    The problem is the Fans dont have a say so or voice in what the team does. The owners put this product on the Field and we as true members of the NATION support it.

    The NATION Collective is the voice of the FANs. To make ownership accountable to us the fans. they should be held accountable for the actions. we at looking at potentailly 6 bad years, and it has to stop NOW!!!!!

    The fans will now have a voice and it will be the NATION Collective.

  • I think the players would be the first to join us. You think Nhamdi is really a fan of Al’s business practices.

  • Monta’s Anke…post 734:

    A MUST READ by anyone who is a Raiders fan and wants a dose of the truth. Excellent, well presented.

    PS: Besides hiring Art (the pass has passed me by) Shell, Davis also allowed him to bring in a Bed & Breakfast owner who had been out of football for eight freaking years to run the offense. That showed that Al was out of his mind.

  • Dakota

    Fool Says:

    …the Raiders should have either drafted D or O line or traded down for more need picks instead of drafting a luxury pick in McFadden. The Raiders have several needs but dumba$$ Al Davis drafted a RB when they already had 4 RB’s on the roster. Meanwhile the Raiders only suited up 3 DT’s on Monday.

    Listen Fool,

    McFadden was the right pick. PERIOD. Trade down, lol, why? So Al could draft another Harris/Buchanon combo? Draft what offensive lineman at #4? Long was gone and no other tackle was a realistic top 5 pick. Draft what great defensive player @ #4? One that could change Rob Ryan’s system? Ellis or Dorsey…whom both play where Kelly currently is being paid $50 million to play?

    The reality of the situation was that after the two Longs were off the board, the only choice was McFadden. Period. Cry about it if you want, but I was not and am not wrong.

    Al has done two things right in the past two years, draft Russell and draft McFadden. Solid O-lines and d-lines are built in rounds 2-5, that is where Al has failed.

    You have my answer.

  • NATION Collective – CopenhagenFan

    Maybe the NATION Collective is seen as a futile effort for many of you guys, but if you recall, when Kiffin was on his way out, the Nation mobilized here on this blog with an enormous outrage and he’s still here isn’t he?

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    They are under contract bro…that would be hard fetched…….

    but I did post his myspace site….send him a message…..Post 1100

  • lefty12

    to buy something it has to be for sale.Davis isn’t selling the team.look we’re all pissed off at what is happening and i think it’s great you people are doing something to take your minds off the situation.but get real-the Raiders are not for sale and won’t be as long as AD is alive.and you are wrong-AD doesn’t give a sh%t what anyone thinks and that’s part of the big problem.he doesn’t care that there is opposition.i really believe he does care about the Raiders,he’s just incompetent.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Dakota……….on the right path………..

  • Fan 4 Decades

    I read these remarks every day and I am always amazed at the comments and the hypocritical remarks that are made. Sure, the game was ugly and they have been for the last 5 or more seasons! But one week you have Morrison walking on water and raining down manna from heaven and then when his true mediocre self comes out , you are mute. Who makes Morrison look good so he can get the kudos every week??? The OLB’s who play their positions as they should-forcing the play inside, to him! All MLB’s look good and get the glory because of the guys on either side of them. For the other’s, it’s NOT ABOUT THE NUMBER OF TACKLES but doing the job right! I hope the team does turn around and I am sure the TRUE RAIDER FANS feel the same. but let’s stop making saints of some and dogging others.
    The first thing the organization should do is stop separating the teams. THEY ARE ONE TEAM WITH ONE GOAL – WINNING AND BRING PRIDE BACK TO OAKLAND!!!!!
    I found the fact that the entire team did not “suit up” for that last preseason game absolutely DISGUSTING! I’m certain THAT went a long way toward boosting team morale, huh?!

  • NATION Collective – CopenhagenFan

    Lefty..maybe Al’s not selling. But we can voice our displeasure and unify to create a message that tells him he must STEP DOWN as GM in any case!

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Lefty……You can say all you want about the team not being for sale, but have you ever popped a zit on your head? A black head that just buggs the crap out of you….At first it is hard to get your hands in the right place and put pressure, but after time you put enough pressure on the root of the problem and it pops with force…..right?

    Need I say more…..

  • Dakota…post 897:

    As always, great to read your thoughts and insights. You’re so right on that it’s scary. I hope to all goodness that you’re wrong this time. I hope that Al Davis goes into a COMA, he’s become to evil to just pass away and join Gene Upshaw (RIP, Gene), so we’re stuck with the idiot for who knows how many more years.

    Dakota, is there any chance, at all, that John Madden could buy the team. John must be a billionaire by now, or at least have the ability to secure the necessary funds?

  • Scottish Raider


    I noticed that Burgess has lost a least one step maybe two. I was roundly abused on this site in January when I suggested that the smart move would have been to trade Burgess this off-season – when he still had some trade value. The truth is that the injuries have caught up with him, he doesn’t have the explosion that he used to have.

    I also still believe that the Falcons were interested in Michael Huff as part of the DeAngelo Hall trade. We apparently said no deal. Talk about compounding a mistake.

    Although we could play Huff at CB?

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Riverside……Love the thought…..Now I could approve of that…….

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    but still with the fans involved with say on decisions…..the fans bay the bills guys…..

  • NATION Collective – Raider11680

    Ok, let’s put the “BUY” aspect aside for a minute here. Like I said, that is a long term goal that is in the very beginning stages. What we are trying to do, and our immediate goal, is to get the message across that all of us fans have had it with the decisions being made by one person. Like I said earlier, we are not taking shots at Al, we are just not taking his poor decision making anymore. All great leaders know when it’s time to pass the torch, and they know that once their rule is damaged by what they are doing. Al needs to realize, if not admit this. And if no one else from within is willing to take charge, than the paying fans will. But we need a huge group effort to get this message across, and that’s what the NAtion Collective is here for. To voice your opinion.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Does anyone know Adam Shefter’s Blackberry #?

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    We have 1.5 hours to get this out b4 total access.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Doesn’t Rod Woodson coach a pop warner football league team?

    Or was that Deion?

  • Dakota


    Thank you for those nice words, and I would think that Madden certainly should have the money (if he gets a % cut of Madden sales) to at least head a group to buy the Raiders, or at least Al’s percentage.

    I certainly would hope that Madden would hire a GM and run it like a real team, but you never know…

  • Nation Collective -Chaos


    I know your there…..Answer you homer….

  • NATION COLLECTIVE – No wonder you guys think Kiffin has this team headed in the right direction, YOU’RE BRAIN DEAD.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Just Win Baby.

  • Blue39

    Anyone that cries”Get rid of Kiffin” should go back to watching pee wee football. They played Mike “I’ll embarrass Al Davis on national TV any time I can” Shannahan and the Broncos. Shannahan has a personal vendetta against the Raiders, not the players, but the organization. Give him an inch, he’s TAKING a mile, esspecially with the “powder puff” defense that Rob Ryan calls.

    NFL QBs should study the game for at least 3 seasons. An ensign in the navy can command an aircraft carrier, but you would want a captain on the bridge. 3 years at a reasonable price, then give him the reigns. But to base your hopes on a kid that is less that 4 years removed from high school, that has not proven himself at the NFL level, is dumb.

  • Dakota…post 950:

    Fabulous and right on point. Maybe you can get Jerry Brown, Attorney General, to sign it. Him and Al had their big fights and Jerry has no love for idiot Al Davis. He would sign the order since it has so much merit.

  • Raider4Life

    and lefty, i appreciate your comments, and they have validity, especially your last post, however no item needs to be for sale in order to get sold.


    you never know what can happen with enough money and enough leverage. is it a long shot? of course for #$%6st’s sake its a long shot.

    Lemmie leave you with this, as I am tired as all hell right now.
    Lets do it to own our team – not with me?
    Lets do it to piss people off – not with me?
    Lets do it because it will be fun to see what media play it gets and the ride will be a blast – still not with me? Then it ain’t for you, all good, I don’t need to sell this idea, it sold itself the second I brought it up. thanks, of course, to chaos’s comment back in post 787, which made me bring it up and push it in the first place.

  • Blue39

    PS: Thank god hockey starts soon.

  • Batman

    Im just sobering up from monday night, I still can’t bring myself to what happened. I’m going to drink and smoke myself until I’m numb. WTF happened ?

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Hey guys….read on……

    Hi everyone, and welcome to NFL.com’s moderated chat. Commissioner Roger Goodell will be joining us Thursday, Sept. 11, at 2 p.m. ET to take your questions. Feel free to submit questions early, then log in again at the appointed time to follow along.

    Goodell is entering his third season as NFL Commissioner, having taken office on Sept. 1, 2006, succeeding Paul Tagliabue. Before being named commissioner, Goodell managed a wide array of football and business operations during a 24-year career in the NFL.

  • Dakota

    new post

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    I just posted.

  • Nation Collective -Chaos

    Here is what I said:

    Mr. Goodell,

    We the Raider Nation are tired of the tyrant, Mr. Al Davis and his poor decision making that has left our once successful and respected team in shambles. There are members of the Raider Nation who would be interested in the prospect of purchasing share in the team to allow us to have power to make decisions of our Beloved Raiders, like the Packers. Is this feasable?

  • Fool

    Dakota Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 2:12 pm
    Fool Says:

    …the Raiders should have either drafted D or O line or traded down for more need picks instead of drafting a luxury pick in McFadden. The Raiders have several needs but dumba$$ Al Davis drafted a RB when they already had 4 RB’s on the roster. Meanwhile the Raiders only suited up 3 DT’s on Monday.

    Listen Fool,

    McFadden was the right pick. PERIOD. Trade down, lol, why? So Al could draft another Harris/Buchanon combo? Draft what offensive lineman at #4? Long was gone and no other tackle was a realistic top 5 pick. Draft what great defensive player @ #4? One that could change Rob Ryan’s system? Ellis or Dorsey…whom both play where Kelly currently is being paid $50 million to play?

    The reality of the situation was that after the two Longs were off the board, the only choice was McFadden. Period. Cry about it if you want, but I was not and am not wrong.

    Al has done two things right in the past two years, draft Russell and draft McFadden. Solid O-lines and d-lines are built in rounds 2-5, that is where Al has failed.

    You have my answer.”

    All I can say is wow. You and I both know the truth yet you won’t even admit it that you were wrong.

    So let me get this straight, according to you EVERYTHING AL DAVIS DOES IS A MISTAKE EXCEPT FOR THE 2 THINGS THAT YOU AGREE WITH? Do you even realize how ridiculous that sounds?

    Like I said earlier, I really feel sorry for your wife and anyone else that ever catches you making a mistake. You expend more energy in denial than most and maybe one day you can work through that. Good luck with that.

  • Raider4Life

    To the Nation Collective, the like minds of the Raider Nation coming together………I bid you adou, for as it is daytime there it is only just morning here and I have yet to sleep. For all of the Nation that are in on buytheraiders, this is going to be a fun ass ride, regardless of the outcome.
    I always liked stirring up s$#t, and now doing that can have a profound impact, with heaps of fun on top.
    Focker, Out.
    Chaos, hit me up on my email, feel free to foward it to the rest of the Collective if they ask.

  • JediRaider

    Andrew’s Mom – fortunately I was on an airplane during the game and my dvr went haywire and didn’t record it – after checking the highlights and reading the commentary, there’s only one thing you can do – forget about it and move on to next week, although it does highlight all my complaints about this defensive scheme (straight man with no blitzing), the d line personnel being out of position (Warren is a three technique and offers nothing in the run stopping department, Burgess is too small to play Strong Side DE, and Richardson is a backup caliber player).

    Without a push from the D line any team in any scheme will get eaten up, but it’s even worse in man coverage. As I said before the season started, this team needs to blitz every down and just bring the heat quick so our secondary doesn’t have to cover people for 5 seconds every play, and shoots the gaps on running plays – we’ll give up big plays, no doubt, but we’ll also make plays. Nevertheless I am shocked that the d was this bad – Rob Ryan must use half his salary on home made Kool Aid because he’s the only one that thinks this scheme is good and his players are great (except Al, of course).

    Next week, we face an anemic offense and a young defense. We will probably win, but it will be closer than it should be precisely because our D scheme stinks – it either lets the opposing team bleed out the clock which doesn’t allow our zone blocking scheme to wear down the defense, or against good teams, gives up too many points to stick with the run in the first place.

    The answer is simple – we don’t have the talent on the D line to run a straight man scheme against the run or the pass – we must compensate by blitzing the run and the pass consistently – teams can either scheme around Burgess and Kelly in the pass game, or provide a little help at times to neutralize our pass rush – warren doesn’t give enough effort and Richardson can be handled one on one. Blitzing is the only way we are going to win the games we should win on paper, and we have the personnel in our secondary to support it (as long as they don’t have to cover for 5 seconds, which the blitz would take care of). I had hoped that Warren, Kelly, Edwards, and Burgess would start – they are all good pass rushers (when they give full effort) and good penetrators in the run game – All we need is one play a series to put teams in obvious passing situations (i.e. second or third and long) and we should win most of those battles just based on statistics. But the fact of the matter is this D line got man handled against an average o line and there’s no need to wait until we’re 1-4 to try new things. In fact, 19-64 (or whatever our record is since Rob Ryan took over the D) should be plenty proof that if you don’t have dominant players on the D line (which we still don’t) the man scheme will not work. I’d rather lose attacking than lose playing the scheme the way it was intended to be played waiting for pressure from the front 4 that is never going to get there.

    Whether it’s

  • The Autumn Wind

    The defense was non existant. There was no pass rush. D. hall got beat pretty much every time the broncos threw his way. I even watche E. Royal catch atleast 1 ball on N. Aso. I dont think J.cutler was even remotley hurried during any of his pass attempts. What needs to change? Pass Rush end of conversation. Our secondary no matter how good they are are not going to cover anyone if there is no pass rush. Any quarterback in this league can find an open reciever if tey have all day to throw the ball. Blitz? I dont recall seeing much if any blitzing during that game. Even if I missed a blitz or two it didnt do any good. To sum up this post>>>>LETS GET SOME PRESSURE….WHATEVER IT TAKES

  • NATION Collective – Thec

    For those of you who see and understand this vision. Feel the magnitude of this undertaking. Want to see this team return to its greatness and glory then
    acknowledge yourself as the:

    NATION Collective…..

  • Charles Oakey

    Well I was wrong.

    There weren’t many Raider fans at the sports pub in San Diego where I watched the game on Monday night.

    Of course this was due to the fact that the game was televised here on ESPN. I don’t have cable so I had to go to the pub.

    At least the Philly cheesesteak was good. For nine dollars it’d better be.

  • NATION Collective – Thec

    LTR Raider4Life

  • Raider4Life

    Keep it going Chaos, Thec, all the Collective………………..I’m out for now boys. Holla later. ………

  • raiders4life

    Your 100% right autum wind no pass rush equals bad secondary!!!! great observation.

  • raiders4life

    raider4life i know we have similar names but ive had this for two years now its cool though no prob great minds think alike.

  • Spider

    Hollllly shiiiiiit!!!! You guys are really serious!!! I admire you for saying enuff is enuff and we’re not going to take it anymore. I hope you guys buy out that syph faced loooozer and make your nation respectable again. I do feel bad that I am going to have to warn allthe residents across the bay in SF to make sure they park their cars in their garages and set their burgular alarms every night during FB season thogh. Question: If I chip in .99 cents does that make me the majority owner?

  • raiders4life

    Come on Al stick your head out of your ass we need a D-Line and a better O-line!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raiders4life

    No more Defensive backs please for the love of god!!
    If we only have good d-linemen our secondary will flurish!