Wilson not practicing


Gibril Wilson was not in pads and without a helmet Thursday as the Raiders went through warmups and drills before starting the team session in preparation for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Returning to practice were left tackle Kwame Harris (knee), defensive end Derrick Burgess (back), safety Tyvon Branch (shoulder) and cornerback DeAngelo Hall (elbow).

More to come after practice and media sessions . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • BadMoodGuy

    This place sure has gone downhill. Where there used to be football discussion, you have people making up conspiracy theories to support their beliefs that they ‘know’ to be true. The trolls have changed their tune to be even more disruptive. I used to think that Steeler fans were the dumbest fans in football (my wife’s family is from there and I’ve been around Steeler fans way way too much because of this), but the total lack of intelligence here is disgusting.

    Unfortunately they changed most of the post so the comments now have to get a ‘hit’ when you want to just read the post. But given that they advertisers are now being associated with the tone of this place.

    So, for me, the trolls and haters have won. I can’t read this drivel any more. Jones posts most of the same stuff on his blog anyway.

  • Ok guys n gals!

    Bottom line: This is a team that is pshycholocally and emotionally spent. The players don’t even believe in themselves anymore.

    We STILL continue to be the most penalized team in football and the refs hurt us again in the Denver game with key penalties on important drives. THEY ALWAYS DO BECAUSE THE ENTIRE LEAGUE HATES AL DAVIS!!

    Why Blame Kiffin when it is clear that Davis is behind the hiring of a whole bunch of clowns in the past several years. Men who did not have the balls to tell Davis to go to hell. Gruden did, and left when it was aparent Davis ego was too big to let him continue to run the team. What did Gruden do the next year? Kick our as**ses with a totally new team.

    Do you really thing ANYTHING is changed if we luck out and beat a sorry KC team? No, No, and hell No.

    This organization and team need a total overhaul. Al Davis in the old folks home, a retooling of the inept administration and ‘old allegiances.” A whole new coaching staff and an exodus of overpaid, whining palyers.

    The Raiders must face the fact that they have too start from zero, with a very young team just like the A’s. Develope their talent with good coaches and just tak the losing as a sign they are growing and will compete someday.

    Everything abouth this organization stinks from top to bottom and its also time the commissioner stepped in.

    The Raiders are an embarrasment to the NFL and its fans. Raider fans deserve much more. This fiasco needs to end and soon.

    For any part of this current season to be salvaged, the Raiders will need to put together a string of victories, leaving no dought as to the improvement. One win here and there when the team is under fire means nothing.

    For the senile fool that is Al, any firing of Kiffin at midseason or otherwise means NOTHING. Having Ryan as a head coach is rediculously hysterical!

    Lastly, ever notice how succsessful coaches are when they leave Oakland (Gruden, Shannahan, Turner, and even Callahan in Nebraska). Wonder why??

    Ladies and gentlemen, a house divided cannot stand.