It’s Showtime for Sapp


Warren Sapp has taken his act to Showtime, the new residence for “Inside the NFL.”

That can’t be good news for the Raiders, as Sapp was unsparing in some of his criticism during a conference call to promote the show.

“As far as where the Raiders are going, they have unrealistic ideas about what their people can do,” Sapp said “That was the experience I had in the four years I was there. They asked people to do stuff they were physically impossible of doing. They asked a guy who hadn’t coached for 12 years (Tom Walsh) to coach. They’re going to suck.”

Sapp’s assessment of cornerback DeAngelo Hall, burned repeatedly in the 41-14 loss to Denver?

“DeAngelo Hall has been getting burnt since he was in Atlanta, so this isn’t nothing new,” Sapp said. “DeAngelo Hall is the flashiest burnt-up corner ever in the history of the game. I mean, he gets burnt more than anybody else, and he all of the sudden is this great Pro Bowl cover corner. I never saw that in DeAngelo Hall. He would gamble and do everything unsound on the corner.”

How about Tommy Kelly, whose skills Sapp praised during his time with the Raiders?

“He never played (tackle), he was at end. Then he had a knee injury, and I never had the chance to teach him the intricate parts of the three-technique,” Sapp said. “(He is) a 6-6, 330-pound country kid from Mississippi who is strong as all outdoors. Can he play the position? Yes. But there are certain things about (defensive tackle) … If you (stand) too high, he’s going to get knocked around, and at 6-6, low man wins in the trenches, and once you get knocked around, you get a little apprehensive.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • PhillyRaider

    Good point Dakota. You know, at this point I would take Rob Ryan just copying every call his dad ever made step by step. We’d at least have a top 15 D!!

    “Al’s will be done…”

  • S&B

    Where was the safety blitz? Have Angelo Hall and Nnamdi on one-on-one press and send a safety or blitz a linebacker. Blitz from different sides of the field. Move players around……If Rob Ryan doesn’t change the approach we will lose to the Chiefs….guaranteed!!!! and they better not let Bowe run wild either

  • 909raiderlifer

    Jerry Mac…

    About time for a FIX.

    Or, is Kiff running a 3hr. practice?

    From what I saw on Mon. they could use it.

  • Sith Lord Davis

    Raider Rain when you get panhandled getting off the Bart shuttle every day its never a sign of good things to come.

  • S&B

    and there are thugs in the crowd in Philly, New York and Cleveland. Oakland just gets played up because we aren’t winning. When you don’t win, people spend time scrutinizing coaches, owners, fans, media, the moon and lousy t.v shows.

  • If you are a head coach of another team preparing to play The Raiders how could you not go after Hall after last week?

  • PhillyRaider

    Saw Cutler’s after-the-game interview and HE said Royal was just makin up sh!t to get open! NO receiver should EVER get enough time to do that kinda sh!t!! WTF, playground sh!t!!

    “Al’s will be done…”

  • Raiders Rain

    Sith Lord Davis, when did the NFL say they wanted out of Oakland?

  • Sith Lord Davis

    There is even grafitti on aluminum siding on the homes near there, on businesses, on vans, ect… It’s bad.

  • RaiderKen

    Post Game Headline

    The entire franchise sucks Monday night. Plain and simple. Nobody came to play, or coach, or own.

  • Sith Lord Davis

    They won’t stop a move by the A’s or the Raiders unless the city cleans the place up and they got two years to do it.

  • Sith Lord Davis

    Davis and Ryan need to go if they won’t blitz.

  • PhillyRaider

    I don’t know how they deal with it at the MAC, S&B, but when Philly opened the Linc they had all those warning commercials then they put a judge IN the stadium! The started havin the notorius PHILLY PD whoop some azz right in the stands and then they served the dudes fines and sentences IN the stadium! That cooled that sh!t down real fast! LOL!

    “Al’s will be done…”

  • Sith Lord Davis

    What kind of family atmosphere are you promoting if you let people smoke blunts and drink beer on the Bart shuttle?

  • And thats what I was saying Philly Raider #208

    Ryan wasn’t helping his players at all. He did nothing to help them. Except dial up a 3-4 defense just to have everyone drop in coverage and blitz no one; which made the pass rush even worse. I.N.C.O.M.P.E.T.E.N.C.E. And thats why it looked like they quit on him.

  • Raiders Rain

    Sith Lord Davis, what are you talking about? Panhandling & Graffiti? Oh what a fine example of the NFL wanting to get out of Oakland. Dude, you attended a football game, not a day at Disneyland, man up guy!

  • S&B

    PhillyRaider — That post game was humiliating for the Raiders. Cutler sitting up there saying they didn’t win by game planning, it was just one-on-one match ups all day. To say Royal beat Hall over and over and over again….disgraceful…I hope Angelo Hall saw that press conference and learns to keep his mouth shut and play…also, angelo had better have practiced today too. If he can’t press his guy he is useless

  • Sith Lord Davis

    I would not take a child to a game in Oakland Raider Rain, would you?

  • What was it? One blitz called on ten or eight 3rd downs …Wow …thats one way to fool the opposition.

  • S&B

    “they put a judge IN the stadium!” that is hilarious!!!! Judge and jury at the game. We needed a judge Monday night to serve Hall with willful neglect charges.

  • Sith Lord Davis

    Cutler also said the Raiders blitzed alot and we all know thats a lie.

  • 909raiderlifer

    David White, over at sfgate has a fix up.

    It has some quotes from Kiff, on the D.

    Kiff more or less said: “Go ask Ryan/Al, not my job.”

  • PhillyRaider

    Terrapin, S&B, until we get Ol’Wrinkled Azz outta here I think we’re in for more of the same. I don’t wanna believe it but I think it’s true.

    “Al’s will be done…”

  • Raiders Rain

    Drink Beer & Smoke Blunts on the Bart Shuttle? What does the NFL or the Raiders organization have to do with public transpiration? If you have a problem with people on Bart, you should call Bart Police.

  • Dakota

    Did any of you see the HBO series Band of Brothers? In the first few episodes of that series the Ross actor from friends was the Lt. commanding the company. He talked a good game, but when it came to actual action, he blew goats and his men had no respect for him and they sucked.

    Rob Ryan is like that guy, talks a big game and says all the right things, but when the pressure is on he chokes…ALL OF THE TIME.


  • Sith Lord Davis

    The fans could clean up the act but they are too afraid.

  • AL DAVIS is going to show the whole world he is a genius…..

    All of you shyt talkers remember I said this….


  • PhillyRaider

    Sith Lord my man,

    Cutler just doesn’t wanna give the Raiders incentive for game two.

    “Al’s will be done…”

  • S&B

    Philly Raider — I am almost with you on Al but the truth is the defense does have talent. Look at the roster on defense,…Nnamdi and Gibril have known success and Angelo Hall did go to a pro-bowler….Morrison and Howard are supposed to be good. Huff is playing his natural position and is supposed to be a stud when we drafted him….Burgess is supposed to be dominant and Kelly too…..If Davis is willing to stick to old philosophies and lose on some misguided stubborness, then that whole “Just Win Baby” is B.S

  • Keep Ryan…his heart is in the right place…he has loyalty and can learn…

    Fire Kiffin, who signed his contract solely for the MONEY!

  • Keep all of them….get rid on LANE!

  • Nation Collective if you want to become relevant, I can make it real easy for you. Just find 1,000 people who are willing to put up $100 grrrrr each as shareholders and you will have some cred. Of course even at those numbers you’ll own about 12% of the team, and you still won’t have a say, but you’ll have some cred.

    Did anyone read Nancy Gay’s article in the SF Comical this morning???? It was straight MR. Word for word. I mean we all knew MR was gay, we just didn’t know MR was Nancy Gay. It all makes sense now.

  • LOLOL>….IF this is not the most damning statement:

    “For the most part, I let Rob do his thing over there,” Kiffin said. “He has a belief in certain things and he has a conversation with the owner about that.”

    I feel sorry for the man. Davis, you hired a rebel YOU GOT A REBEL!!

  • Big Daddy WooWoo

    Rob needs to call up dad and get a couple of Buddy Ball Blitzes going on…

    No Pass Rush = Hall in flames

  • Dakota

    That is awesome Terp, lol. Kiffin rules.

  • PhillyRaider

    S&B, I don’t blame Kiff or Ryan or any of the coaches ultimately. They are who we thought they were. Kiff is young and enthusiastic (at least he was when he arrived). But HE is young. Experienced HCs SHOULD beat him initially. Ryan is an Al lackey and he makes no attempt to hide it. He does Ol’ Wrinkled’s bidding without question, even if it’s causing the house to fall apart. Like Ditka said Monday night, this all starts at the top. He called Al out because he was embarassed for the players and the organization!

    “Al’s will be done…”

  • That stadium was effed up Monday nite. There was soooooo many drunk parolees throwing up all over the stands I couldn’t keep count of em. Sad, really. That is NOT the image the NFL wants.

  • PhillyRaider

    Where did Kiff say that Terp?

    “Al’s will be done…”

  • Raiders Rain

    Sith Lord Davis, the Raiders have a huge family base of fans, and there are seats available for such families, the upper level seats are usually where families with small kids sit, you can’t sit in the Black Hole and expect Sunday School. Dude, don’t come to a football game to smell the roses because a day in the Rose Garden is not what it’s all about.

  • Heres my point…

    Mr Davis and Rob Ryan have been working together for sometime. Here comes Lane, and the first time something goes wrong, he wants to blame everyone outside of himself…

    This is not a leader!

    A Leader takes responsibility even when its not his fault. This is his job. No one man is more important than any other. Each has a role. When the Head Coach, Kiffin want his D Coordinator gone in the off-season it was the wrong move. A leader would work with what he has, not complain that he has the wrong pieces…

    This is the whole problem with this entire country. No one takes responsibility, just a bunch of finger pointing….

    If Lane took responsibility last season, perhaps Mr. Davis and Rob Ryan would be more apt to listen to him, they would have built some trust in him and the team would have followed…

    This is not the case, and that is why its easy to see the direction the Raiders are headed.

  • PhillyRaider

    New post!!

  • Its truly getting sad though b/c its sounding more and more like Kiffin wants no part of being a Raider anymore. Davis ruined this kid. And in turn is ruining the franchise. There I said it. If you guys can’t see it. Oh well…

    Any blind man can see that we needed pressure out there. Davis will not listen until the defensive players speak up. He listens to the players. But they won’t b/c they’re too buddy buddy with Ryan and they know its Davis running the system too.

    Nothing in particular is wrong with the system imho. What wrong is the person(s) running it won’t be aggressive with it. Still there could be better alternatives out there.

  • Terrapin Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    Its truly getting sad though b/c its sounding more and more like Kiffin wants no part of being a Raider anymore.

    That’s how I feel. I’m a big Kiffin fan, but he looked and acted like it was all a big joke. Well, if you’re getting paid $2mm a year, maybe it is a joke. People paying thousands of dollars for season tickets didn’t think it was too funny tho. Sad thing is the joke is on him. Cause you could pay me a lot less to go out there and get rolled. I can go out there, put a head set on, and get completely rolled by the opposition. Nothing special about that.

  • Rob Ryan grew up with a famous coach father who believed in bring pressure and forcing the issue. Why won’t he do it now?

  • dad

    sapp sucks

  • lendog

    sapp is right!hall got beat like a drum! Al needs to GO

  • sportsman

    Don’t hate on Sapp. He is keeping it real. He was there and played with the raiders. He was one of the few that actually worked and played hard. ALOT BETTER then kelly. Everything he has said about the raiders is true. It was proven on Monday. They won’t win against KC. They can’t win at home on prime time, they are sure not to win on the road. Sorry fellow raider fans, another horrible game this sunday and season.

  • KJ

    You can all diss Sapp all you want but he wasn’t the one shown on TV monday night with his mouth open looking like a slobbering idiot. If Al Davis was one of are relatives we would have a nurse with him 24 hours a day and we would be in control of the relatives finances. But instead we have an owner who gets praised for his football knowledge, when right now he looks more like a man who couldn’t judge talent at a high school game. Look at the draft he drafted people with an east coast bias and no talent. Where are the draft picks at on this roster. The raiders don’t even draft players in there own backyard. We could have drafted Marshawn Lynch and Desean Jackson we could have drafted James Jones out of San jose state but instead we draft guys with reconstructed knees who are still healing. Anybody who knows footbal knows that Hall is a head case who can’t even be mentored by eion Sanders so how the heck is he going to listen to Al. Hell Al couldnt even get the best out of Woodson because he refused to make him practice now he is in green bay practicing every day and poaying dividends.

  • Moss hater#1

    Man I dont know about you guys but all this stuff seems familiar? a team comes out and gets thrashed the first couple of games and everyone thinks they’re the worst team in the world then they have a player who retired the year before on a television show with nothing nice to say about the team and the they pull it together further along down the road and then… bam there in the beg show against arguably one of the best teams ever in nfl history and pull the biggest upset ever in nfl history…. Sound familiar?(;

  • maddendude

    Dont hate on Sapp, the stuff he’s saying is true. DeAngelo hall ISNT that good, he gambles way too much. He’ll get his picks that way but he wont be able to cover consistantly. And what he said about Kelly is true too.