It’s Showtime for Sapp


Warren Sapp has taken his act to Showtime, the new residence for “Inside the NFL.”

That can’t be good news for the Raiders, as Sapp was unsparing in some of his criticism during a conference call to promote the show.

“As far as where the Raiders are going, they have unrealistic ideas about what their people can do,” Sapp said “That was the experience I had in the four years I was there. They asked people to do stuff they were physically impossible of doing. They asked a guy who hadn’t coached for 12 years (Tom Walsh) to coach. They’re going to suck.”

Sapp’s assessment of cornerback DeAngelo Hall, burned repeatedly in the 41-14 loss to Denver?

“DeAngelo Hall has been getting burnt since he was in Atlanta, so this isn’t nothing new,” Sapp said. “DeAngelo Hall is the flashiest burnt-up corner ever in the history of the game. I mean, he gets burnt more than anybody else, and he all of the sudden is this great Pro Bowl cover corner. I never saw that in DeAngelo Hall. He would gamble and do everything unsound on the corner.”

How about Tommy Kelly, whose skills Sapp praised during his time with the Raiders?

“He never played (tackle), he was at end. Then he had a knee injury, and I never had the chance to teach him the intricate parts of the three-technique,” Sapp said. “(He is) a 6-6, 330-pound country kid from Mississippi who is strong as all outdoors. Can he play the position? Yes. But there are certain things about (defensive tackle) … If you (stand) too high, he’s going to get knocked around, and at 6-6, low man wins in the trenches, and once you get knocked around, you get a little apprehensive.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Rider

    Why you guys mad at Sapp?!

    Dude is speaking the truth. I love it!

  • aaronraider13

    Warren Sapp. The leader of the worst defense the Raiders have ever had. Do i really need to say more?
    I am just glad i don’t have to watch Sapp get blown by on a running play while trying to get a sack on a QB who handed off two seconds before. Again, Warren Sapp, the leader of the worst defense the Raiders have ever had.

  • Oscar

    Man, it embarrasses me to read the comments of some of my fellow Raiders fans. Guys please stop, some of you are absolutely delusional. Our owner is a clueless. He has been running this franchise to the ground for a decade. When we get something going he’s the first to open his mouth and destroy it. And please be rational with your expectations. We are not going to be good this year. Our o-line and d-line are both weak and outside of RB depth our offense will be average. We can say all negative comments we want regarding Sapp but the fact of the matter is he knows a lot more about how the Raiders are run than we do.

  • aaronraider13

    That does not change the fact that Sapp Was the leader of the worst defense in the history of the Raiders. DT’s stop the run. They are paid to stop the run. I guess warren gets a free pass though.

  • Reggie Lewis

    Warren Sapp can kick rocks barefoot. He was never really a Raider.

  • Reggie Lewis

    Oscar, remember this one thing: There would be no Oakland Raiders if it wasn’t for Al Davis. Regardless of what some of you “fans” think, those 3 super bowl rings DO mean something.The man has the right to do what he wants with the team, the best way he knows how, even in failure. The dude is 79 years old. He will be gone soon enough. Until then either represent the team with the commitment Al does or go be a Chargers fan or something. Al hasn’t played a down in years (if ever!) so he can only do so much.

  • aaronraider13

    The Nation is feeling the collective snickers of all of the fans of the teams we have murdered in the past and it sucks. If you are not pissed then you are not a Raider fan. I love what Al has done in the past. But this sh-iite has to change. I can’t put myself thru the emotional roller coaster anymore. I have always had Al’s back, but now its getting harder and harder to keep defending this organization. Its starting to feel like one of these mindless republican pundits constantly defending Bush even though he is the worlds biggest f-up. What to do????

  • aaronraider13

    And i enjoyed watching De angelo hall alot more the first time we had him. When his name was Phillip Bucahnnon.

  • Rich Gannon 2009

    Al has earned the right to go out on his own terms, like it or not.

    Hopefully the return to greatness begins in 2009 when he fires Kiffin and Ryan for their equal suckitude and hires the Great Rich Gannon to right the ship. And for those who werent paying attention, Kiffin’s gameplan wasnt much better than Ryans. Run, run, pass, punt. Theres plenty of blame to go around here, yet Kiffin is always so quick to remind everyone that its not his fault. Screw visor boy! Im Rich Gannon b*tch!

  • Daihan

    I am a die-hard Raiders fan, and Sapp is right! Hall needs more skills. As far as Al Davis goes, he still wants to be the coach, that is why we won’t win. Kiffin will be gone after this year. Another Gruden like coach to leave the Raiders. Unbelievable! How can you, “Just Win Baby,” when you can’t hold on to a good coach? Al Davis should go somewhere and play checkers.

  • Hey sapp is just calling a spade a spade!! Im a oakland raider fan and will be till the day I die but in all honesty the raiders are so far gone and i think it starts from the top! (hint hint) Also Sapp is correct about Hall when we picked him up as a free agent I thought WtF must be Al davis who picked him up cause I can name two Wr who humiliated him everytime they played Steve Smith and Chad Cinco!!!!