Wand returns, McQuistan on IR


The Raiders re-signed tackle Seth Wand and placed Paul McQuistan on injured reserve, ending his season.

Wand was released to make room for James Marten, whom the Raiders claimed off waivers. Marten will practice today and wear No. 69.

The Raiders pushed practice back to 2:30 p.m. today, with no availability to players or coach Lane Kiffin until practice ends.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Brien

    Man that was ugly

  • Scottish Raider

    Lets hope that is the first of a number of swift and decisive roster moves this week.

    We need new blood – and fast!!

  • OC Raider

    i have been waiting all day for the practice report!

  • Doug in the Hamptons

    Great googily moogily.

  • It has been bothering me since we signed James Marten; Marten is a classic Boston College “road-grader” O-lineman. I would consider him the opposite of a Zone Blocking Lineman. Marten is similar to Gosder Cherilus, he is big, strong, and not that mobile. If Cable thinks this guy can get it done than great, but what if Al is starting to assemble some guys on the roster, anticipating that we will not be a zone blocking team for much longer.

  • Scottish Raider

    Although there surely must be better options than Wand available.

    The biggest problem with Cable’s ZBS is that only a minority of linemen can fit – thus cutting down on the possibilities of upgrade.

    Apart from the fact that the ZBS usually requires linemen who are rubbish at pass-protection!!!

  • coinman

    we need more line help than this!

  • Brien

    Team was lost out there. They surely are not as bad as they looked but yes it was bad people. I still havge confidence in this team but certian changes gotta be made. Richardson just cant be out there to rush the passer. Missing Edwards was crucial for the dline. Gerard Warren is not a NT. Just aint happening. Cornell Green needs to be an insurance agent because football is not his game.

  • Dakota


    Thank you for those nice words, and I would think that Madden certainly should have the money (if he gets a % cut of Madden sales) to at least head a group to buy the Raiders, or at least Al’s percentage.

    I certainly would hope that Madden would hire a GM and run it like a real team, but you never know…

  • vegas raider

    No word on Jovan?? I posted on this blog that his roster spot should not be a given, even with his contract. People called me crazy, and he still has time to prove me wrong and I hope he does, but anyone else get the feeling that the marriage to Jovan is going to end in a bitter divorce

  • Brien

    zone blocking has nada to do with pass blocking…………harris and green as your tackle combo is a joke. Grove doesnt need to start ever. John Wade deserves a shot……….the only TD we scored in the preseason was with Wade out there. Grove just doesn’t have the power necessary and he didnt do that bad monday but it is obvious he shouldn’t start

  • Dakota says:

    Cry about it if you want, but I was not and am not wrong.

    Sounds like a sitting Pres. you voted for. Hahahahaha

  • Brien

    Kiffin needs to understand that trick plays this early in the season are pointless. Why fugging sign Ashley Lelie? Reward thos young hungry players liek Watkins and Schilens with those spots…….IMO Curry outta be cut……it will send a message that we aren’t playing around anymore……but it wont happen

  • Scottish Raider

    I would certainly have a look at Dylan Gandy and Matt Lehr who have just been released by the Broncos and Saints. Both are capable OGs who could provide us with some better depth.

    And Marcus Monk is still available – when we cut Ol’ Stonehands Curry.

  • Brien

    You gotta be kidding me with not putting in Mike Bush on that first drive when you got into a goal situation……….Just idiot shhhhhhh.

  • Dakota


    How’s it going in Denver my man? Did you see my post the other day asking for you to come on the blog and give a Karma lesson to the Raider Nation about being so happy about Tom Brady’s injury?

    Where were you when we needed you? Maybe the Karma gods would not have put the beat down on us on Monday if you had intervened…

  • vegas raider

    I agree Brien on the lack of a Bush sighting. I really was hoping for a draw on the third down play, perfect situation for Bush to get his feet wet, and was OK with settling for 3. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I never like screens in the red zone, to risky of a play.

  • Fool

    Dakota Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 2:12 pm
    Fool Says:

    …the Raiders should have either drafted D or O line or traded down for more need picks instead of drafting a luxury pick in McFadden. The Raiders have several needs but dumba$$ Al Davis drafted a RB when they already had 4 RB’s on the roster. Meanwhile the Raiders only suited up 3 DT’s on Monday.

    Listen Fool,

    McFadden was the right pick. PERIOD. Trade down, lol, why? So Al could draft another Harris/Buchanon combo? Draft what offensive lineman at #4? Long was gone and no other tackle was a realistic top 5 pick. Draft what great defensive player @ #4? One that could change Rob Ryan’s system? Ellis or Dorsey…whom both play where Kelly currently is being paid $50 million to play?

    The reality of the situation was that after the two Longs were off the board, the only choice was McFadden. Period. Cry about it if you want, but I was not and am not wrong.

    Al has done two things right in the past two years, draft Russell and draft McFadden. Solid O-lines and d-lines are built in rounds 2-5, that is where Al has failed.

    You have my answer.”

    All I can say is wow. You and I both know the truth yet you won’t even admit it that you were wrong.

    So let me get this straight, according to you EVERYTHING AL DAVIS DOES IS A MISTAKE EXCEPT FOR THE 2 THINGS THAT YOU AGREE WITH? Do you even realize how ridiculous that sounds?

    Your wall of denial is inpenetrable.

    Like I said earlier, I really feel sorry for your wife and anyone else that ever catches you making a mistake. You expend more energy in denial than most and maybe one day you can work through that. Good luck with that.

  • Dakota

    new post

  • Fool

    RaiderTW Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 2:30 pm
    “Dakota says:

    Cry about it if you want, but I was not and am not wrong.

    Sounds like a sitting Pres. you voted for. Hahahahaha”

    Very astute observation my friend.

  • NATION Collective – CopenhagenFan

    why feel sorry for his wife? what does that have to do with anything?

    As long as he pays the bills and has a decent sized schwanz she should be ok

  • JediRaider

    repost – too long not too and I missed the new article –

    JediRaider Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 2:39 pm
    Andrew’s Mom – fortunately I was on an airplane during the game and my dvr went haywire and didn’t record it – after checking the highlights and reading the commentary, there’s only one thing you can do – forget about it and move on to next week, although it does highlight all my complaints about this defensive scheme (straight man with no blitzing), the d line personnel being out of position (Warren is a three technique and offers nothing in the run stopping department, Burgess is too small to play Strong Side DE, and Richardson is a backup caliber player).

    Without a push from the D line any team in any scheme will get eaten up, but it’s even worse in man coverage. As I said before the season started, this team needs to blitz every down and just bring the heat quick so our secondary doesn’t have to cover people for 5 seconds every play, and shoots the gaps on running plays – we’ll give up big plays, no doubt, but we’ll also make plays. Nevertheless I am shocked that the d was this bad – Rob Ryan must use half his salary on home made Kool Aid because he’s the only one that thinks this scheme is good and his players are great (except Al, of course).

    Next week, we face an anemic offense and a young defense. We will probably win, but it will be closer than it should be precisely because our D scheme stinks – it either lets the opposing team bleed out the clock which doesn’t allow our zone blocking scheme to wear down the defense, or against good teams, gives up too many points to stick with the run in the first place.

    The answer is simple – we don’t have the talent on the D line to run a straight man scheme against the run or the pass – we must compensate by blitzing the run and the pass consistently – teams can either scheme around Burgess and Kelly in the pass game, or provide a little help at times to neutralize our pass rush – warren doesn’t give enough effort and Richardson can be handled one on one. Blitzing is the only way we are going to win the games we should win on paper, and we have the personnel in our secondary to support it (as long as they don’t have to cover for 5 seconds, which the blitz would take care of). I had hoped that Warren, Kelly, Edwards, and Burgess would start – they are all good pass rushers (when they give full effort) and good penetrators in the run game – All we need is one play a series to put teams in obvious passing situations (i.e. second or third and long) and we should win most of those battles just based on statistics. But the fact of the matter is this D line got man handled against an average o line and there’s no need to wait until we’re 1-4 to try new things. In fact, 19-64 (or whatever our record is since Rob Ryan took over the D) should be plenty proof that if you don’t have dominant players on the D line (which we still don’t) the man scheme will not work. I’d rather lose attacking than lose playing the scheme the way it was intended to be played waiting for pressure from the front 4 that is never going to get there.

  • Exlaraiderseasonticketholder
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  • K7

    I like that ExLA. Dont buy tickets and dont go to the game. A true raider wants the team to be competent and not by saynig we stand by our team in bad times. this is bad times instead of having high draft picks. Thats on management and Al.D.

  • Guy Young

    Give credit to Shanahan for sticking to the Raids as hes prob still smiling and how about Royal via Cutler and then their clinic on zone blocking domination.
    I hate the Donkeys do not mistake it either. And the sick and troubled line along with poor tackles from Huff, and then the lousy coverage by Hall, play calling from coach. I then had to turn it off and take abuse from CO workers the following day at work.

  • Spider

    Guy Young Says:
    September 10th, 2008 at 9:26 pm
    Give credit to Shanahan for sticking to the Raids as hes prob still smiling and how about Royal via Cutler and then their clinic on zone blocking domination.
    I hate the Donkeys do not mistake it either. And the sick and troubled line along with poor tackles from Huff, and then the lousy coverage by Hall, play calling from coach. I then had to turn it off and take abuse from CO workers the following day at work.

    And well you should take abuse from CO workers and “BRONCO” fans. As I’ve been telling you loooozers, there is no such as a team in the NFL as the donkeys. For a nashun that has been sitting at the bottom of the AFC West conference for 6 years (counting this year) and with little hope for future improvement you loooozers should show at least enough respect to those sitting above you in the standings of calling them by their proper names.