Henderson could start


Quick hits from Thursday’s practice and session with coach Lane Kiffin, which preceded Rob Ryan’s press briefing:

— If Kwame Harris doesn’t recover sufficiently in the next two days, Mario Henderson will be protecting the blind side of JaMarcus Russell in what could be the NFL’s toughest road venue.

Henderson took all the reps at left tackle for the second straight day as Harris sat out with a knee injury sustained against Denver.

Kiffin said Henderson’s presence would be taken into account with regard to play calling.

“Part of that depends on how the game’s going. Obviously, the opening script, we will take that into account, Mario’s first time playing and being on the road,” Kiffin said. “We’d take that into account but then we’ll see the flow of the game and see how it’s going.”

Two of the worst beatings I’ve ever seen a left tackle take were at Arrowhead _ Harry Boatswain of the 49ers in the Joe Montana-Steve Young game in 1993 and Pat Harlow of the Raiders in 1998. Of course, both of those came against the late Derrick Thomas, who was virtually unblockable at home.

— Kiffin, who has been blunt regarding Henderson’s lack of progress in the past, sounded cautiously optimistic should he have to start.

“Mario’s had a good week of practice. Over the last two days, has been able to get a lot of reps with the 1s with Kwame being out,” Kiffin said. “If he has to go, I’m sure Mario will go in there and do well and last year we went in there with Paul (McQuistan) playing tackle and were able to move the ball and came out with a win. Our expectation will be the same if Mario’s playing.”

— Derrick Burgess (shoulder) and Gibril Wilson (elbow) did not practice. Kiffin said he anticipated both practicing tomorrow. Harris and Burgess both went out to practice in pads, but didn’t end up practicing.

— Javon Walker practiced for the second straight day, but he may not be 100 percent and Kiffin wasn’t sure he would start if he played.

“There’s still something there a little bit,” Kiffin said. “I don’t know that I would sya he has th ebest burst that he’s had since he’s been here but he looks like he’s ready to play.”

If Walker doesn’t start, Ashley Lelie will open at split end with Ronald Curry at flanker.

— After not getting a run from scrimmage or a pass reception in the opener, Michael Bush may get his first regular-season touch Sunday.

“There were certain plays we had ready for Michael (against Denver),” Kiffin said. “One play that we did call was a pass play where we were trying to get him open in the flat and they had him covered and JaMarcus had to come back on the goal line back to his left to Ashley. Michael has some plays in the gameplan we’ll look to get the ball to him.”

No passing the buck

You’d like to think Raiders defenders will reward Rob Ryan for his loyalty by erasing the stench of the Denver loss.

Before Ryan came to the Raiders, it was a commonplace for defenders to roll their eyes and point fingers when things didn’t go well. It hasn’t happened on Ryan’s watch, even during the worst of times, and the defensive coordinator’s meeting with the press Thursday was a prime example why.

In contrast to Kiffin, Ryan absolutely will not roast one of his own players in public. He may be all over them in the meeting room or on the practice field, but when it comes to addressing the media, he steps up and takes the blame.

There were two reasons he met with the press Thursday _ to shield his players as much as possible from the Denver debacle while preparing for what he hopes is a winning effort against the Chiefs, and to refute Kiffin’s notion the previous day regarding the involvement of Al Davis in the weekly schemes.

The second part was a tricky tightrope, because Kiffin has made repeated references to Davis’ defensive involvement. Ryan had to stick up for himself while at the same time not ruffling the chain of command, and he did it forcefully and respectfully with regard to both the media and the head coach.

Blitzing has long been the cure-all for armchair defensive coordinators. As pointed out in yesterday’s blog, according to the statistical service Stats, LLC, opponents were 9-for-12 with two touchdown passes against Raiders blitzes on third down last year.

Ryan said the Raiders sent a blitz into a max-protection against Denver and paid for it by giving up a big play.

Without ever pulling Kiffin into the fray, Ryan said the three worst plays the defense had against Denver were in a “Tampa 2,” the defense run by Monte Kiffin with the Bucs and Tony Dungy in Indianapolis.

If the Raiders get things right against Kansas City and beyond, expect Ryan’s role to reverse. He’ll recede to the background and let the players take the credit.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • The more I stew the more pissed off I get. Sunday will be a test of pride, man vs. man, and we better fuggin man up. Test of wills, test of pride, this Sunday will really show us what we have in this team, in this organizaiton, and as a franchise.

    Buckle down, hide the woman and children, break out the Jack Daniels, it’s on fellas, it’s on…..


  • PTB

    Rob ryan has risen to his level of incompetance. And with the blessings of the owner. It’s not going to change,we have five years of history…oh but it’s going to change now? It’s a sad state of affairs for Raider Nation.

  • Jerry is getting scooped by some dude on the other side of the bay! What makes it worse is the deed was done on his blog! Freaking Jerry step your game up guy! Next JJ is gonna be posting his Fix before you! BTW where is to days fix ?

  • Raderdogg whats up man

  • Seth


    I think I speak for the Raider Nation, when I say, “I wish we could suit you up for the game”. I don’t think these players have your same passion and fight. I hope I am wrong.

    Raider Fan Since 1982
    ‘In Lane I Trust’

  • that’s funny Dakota

  • 408:

    Jerry wont steup his game up, why should he? He isn’t a Raiders fan, his job is to cover the Raiders, doesn’t meen he has to like it, or even care about it. “Just Pick Up The Paycheck Baby”.

    I would like to see the media room if just ONE of us on this list have 1 minute during a media session. All hell would break loose, and it would be fuggin AWESOME.

  • How can you pass the buck when you have not done sheit in 5 years. When your best player on D says if a team game plans for us the D has no answers. Make some sort of changes, take a chance. We have an ostritch as a D cord.

  • Seth:

    Lol, dude I would get killed if I suited up.

    Man up, it’s time to man up.

    “You can be a winner, you can be a loser, Gotta wake up when you here the rooster. Sometimes its just too simple to live your life wrong. Gotta do right for you when the time come.”

    The rooster is fuggin crowing, it’s time to wake up Raiders, gotta do the Raider Nation right, the time has come…

  • Do us right fellas, make the Raider Nation right again, it’s time to roll. Lets go, win and dominate, lets play some Raider football, kick some arse, take no prisoners. Burn some Chiefs, kill them, poke some holes in their pride. Lets go, man up, fuggin man the phuk up.

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Hey guys…..Send your stuff to sportsline@khtk.com…..they actually put our stuff on the air and allow us to voice our opinions..worked yesterday………


  • RaiderDogg

    What up SNB666!

    Looking at a big W this Sunday. The Chefs will be saying “Great ooogely boogely”

  • RaiderRockstar

    “Even though he jumped on that grenade, we’ve got to step it up,” defensive tackle Gerard Warren said. “He can’t step between them white lines, so it falls on us. When he says he’s got to pick it up, the correlation is we’ve got to pick it up.”

    ya think? I was under the impression Rob Ryan was gonna jump in and play D tackle when he made those comments

  • Einstein

    Well Jerry is being lame the NATION Collective started on his board soon we will have our website up and running! We already flooded the phones @ headquarters and many Nation brothers who wont commit to the Collective are showing their support by contacting NFLN, the org directly and who ever else we can find to listen!


  • Let’s go Nation, the call is for us to. Lets man the phuk up. Lets go fellas, we are the silver and black, we have pride. Lets stand up and fight, lets go, man up. No more stewing and sitting in the dark with the 45 clip loaded. Phuk the world, we are Raiders, and we are the Raider Nation. We gotta right this ship and wake the phuk up. Man up fellas, man up.

  • 408:

    I am commited to the Raider phuking Nation, the Silver and Black. My commitment is to my Raiders, and my Raider brother and sisters. Let’s roll my Raider brother. We are one nation, and it’s time this nation steps us.. Long live the Silver and Black.


    The time is now for the Raider Nation to right the wrongs. Lets roll…


  • Dakota

    Statement from Al Davis,

    I am sending Rob Ryan out right now to kill the insurgents.

    Al Davis

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    Einstein….doesn’t sound like you….

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    sounds like a troll…..

  • NATION Collective – Chaos

    sounds almost like the tyrant…..

  • I know Chaos, something hit me this morning my Raider brother.. Not sure what it is, but I have a fire burning, and I am going to poor some phuking gasoline on this sh!t my brother. No more selfish pride, the Silver and Black and the Raider Nation for LIFE….

  • Einstein

    @ the moment I am committed to 2 getting something to eat! The time is now for lunch!


  • Nah fellas, it’s me, it really is. I still have the 12 page businees proposal sitting on my windows desktop.

    Fire burning in me fellas…

  • Lol 408. Eat with pride today my Raider brother, because you are a member of the Raider Nation, and we are strong….. ttyl bro.

  • The difference betweent the NFL, other teams, other teams fans, and the Raider Nation is that WE ARE STILL PHUKING HERE. AND WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE. KICK US WHEN WE ARE DOWN, IT’S COOL, CAUSE WE WILL RIP YOUR PHUKING HEAD OFF WHEN IT’S OVER AND DONE.

    We are the Silver and Black my Raider family. We gotta wake up and fight. The Raider Nation is our lives, and we gotta right this wrong.

  • I know these teams has much larger problems right now, but is anyone else a bit concerned by the teams extremely bad roster situation. We have 3 DT’s on the roster, facing a Kansas City team with a back-up QB and Larry Johnson. We are playing a project player at Left Tackle who wasn’t even in uniform last week. I expect Wilson and Edwards to play, but if they don’t we will have rookies stepping in to play for them. I was expecting some roster moves after that first game, but so far we have only added a RT who doesn’t seem to fit our blocking scheme.

  • I salute all of you my Raider brother and sisters. You are my family, my nation!! Keep you heads up, stick that chin out, and take your shots. We are fighters in the pit, and we will will FIGHT. Silver and Black baby, Silver and Black till we DIE.

    Dont give up family, hang in there and fight….!!!

  • HayesDaze#37

    Thec — The simple “definition” of insanity that you are apparently alluding to is just that…a very simple definition of very complicated mental diseases. There are many ways to be labeled insane, and just supporting a team through thick and thin is not one of them. Instead of asking if I’m insane, you should ask if I’m loyal. Then the answer would be a big YES, thank you very much.

    Also, Thec — Unlike you and the self-appoiinted leader of your alleged collective, I don’t call people names on this site. Not my style, and I find it really immature. You, for a guy who is at least 38-years old, would benefit from restraining from that kind of talk, too. It feels good, not to treat people like crap just because you can’t come up with a better comeback during legitimate debate.

    I don’t call names, but I do like to point out the contradictory and funny things people write in here — things like this:

    Thec says: “Sorry If I dont tow the company line” (That would be TOE the line — i.e, step up to the line.)

    Thec says: “Post 33, I hate to call names but you are an IDIOT” (That’s telling him — way to get your point across! Also, contradiction/hypocrisy all in one sentence.)

    Chaos says: “Have reached out to the NFL Corporate offices and the commish regarding the abismal state of our team.” (I hope you didn’t put “abismal” in any writing to any corporate office.)

    Chaos says: “Have reached out to the rumor mongol shefter to get his take” (Would you mean the “rumor MONGER? Mongol is pretty funny, though. Also — using the guy to further your cause, and bashing him in the same sentence smacks of hypocrisy…after all, isn’t this the same Adam Schefter members of your collective hates and doesn’t believe half(or more) of the time? I’m sure he respects your written letter/email when you can’t even spell the guy’s name right.)


    These are the things I bring up NOT to question anybody’s fanhood (they do that with their own actions). I bring them up to show that, as smart as they may be (or think they are), a few (hundred even) of the “collective” do not speak for all of us.

    Our opinions don’t have to be the same, and I enjoy a good debate as much as the next guy/girl — but I would appreciate it if the collective would at least make sense when trying to argue for all of us. At least understand the terms they’re trying to use to impress the world. Kind of like GWB when he says “nuke-u-ler” — it’s an embarrassment in the eyes of the world that he can’t even pronounce the word, but he has his finger on the most destructive physical force made by man.


    My Raider brother, it is what it is. We must use the weapons we have and fight. What else are we to do? Lay down and die? I think not brother. We must fight, and win!!

    Our soldiers are in hostile territory this Sunday, and we must send them our will to fight. To gain back our pride and to fight!!

  • Does anyone know if Rod Coleman is still out there? We need help a DT. Could come on the cheap.


    To Fire Kiffin…

    If the Raiders turn it around this year, will you stop saying “Fire Kiffin”?

    Also, since you hate Lane so much, do you blame AD for hiring this guy? If not, who’s fault is it?

  • Screw Al Davis

    WHO WOULD YOU START? i need 3 of the 4.

    Ronnie Brown
    Lawrence Maroney
    Justin Fargas
    Michael Turner

    Thank you in advance!



    We could sign the pot head from the Colts… dude was a beast in the interior that liked to chill out Marley style.


    We are a family, stop hurting each other and support each other. We can have differing opinions, thoughts, and ideals, but the fact of the matter is we are all a family as members of the Raider Nation. We can differ and not agree, but in the end we are soldiers fighting for the same cause, lets unite and stop swinging at each other! Pick your Raider brothers and sisters up off the floor, don’t knock them down.

    I hurt, I hurt real bad, and all I have left is my Raider Nation family to support me. I love all of you, and I don’t even know you, but that doesn’t matter because you have a fire and desire of something that is near and dear to me. That common thread makes us family, and we must hang in there and FIGHT.!!

  • Los Malosos

    Hmmm, the Mike Lombardi guy at CNNSI says that Al has always been involved with the D, Sapp said Al has an involvement during game day, Kiff says there’s an involvement during the week… So I don’t think I’m gonna believe Ryan and his “I’m the man” routine. I don’t care how many superbowls the Ryans have won, Ryan’s D sucks, we’ve seen it, it doesn’t work.

  • I hear you Einstein, I hope that those rookies (Branch and Scott) can step up on Sunday. I don’t know what it is, but the Chiefs are definitely the team that I like watching lose the most. It seems like the best rivalry games since I have been a fan were always Raiders v. Chiefs. I think Henderson will step up big on Sunday, he doesn’t strike me as someone who is gonna be false starting at arrowhead, he is very laid back. But he needs to discover his mean streak.

  • 738

    Think hes in for a fat suspension. Not first offence.
    I think Coleman could be a steal. If we continue just to rush 4, then we need DTs that can rush the passer.

  • Screw Al Davis

    WHO WOULD YOU START? i need 3 of the 4.

    Ronnie Brown
    Lawrence Maroney
    Justin Fargas
    Michael Turner

    Thank you in advance!

  • Yes Bart Bridge Brigade, I like your thinking my brother.

    “He need to discover his mean streak”.

    Yeah my brother, EXACTLY. Great statement, that is what our team needs to do this Sunday, find a mean streak, let it all out, and FIGHT!!


  • Ed Johnson will be suspended for at least 4 games, but its an opportunity for the Raiders to get an elite DT for the future. But we need a 4th DT for the short term.

  • 743

    Brown, Maroney, Turner. I think we our going to spread around the carries this week whick makes Fargas less attractive.

  • Screw Al Davis


  • Put you Raiders gear on this weekend and wear it with pride fellas. Wear the colors with pride!!

  • awwwwww shiiiiiiiiiit the spelling and grammar police are back!

  • You can take my Raiders gear when you “Pry it from my cold dead fingers”.

    authour unkown

  • NATION Collective – Prince

    The idea that loyalty and change are mutually exclusive is incredibly ignorant. I bleed silver and black and will always be loyal to my team.

    This means that I want them to succeed ABOVE ALL.
    Wanting my team to change for the better does not make me a fair weather fan, or not a true member nation, it makes me a realist.

    Look at the common denominator, RR has outlasted 4+ head coaches…yet we still suck. Methinks the problem isn’t the head coach.

  • Baller

    You could be right. Dude had 41 tackles his first year. 7 in week one. seems to be very active. Could be a steal also. He is a little light though. 296 lbs

  • Ryan just doesn’t have it. He will never be a D Coordinator on another team. He might be a LB coach, or a d line coach, or a water boy, but no a D Coordinator.

    He must have to much of his mom in him…